Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Antena Dx offers special Panama Canal QSL

On 15 August, the Panama Canal reached a milestone of 100 years since its inauguration in 1914. To date the Canal Panama remains a trading company profitable and also maintains its performance in key maritime link .
The location strategic Canal Panama and the short distance between the Atlantic and the Pacific, has led for many years to make this a very popular route for navigation.
In Antena Dx can not overlook this important for Panamanians so we have developed a special QSL to commemorate the centenary of the Panama Canal date.
In the nextntena DX will be giving you details about the special QSL commemorating 100 years of the Panama Canal.
You can listen on shortwave

You may also listen http://programasdx.com/antenadx.htm 
(Jose Bueno/HCDX)

"ANTENA DX" is a radio program dedicated to exploring the exciting world of radio, Internet issues, telecommunications and new technologies.
"ANTENA DX" is the first and only program of its kind that occurs in Panama, Central America and is produced and hosted by Victor Gutierrez from the studios of radio SPARK STEREO in Torti, Panama and counts with the collaboration of correspondents specialized for different countries.

The program is able to tune through the following stations:

WRMI Radio Miami International, Miami, USA. 9955 kHz, we can listen 11:00 UTC Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00 UTC http://www.wrmi.net/

Cultural Radio La Cruz, La Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, 88.3 FM - 1530 AM http://www.culturallacruz.com/

We can also tune in later on the La Chispa Stereo: https://soundcloud.com/user149195886/

We can write to lachispaestereo@hotmail.com quedan all invited to tune in stations and web sites mentioned above.

Victor Gutierrez, Producer and presenter Dx Antenna