Friday, August 26, 2016

Shortwave Service slated for weekend broadcasts

The Shortwave Service in Germany are carrying some more programs from Gavar in Armenia, this time from Radio Prague in various languages, plus another broadcast from Radio. Menschen & Geschichten:

August 28
11845 1700-1800 Radio. Menschen & Geschichten, via Armenia
9535 1630-1700 Radio Prague Russian 08/31/2016, via Armenia,
to Russia - still subject!
11845 1800-1830 Radio Prague Deutsch 08/31/2016, via Armenia
11845 1830-1900 Radio Prague French 08/31/2016, via Armenia
9985 1930-2000 Radio Prague Czech 08/31/2016, via Armenia
9985 2000-2030 Radio Prague English 08/31/2016, via Armenia
9405 2100-2130 Radio Prague Spanish 08/31/2016, via Armenia

Channel 292 also sees a new weekly program called 'DX News', and this starts at 1900 UTC this coming Sunday 29th of August. This, I assume, will be in the German language:

August 29
Sunday 1900 - 2000 UTC
DX News - The Media Magazine
The Media magazine reports on current events in the field of media and DX. Have your own messages or DX-observation, then we share that love with - by phone: +49 (0) 392 92-580 110
Email: radio @ presse
QSLs inquiries are welcome!
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The Media Magazine keeps you up-to-date on current events in the field of media and DX
If you have own reports or DX news for us, please contact us:
- by phone: +49 (0) 392 92-580 110
- by email:
QSL requests are welcome!
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(Alan Gale/BDXC)