Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Cuba's new Radio Progreso station on shortwave

Information from DXers Unlimited program on Radio Havbna Cuba


4765, Radio Progreso Cadena Nacional, La Habana. This is Radio Havana Cuba, the name of the show is Dxers Unlimited and here is news about the experimental tropical band transmissions to begin on the first day of October by Radio Progreso Cadena Nacional. That means of course Radio Progreso National Network, Cuba´s second most important AM, FM and now it is going to be also on shortwave. Radio Progreso will begin its tropical band broadcasts on 4765 kHz on the 60 meters tropical band starting at zero hours thirty minutes UTC with the popular music show Nocturno, and the broadcast will end at zero four hours UTC with the late evening news. The tropical band transmission will provide excellent coverage of the Cuban archipelago and the surrounding countries. 

Transmitter power is registered at 50 kW and a classic high departure angle antenna will be used as required for the Near Vertical Incidence Skywave transmissions. With Radio Progreso´s new tropical band service, Cuba will have on the air three signals on that band, Radio Rebelde on 5025, Radio Havana Cuba 5040, and now Radio Progreso 4765. 

Reports of the new Radio Progreso tropical band transmissions may be sent to inforhc@enet.cu , and I will relay the reports to my good friend Radio Progreso´s Chief Engineer Jose Antonio Fuentes. ( http://dxersunlimited.blogspot.com/ via Rodríguez, Sep 30)
(DSWCI/DX Window/489)