Monday, August 11, 2014

Blog Logs

All times UTC/ frequency in kHz (kilohertz) // parallel frequency
* Sign-on  / Sign-off *
English unless otherwise indicated

Logs edited for clarity

11590 Reach Beyond Australia 1243. Music and repeated ID of “This is Reach Beyond Australia, our programs on this frequency will commence shortly.” Noted “good evening and welcome” at 1245. Frequency/meter band quote then into scheduled Hindi broadcast. (Harold Sellers, BC Canada)


13580 Bangla Betar 1813. Announcer's English commentary on conferences to take advantage of during Haj Season. Closing comments to "you are listening to Bangladesh Betar," into sitar and tambla music. Economy Review at 1820-1823. Month of Mourning text, followed by Euro pop music program to 1859. Full station ID, postal address, email address, announcer's name - off at 1900 (Gayle Van Horn W4GVH, NC).

6134.83 Radio Santa Cruz 2340. Many IDs and music, plus info about Tenerife and Cuba. Best to monitor in USB.(Maurits van Driessche, Belgium/HCDX)  

6155.13 Radio Fides,La Paz, 2350. Very good carrier but weak talks in Spanish. (van Driessche)

4885 Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, 0540-0605. Portuguese program comments. SINPO 24322. (Manuel Méndez, Lugo, Spain/playdx)

5939.8 Voz Missionaria, Camboriú, 0551-0607. Portuguese religious comments. SINPO 23322. (Méndez)

5999.99 Radio Guaiba 0018. Discussion in Portuguese to 0024 ad block starting with two stations ID's. Station interference from 5990 kHz. (Dave Valko, Dunlo, PA/playdx)

6080, Radio Marumby, Curitiba, 0545-0608. Portuguse religious comments. SINPO 14321. (Méndez)

6134.68 Radio Aparecida 2332. Many station IDs for a good and clear audio. (van Driessche)

9515 Radio Marumby, Curitiba 2135. Portuguese talks and very weak ,just under CNR2 on same frequency. (van Driessche)

9565.09 Super R.Deus e Amor,Curitiba 2144. Portuguese speech for good signal and weak audio. (van Driessche)

9585.80 Super R.Deus e Amor,Sao Paulo 2150. Portuguese information about Brazil from male/female announcers, followed by stationID. (van Driessche).

9630 Radio Aparecida, Aparecida 2203. Many station ID's for strong and clear audio. (van Driessche)

9645.4 Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo, 0445-0452. Portuguese comments, identification: "Radio Bandeirantes". SINPO 14321. (Méndez)

9664.8 Voz Missionaria, Camboriú, 0442-0456. Portuguese religious comments. SINPO 24322. (Méndez)

9818.8 Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, 0536-0550. Portuguese religious comments and noted - "Con a Mae Aparecida", "Rede de emisoras Con A Mae Aparecida, Santuario Naciinal." Religious songs. SINPO 24322. (Méndez)

11764.7 Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba, 0555-0617. Portuguese religious comments. SINPO 34433. (Méndez)

11765 Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba, 2140-2201. Portuguese religious sermon and testimonials rom congregation. Station promo at 2157, two time-pips, to station ID. kilohertz, meter band , ID (repeat)  and station location as "Curitiba."  Station Internet website and another ID. Musical duet to promo at 2200 (G Van Horn).


12105 Radio Dialogue 1631. Presumed programming was a mix of Shona and Ndebele with bits of English. Phone-in conversations to R&B rap vocals. Continued same format to phone-ins to music. Announcer with phone number, followed by African hi-life music, mention of "Dialogue" and additional call (G Van Horn).

15150 Radio Dabanga 1605. Noted on // 15550 (via UAE). Announcer's Arabic phone conversations about Sudan (programming is targeted to Sudan). Routine of phone calls continued interspersed with  African choral music. Numerous canned ID's including musical/jingles and info about the station and kilohertz. Station ID repeat to presumed news headlines at 1624-1626. Abruptly off at 1626. (G Van Horn).

17500 Radio Inyabutatu/Media Broadcast 1645. Presumed this station via Issoudon, France (ex 17870 kHz). Noted in ISWBG as Kinyarwanda service. Announcer's speech style format before an audience with their responses. Announcer's conversations and mentions of "Washington DC" and other related topics. Musical melody at 1658 to abruptly off the air at 1658. SINPO 34333 (G Van Horn).

17540 Radio Impala via Talatav Volondry Madagascar 1743 (Saturday broadcast). Tune-in to African vocal music played on a mbira instrument. Various vernacular African tunes and abruptly off the air (during music) at 1757 (G Van Horn).

5910, Alcaraván Radio, Puerto Lleras, 0525-0540. Latin American songs. SINPO 24322. (Méndez)

4765, Radio Progreso, La Habana, 0345-0410. Spanish program comments, "El Congreso cubano". SINPO 24322. (Méndez)

4780, Radio Djibouti, Arta, 1951-2006. African vernacular music and comments. SINPO 14321. (Méndez)

4055, Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 0533-0546. English religious songs. Best on LSB. SINPO 14321. (Méndez)


11740 All India Radio/External Svc 2102. Frequency via Panaji // 11670 via Bengaluru. Lady announcer's English newscast to 'main points' at 2104. Station ID as the "overseas service of All India Radio," into daily commentary about Myanmar/Indian relations. ID repeat to Horizon featured program to 2127. Music selections from composers on sitar and tabla. Memories Linger program at 2140 (G Van Horn).

3325 RRI Palangakaraya 1203. Indonesian programming with announcer's news and lengthy interview. Promo at 1221. Signal fair. (Sellers)

15475 Radio Kuwait 1714. Noted this frequency as 24 hours in service in Arabic. World newscast including correspondent's reports. Extended coverage to conflict in Iraq with phone-in report. Radio Kuwait in Urdu observed in 15540, 1715-1725 (G Van Horn).

5995, Radio Mali, Bamako, 0555-0610. African vernacular songs to 0800 anthem. Music to French station identification and announcer's comments. SINPO 24322. (Méndez)

North Korea
15245 Voice of Korea 1800. Interval signal melody to martial music to English sign-on ID, followed by martial choral music (national anthem ?). Male/female trade national news (G Van Horn).
15245 to Europe // 13760 to Europe. Martial choral music at 2038-2039. Lady's French service items and intros (G Van Horn).

Papua New Guinea
3385 NBC East New Britain 1155. Pop music and announcer in Tok Pisin. Lady announcer with NBC news in English to 1207. Ad for investment company. Noted during news //3205 Sandaun, very weak, and 3260 Madang, poor-fair. (Sellers)

7324.96 Wantok Radio Light. Close of what may have been the "Unshackled" program at 0955, followed by studio's announcer with program contact info. China came on frequency and ruined one of the best receptions as of late. (Valko)

4774.92 Radio Tarma. Signal popped on at 0958:34, some dead air, then surprised to hear the Windows XP opening theme melody at 1000:35!!  A little more dead air, then start with full canned ID announcements with station frequency quote and calls. Station contact info, into music program. Signal only fair and very noisy. (Valko)

Saudi Arabia
17560 BSKSA/R Riyadh/Holy Qur'an 1735. Arabic recitations monitored as; // 15205 (SIO 434) // 13710 (SIO 221). All frequencies targed to Africa. Qur'an extened to 1743 (G Van Horn).

Sri Lanka
9720 SLBC 1114. Signal suddenly on, then brief drum interval signal. Station time ticks, opening announcement in lady announcer in presumed Tamil, followed by music. Signal weak. (Valko)

Tanzania/Zanzibar Island

11735 Zanzibar BC 2002. Male announcer's Swahili national newscast, followed by Arabic instrumental music. News topics and mentions of "Dar es Salaam" several times. Arabic orchestral music at 2009, extending to 2024. Additional topics, names, and additional mentions of Dar es Salaam, plus item on Uganda at 2042. Arabic musical vocals to 2056. Male announcer's item of a 'sign-off' routine, flute melody and off the air at 2056. Significantly better signal than on previous days. (G Van Horn)

4976, Radio Uganda, Kampala, 1907-1925. English programming with comments and African vernacular songs. SINPO 14321. (Méndez)

United States
17775 KVOH 1515-1529. "Frecuencia al Dia" DX program in Spanish with many recordings of station, including Radio Tarma, and mentions of other Peruvian stations including Radio Cultural Amauta, Radio Chaski, and Radio Quillabamba. Spanish ID at 1529, then into pleasant Ranchera music program with host , Lorenzo Martinez who gave his name and many KVOH IDs, plus location as "Los Angeles California. Also mentions of the Internet website.  Not very strong and quite a bit of QSB (Valko)

7505.24 WRNO New Orleans LA 0058. Full ID by, followed by another ID from additional announcer at 0059 with frequency.  Email as;, address in Ft. Worth TX. (recording)   Very good signal and nice audio, but off frequency as usual. (Valko)