Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mexico AM Radio Update via IRCA

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Courtesy of the IRCA (http://IRCAonline.org) DX Monitor V56-#35, DX Worldwide column by Bruce Portzer.

MEXICO: The following additional stations have told me that their AMs have been turned off: 550-XEQW-YUC, 580-XEHP-TAMA, 670-XELH-NAY, 680-XEFJPUEB, 710-XEBL-SIN, 780-XETS-CHIA, 840-XEFG-GJTO, 970-XEZAZ-ZAC, 1380-XEVD-COAH.

The following stations have told me that their AMs are still on the air: 580-XEFI-CHIH, 820-XEBM-SLP, 1380-XETP-VER. XETP-1380 was a surprise.

I've monitored their web stream and thankfully they play a different national anthem than the other surviving station on 1380 (XECO) so I will be trying for them at the Border Inn this year.

The Radio SLP Facebook page has confirmed that there are currently only 5 AMs remaining on the air in the state of San Luis Potosí: XEWA-540, XEANT-770, XEBM-820, XEIE-1030, and XEXQ-1190. The 2 new CPs, XEPBSD-620 and XESLEP-710 (replaces the old XESMR which has moved to FM) are not on the air yet. (Tim Hall)