Friday, August 01, 2014

Adventist World Radio - Annual DX Contest

Dear Shortwave Radio Listener,
            Adventist World Radio is issuing a special invitation to shortwave listeners around the world to participate in the 2014 Annual DX Contest in association with the DX program Wavescan.  Shortwave listeners, international radio monitors and DXers around the world are invited to search their collection of QSL cards and letters for rare, unusual and unique verifications.  You are invited to make up a list (up to 5 in number) of your QSLs in this collective category, and to write a short paragraph about each.  Partial entries for this years contest are considered to be valid. 
            At the conclusion of the contest, we at Wavescan are planning to write up and publish a detailed compilation of interesting information on a world wide basis about the rare, unusual and unique QSLs that come to light in this way.  This will be the first occasion in the history of international radio broadcasting for the compilation of such a QSL list, and you all are invited to submit entries.
            Full details of this remarkable contest are given below.
Dr. Adrian Peterson
DX Host

Adventist World Radio

Adventist World Radio  - - - -  Annual DX Contest 2014  

Rare, Unusual, Unique QSLs  -  AWR Focus on Asia Annual DX Contest

 As Adventist World Radio enters into its 43rd year of international radio broadcasting, we take pleasure in announcing our annual Wavescan DX contest, which comes to you under the title, Rare, Unusual, Unique QSLs.  In short, you are invited to check your collection of QSL cards and letters for rare, unusual and unique QSLs from shortwave, mediumwave and communication stations throughout the world.  You are also invited to log AWR programming to Asia on shortwave, mediumwave or FM during the month of September 2014. 
 Here are the details of our 2014 Rare, Unusual, Unique QSLs  -  AWR Focus on Asia Annual DX Contest:-

A. Rare, Unique and Unusual QSL Cards and Letters
* You are invited to make a list of what you consider to be your rare, unique or unusual QSL  cards        or letters in your QSL collection.  Perhaps no one else in the world has a QSL                        verifying some transmissions that you have verified.
* Your list of QSLs can show any number of different rare, unique or unusual QSLs up to a total             of 5 QSLs.
* Your QSLs may verify a wrong transmission channel or an emergency broadcast due to                      flood, fire, earthquake, turmoil etc, or a transmission from an emergency transmitter, or                    test broadcasts or first broadcast or last broadcast, unusual propagation, etc. 
 * These QSLs can be from any shortwave broadcasting station or shortwave communication                 station or mediumwave station located in any country anywhere in the world.  Amateur                    QSLs nor CB QSLs are not valid for this contest. 
* You are invited to provide a photocopy of each of the QSLs that are on your list in Part A.                      Preferably, these photocopies should be in color, though black & white copies may be                         acceptable.

B. Details of Rare, Unique and Unusual QSL Cards and Letters
* Please state very briefly, no more than one paragraph for each, why you consider each item in           your list of QSLs is rare, unique or unusual.
C. AWR Reception Reports
* You are invited to prepare three reception reports for the broadcast on shortwave                                 medium wave or FM of any AWR Asian programming.  These broadcasts from Adventist                     World Radio may be from shortwave, medium wave or FM stations located anywhere in                       Asia or on nearby Asian islands; or AWR programming beamed into Asia on shortwave                  from other countries.
* It is not necessary to send an off-air recording of your reception.  We just need your honest                   reception report on paper.

D. Adventist Photograph
* You are invited to visit a unit of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination in your country and                 take a photograph of it, preferably in color, though B&W can be acceptable, and submit               one picture with your contest entry.
* The Adventist unit may be, for example a:-
SW MW FM communication or amateur radio station, radio studio, TV station, TV studio Church building, church congregation, public meeting, or church event
Administrative office or building
University, high school, academy, elementary school, language school, kindergarten or day    care, etc
Hospital, medical clinic, dental clinic, orphanage, nursing home, retirement center, etc
Food factory, printing company, publishing house, etc, book shop, health food shop, restaurant, etc
ADRA mobile emergency relief van, boat, airplane, office or project, etc   
 E. Three Radio Cards
* Where possible, you are invited to include three radio cards for the Indianapolis Heritage                       Collection with your contest entry.  These cards may be old or new, and they may be                       QSL cards, reception report cards, or picture cards of radio stations, etc.  Not valid for this               contest are amateur cards nor CB cards.
 Other Contest Details
* Well, there you have it, the details for our Wavescan 2014 “Rare, Unusual, Unique QSLs”  -                   AWR “Focus on Asia” Annual DX Contest.
* This contest will run through the month of September 2014, and all contest entries should be                  postmarked at your local post office anywhere in the world on any date up to the end of               the month of September and they should be received at the AWR post office address in                    Indianapolis no later than the end of the month of October 2014.
* Partial and incomplete entries are considered valid.
* Post your entry with all items to Adventist World Radio in Indianapolis, remembering that                        neatness and preparation, will all feature in the judging procedure.  Due consideration                       will also be given to the area of the world in which the contestant lives.
* Where possible, please enclose return postage in the form of currency notes in any                                international currency, or mint postage stamps.  Please note that IRC coupons are too                  expensive for you to buy, and they are no longer valid in the United States. 
* Please enclose your postal address label also.
* The awards for the 2014 AWR “Rare, Unusual, Unique QSLs”  -  AWR “Focus on Asia” Annual             DX Contest will be similar to all previous contests.  There will be a special award for the                        world winner, one of the Jerome Berg radio history books; and World Radio TV                                 Handbook 2015 for each continental winner.  In addition, there will be other special                       awards as well as AWR souvenirs and radio curios for many participants. 
*  You can remember that all AWR reception reports will be verified with a specially endorsed                  AWR QSL card.  Please remember that it will take a period of many months, well into the    new year 2015, to process all of the contest entries and reception reports,  but each will  in due course be processed. 
* The only address for the “Rare, Unusual, Unique QSLs”  -  AWR “Focus on Asia” Annual DX                 Contest is:-
                        QSL DX Contest
                        Adventist World Radio
                        Box 29235
                        Indiana 46229 USA