Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The future for Voice of Russia

In recent months, there have been reports in the radio hobby press, that Voice of Russia plans to discontinue shortwave broadcasting this year. Following a query to my contacts at the station, I received the following response today. 

Dear Ms. Van Horn,
 Thank you very much for your letter. At the moment, the Voice of Russia continues to broadcast on all the frequencies, including shortwave ones. The station has been broadcasting on these frequencies since the beginning of 2013. The only exception was made to AM frequency 1430 kHz in New York where the broadcasting was stopped due to poor quality of transmission.

As far as shortwave broadcasting is concerned, there are many plans for its further development. However, I can neither confirm nor deny mass media reports relating to the claims that the Voice of Russia is to discontinue shortwave broadcasting. Besides, I cannot give you any details regarding this matter since no decision has been made yet.

Thank you very much for your letter. I look forward to further cooperation with you in the future.

Mark Stolyar
Senior Executive Producer
English World Service
Radio VR (Voice of Russia)

London DAB+
Washington D.C. 1390AM, 103.5FM HD-2
Miami 99.9FM HD-2
Chicago 100.3FM HD-2