Monday, August 15, 2016

Blog Logs

// parallel frequency   *sign-on/sign-off*
Logs edited for clarity
All times UTC

11845, 1815, SIO 433. SW Relay Service via Gavar. Rock'n Roll Review program with DJ format. Musical variety of tunes from 60' and 70's. Comments from DJ, reading listener's e-mail. (Gayle Van Horn, NC) 4810.00, Armenian Public Radio, Noratus, 1740-1750. Turkish announcer to Armenian songs, 1745 station melody. Farsi service for talks and music, SINPO 45232. Also heard at 1835-1845,* Subsequent log in Arabic with Armenian folksongs and  closing announcement. SINPO 45333. (Anker Petersen/DX Window 561)

6135, 0015-0135, SIO 322/434. Radio Santa Cruz. Tune-in to Spanish vocals, ad jingles, and Bolivian vocal music on pan flutes. Intermittent signal fading, improving by 0100. Latin pop vocals to lady's clear "Radio Santa Cruz" identification twice. Addtional regional music. (GVH)

5952.49, Radio Pio XII, Siglo XX, 0015-0025. Spanish chat, SINPO 33343. Heterodyne from 5950. (Petersen). Also heard in Pennsylvania at 0115-0228*, with sports coverage with background crowd noises, many group conversations. Later some musical selections before closedown with familiar theme music. Poor with some fair peaks. (Rich D’Angelo/PA). Also heard in California until 0230*, Jul 20, started the normal sign off format, but off in mid-ID. Signal almost fair with QRN (static). (Ron Howard, CA/DX Window 561)

Congo Republic
6115, 1925. RTD-Radio Congo, Brazzaville. French sports commentary at tune-in (soccer). SIO 322. Still audible to 2055, this Sunday afternoon (NL-SDR/GVH)

11700, 2025, SIO 433. Radio Biafra via Bulgaria transmitter relay. Tune-in to announcer's talk about problems in Nigeria to Afro pop tune. Phone-in calls discussing Biafra and continuing disputes. Abruptly left the air at 2100, with any station ID or information. Also checked on SRD, and observed station was dramatically overdriving it's signal. (GVH/Harold Sellers CAN)

5830, *2000, SIO 444. Bible Voice BCN/Radio Dardasha 7. Sign-on with religious melody to two host (male/female) open program in Arabic. Presumed program announcements into religious discussion. Easy-listening tune to lady's station ID and contact info to 2014.* (NL-SDR Twente/GVH)

9650, 1010-1035. Radio Guinea, Conakry. Vernacular language for male announcers talks and conversation. Lady announcer talks to station ID. Good signal, very slight interference by Voice of Korea on 9650kHz (at 1030, interval signal to national anthem) and fair to poor modulation SINPO 44332. Additional log on 9650, 1550-1615 in French/vernaculars text and announcer talk. Station identification at 1610. Fair signal/poor modulation.   Musical program with local songs, announcer's chat. SINPO 35433 (Jota Xavier, Brazil/HCDX).

9445, 2115-2200. All India Radio (Gen Overseas Service). English service, with Indian vocal tunes to "GOS" identification and station info. Announcer's intro to recorded speech from India's President for annual Aug 14 Independence Day. Noted on // 11670, 11620, and 9950. No // signal on 9910 or 7550 kHz. PM speech to 2138. Fanfare music to lady announcer's mention of previous speech and occasion, station ID and intro to music program from noted Indian vocalist.

12035, 1000-1010. Voice of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. Chinese service including interval signal and male/female announcer's text and talk. Signal fair with poor modulation (Xavier)

New Zealand
15720, 2003. Radio New Zealand International. Announcer's “RNZ News.” Fair signal quality (Sellers).

North Korea
11635, 2009. Voice of Korea. Lady announcer's intro into vocal choir tune. Also observed station on 13760 at 1512 with newscast. (Sellers) 6400, Pyongyang Broadcasting Station, Kanggye, *2124. Korean sign on with whistle, at 2129 interval signal and national anthem. Announcer talk and foxtrot music, SINPO 25342. (Pankov/DX Window 561)

11850, 2045. Radio Romania International. Lady announcer presents feature about tourism in Transylvania. Good signal quality (Sellers)

Sao Tome
4960.00, VOA, Pinheira, *0358-0405. English ID twice: "This is the Voice of America, Washington DC, signing on", "Yankee Doodle", VOA news in English, SINPO 35233. (Petersen/DNK)

Solomon Islands
5020, SIBC, Honiara, 1139-1200.* Tok Pisin chatting on phone, music dedications and pop songs in English, 1157 "Evening devotional" in English. Station off with full ID and national anthem. Signal almost fair with QRN (static). (Howard/CA)

13800.003, Radio Puntland. Somalia in Somalian Arabic, noted in 1430-1445 UT slot at S=7-8 fluttery up to -76dBm in peaks. Somalia Arabic male presenter on air. Was already off air at next 1503 UT check. Accompanied by another station BUZZ tone of 141 Hertz heterodyne distance on lower side at exact 13799.82 kHz. (W Bueschel, Germany/playdx)

4765.00, Tajik Radio 1, Yangiyul, 1830-1835. Tajik announcement to folksongs, SINPO 35333. Also heard at 2350-2400. in Tajik, SINPO 45333. (Petersen)

9770, 0132-0139. Voice of Turkey, Emirler-TUR. Spanish service including music to announcer's station ID and talks. Signal very poor and barely audible modulation, SINPO 25332 (sometimes, 25331). Parallel on 9870kHz-on air, but barely audible. (Xavier)

9515, Voice of Turkey, Emirler, *0259-0322. Interval signal to “Voice of Turkey” ID, time pips, opening ID and announcements. English service announcements with news and news of Nice, France attack, but no mention of attempted coup in Turkey. (D’Angelo/DX Window 561)

Vatican State
11625, 2005 Vatican Radio. Church news, station ID and introducing “African News Panorama.” Fair signal //13765 very poor quality. (Sellers)

11735, 1955-2000. ZBC Radio at 1955 with indigenous music to 2000. Announcer's Swahili with ID and announcements to time pips. Presumed news service. Good signal. (Sellers) Tune-in 1853 to African group regional vocals to 1900. Time tips signal, lady announcer's Swahili station ID with mention of frequency and "metre band" information, followed by world newscast headlines. (GVH)