Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New DX program on shortwave

Hello DX-Friends,
the Rhein-Main Radio Club (RMRC) in Germany is making a DX-magazine program with the name "European Radio World" which will report on radio clubs and DX-activities in Europe and will be broadcast on shortwave. Any radio club can help with program content by explaining who they are and reporting about their DX-camps and other club activities.  Clubs would thereby be able to explain about the radio hobby in their country to many other interested DXers in many other countries. We want to promote the radio listening and DXing hobby and hope that you will help us.
The RMRC can provide each radio club, at no cost to the club, 30 minutes of  broadcast time to introduce their club and explain about themselves. Anyone interested in helping should please contact the RMRC at

Thank-you for helping and good listening. (Gabler and Kipp)
(DSWCI/DX Window 490)