Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Letter: DRM Offers Advantages Over Hybrid Radio

A single-point system beats a system requiring multiple signal sources

The author is a broadcast technical author from Australia and has spent a lifetime in training technicians. 

Having read “Hybrid Radio Making Strides,” I have a response. This article says that the receiver will switch to the internet when the HD Radio digital signal is poor. This will happen often for a large proportion of the audience because of the extremely low power of the HD Radio’s digital signal.

If a DRM or DAB+ radio is used instead, the only power limitations are the distance to another broadcaster on the same channel only and the cost of the transmitter. High-power DRM/DAB+ digital transmission eliminates the need to constantly switch to mobile internet. In addition, DRM and DAB+ can instruct the receiver to switch to another transmitter radiating the same program, as well as their ability to have multiple transmitters for single broadcaster for dead spot within the license area. High-power broadcasting produces much more even coverage than the mobile internet which uses many cellphone towers to try and produce even coverage

Additional story rom Radio World at: https://tinyurl.com/y2pqnfyt