Saturday, October 19, 2013

Teak Publishing Announces New E-book

Wow, got to admit for a price just a bit more than a large cup of coffee, this guide is packed with concise frequency information that one can readily use.  It also provides a concise explanation of the organization of the Air Route Traffic Control Centers.  As a daily monitor of milcom/milair and civilian aviation, this is a very handy publication to have on one's tablet, computer or other device for following aircraft's communications. Surely one could also print out specific ARTCC chapters that are constantly referred to. Great work Larry!!! Thanks again for your publishing efforts to give us information we can readily use!!! Ken Wyndka - Milcom newsgroup.I just downloaded my copy and it looks great - JN on Radio Reference.

From Scannerfood @scannerfood  on twitter "Purchased! Larry, nice E-Book! Well done :)"

Teak Publishing, owned by Monitoring Times Staffers Larry and Gayle Van Horn, is pleased to announce a new Amazon e-book that is now available for sale – North American Enroute Aviation Guide.

One of the most common misconceptions that most radio hobbyists have about the aircraft monitoring hobby is that you have to live close to an airport in order to hear any civilian or military aeronautical communications.

While it is true that if you live close to any major airport you will hear a lot of air and land mobile radio traffic associated with that aero facilities’ operation, all is not lost if you are not within VHF/UHF line-of-sight range of a major airport.

You can still hear a lot of civilian and military communications by monitoring the frequencies used by any of the 22 Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) or the Area Control Centers (ACC) located in Canada and Mexico.

In this new Teak Publishing e-book, Larry covers all of the known VHF/UHF frequencies broken down by VHF frequency used by various area control centers in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. Unfortunately, most of the FAA records available in the public domain and frequencies published on various Internet scanner websites are notoriously inaccurate. The author has worked with a number of radio monitors nationwide to refine and provide the most current and updated frequency information available for all 22 Air Route Traffic Control Centers in the United States. We have also published information for the seven Canadian Area Control Centers and the four centers located in Mexico.

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The North American Enroute Aviation Guide by MT Milcom columnist Larry Van Horn N5FPW is available for purchase worldwide from for $2.99.

Go to the North American Enroute Aviation Guide e-book page at for further details and to order.

Be sure to monitor the Teak Publishing company Internet radio hobby blogs – The Military Monitoring Post ( and The Shortwave Central ( for availability and pricing for additional radio hobby e-books that are currently in production.

One of these new e-publications will include Gayle's new International Shortwave Broadcast Guide e-book (the former MTXpress Shortwave Broadcast Guide) that will be available in January 2014.