Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Radio 6150 to rename as Channel 292

6070, Channel 292, Rohrbach. At the moment we are on air with the control transmitter and 1200 Watts. After German Radio Northsea International was transmitted at the weekend, now we are playing some music. The conditions on 49meters are excellent, at night we receive reports from the east coast of America (up to now from New York and Georgia).

In the works are: Stand-by-transmitter with 2500 Watts, Solid-state, Linear amp. The 9 kW power supply (50 Volts, 170 A) is already prepared, a little reserve in the power supply is never harmful for linear amps. The transmitter is in the works. Main transmitter with xx? Watts. We are in the proceedings, we hope it will work until middle of December. The existing antenna should be okay for 20 kW, but a new coax wire and balun are required. The wire is already here, the balun finished, but not yet tested. When the time has come, we will be off air for some time.

The name Radio 6150 is of course not appropriate for 6070 kHz, anyhow it was only for testing purposes. The whole project will be named Channel 292, maybe some still have an old QSL. The new web page is . The new email is: The existing website will be changed bit by bit, but it is still accessible just like the old mail address.
One appeal: When you listen to our station, please send us a short assessment of the modulation quality, especially:

Frequency range (bass/treble present?), Volume (especially compared to other 49m stations); Your total opinion of the modulation. In the morning from ca. 0500 to 0700 UTC the signal can usually be received very strong and undisturbed. Schedule: 0000 to 2400: The History of Offshore Radio. Historic On-Air-Recordings of Radio Northsea International,Radio Caroline, Radio Atlantis.... (Radio 6150, Oct 14). Their beautiful QSL-card on 6070 kHz was received on Oct 11 after ten months. (Petersen)
(DSWCI/DX Window 490)