Tuesday, August 02, 2016

BBC Monitoring and Radio Berkshire to leave Caversham Park

At least 98 jobs at BBC Monitoring are to be cut as part of an extensive restructuring. Monitoring has been set a tough savings target of £4m from its current budget of £13.2m, which has to be achieved by April 2017. About 40% of the UK-based posts are being cut - there are currently 320 staff, around half of whom are located at overseas units. The monitoring service is also to be relocated from Caversham Park in Reading, its base since 1943, to central London by 2020. BBC Radio Berkshire which is also based at Caversham Park, will also have to move and is looking for new premises in the Reading area - they hope somewhere that is more publicly accessible. An edition of the BBCs Antiques Roadshow was filmed in the grounds of Caversham Park on 26 June, there were about 3,500 visitors. It is likely to be broadcast some time this autumn or winter. The historic Caversham Park mansion will be put up for sale by the BBC and although the building and some of its extensive grounds would be protected from development, its future is uncertain. (DK, MWB, JK) A feature on BBC Monitoring's history: Caversham  Park: End of an era for BBC listening station - BBC News After 75 years in Berkshire, BBC Monitoring is moving from Caversham Park to London. Here is the story of the stately home at the centre of it:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-36712152   (via Chris Greenway) 
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