Sunday, November 24, 2013

China creates air defense zone over Japan-controlled islands in East China Sea

A Japan coastguard handout photo taken on November 2, 2013 shows a Chinese coast guard ship cruising near the disputed islets in the East China Sea

Blog Editor's Note: This is potentially a very serious international situation in the East China Sea. This directly threatens Japan and South Korea. Keep an eye on @QSLRptMT and @MilcomMP twitter feeds for updates and frequency reports as we get them. Current English broadcast schedules are listed below for China Radio International, NHK/Radio Japan and KBC South Korea.

The French AFP news service is reporting that Beijing on Saturday announced it was setting up an "air defense identification zone" over an area that includes islands controlled by Japan but claimed by China, in a move that could inflame the bitter territorial row.

Along with the creation of the zone in the East China Sea, the Chinese defense ministry released a set of aircraft identification rules that must be followed by all planes entering the area, under penalty of intervention by the military.

Aircraft are expected to provide their flight plan, clearly mark their nationality, and maintain two-way radio communication allowing them to "respond in a timely and accurate manner to the identification inquiries" from Chinese authorities.

The outline of the new zone covers a wide area of the East China Sea between South Korea and Taiwan that includes the Tokyo-controlled islands known as the Senkakus to Japan and Diaoyous to China. 

The Kyodo news service reports that the Japanese government branded the new escalation in the East China Sea as “very dangerous.” 

In Tokyo, Junichi Ihara, head of the Foreign Ministry’s Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, lodged a protest by phone with Han Zhiqiang, a minister at the Chinese Embassy, according to a statement issued by the ministry.

Ihara was quoted as telling Han that Japan can “never accept the zone set up by China,” as it includes the Senkakus. He further said the new zone will “escalate” already fraught bilateral ties over the uninhabited but potentially resource-rich islet chain, branding China’s move “very dangerous,” the statement said.

Later Saturday, China scrambled air force jets, including fighter planes, to patrol the new zone.

"China's armed forces will adopt defensive emergency measures to respond to aircraft that do not cooperate in the identification or refuse to follow the instructions," according to the Chinese Defense ministry. 

The zone became operational as of 10:00 am Saturday (0200 GMT).

China Radio International - English Service

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0000 0057   6005na 6180na 7425na 9425na 11790na     
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0100 0157   6075na 6175na 7350na 9420na 9580na 11885na 15145va   
0100 0200   6020na 7350eu 9410eu 9570na 9580na     
0200 0257   9610va         
0200 0300   11785va         
0300 0357   9690va 9790na 11785va 13800va      
0300 0400   9690na 9790na 13590as 13620as 15120va     
0400 0457   13590af 15120af        
0400 0500   13620af 17725af 17855af       
0500 0557   17855af         
0500 0600   7220af 15350af 15430af 15465af 17505af 17725af    
0600 0657   15145va 17505af        
0600 0700   11750af 11770af 11880af 13645af 15350af 15430af 15465af 17710af  
0700 0757   13645as 17710va        
0700 0800   11785eu 11880af 15185af 15250af 15465af 17490af 17670af   
0800 0857   11880af 15185af 15465af       
0800 0900   9415af 11785af 15350af 17490af 17670af     
0900 0957   9415af 15185af 17570af       
0900 1000   15210as 15350as 17490as 17650as 17690af     
1000 1057   5955as 7215as 11640as 15190as 15350as     
1000 1100   13590as 13720as 17490as 17690af      
1100 1157   9570as 11795va 13590as 13645as 13720as     
1100 1200   5955as 11650as 17490as 13665as      
1200 1257   7250as 9460as 9600as 9645as 9730as 9760as 12015as 17490as  
1200 1300   5955as 11760as 11980as 13665as 13790as     
1300 1357   7300as 9570va 9655va 9730as 11760as     
1300 1400   5955as 9765as 9870as       
1400 1457   7300as 9460as 9765as 9795as 11665as 13625as    
1400 1500   5955as 17630af 9870as 13685me 13740as     
1500 1557   5955as 6095me 7325as 7405as 9435me 9525as 9720as 9785eu 9870eu 13685eu
1500 1600   9650as 13740as 17630as       
1600 1657   6060as 6100as 7235af 7420af 9435eu 9600eu 9875eu   
1600 1700   6155as 7255as 7435as 9460as 9570as     
1700 1757   6090as 6140as 6165me 7205as 7255af 7410as 7420as 7435as 9570eu 
1700 1800   6100as 6155as 9460me       
1800 1857   7405as         
1800 1900   6100eu         
1900 1957   9440eu         
1900 2000   7295va         
2000 2057   5960eu 5985af 7295eu 9440af      
2000 2100   7285eu 7415af 9600af 11640af 13630af     
2100 2130   11640eu 13630eu        
2100 2157   5960eu 7205af 7285eu 7405af 9600eu     
2100 2200   7415af         
2200 2257   5915as         
2300 2357   5915as 6145ca 7415eu 9535eu      
2300 0000   5990as 7350as 11790va       
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2200 2230 3955eu
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