Friday, September 09, 2011

pirate radio logs

nice selection of US and European pirates logged recently...

All times UTC *sign-on / sign-off*

Logs edited for clarity

Available Time Slot Radio
7415.15AM, 2325. Music with female vocalist, good AM sound. Ride of the Valkyries with female vocal at 2330. ID, Available time slot radio, mentions WBCQ, at 2334. S7/S9. (L. Will)

Captain Morgan
6924.9/AM, 0059-0110.+ Classic guitar rock and station ID. SIO=3+53- (Frodge-MI)

6925, 0035. Huge S9+10 to S9+20 signal. Ultraman with a bunch of TV theme songs from '60s spy shows, including "Get Smart" and "Mission Impossible." Now Trashmen with "Surfin' Bird." (Yoder,PA)

Radio Appalachia
6935, 0126-0148.* Old country music, including Lefty Frizell “Saginaw, Michigan.” Many IDs, Location announced as Moundsville, West Virginia — from the old Marx toy factory? Nice signal and excellent AM audio. My first pirate logged on the Hammarlund SP-600-JX26 that I drug home from a hamfest earlier in the day. Please QSL? (Yoder,PA)

Radio True North
6924.6, 0422-0502. Pretty good signal here. Glen Frey "Smuggler's Blues" ID with reverb, "What I Like About You" etc. A lot of local noise here, but the thunderstorms from Irene probably weren't that far away from here (Yoder,PA)

Voice of Captain Ron
6930-1USB, 0059-0106.* Pretty good signal with metal, IDs with e-mail address before low power. Captain Ron e-mailed some photos to me, presumably from the show. Thanks! (Yoder,PA)

6950USB, 0447.+ Super signal with Billy Idol and B-52s. Accurate time checks and even SSTV. Unfortunately, I couldn't copy the SSTV because the shift is off. I tried to reset it a couple of times and it was still too steep. Sorry. Entertaining show, as always.(Yoder,PA)
(FRN 812/813)

Black Bandit Radio
6420, 0505-0520.+ Variety of music, including country and folk and clear IDs..."from sunny Holland...this is Black Bandit Radio." Hit S9+5. Aside from Mystery Radio and Radio Odyssey, biggest signal I’ve had from Europe in about 10 years! Too bad this was so late at night—I’d bet it would’ve been audible for DXers all over ECNA! Please QSL (Yoder,PA/FRN 813)

Laser Hot Hits
6940, 0014-0100.+ Light pop music, ads/promos, some talk. Probably the best signal that I’ve had from them yet on 43m, but still weak. Light audio mostly disappeared by 0100. The carrier is audible about 10 or so hrs per day, but rarely strong enough for audio to make it (Yoder,PA/FRN813)

Mike Radio
6960, 1340. Giving out contact details and playing Polka music. Good signal. SINPO 44344
(Irish Paul)

Mustang Radio
6905, 0026+, SIO:152. Clear IDs, some were prerecorded and sounded like US FM station IDs—in the vein of those on XFM. Music by CCR and Spin Doctors. Best European pirate signal I’ve heard in months! (Yoder, PA/FRN813)

Radio Alice
6290, 1018. Radio Alice playing Elvis Presley's "Devil in Disguise" and station IDs. Fair signal with some deep fading. SINPO 43323. (Irish Paul)

Radio Devalon
6280, 0832. Playing Danny And The Juniors tune "Rock n'Roll is Here to Stay". Followed by reading reception logs and playing some recordings of the stations he logged. Strong Signal SINPO 54444. Good to hear this interesting station on shortwave again.(Irish Paul)

Radio Marconi
6300, 1740. Playing Polka Music. Strong Signal SINPO 54444 (Irish Paul)

Radio Orang Utan
6200, 0625. Playing Polka and Dutch Music. Fair signal for SINPO 43333. Also heard later at 0755 playing Dire Straits and Harpo. Signal fading a little now. (Irish Paul)

Radio Pioneer
6425, 0735. Playing Dutch music and station ID jingle. Fair signal, but occasionallly is hard to hear, due to utility interference. SINPO 42333. (Irish Paul)

Wizard Radio
6300, On After Radio Marconi closed down. Heard calling Radio Marconi.Also playing instrumental music in ihe background while saying hello to UK DXer and Radio Shadow. Good signal SINPO 44344 (Irish Paul).