Saturday, August 20, 2016

FRS Summer evening broadcast August 21st 2016

This Summer FRS-Holland plans another evening broadcast: on Sunday August 21st FRS-Holland will be heard across Europe on 31 metres 9300 (stand by freq=9335 kHz) and most likely on 48 metres in the 6200- 6300 kHz range. It will be the inofficial celebration of our 36th (!) anniversary.For this time we think 48 metres is to be preferred above the familiar 7700 kHz. The 5 hour evening broadcast will have a thematic character.  For instance last 2015 Summer we featured Psychedelic 1967 oldies, 80s rarities, Made in Holland about the Dutch 1970s pop scene, station & deejay theme tunes  and Banned Songs. Something similar will be presented this Summer. For detailed programme information take a look at the programme schedule below.  

Streaming: Choosing for ‘the best of both worlds’ FRSH goes for broadcasting on short wave in good old AM and digital high quality web streaming. Listeners can make their choice out of two streams: [] and [] .
[ August 27th 16- 21 UTC=18 -23 CEST.
[ August 28th 07- 12 UTC=09 -14 CEST.
[] à Sunday August 28th 17- 22 UTC= 19- 24 CEST.

QSL-cards: Understandably reception reports and letters with comments are much appreciated and will be verified with a QSL card from our current series ‘FRS through the Years’. Each QSL of this series shows an 'element' which played an important part in FRS' 36 year life. Curious about the previously published QSLs from this series? Surf to []. E-mails please to [ ] and for an excellent large format hard copy (plus sticker & badge) use our Herten maildrop: P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, the Netherlands. You can make make your own choice and choose one of the 8 QSLs which have been offered so far in our long time running 'FRS-Holland Through the Years’ series.

More (website)news: In the past months a lot of work has been done to achieve improvents and add new data to our website. In the mean time the years 1992-1993-1994 have been added in the History menu. The years 1990-1991 have been revised: new pictures and audio files have been added (including the October 1990 10th Anniversary clips).
In addition new pictures/audio archive recordings etc. have been added to the period 1980-1991. Presenters Now has got an update (Bert van Leer) and the Download menu item is now accessible offering a number of outdated infos/programme sheets but also FRS News pdf files. Much more downloadable stuff to follow!! Soon a new menu item will be added: links to several radio related websites regarding offshore, SW, commercial radio and landbased free radio.

And…FRS remains happy to receive digital copies of QSLs sent in the 80s, 90s etc. from its listeners. We will add them into a new QSL gallery on the FRS site. We invite listeners to send in their personal memories regarding FRS. Those will be used to add on the Listener’s Memories article (see

FRS-HOLLAND Programme-Schedule for SundayAugust 21st 2016
UTC Time Programme CEST Time 16:52 Station-opening: ID's & Theme tune 18:52
17:02 Mi Amigo 1974-1979 Tribute- Bert van Leer kicks off with great memories to the songs, jingles and commercials frpm former offshore radio station Radio Mi Amigo (1974-1979). 19:02
18:00 German Show: Space songs- Jan van Dijk is focusing on songs that are all somehow connected with "Space". Also included the usual items "Forgotten Pirates" and "Uplink". 20:00
19.00 Dave Scott's Radiowaves: this time Dave will feature on classic rock tracks combined with a landbased free radio recording.21:00
20:00 FRS Magazine- Peter Verbruggen only plays pop songs about the topic “Radio”. In addition a landbased SW pirate archive recording. 22:00
21:00 FRS Golden ShowRoger Davis. This time all attention goes out to Motown classics. Familiar but also rare stuff. Most likely also an Offshore Radio item will be included. 23:00
23:00-23:05 Close down 00:00-00:05

73s  Peter V.