Friday, June 30, 2006

Radio Slovakia Int'l final broadcast aired

Radio Slovakia International (RSI) closed down its shortwave service today. On the final edition of the English-language programme Slovakia Today, presenter Pete Miller, said: “The sad news is that this is the last broadcast from Radio Slovakia International on shortwave from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and right in the heart of Europe. We will of course continue via satellite on the World Radio Network, and we’ll also be available on the Internet.” He continues:
“Well, in spite of all the hard work put in by many, this is our last broadcast on shortwave. I realise that some broadcasters have realised the folly of this policy, and have gone back to shortwave. I just hope that the light will dawn on the movers and shakers here in Slovakia. Today, therefore, is a special programme. For, as well as leaving shortwave, a number of our presenters are also leaving for pastures new. There has been, to use the common jargon, a measure of downsizing as far as the staff here are concerned.”
Miller explains that in future, there will be just two full-time staff for the English section, assisted by two part-timers. After explaining the schedule of RSI via the World Radio Network, the rest of the programme features the departing presenters talking a little about themselves and saying goodbye to the listeners.
The MP3 file of the broadcast (dated 30 June) can be downloaded or streamed from the links on this page
(Source: Radio Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Radio Mi Amigo 192 plans record breaker broadcast

Dutch Internet radio station Radio Mi Amigo 192 is about to embark on what it claims will be the longest Hit Parade ever broadcast. The top 10,000 will be aired every day starting on Saturday 1 July from 0700-2000 UTC, and will last for two full months. The chart consists of music of the past 50 years from the Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Britain. Program Director Hendrik van Nellestijn says the station hopes to get an official entry in the Guinness Book of Records when the broadcast is completed on 31 August. The Hit Parade will be presented by a team of more than 20 DJ’s who previously broadcast on the offshore stations Radio Mi Amigo and Radio Caroline. To learn more about the station and the upcoming record breaker, check
(Source: Radio Netherlands-Media Network Weblog)

SW Radio Africa claims AM jamming

London-based SW Radio Africa says that it believes the Zimbabwean government is interfering with its medium wave broadcasts. SWRA says it has no official confirmation yet, but reports on the ground clearly indicate the jamming of its medium wave signal. One report said: “I checked for your programming this morning Monday 27 June at 5am local and exactly on the frequency of 1197 kHz there is an extremely strong ‘buzzing’ signal, which is intentional jamming.” Additional reports say the jamming signal is very strong, indicating that the jamming station is nearby or within Harare.
The Website Zimonline reported on Monday that the Zimbabwe government is using technology acquired from China to partially jam the signal from the VOA Studio 7 service. VOA have not officially confirmed this.
SW Radio Africa says “These latest jamming attempts are not all bad news. It does show that the government is feeling seriously pressured. Good news for those trying to create a democratic society in Zimbabwe. We encourage our listeners to keep trying to find us on the radio dial. In various parts of the country we can still be clearly heard and we will obviously be doing our best to counteract the jamming.”
(Source: SW Radio Africa/Radio Netherlands-Media Network Weblog)

Clandestine Shiokaze schedule update

Shiokaze (Sea Breeze), clandestine radio station aimed at missing Japanese citizens, believed to have been abducted and held in North Korea has recently changed its shortwave schedule. Shiokaze [Sea Breeze] radio now broadcasts as follows:
Times UTC
1030-1100 - Sunday & Wednesday 9855 kHz in Korean
English (Monday and Thursday)
Japanese (Tuesday and Friday)
Chinese (Saturday)
2030-2100 daily - 9785 kHz in Japanese

Shiokaze broadcasts on a hired shortwave transmitter, currently believed to be located in Taiwan. Programs are produced by the Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to North Korea [COMJAN], a Tokyo-based organization with a website at
(Source: BBC Monitoring research, 1350 UTC, 27 Jun 06/Radio Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Contest time from Radio Prague

Radio Prague has a contest, that may interest DXers but don't delay! Here's the question:

"Two dozen countries of the world use dollars as their national currencies, with the United States dollar being the world's most widely circulated currency. But not all of those who use dollars may be aware that there is a connection between the dollar and the Czech Republic. What is the connection?"

Please send us you suggestions by Friday, June 30th to:
Radio Prague, 12099, Prague or We'll
be looking forward to your answers.

Moldova freq revision on SW

Moldova's Radio DMR Pridnestrovye, has revised their shortwave frequency to 5965 kHz (500 kW/265 deg.) from former 5910 kHz on the following schedule:(Times UTC)
1600-1620 Mon-Thurs. (English) 5965
1600-1640 Fri (English) 5965
1620-1640 Tues/Thurs (French) 5965
1620-1640 Mon/Wed (German) 5965
(Source: R. Bulgaria DX Mix News, Ivo Ivanov via wwdx BC-DX June 27/WWDX-Top News 6/28)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

RTA Algeria active on shortwave

From DX Window, comes word that RTA Algeria, in Arabic, has been reported as active again on shortwave radio. RTA has been broadcasting via VT Communications from June 12, using the Rampisham site at 500 kW 190 degrees, and the Woofferton site at 300 kW 160 degrees. The schedule is active as:
All times are UTC
0400-0600 7260 Rampisham, 9540 Woofferton.
1900-2000 9765 Rampisham, 11810 Woofferton.
2000-2100 9765 Rampisham, 12025 Woofferton.
2100-2300 7150 Rampisham, 9710 Woofferton. (Bueschel in Dxplorer, Jun 15)

Observations have been noted on the following times and frequencies:

7260, R Algérienne via Rampisham, *0400-0503, Jun 24, instrumental music opening, ID, opening ann in Arabic. Program of Arabic language talks, music and Qur'an recitations. Fair to good signal. // 9540 (Woofferton) was poor to fair. (R. D'Angelo, PA)

11810, RTA Algiers, via Woofferton, *1859, Jun 14, ENRS Koran programme, much stronger here in southwestern Germany than the mostly fluttery signals from Rampisham. (Bueschel in Dxplorer, Jun 15)

11810, RTA Algiers, *1900, Jun 14. Started with national anthem, then "Huna El Djazair" followed approx 30 seconds later by "Idha'atu Quran al-Kareem" [Holy Koran Radio], good reception, but poor on // 9765. Address after Google search: ENRS [Entreprise Nationale de Radiodiffusion Sonore, Radio Algérienne], Radio Algeria, 3, Rue De L'Oasis, Hydra, Algiers, Algeria. ENRS is the broadcast organization from Algeria, see WRTH 2006, p. 100. (Kernick in HCDX via Dxplorer)

The last listing for Algeria on SW in the WRTH was in 2002. They reappeared on the air via France in Jan 2006, then Merlin, then France again, now apparently via Merlin again. (J.Berg, MA, Jun 15)

(Source: DX Window # 301)

Montenegro new DXCC entity effective June 28

Montenegro, effective June 28, becomes a new DXCC entity for amateur radio operators to contact. The latest country to join the UN was Timor-Leste, which became the 191st UN Member State on 27th September 2002. The new country, plans a DXpedition from July 20-Aug 12, and will be on all HF bands/modes.

The United Nations web site and the Associated Press reported the U.N. Security Council unanimously recommended Thursday, June 22nd, that the newly independent Balkan nation of Montenegro become the 192nd member of the United Nations. The General Assembly is expected to approve the council recommendation on June 28th.
(Source: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 764)

Amateur radio special event July 8-9

B1/B3/B4/B7, CHINA. The Chinese Radio Sports Association (CRSA) HQ stations will be on air during the 2006 IARU HF Word Championship, July 8-9th. There were four different special callsigns assigned by CRSA to be active on 160-10 meters. Look for B1HQ (B1Z), B3HQ (B3C), B4HQ (B4R) and B7HQ (B7P).
QSL all four callsigns via BA4EG. The CRSA will issue four awards to encourage QSOs with CRSA HQ stations. The following Web link provides more information about the CRSA activity, and awards eligibility and application process (includes application forms):
English Version operation announcement:
Chinese Version operation announcement:
For CRSA HQ Award application form download (Basic award and Extra award):
For CRSA HQ SWL Award application form download:

(Source: Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 764 )

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BBC editors new blog project

The BBC has launched The Editors, a new blog written by editors from across the range of BBC News outlets - TV, radio and interactive - about their issues, dilemmas, and highs (and lows) they face in doing their jobs. Helen Boaden, Director of BBC News, writes:

“From Newsround to Newsnight, via everything from Radio One Newsbeat to the BBC News website, we hope all areas of BBC News will be represented here. We are committed to being impartial, fair and accurate - these are the qualities which BBC News is rightly expected to uphold. But we also want to be open and accountable, and while this is nothing new (my colleagues and I are quite used to appearing on Newswatch on News 24 and Feedback on Radio 4), we are hoping this blog will be a fresh way of having a direct conversation with you, our audiences.

“But of course the real strength of blogs is that they can be a conversation - which is where you come in. Tell us your views, either by adding your comments at the bottom of individual entries, or by e-mailing us directly. We want to know what you think.”

(Source: The Editors, Radio Netherlands-Media Network Weblog)

Big changes at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation

Text of report by Emmanuel Mulondo entitled “UBC lays off over 200, closes Butebo section ” published by Ugandan newspaper Daily Monitor website on 26 June,The Uganda Broadcasting Corporation [UBC] has laid off over 200 employees leaving only less than 50 employees to run UBC Television and Radio Uganda. The lay off has also seen the closing of some of the sections of Radio Uganda broadcasting in a number of languages.
The Butebo section, which has been broadcasting in the eastern languages of Lusoga, Lunyole, Lugwere, Samya, Ku-Sabiny, Ateso and Karamajong has been closed.
The laid off employees, however, complain that the exercise was irregular and are seeking audience with either the president or the minister of information, Mr Kirunda Kivejinja.
At the time, a number of employees were laid off because they had clocked retirement age. Others were incompetent while some were laid off because of misconduct.
“This meant that those of us who remained were qualified. But we have been laid off in a criteria which we think was not based on qualification,” some of the victims told Daily Monitor on Friday.
The recent lay-off staff got letters signed by Mr Chris Katuramu, the chairman of the Corporation’s board.
“We regret to inform you that the corporation will not require your service with effect from June 15, 2006. Arrange to hand over to your head of department,” read the lay-off letters in part. Some of those laid off included long-serving Chris Kitambo, Fred Musisi, Ismael Kigozi and Charles Byekwaso.
(Source: Daily Monitor website, Kampala, in English 26 Jun 06 via BBC Monitoring/Radio Netherlands-Media Network Weblog)

Cayman Islands radio station boom

If you’ve ever fancied running your own radio station, legally, the Cayman Islands is the place to be. The population is only 55,000 but already there are thirteen stations on the air, and more are on the way after the lifting of the moratorium on licences by the Information & Communications Technology Authority (ICTA). If all applications are granted, the total number of stations will rise to 19.

Last week, the ICTA decided to grant Hurley’s Entertainment the licence to operate a new FM station, which will be the company’s third and will operate on 103.1 FM. Currently, the company runs Rooster 101.9 FM and Z99 FM.

Two proposed gospel stations have submitted licence applications to the ICTA. There are already two on the air - Heaven 97 and Gospel FM. The ICTA has also confirmed that dms Broadcasting has been successful its bid to take over the licence of Style 96.5 FM, giving that company their fourth station in addition to Hot 104.1 FM, Kiss 106.1 FM and X 107.1 FM.

Earlier this month Hurley’s Entertainment and Paramount Media, the proprietors of Vibe 98.9 and Spin 94.9 FM, objected to the licensing body giving dms Broadcasting the licence. “The authority is fully aware that a significant number of licensees and customers in the Cayman Islands have complained about the blanketing interference caused by the current operation of the dms Broadcasting facilities in George Town,” they wrote to the ICTA.

(Source: Cayman Net News/Radio Netherlands-Media Network Weblog)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Radio Taiwan Int'l seeks monitors

Looking for something to do in your spare time, and spend it at your receiver? Radio Taiwan International, is looking for radio monitors from their worldwide listening audience.
If you are interested, and are committed to sending reception reports on a regular basis, send a postcard, letter or email, that includes the phrase "I want to be a RTI monitor."
Send your mail to: P.O. Box 24-38, Taiwan, People's Republic of China. Correspondence must be marked by July 10, or email your reply to:
Official monitors will receive a certificate and a souvenir as a token of the station's appreciation. Here's a great chance to spend some extra time at your receiver, while being an official monitor.

Hot Spot DXing - Israel

The Middle East remains a hot spot to monitor, as events change on a moments notice. To monitor the latest from Israel, the following current summer schedule, all targeted to various areas, are heard daily throughout North America and South America.

Times UTC, freqs kHz
0330-0345 11590 13790 17600
0930-0945 13680 15760
1730-1745 9345 11590 13675
1900-1925 9400 11590 15640
Streaming and on-demand audio can be heard at:
Kol Israel rarely confirms reception reports, however
general correspondence may be sent to:
Israel Broadcasting Authority
P.O. Box 1082
Jerusalem 91010 Israel

For regional programming,tune into Galei Zahal-Israel Defence Forces Broadcasting Station on 15785 from 0300-1630;1630-0300 on 6973. Programming is in Hebrew,and the station regularly verifies reception reports addressed to:
Galei Zahal
Israel Defence Forces
Military Post Office 1005
Zahal, Israel
Streaming audio is available at:

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Latest Inter-Net Radio ready for DXers

Bob Padula's 21st edition of the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Asssociation's Internet Audio DX Show is now available for DXers. The EDXP INTER-NET RADIO SERVICE offers you frequently compiled "DX RADIO SHOWS", as audio files, about monitoring of world shortwave broadcasting, compiled by Bob Padula, in Melbourne, Australia

This edition, released June 24, 2006, runs for 15 mins and 26 seconds. Lots of music is included, as usual - we hope you like it - cool stuff! This edition is dedicated to the outstanding success of the Australian Socceroos in the World Cup!

This edition has lots of news and information, including:
a.. Extracts from the latest schedules, with many new frequencies given
b.. Monitoring Notes from Melbourne
c.. Reception notes from EDXP members around the world
d.. Monitoring from the Mountains

The Show, and all previous editions, are available at:

The shows are available as downloadable audio files, Podcasts, or streaming audio. You may also subscribe (free) to the Shows - full details are at the site. As a matter of interest, there have been over 3300 page-loads of the Shows since inception in February this year. Have fun, get the latest DX news, and enjoy the music!

(Source: Bob Padula, Melbourne, Australia/Cumbre DX)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup update for Radio Netherland's Sunday special

Radio Netherlands Sunday World Cup coverage

If you're still rabid over soccer (even though USA is out), here's a chance to follow tomorrow's coverage from Radio Netherlands. The special transmission is for the Netherland's national team show down with Portugal. According to the schedule from their Program Distribution Department, there will be 13 shortwave transmitters on the air carrying this broadcast, with nine different transmitter sites. Sunday's schedule follows as:

Times UTC, transmitter sites, kHz, kW, Target Areas
1800-2200 Flevo 6035 500 western Europe
1800-2059 Flevo 9695 500 southwest & southeast Europe
1880-2200 Flevo 9895 500 southern Europe, north & central Africa
1800-2200 Bonaire 17620 250 west Africa
1800-2200 Bonaire 15425 50 Suriname
1800-2200 Vladivostok 7390 230 east Asia
800-2200 Sackville 13735 250 Great Lakes area of Canada & US
1800-2200 Montsinery 15540 500 South America
1800-2200 Wertachtal 15335 500 Middle East
1900-2200 Dhabbaya 11730 500 Europe
1900-2200 Ascension IS 15530 250 west Africa
2000-2200 Grigoriopol 6015 500 Europe
2100-2200 Flevo 9700 500 southwest & southeast Europe

(Source: Radio Netherlands/Media-Network)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Latvia shortwave relay scene update

You may recall from the June 13 post, we had news of big changes planned for the Latvian shortwave relay scene. Since 2002, various independent stations relayed programming via the shortwave facilities via Ulbroka, Latvia, provided by KREBS TV. With price hikes for the 100 kW transmitter air time, rates were no longer affordable for customers using the relay service, and many were forced to cease programming.
Yesterday's announcement confirmed that effective June 21, 2006, KREBS TV no longer holds a shortwave broadcasting license in Latvia. In late 2005, the Latvian Broadcasting Council invited tenders for the establishment of a full commercial shortwave station. In January 2006, LBC announced that RNI-All Europe Radio had been granted the commercial shortwave broadcasting license. RNI is now the only officially sanctioned shortwave broadcast radio station in the country, according to their website RNI will commence daily shortwave broadcasts from Latvia on 9290 kHz when installation of all necessary technical equipment is completed. Until their activation, you can listen to real audio at their website.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Radio Pakistan summer schedule update

PAKISTAN Summer A-06 of Radio Pakistan:
All times UTC
ASSAMI 0045-0115 7445.0 9340.4
URDU 0045-0215 11580.0 15480.0
BANGLA 0115-0200 7445.0 9340.4
HINDI 0215-0300 7445.0 9340.4
TAMIL 0315-0345 11565.0 15620.4
GUJARATI 0400-0430 9345.4 11565.0
URDU 0500-0700 11570.0 15100.0 15625.0
ENGLISH 0730-0830 15100.0 17835.0
URDU 0830-1105 15100.0 17835.0
TAMIL 0945-1015 15625.4 17480.0
SINHALA 1015-1045 15625.4 17480.0
HINDI 1100-1145 9340.4 11550.0
CHINESE 1200-1230 9385.0 11570.0
BANGLA 1200-1245 11550.0 15625.4
NEPALI 1245-1315 11550.0 15625.4
TURKI 1330-1400 5840.4
URDU 1330-1530 9375.0 11570.0
RUSSIAN 1415-1445 7550.4 9300.0
PASHTO 1500-1545 5095.0
DARI 1515-1545 4835.4
ENGLISH 1600-1615 9375.0 11570.0 12105.4 15725.0
TURKISH 1630-1700 6215.4 9340.0
URDU 1700-1900 7530.0 9365.0
PERSIAN 1715-1800 5835.0 6235.4
URDU 1800-1900 5835.0 Islamabad px
ARABIC 1815-1900 6235.4 9340.0
URDU 1915-0045 7530.4 Islamabad px
(Source: R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX June 21)

Blog Logs

The following by-frequency listings, are from contributor logging's that were cut from my SWBC Logging column due to space. Thank you to all the contributors who share their monitoring with the magazine. All times UTC, English unless otherwise indicated, // parallel frequency. * sign-on, sign-off*

5050 USA WWRB 2310 (JW, TN)
5470 Liberia, R Veritas 2228-2242 (SB, NH)
5580 Bolivia, R San Jose 2320 Spanish (FH, SC)
5680 Bolivia, LV de Campesinos *0700 Spanish (DV, PA)
5699.8 Peru, R Frecuencia 0011-0035 Spanish (SB, NH)
5910 Clandestine, R Republica 0058 (DV, PA)
5910 Colombia, Marfil Estereo 0607-0615 Spanish (AS, ARG)
5965 Cuba, R Havana Cuba Spanish (HF, MI)
6000 Mexico, R Insurgente 2010 Spanish (FH, SC)
6010 Colombia, La Voz de tu Conciencia 0535-0540 Spanish (AS, ARG)
6010 Sweden, Radio 0137-0147+ (HF, MI)
6020 R Boskopoe via R Netherlands 1002-1015 Dutch (AS, ARG)
6030 USA R Marti 6030 Spanish (JW, TN)
6050 China, (Tibet) Xizang PBS-Lhasa 2230-2248 Mandarin (SB, NH)
6079.96 Bolivia, R San Gabriel 0847-0918 Spanish (DV, PA)
6090 Chile, R Esperenza 1016-1030 Spanish (SB, NH)
6105.52 Bolivia, R Panamericana 1040-1051 Spanish (AS, ARG)
6114.87 Peru, R Union 0900 Spanish (DV, PA) 0905-0930 (SB, NH)
6115 Peru, R Union 0515-0518 Spanish (AS, ARG)
6134.8 Bolivia, R Santa Cruz 0856-0939 Spanish (DV, PA)
6134.81 Brazil, R Aparecida 0848 Portuguese (DV, PA)
6135 Clandestine, R Republica 2328 Spanish (DV, PA)
6139 Colombia, R Lider 1028 Spanish (DV, PA)
6145 Canada, China R Int'l relay 2307-2315+ (HF, MI)
6165 Chad, RNT 2218-2300* Frnch (SB, NH)
6172 Peru, R Tawantinsuyo 1055-1101 Spanish (AS, ARG)
6193 Peru, R Cusco 0900-1000 Spanish (DV, PA)
6220.12 Pirate (Euro) Mystery R 0000-0151(DV, PA)
6298 Pirate (Euro) R Fox 48 2315 (DV, PA)
6612 Zimbabwe, ZBC 0440-0446 Vernacular (AS, ARG)
6765USB Thailand, Bangkok R 1058-1102 Thai/English (AS, ARG)
6925USB Pirate CBZO 0001-0023* (SB, NH)
6925USB Pirate, Lizard King R 2310-2315 (DV, PA)
6925USB Pirate, Undercover R 0034-0056 (SB, NH)
6925USB Pirate, Voice of the Runaway Mahirishi *2345-0021* (JW, TN)
6931USB Pirate, R Six 2352-0029 (DV, PA)
6937 China, Yunnan People's BS 1052-1055 Asian Lang (AS, ARG)
6950 Pirate, WNKR 0045-0102 (SB, NH)
6950.41USB Pirate, MAC Shortwave 2352-2358-0039 (DV, PA)
6954.96USB Pirate, Grasscutter Radio/R Sunshine 2100-2118 (DV, PA)
6955.2USB Pirate, WMPR *2211-2231 (DV, PA)
6973 Israel, Galei Zahal 2347-0002 Hebrew (SB, NH)
7125 Guinea, RTV Guineenne French 2237 (JW, TN)
7135 Morocco, RTV Marocaine Arabic 2240 (JW, TN)
7260 Thailand, R Thailand 1115-1130* (SB, NH)
7270 Egypt, R Cairo 0213-0227 (SB, NH)
7320 Russia, R Rossii-Arman 0942-1003 Russian (SB, NH)
7345 Czech Rep, R Prague 2230 // 9415 (BF, ME)
7415 USA, WBCQ 2220 (HF, MI)
9415 Czech Rep, R Prague 2245 (BF, ME)
9525 Ascension Island, Star R rely, 0734-0759* (DV, PA)
9525 Indonesia, Voice of Indonesia 1032-1103 (SB, NH)
9685 Brazil, R Gazeta 0058-0101 Portuguese (DV, PA)
9700 Bulgaria, R Bulgaria 2335 (BF, ME)
9719 Peru, R Victoria 1106-1111 Portuguese (AS, ARG)
9730 Philippines, R Veritas Asia 1128-1155* (SB, NH)
9750 Malaysia, Voice of Malaysia 1016-1032 Malay (SB, NH)
9765 Russia, R. Tikhy Okean 0835-0845 Russian (AS, ARG)
9770 Korea (Rep) KBS 1230-1235 Vietnamese (AS, ARG)
9830 Turkey, Voice of Turkey 2211-2220+ (HF, MI)
9845 Italy, RAI 1935 (BF, ME)
9870 Austria, ORF 0141-0159* (SB, NH)
9870 New Zealand, R NZ Intl 1125 (BF, ME)
9875 Lithuania, R Vilnius 2329-2342+ (HF, MI)
9885 USA, WEWN 1200 Spanish (DV, PA)
9925 Germany, Croatian R 2218-2231+ (HF, MI)
9990 Egypt, R Cairo 2156-2203+ (HF, MI)

Thank you to the following contributors
S. Barbour, NH
B. Fraser, ME
H. Frodge, MI
F. Hillton, SC
A. Slaen, Argentina
J. Woods, TN
D. Valko, PA/Cumbre DX

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

North Korea a hot spot to monitor

With appeals to urgently abandon any plans to test-launch a long range missle, looks like North Korea moves to the head of the list, of country's to keep an eye on.
The United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea have warned Pyongyang against the test, appealing to the North to act with restraint.
The following English schedule have been monitored on shortwave, and represent MT's most current listings.

Voice of Korea
All times UTC, frequencies kHz
Target areas:
af Africa; am Americas
as Asia; ca Cenral America
eu Europe; na North America
va various areas

0100-0200 7140as 9345as 9730am 11735ca 13760ca 15180ca
0200-0300 7140as 9345as 9730as
0300-0400 7140as 9345as 9730as
1000-1100 6185as 6285am 9335ca 9850as
1300-1400 7570eu 9335na 11710na 12015eu 13760eu 15245eu
1500-1600 7570eu 9335na 11710na 12015eu 13760eu 15245eu
1600-1700 9990va 11545va
1800-1900 7570eu 12015eu 13760eu 15245eu
1900-2000 7100af 9975va 11535va 11910af
2100-2200 7570eu 12015eu 13760eu 15245eu

MT July QSL Report and Broadcast Logs columns

The July issue of Monitoring Times will soon be available to MT Express, magazine subscribers and on the newstands. This issue's QSL Report column, will focus on do's and dont's of Follow-Up Reporting. Just when is enough time to compose a follow up report and letter... and just how important is that QSL Manager ?
A QSL from the Principality of Andorra should intice you to become an amateur radio operator, and when was the last time you heard Azores, and much more.
July's Broadcast Logs should send you to the nearest receiver, with a bevy of worldwide logs not to be missed.
Don't miss this issue of QSL Report or Broadcast Logs, or you'll be sorry you did.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Somalia's Radio Shabelle transmissions restricted

The Somali transitional government today restricted transmission of a radio station and arrested two journalists after it broadcast a report claiming Ethiopian troops had entered the country, officials said.
Gunmen loyal to President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed stopped transmission of the Shabelle radio station, the only Mogadishu-based channel that broadcasts in the temporary seat of government in Baidoa, about 250 kilometres (155 miles) from the capital, at about 10:00 am (0700 UTC) on Sunday, they said. The channel continued broadcasting to others parts of Somalia.

Sources said the gunmen carried out the orders given by Agriculture Minister Mohamed Hassan Nur Shatigudud after the radio station aired the claims about Ethiopian troops. “We are demanding that the government allows our transmission in Baidoa and immediately and unconditionally releases our journalists,” said Shabelle Media Network Chairman Abdulmalik Yusuf Muhamoud. “This is gross violation of human rights and it is an exercise that undermines freedom of expression in Somalia,” he added.

(Source: Radio Netherlands/Weblog)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

European Music Radio to air June 18

European Music Radio, one of several now legal, former Euro pirate broadcasters from the United Kingdom,will broadcast Sunday on new frequency 6045 kHz. Broadcast time is 1200-1300 UTC. EMR, as with several independent stations, rents airtime on relay transmitters from Italy's IRRS, to a worldwide listening audience.

Programming will also broadcast via the internet at: at 1200-1300 UTC, and repeat at 1500-1600; 1800-1900 and 2100-22 UTC.

For information on the station, refer to their official website at: Links include History, Transmitters, QSL Cards and more.

Speaking of QSLs, reception reports are welcome via email at: or send your correspondence to:

c/o A. Taylor
32 Shearing Drive
Surrey SMS 1BL United Kingdom

Don't forget to include return postage or currency to cover the cost of postage reply. A self-addressed envelope is a good idea too. Regards to Tom Taylor and the staff for a great programming.

A Special Offer for MT Blog Readers

The good folks at Monitoring Times magazine are offering a special, limited time, discounted rate of US$14.95 on a one year MT Express subscription if you mention the BLOG page (Editor’s Page, Fed Files, Milcom, Monitoring Post, or Shortwave) you are viewing right now.

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What is MT Express?
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Friday, June 16, 2006

Sligo European Radio set for June 18 broadcast

From Sligo European Radio's Cris Jensen, comes word of the station's
Sunday June 18 broadcast. Programming will be on 9330 kHz from
0700-1000 UTC.

The station broadcast a mix of Golden Oldies and Rock Classics, lively
chat and interesting information. All listeners are invited to send reception reports to their e-mail address: Listener's are welcome to include a 2 or 3 minute, good quality MP3 recording as an attachment with the email report.

Correctly verified reports will be sent a Sligo European Radio
Daisy the Cow QSL card by email, a station information sheet
and details of their future plans. For information on the station,
check out their website at:

Name change for Serbia's external service

Following the formal recognition by the Serb government of the independence of Montenegro, the Belgrade-based international broadcaster has changed its name to “International Radio Serbia”. Both the radio broadcasts and website are now using this name, though some pages of the website haven’t yet been updated.
(Source: R. Netherlands/Media Network Weblog)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Voice of the People trial delay

The trial of seven directors of the independent Zimbabwean radio station Voice of the People (VOP), which broadcasts into the country via the Radio Netherlands Madgascar relay station, has been delayed again. A key witness for the prosecution failed to turn up at the court in Harare today. Prosecutor Justin Uladi said an expert from the government broadcasting authority who was due to give evidence at the start of the trial was in Switzerland on business.
The Lawyer representing the VOP directors, Beatrice Mtetwa, protested at the delay questioning why the witness had travelled overseas when he knew he was expected to attend the trial. “This is unacceptable,” Mtetwa told the court. “Since January the prosecution has been telling us and even yesterday they said they are ready for trial and we keep getting these postponements.”
The seven VOP directors were arrested in December and January and briefly detained at Harare’s main police station, accused of possession and operation of transmission equipment without a licence. They are now due to stand trial beginning on September 25.
(Source: Independent Online/R. Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

The Zimbabwean opposition station, financed by the Soros Foundation, the USIA Zimbabwe Forum and the Dutch Foundation HIVOS. Radio VOP, began broadcasting in June 2000, 10 days before the Zimbabwean parliamentary elections held on the 24th and 25th of June. The station continues to promote peace in the ongoing troubled political times with hopes of building a democratic society.
Relay via: Radio Netherlands, Madagascar relay station, transmitting on 7120, 7190 kHz, 1800-1900 (UTC). Identifications as: "this is Radio Voice of the People" and "this is Radio VOP-Zimbabwe's alternative voice." Correspondence may be directed to:
P.O. Box 5750
Harare, Zimbabwe
Email Report:

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WWCR - English freq update for summer

WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio) Summer (A06) Tentative Schedule. 1 June 06 - 31 Aug 06

Transmitter #1 - 100 kW
Freqs kHz
Time (UTC)
0900-1000 9985
1000-2200 15825
2200-0100 7465
0100-0900 3215
Transmitter #2 - 100 kW
1200-0200 13845
0200-1200 5935
Transmitter #3 - 100 kW
1200-1400 9985
1400-2300 12160
2300-1200 5070
Transmitter #4 - 100 kW
1100-1400 7465
1400-1800 9985
1800-2200 9975
2200-0100 9985
0100-110 5765

Source: WWDX/BC-DX/Top News)

HCJB Australia - English freq update

HCJB English is now on:
0000-0030 15405 15525
0145-0200 15405 Thursday
0700-0900 11750
1000-1100 15400 15540
1130-1200 15425
1300-1315 15405 Thursday
1300-1330 15400
1330-1400 15435 Sunday
2330-0000 15390
(Source: Alokesh Gupta-IND,Cumbre via WDXC Contact/WWDX/BC-DX/Top News)

New freq for Radio DMR Pridnestrovye

Radio DMR Pridnestrovye, has shifted their frequency to 5965 kHz (ex 5960). The station was logged in Europe, June 13, 1605-1640 UTC. English was noted to 1620, French to 1640 UTC with fair signal quality and interference from China on 5970 kHz.
The logging was submitted to Cumbre DX from Mike Letchworth, Garden City, United Kingdom, with special thanks to Herbert Meixner, Austria A-DX via BCDX for the tip off.
The station, heard intermittently, broadcast from separatist area known as Trans-Dniester Moldavian Republic, also noted as Dniester Moldavian Republic. Correspondence may be directed to:
Radio DMR Pridnestrovye
Station broadcast from pro-Russian, separatist known as Trans-Dniester Moldavian Republic, also known as Dniester Moldavian Republic.
Rose Luxembourg Street 10
Tiraspol 3300
Republic of Moldova
(WWDX/BC-DX/Top News)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

WHRI Summer A06 Freq Update

USA/HAWAII Updated Summer A-06 for World Harvest Radio:
WHRI Angel # 1 0100-0300 on 9515 Mon-Fri
0100-0600 on 7315 Sat/Sun DXWC Sun 0330
0300-0600 on 5860 Mon-Fri
0600-1000 on 7315
1000-1200 on 7555
1200-1300 on 9495
1300-1400 on 11785 Mon-Fri
1300-1400 NF 11940 Sat/Sun,
ex 11785 >>> Hmong Lao Radio in Lao
1400-1600 on 11785 DXWC Sun 1530
1600-2300 on 15285 DXWC Sat 1930
2300-0100 on 7555
WHRI Angel # 2 0000-0100 NF 9515 Mon-Fri, ex 9820
0100-0300 on 7490
0300-0500 on 7520
0500-0900 on 7465
0900-1200 on 7520
1200-1700 on 9840
1700-2200 on 15665 DXWC Sun 2030
2200-0100 on 7490 Sat/Sun
KWHR Angel # 3 0100-0500 on 17655 DXWC Sat 0330
0500-0800 on 13650
0800-1200 on 9930 DXWC Sun 1500
1200-1400 on 12130
1400-1800 on 9930
KWHR Angel # 4 0500-1300 on 11565 DXWC Sat 0700, Sun 0500
WHRA Angel # 5 0100-0500 on 5850 DXWC Sat 0230, Sun 0230
0500-0600 on 6145
0600-0700 on 7490
1200-1400 on 15665
1400-1600 on 17650
1600-1900 on 17640
1900-2100 on 13710
2100-2300 on 11765
2300-0100 on 7520
(Source: R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via WWDX/BC-DX June 10)

MediaLine Radio Programming

If you're into old-time radio dramas, or media/sci-tech news, check out programming on-demand at
The hour long programming is also available via Italy's IRRS station on:
Saturday, 1300UTC at:
Saturday 1900 UTC 5775 kHz and
Sunday 0830 UTC 13840 kHz and
Programming also airs via WorldFM at
(Source: HCDX)

Latvia Relay Service on Hiatus

Looks like DXers will have to wait a few months to log stations via the Latvia Relay Service. Latvia has no independent shortwave radio stations, but does relay service for producers and radio stations, provided by KREB TV. However, following a gut-check price hike from the transmitter operator from LVRTC, for transmitter leases in early 2006, the rates for the 100kW air time are no longer affordable for customers using the radio relay service.
The relay service on 9290 kHz from Ulbroka, Latvia, reportedly remains inactive and will likely resume transmissions with a new owner, autumn 2006. Current license owner, Raimonds Kreicbergs, minority co-owner of Krebs TV, plans to install his own SW transmitter, possibly a 10kW DRM-ready, at the Ulbroka site during the summer, with plans to resume the relay service for low-budget program producers in autumn. This will substitute the previously used 100kW transmitter, but here's my next question....who outside of Europe is going to hear them? Luckily, the old 100kW transmitter will remain available for clients who are ready to pay the higher prices...but wasn't that the problem that out priced them in the first place? Thanks to our Texas contributor for the update..
Here's a partial list of station's that have been logged transmitting via the Latvia relay site, and might be ones that resume programming on 9290 kHz.
Europa Radio International
Hamburger Lokalradio
KWRN Nordland Radio
Radio 73
Radio Casablanca
Radio City
Radio Joystick
Radio Marabu
Radio RTN (Radio Tele Niedersachen)
Radio Six International
Radio Tatras International
Radio Waves International
RMRC/Rhein Main Radio Club

Monday, June 12, 2006

Revised Radio New Zealand DRM Schedule

Radio New Zealand International is broadcasting as follows
in DRM from June 7:
0459 – 0658 UTC: 9440 kHz: All Pacific
0659 - 1300 UTC: 6095 kHz: All Pacific
1300 – 1650 UTC: 6095 kHz: All Pacific, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Cook Islands
1651 – 1850 UTC: 7145 kHz: All Pacific, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Cook Islands
1851 – 1950 UTC: 9440 kHz: All Pacific
1951 - 2235 UTC: 13730 kHz: All Pacific
2236 - 0458 UTC: 15720 kHz: All Pacific
Source: FH/SC,RNZI via Chris Mackerell, DRM Software Radio Forum)

New radio station for Liberia

United Methodist Church building new radio station in Liberia
The United Methodist Church says it's close to launching a new radio station in Liberia. The Liberia Annual Conference has been dreaming of a radio station for the last two years. Funding for a community radio station in Liberia will make that dream come true soon. Contributors to the radio station include the Illinois Great Rivers Annual (regional) Conference, Memorial United Methodist Church in White Plains, NY, and Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, said Elizabeth Hunter, executive director of the United Methodist Communications Foundation.

"Communication needs have been hampered by war," said the Rev Konah Parker, communications director for the Liberia Conference. "For a long time, Liberia lost contact with the outside world." Communication infrastructure in Liberia was severely damaged by the 14 year civil war that ended in 2003. The Liberia Broadcasting System, ELWA and all other radio stations were looted and destroyed during the war. He noted however that cell phone companies and radio stations are starting to come back. "Liberia needs nationwide radio coverage," he said. "Most of the stations do not cover Liberia’s 43,000 square miles."

Construction of the station has started. Isaiah Mbuga, a radio expert from Uganda, was invited to assess and advice the conference on establishing their own station. Mbuga emphasized the need to do research on audience needs and trends and decide exactly what the church wants to accomplish with a radio station.

"The transmitter you have is very small, but it can do well," he said. "Use what you have, use high gain antenna, get a receiver and add another transmitter — (signals) will go up to the end of the country."

(Source: United Methodist Church/Radio Netherlands)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Finland to Axe SW & Medium Wave

New plan for Finnish broadcaster YLE: shortwave to be dropped
At its meeting on 6th June 2006, the Administrative Council of Finnish public broadcaster YLE decided to adjust the company's channel structure and profiles and new services. This move relates to the ongoing YLE strategy reform, founded on a customer- and content-based operating model. YLE's strategic objectives were approved by the company's Administrative Council already earlier in the spring

Services to be axed

The following existing channels will be phased out as a consequence of the changes in channel output:
1. The pilot digital radio service YleQ will be closed down at the latest on 31st December 2006.
2. The digital television channel YLE24, comprising mainly news and currentaffairs programmes, will be shut down on 31st May 2007. Capacity released from the channel in digital television's public service multiplex will be used for transmitting the new YLE Extra channel.
3. YLE will focus in future on serving Finns abroad through satellite, mobile and Internet distribution. The company will therefore be discontinuing mediumwave and shortwave broadcasts from Pori in 2007. However, mediumwave broadcasts will still continue on the Santahamina (Helsinki) transmitters in the Baltic Sea area.
(Source: YLE via EBU/R. Netherlands)

Radio Japan's World Interactive Program June 10-12

Radio Japan's popular World Interactive program, will air from June 10-12. The 50 minute program airs eight times, scheduled for every second weekend of the month.
This month's 50-minute program will focus on Ecuador's HCJB and Radio St. Helena Day Revival, scheduled for the first weekend in November. News of this project will include an interview with Mr. Robert Kipp. For more information on the St. Helena revival project, consult
To correspond with the show via email, consult their new address at:
To hear a partial broadcast time for Radio Japan's English service try:
0100-0200 (UTC) 5960, 11720, 11935, 15325,17685, 17810, 17825, 17845 kHz
A complete Radio Japan English schedule is available in Monitoring Times magazine Shortwave Guide
(DX Window)

Central American Country's Adjust Time

In case you've noticed a difference in broadcast hours from three Central American countries, here's an update. Honduras has joined Guatemala and Nicaragua in adjusting their time.
Effective May 2, the government of Honduras approved a decree by which the country's official time to move forward by 60 minutes, implementing a summer time or daylight time regime, as in other countries. This means the day in Honduras begins an hour early. The local time is now adjusted to UTC-5, from previously as UTC-6.
The Honduran government has expressed this change will be "indefinitely", however DXers predict this adjustment will likely be until September 30.
This might just improve your chances of hearing new stations from Central America.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Desecho Island Project QSL

From amateur radio, here's one to share with MT and online readers. A great catch and colorful QSL card. Congratulations to Ken Reitz, our Beginners Corner columnist.

Desecho Island Project-N3KS/KP5 (IOTA NA-095) 20 meters SSB. Full data color four sided QSL for a SASE. QSL address: John F. King- W3ADC, P.O. Box 64, Hampstead, MD 21074.

Radio Netherlands New Dutch Extra

Looking for a way to broaden your knowledge about the Netherlands ? You're in luck...Radio Netherlands has begun a new program, broadcasting on Sundays, immediately after Amsterdam Forum. The program offers a selection of cultural and arts news, a Radio Netherlands columnist casts a critical eye over Dutch society, plus a weekly Dutch recipe. Most importantly, Dutch Extra features your reactions to the program and answers the questions you've asked.
English SW broadcast times UTC w/targeted areas, freqs kHz
0040 Eastern North America 9845
0140 Central North America 9845
0440 Western North America 6165, 9590
0640 New Zealand 9700
0740 Australia 9700
1045 Australia/Asia/12065, 13710, 13820
1145 Eastern North America 11675
1545 South Asia 9345, 9890, 11835
1845 Africa 6020, 7120, 11655
2045 Africa 15315, 17735, 17660
(Radio Netherlands Programming)

Radio Polonia Podcast Competition

From Radio Polonia comes word of their latest competition for hobbyist.
Since May 1, 2006, Radio Polonia's partner network World Radio Network, has launched a weekly pilot podast service of selected Radio Polonia programs in English.
Radio Polonia broadcast in seven languages, including Polish, and it's
possible to win a bagful of their FM pocket radios. By clicking on
their listen icon, and answer the statements of which
program is in Polish ? Is it A, B or C ?
If you know the answer or can make an educated guess,
email your reply to:
In case you listen to their program via a podcast, let them know that too!
Prizes are on a first come basis.
English programming broadcast from: 1200-1259 (UTC) on 9525 and 11850 kHz and 1700-1759 (UTC) on 7220 and 7265 kHz
Good luck !
(Radio Polonia)

Voice of Turkey Essay Contests For DXers

The English Service of Voice of Turkey, has announced an essay contest, open to their listening audience. This year's essay topic is: Can Religions Play a Guiding and Constructive Role in Dialogue Between Civilizations.
Contestants should limit their essay to three pages, and the deadline is June 15. Email your entry to: or address your entry to:
Voice of Turkey
TRT External Services Dept.
P.K. 333
06443 Ankara, Turkey
The Voice of Turkey in English, may be heard daily on the following schedule: All times UTC, frequencies kHz
Targeted areas: va - various regions: eu - Europe: as - Asia
0300-0350 5975va 7270va
1230-1300 15450eu 15535va
1300-1320 15420eu 15535va
1830-1900 9785eu
1900-2000 9785eu
2030-2100 7170as
2100-2120 7170as
2200-2300 9830eu
To follow more from the Voice of Turkey refer to website:
(HCDX/VOT English Service)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

World Cup Amateur Radio Special Event Station

German radio amateurs plan to celebrate the 2006 Football World Cup being held in their country by putting on a number of special event stations.
From now until 16 July, no less than 26 special district stations (with callsigns in the DQ2006A to DQ2006Z range) will be on the air. There will also be 12 special stadium stations with callsigns DR2006B, DR2006C, etc. The special callsign WFC06 will also be in operation throughout the World Cup.Amateurs or short wave listeners who log these special event stations could be eligible for a series of awards sponsored by the Deutsche Amateur Radio Club.
There will be three awards available: bronze, silver and gold. To achieve the bronze award, an amateur must log four stadium special event stations, six district stations and 25 DL stations. The silver award requires the operator to log 10 stadium stations, 20 district stations and 100 DL stations. For the gold award, an amateur or short wave listener must log 12 stadium stations, 24 district stations and 200 DL stations.All the logs must take place between 1 May and 31 July. There are no band limitations. Participants can use any mode of operation except packet radio or Echo Link.
For further information about the awards, contact Otto Cecetka at e-mail address
Southgate Amateur Radio Club

World Cup To Air on FM in Los Angeles

Entravision Communications Corporation has announced that it will broadcast World Cup soccer games for the very first time on an FM radio frequency in Los Angeles, California, the largest Hispanic market in the US, on its radio station KLYY OYE! 97.5 FM.
The company also said that it will air World Cup games on its radio stations KQRT La Tricolor 105.1 FM serving Las Vegas, Nevada, KZMP La Tricolor 104.9 FM serving Dallas, Texas and KSVE ESPN Deportes 1150 AM serving El Paso, Texas. Coverage begins airing June 9 and will continue through the final game on July 9.
Broadcasting rights were made available through Futbol de Primera on an exclusive basis in each market. Terms of the broadcastings rights were not disclosed.
Entravision Communications Corporation is a diversified Spanish-language media company utilizing a combination of television, radio and outdoor operations to reach approximately 75% of Hispanic consumers across the United States, as well as the border markets of Mexico.
Entravision owns and operates one of the nation's largest groups of primarily Spanish-language radio stations, consisting of 52 owned and operated radio stations in 20 US markets.
Southgate Amateur Radio Club

Blog Logs

The following by-frequency listings, are from contributor logging's that were cut from my SWBC Logging column due to space. Thank you to all the contributors who share their monitoring with the magazine. Have you sent yours in yet?
All times UTC, English unless otherwise indicated, // parallel frequency. * sign-on, sign-off*
3250.06 Honduras, R Luz y Vida 1029 Spanish (DV, PA)
3266 Indonesia, RRI-Gorontalo 1102-1129 Indonesian (TB, TX)
3340 Honduras, HRMI 0142-0202 Spanish (SB, NH)
3345 Papua New Guinea, R Northern 0917-1010 (DV, PA)
3976 Indonesia, RRI-Pontianak 1205 Indonesian (TB, TX)
4386.57 Peru, R Imperio/R Vision 0922-0936 Spanish (SB, NH)
4620 Peru, R Espacial 0957-1005 Spanish (DV, PA)
4716.82 Bolivia, R Yura 0111-0140 Spanish (SB, NH)
4760 Liberia, ELWA 2240-2300* (SB, NH)
4770 Nigeria, Radio Nigeria-Kaduna 2243-2301* (SB, NH)
4780 Djibouti, RTD *0259-0316 Arabic (SB, NH)
4780 Guatemala, R Cultural 0118-0130+ (HF, MI) 1030-1035 Spanish (AS, ARG)
4790.26 Peru, R Vision 0931 Spanish, DV, PA)
4826 Peru, R Sicuani 1040-1046 Quechua (AS, ARG)
4895 Brazil, R Novo Tempo 1020-1029 Portuguese (AS, ARG)
4909.3 Ecuador, R Chaskis 0315-0335 Spanish (JE, TN)
4910 Australia, VL8T 1210-1350 (TB, TX)
4915 Brazil, R Anhanguera 0104-0113+ Portuguese (HF, MI) 0027-0038+ (HF, MI)
4950 Peru, R Madre de Dios 0032-0102 Spanish (SB, NH)
4985 Brazil, R Brazil Central 0004-0018 Portuguese (SB, NH)
5005 Eqt. Guinea, R Nacional de Guinea-Bata 2216-2222 Spanish (AS, ARG)
5025 Cuba, R Rebelde 5025 Spanish (JW, TN)
5030 Burkina Faso, R Burkina 0018-0042 French (SB, NH)

T. Banks, TX
S. Barbour, NH
J. Evans, TN
H Frodge, MI
A. Slaen, ARG
D. Valko, PA/Cumbre
J. Woods, TN

Monday, June 05, 2006

Middle East Monitoring Source

Here’s another source you can add to your listening post from The British DX Club. The near and Middle East, continues to be an area to watch and monitor. BDXC, at their website link to Articles Index, provides free for download, a comprehensive guide to shortwave stations in the near and Middle East. In country order, and PDF format, the guide provides station information, programming schedules and transmitter site listings. Bravo to BDXC for this guide to keep listener’s up to date on the hot spots from the Middle East.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

MV Baltic Radio to Broadcast Sun June 4

MV (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) Baltic Radio, another European that broadcast once a month, is scheduled to be on the air Sunday June 4, on 6045 kHz, 1200-1300 UTC. The station formerly known as Stör-Sender, transmits via T-Systems International, Jülich, Germany
German or English reports with one IRC or $ 1.00 are confirmed via:
R&R Medienservice
Roland Rohde
Seestrasse 17
D-19089 Göhren, Germany

Friday, June 02, 2006

Scandinavian Weekend Radio On the Air June 2-3

If it's the first Saturday of the month, it must be time for Scandinavian Weekend Radio. SWR broadcast for 24 hours once a month, and is Scandinavia's first private shortwave station. Studios and transmitters are located in Virrat, western Finland.
This month they plan to broadcast June 2-3 on the following schedules:

Medium Wave - 24 hours on 1602 kHz

Shortwave: all times UTC
48 Meter Band
2100-2200 6170 kHz
2200-0300 5980
0300-1600 6170
1600-1800 5980
1800-2100 6170

25 Meter Band
2100-0600 11720 kHz
0600-1100 11690
1100-1800 11720
1800-2100 11690

Reception reports with return postage (2 IRC's, $2.00 US or 2 Euros) should be sent to:
SWR Reports
P.O. Box 99
FI-34801 Virrat, Finland
The station does not send out their printed QSL cards without return postage. For more information about the station and programming, check out their website at:
Good luck this weekend!!

Revised Radio New Zealand Int'l English Service + DRM

This is the revised Radio New Zealand English schedule, plus the new DRM schedule, effective until September 3. Good luck and best of DX. Thanks to HCDX!

P O Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand
Phone:+(64 4) 4741 437 Facsimile +(64 4) 4741 433
E-mail address:
Web Address:

04 June 2006 - 03 September 2006
UTC NZ Time kHz Mode Primary Target
1300 - 1650 0100 - 0450 7145 AM Pacific
1650 - 1850 0450 - 0650 6095 AM All Pacific
1851 - 1950 0651 - 0750 9630 AM All Pacific
1951 - 0658 0751 - 1035 15720 AM All Pacific
2236 - 0458 1036 - 1658 13730 AM All Pacific
0459 - 0658 1659 - 1858 9615 AM All Pacific
0659 - 1059 1859 - 2259 6095 AM All Pacific
1100 - 1259 2300 - 0000 9870 AM Solomon Islands, PNG, Timor

Please note: A DRM Capable Receiver is required to hear these digital
04 June 2006 - 03 September 2006
UTC NZ Time kHz Mode Primary Target
1300 - 1650 0100 - 0450 6095 DRM All Pacific, Fiji,
Niue, Samoa, Cook Islands
1651 - 1850 0451 - 0650 7145 DRM All Pacific, Fiji,
Niue, Samoa, Cook Islands
1851 - 2250 0651 - 1035 13730 DRM All Pacific
2251 - 0458 1036 - 1658 15720 DRM All Pacific
0459 - 0658 1659 - 1858 9440 DRM All Pacific
0659 - 1300 1859 - 0059 7145 DRM All Pacific

Propagation Forecast Published

Tom Giella (KN4LF) has posted his latest propagation forecast at KN4LF Daily LF/MF/HF Radio Propagation Outlook #2006-005. If you are really interested in HF props, then this is a must visit.

Three other prop websites worthy of mention:

William Hepburn's VHF/UHF Tropospheric Ducting Forecast A definite five star site for sure for the VHF/UHF/TV/FM DX enthuiast.

A place to keep an eye out for VHF/UHF openings in a variety of modes:
V-UHF QSO Real Time Maps

And last but not least, Monitoring Times Prop expert, Tomas Hood (NW7US) website at:
Propagation Resource Center :: NW7US ::

73 and good hunting,

VOA's New Program Guide Online

The latest edition of the Voice of America shortwave Program Guide is available on line. The new edition, includes links for English to Africa, Bringing the World to China, VOA’s new Studio Tour information, VOA News.Com Goes in Depth and Amerika Icmali, with a focus on Creating a Connection to Azerbaijan.
There’s plenty for the listener on the website. A Program Guide for your favorite sections is available in PDF format. Links include Africa, East Asia, English, Music Mix, Eurasia, Latin America, Near East and Central Asia and West and South Asia.
The VOA Program Guide is published twice a year, in November and May to cover the seasonal frequency changes. Check out the new programming guide for the latest from Voice of America. at

VT Communications Launches Pioneering DRM 26 MHz Service in London

VT Communications continues to push the boundaries of digital radio broadcasting by launching its dual-channel Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) transmission service from Crystal Palace in South East London into Greater London. Partnering with Deutsche Welle and UBC Classic Gold VT Communications can now provide two discrete broadcast services over a single 20KHz transmission band centred at 25.7 MHz. This is the first time the double channel mode of DRM has been used for extensive field trials and further enhances VT Communications digital offering. The 26 MHz band is designated as an international broadcast band, but is under used and could also be used to provide local "FM" type coverage. Demand for both FM (88-108 MHz) and DAB (band III) spectrum in the UK is very high, and DRM could offer broadcasters access to additional spectrum in addition revitalising existing MF and LF frequencies with enhanced audio quality. The ability of the 26 MHz band to provide local and digital radio coverage adds to VT Communications existing regional and international DRM capability. In 1999 VT Communications started regular "ITU compliant" DRM tests from the Rampisham transmitter site in Dorset UK, to Europe. In 2003 a new high power MF transmitter was added to the portfolio, which now transmits the BBC World Service in digital quality to the Benelux countries. In March 2006, VT Communications announced a significant investment in a new high power HF transmitter at its Woofferton (Shropshire, UK) transmitter site. This will be operational by mid 2006. VT Communications are also investing in a new broadcast centre designed to distribute audio in a totally digital format from studio to listener, including distribution of DRM. This will eliminate audio degradation caused by repeated conversion between analogue and digital, a surprisingly common problem with digital transmissions. The broadcast centre will also be able to format & distribute audio via a number of different routes, including archiving, podcasting, content repurposing and audio on demand. The 26 MHz service in London will showcase the broadcast centre technology, as data channels, Electronic programme guides (EPG) and a 3rd audio service are all scheduled for test during the course of 2006. "VT Communications ongoing investment in DRM 26MHz and HF capability is part of our new Global Media Network" says Bryan Coombes, General Manager Broadcast at VT Communications. "This underlines our commitment to provide a digital service to satisfy all of our customers' broadcasting requirements, from local through to truly international coverage". (Md Azizul Alam Al-Amin 6/1/06)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Radio Prague QSL Card Series

There’s still time to take advantage of Radio Prague’s series of eight QSL cards, on the theme of Czech Scientist and Inventors. For a sneak peak of the colorful series go to the QSL Cards 2006 link at
Correspondence or reception reports should be sent to: Vinohradská 12, 12099 Prague 2, Czech Republic.

Frequency Update for Deutsche Welle

Germany’s Deutsche Welle has recently made frequency adjustments from May 25, to their A06 frequency plan.
All times are in UTC, frequencies in kHz.
English Service
0000-0058 9885 (via Sri Lanka)
0000-0100 9430 (via Rwanda)
0400-0500 12045 (via Wertachtal, Germany) ex 11945
1430-1500 15705 (via Wertachtal, Germany)
1500-1600 15705
1600-1658 9485 (via Sri Lanka) ex 7225
1600-1700 15705 ex 17595
1900-1957 15620 (via Wertachtal, Germany) ex 15520
2300-0000 17860 (via Russia)
(Swopan Chakroborty, India/WWDX 5/31)

Radio Netherlands Bonaire SW Relay Station to Upgrade

The Radio Netherlands relay station in Bonaire, is planning to replace their 40 year old transmitters.
The Board of Governor's of Radio Netherlands recently approved an investment of some four million Euros to the station, which delivers shortwave broadcast to the Americas, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. At the end of April, the Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands Antilles, Burney El Hage, laid the first stone for the rebuilding project, scheduled for completion in about 18 months.
The refurbishing includes the replacement of the old Phillips transmitter with two new AM/DRM senders. The new transmitters will be ready for the age of digital shortwave, and more energy-efficient when used in the analogue mode. The identity of the company for the project will be released as the project proceeds.
In recent years, budget cuts have reduced the amount of shortwave airtime needed by Radio Netherlands, however this has made it possible for other international broadcasters the opportunity to transmit their programming into the Americas from Adventist World Radio, China Radio International, Deutsche Welle and Radio Japan.
As some broadcasters reduce their shortwave airtime, Radio Netherlands Bonaire relay station will once again become a state-of-the-art international shortwave broadcasting facility.
(DX Window 5/31)