Wednesday, September 07, 2011

QSL Report Central

more extra QSLs to share with our readers ....

Belaruskoje Radyjo, 11930 kHz. Postcard of Natinal Library with handwritten message from Larisa Suarez on the back. Received in 52 days for postal report. (Bruce Portzer/HCDX)

Radio Senado, 5990 kHz. Full data card, signed by "Staff." Received in 780 days for a follow up report to (Rafael Rodriguez/playdx)

KBS via Sackville relay, 6045 kHz. Full data QSL, sticker and report form. Received in 11days for report to (Gomez/playdx)

Voz de Guaviare, 6035 kHz. Friendly but no data Spanish email reply from Mayerly Soto, Secretary Received in two days for report.(Bruce Portzer/HCDX)

Radio Taiwan International relay via Issoudun, 3965 kHz. Full data and station souvenirs (pencils, calendar, schedules and stickers). Received for posting report online at,aspx (Gomez/playdx).

Medium Wave
Canada, CKIM Baie Verte, NFL 1240 AM kHz. E-QSL from Richard King, Program Director. Received in three days for email report to (Molano/playdx)

China-CNR-1, Changzhou, 600 kW, 1593 AM kHz. QSL card, received in 60 days via postal mail. Station address: China National Radio, P.O. Box 4501, Beijing 100866, China. (M Molano, Spain/playdx)

Colombia-HJKN Radio Unina, Bogota, 1280 AM kHz. E-QSL from Yaned Caro, Asistente Administrativa. Received in seven days for email report to (Molano/pladx)

Italy-IQX Trieste Radio, 518 AM kHz. E-QSL in 34 days for email report to (Molano/playdx)

Radyo Pilipinas, 15190 kHz. Station QSL card signed by Ric G. Lorenzo, plus sticker and schedule. Received in 76 days. (Bruce Portzer/HCDX)

Pirate (Europe)
Caroline Rainbow, 6375 kHz. E-QSL. Received in one day for email report to (Artur Llorella, Spain/playdx)

Denmark-Radio Spaceshuttle International via WMR, 5815 kHz. E-QSL and letter from Dick. Received in 28 minutes for email to (Gomez/playdx)

Radio Star International, 6400 kHz. E-QSL from Jan Vraag. Received in nine days for email report and MP3 to (Roberto Pavanello/playdx)

Zender Bizon, 6300 kHz. E-QSL. Received in 32 days for email report to . (Artur Llorella, Spain/playdx)

Pirate (US)
Crystal Ship, 6815 kHz. Full data personalized QSL. Received in 14 days for an email report to . QSL for the April 25 broadcast. (Zichi, MI/FRN) station is no longer broadcasting on shortwave.

Radio Appalachia, 6935 kHz. Full data map card of Appalachia. Herman the German apologizes for taking so long, but I think that 33 days is just fine. (Ron Hunsicker/FRN)

Radio Ronin Shortwave, 6945 kHz. Full data E-QSL of Shogun of Shortwaves card. Received in 19 days. (Rich D'Angelo, PA/FRN)

Voice of Next Thursday. QSL package including greeen QSL card # 52 and a yellow booklet on VoNT Volume One. (Finn, PA/FRN)

Special thanks again to Alokesh Gupta for sharing the following information on QSLs he has received in recent months.

, KTWR, 11870 kHz. Full data Old Spanish Bridge card, signed by Kathy. Received in 44 days. Guam, Adventist World Radio, 9585 kHz. Full data card signed by Dr. Adrian Peterson. Received in 75 days. Received same for 11690 kHz.
India, All India Radio, 6090/6100 kHz. Partial data email from Director, SMS, on simulcast transmission (analog + DRM). Received in one day.
Israel, Galei Zahal, 15785 kHz. Full data card unsigned. Received in 22 days.
Japan, Radio Japan, 17810 kHz. Full data Spring Tea Ceremony card noted via Yamata, unsigned. Received in 30 days.
Nepal, Radio Pariwartan, 89.4 FM. Full data email, unsigned. Received in two days.
Portugal, RDP Internacional, 15560 kHz. Full data RTP 75th Anniversary card, signed by Paula Nunes. Received in 25 days.
Portugal, RDP Internacional, 13755 kHz. Full data RTP 75th Anniversary card, signed by Paula Nunes. Received in 25 days. Received same for 9820 kHz.
Singapore, Singapore Volmet, 6676USB, Full data verification letter signed by Chua Guat Mui. Received in 24 days.
Taiwan, Radio Taiwan International, 13840 kHz. Full data Flora Expo card, unsigned. Received in 145 days.
Taiwan, Radi Taiwan International, 9435 kHz. Full data Lukang Longshau Temple card. Received in 55 days.
Thailand, Radio Farda, 21715 kHz. Full data card IBB Udon Thani Station with illegible signature. Received in 20 days.
Thailand, Radio Thailand, 17655 kHz. Full data Pagoda's card unsigned. Received in 12 days.
Turkey, Voice of Turkey, 15520 kHz. Full data Mesin Erdeemli CEC Group card, unsigned. Received in 35 days.
Uzbekistan, Radio Japan relay, 15, 205 kHz. Full data Spring Tea Ceremony card unsigned. Received in 30 days.
USA, AFN via Diego Garcia, 12759USB. Full data AFN logo card, unsigned. Received in 15 days.
Zambia, CVC 1 Africa, 13590 kHz. Full data verification letter signed by Brigette. Received in 120 days.