Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Special broadcast rescheduled for Mini Transat sailing race

There will be a special shortwave broadcast for the Mini Transit sailing race transatlantic yacht race which start stopover in the Canary Islands.
Schedules are listed as; October 2 - 13, as follows:
1500-1600 UTC in AM (250 kW):

The race has been delayed by bad weather and is now expected to start around 2nd October.  There will be a second leg, starting from Gran Canaria, in early November.
Tests were heard on 5970 kHz on 29 Sep from 1500 English, very strong SIO 555 here (DK)
Thanks also to Mauno Ritola WRTH)
(BDXC/Oct 2019)

Mini Transat 6.50 also known as Transat 650 is a solo transatlantic yacht race, and associated Classe Mini class, that starts in France and ends in Le Marin bay, Martinique in the Caribbean. The race covers over 4,000 miles with a stop in the Madeira or the Canary Islands.