Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Big Florida Shortwave Station to Reopen

By Paul McLane

A “mighty” Florida-based shortwave facility, formerly owned by Family Radio, will be back on the air soon following a sales agreement with another U.S.-based international broadcaster that will close its own smaller Florida shortwave site. 

At least one interested observer hopes the move will provide encouragement to other shortwave broadcasters that might be considering scaling back operations.

WYFR in Okeechobee, Fla., used to broadcast Christian content to an international audience — the call letters reportedly stood for “We’re Your Family Radio” — but it turned off its signals in June. Come December, though, the big facility will go back on the air under a new owner. 

Family Stations Inc., founded by evangelist Harold Camping, will sell WYFR to Radio Miami International, which currently operates a separate station, WRMI, in Miami.  “Family Radio programming for the Caribbean and South America will return to shortwave via the Okeechobee site, and Radio Miami’s programming currently aired on WRMI in Miami will switch over to the Okeechobee facility,” WRMI stated in the announcement. “The station will also carry programs for other international broadcasters, including Pan American Broadcasting’s Radio Africa network.”

WRMI’s 50 kW transmission site in Miami will close, its call letters transferring to Okeechobee. No price for the transaction was stated.

Family Radio was co-founded by Harold Camping, known for his headline-making predictions of Judgment Day. The organization was in the news earlier this year for reportedly selling various assets.

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