Friday, August 19, 2016

DX Stamp Service sets up for HAMFEST Aug 20

This SATURDAY I'll have a table inside at the RAMAPO MT. ARC HAMFEST in Ringwood, New Jersey ...Looks good for now....

Opens at 8am.....Vendor co-ord. guy said place is A/C gym of Church.

I will have with me:

DX return postage

Euro Airmail Envelopes

Stateside Envelopes

QSL Albums

Packs of extra album pages


Discount FOREVER stamps

Discount 47c made up in 2 stamps


Vintage Parker ballpoint Jotters

And a Few vintage Sheaffer fountain cartridge pens

  (a new hobby and extras to sell off)

Hope to see some of you there...if this works out ok....I'll get back to the Hamfest circuit again
staying with some NJ and eastern PA events that I had table at years back.