Friday, August 02, 2019

Wavescan to feature Radio Andorra

Andorra, Radio postcard (
Dear AWR Wavescan Listener's,

     Please note that we are interrupting the regular flow of topics in Wavescan to present a special program honoring the fascinating historic story of the exotic Radio Andorra high in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain.  On August 7, Radio Andorra would have celebrated its 80th anniversary, if it were still on the air.  This special edition of Wavescan was professionally produced by Christian Milling in Germany, it was edited for broadcast in Wavescan by Dr. Adrian Peterson in Indianapolis, and it was prepared for broadcast by Jeff White at Radio Miami International WRMI in Miami Florida.  Edition NWS 545 contains the Radio Andorra story, and it is scheduled for broadcast in the normal scheduling of Wavescan, beginning over this coming weekend.  You may check the availability of this special program in your part of the world by accessing the websites of the following international shortwave stations:-

          Adventist World Radio KSDA Guam
           Adventist World Radio shortwave relay stations in Europe, Africa and Asia that carry Wavescan
           Radio Miami International WRMI in Miami, Florida
           Voice of Hope KVOH in Simi Valley, California
           Voice of Hope relay station in Zambia, Africa
           World Wide Christian Radio WWCR in Nashville, Tennessee
           Also available on line from several sources, and as a podcast download, and via special telephone numbers
(AWR/A Peterson)