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Radio Oman - A07 multilingual schedule

Radio Sultanate of Oman (RSO) A07
Effective from 25/03/07 to 28/10/07

Updated : 27-April-2007

6085 0200 0400 39N,40W SEB 100 320 0 141 arabic
6085 2000 2200 39SW,48 SEB 100 240 0 146 arabic
6190 1800 2000 39SW,48 SEB 100 240 0 146 arabic
9515 0400 0600 39N,40W SEB 100 320 0 141 arabic
9760 0000 0200 28,39N THU 100 315 0 218 arabic
13640 0600 1400 39N,40W SEB 100 320 0 141 arabic
15140 1400 1500 28,39N THU 100 315 0 218 english
15140 1500 2200 28,39N THU 100 315 0 218 arabic
15355 0200 0300 48,53 THU 100 220 0 205 arabic
15355 0300 0400 48,53 THU 100 220 0 205 english
15355 2200 2400 28,39N THU 100 315 0 218 arabic
15375 1400 1800 39SW,48 SEB 100 240 0 146 arabic
17590 0400 0600 48,53 THU 100 220 0 205 arabic
17630 0600 1000 28,39N THU 100 315 0 218 arabic
(Source: Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India)

May Specials from DX Stamp & Supplies

Dear DXers,
Below are May DX stamp and supply specials.
Please note the following price changes: Taiwan-$1.20, Cyprus-$1.50, Hong Kong-$1.20, India-$1.20 and Israel-$1.20 Postage rates unchanged on these, only my costs have increased since previous orders. Recent rate change: Norway was 10,50 and now is 11 kr.

We are having difficulty with several suppliers and have placed new orders with new ones. Countries on back order now are: Bosnia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Cape Verde, Oman, Cyprus, Turkey, and New Caledonia. In the past 25 years, this is our longest back order list. Our apologies.

Back in stock: Namibia, Morocco, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Germany and Norway.
Best of DX,

3 Russia-$3.60 2 Ukraine-$2.40
200/200 European Air Mailers & Returns $35
2 Standard QSL Albums reg. price $45. Now Only $39

Shipping charges extra on supply specials
UPS Shipping Rates for Supplies

Orders under $16.00 add $6.50, Orders from $16.00 to $40.00 add $7.50, Orders from $41.00 to $100.00 add $10.00, Orders from $101.00 to $150.00 add $15.00, orders over $150.00 add 10%. When ordering supplies AND stamps, use supply total to figure shipping costs. Stamps “ride free” when you order supplies. Shipments to a PO Box, Canada, AK, HI, PR, APO, etc. ship at a greater cost via the Post Office.

Blog Logs

This morning's Blog Logs, represent those contributed during the last few days. Special thanks to Chuck Bolland, Jim Evans and Brian Alexander.
Gayle VH

3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, 0140-0201*, April 28, local music, ballads, Quechua talk. Weak. (Alexander, PA

11585, CVC leapfrogging spur, 0240, April 28, Weak spur from 11745 leapfrogging over 11665. Portuguese programming. (Alexander, PA)

4750, RRI Makassar, 0940-0950 Noted steady pop music during period. Signal was fair until Peru comes on the air at 0950. (Bolland, FL, April 29, 2007)

4749.96 RRI Makasar (Makassar), 1101-1110, 4/28/2007, Bahasa. News by man and woman followed by pop music. Poor signal (SINPO 24222). Parallel to RRI Serui (4604.9). (Evans, TN)

3344.85 RRI Ternate (Ternate), 1133-1135, 4/28/2007, Bahasa. Man talking. Signal at noise threshold. (Evans, TN)

4604.9 RRI Serui (Serui), 1101-1110, 4/28/2007, Bahasa. News by man and woman followed by pop music. Poor signal (SINPO 24222). Parallel to RRI Makassar (4749.96). (Evans, TN)

17870, Voice of Africa, 1537-1557*, April 28, Tune-in to English news, ID, Afro-pops. Must have had a late sign on. Nothing heard during checks between 1400-1430+. Poor to fair in noisy conditions. // 21695-poor. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6049.6, RT Malaysia, 1015-1030 Music with a woman in comments between tunes. Signal was poor.(Bolland, April 29, 2007)

Papua New Guinea
3260 Radio Madang (Madang), 1125-1130, 4/28/2007, Pidgin (?). Pop music. Signal at noise threshhold. (Evans, TN)

Papua New Guinea
3315 Radio Manus (Lorengau), 1120-1135, 4/28/2007, English (?). Man and woman talking followed by 70s and 80s pop music. Signal at noise threshold. (Evans, TN)

3905 Radio New Ireland (Kavieng), 1105-1130, 4/28/2007, Pidgin. Man and woman talking ollowed by pop music. Good signal (SINPO 34333), the best of the PNG and Indonesian stations monitored this morning. (Evans, TN)

6193.40, Radio Cusco, 1027-1035 Noted Huaynos music at tune in. At 1032, male in Spanish omments with live ID, "Radio Cusco". After a minute, back to music. Signal was fair. (Bolland, cApril 29, 2007)

4746.91, Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta, 0145-0209*, April 28, Continuous Spanish talk. Sign off with National Anthem but pulled plug midway through anthem. Poor with CODAR QRM. Alexander, PA)

Radio Melodia, 5939.30 1003-1015 With steady Spanish comments from a male announcer. Many mentions of Peru. At 1007, Music presented. Signal was better that usual, but still poor. Checking back at 1035, signal had improved to a fair level. Ofcourse, it was necessary to notch out any interference.(Bolland, April 29, 2007)

6019.50 Radio Victoria, 1008-1015 And the usual format in the morning with a man in steady Spanish comments. If the signal was isolated on a clear frequency, it might be easier to copy, but since everyone is bunched up on 6020, Radio Victoria is being squeezed by a boomer and is at poor level. By 1036 even with more of a jam up on 6020, Radio Victoria had improved to a good level. (Chuck Bolland, April 29, 2007)

4990, Radio Apintie, 0949-1000 Initially music was being broadcast. At 0950, a female talks in Dutch for about 5 minutes then back to music. Signal varied between poor and fair. (Chuck Bolland, April 29, 2007)

12035, SW Radio Africa, *1700-1720+, April 28, Sign on with opening music & opening English announcements. IDs. "Callback" interview program at 1703. Good. // 11810-very weak. 11775 blocked by Gene Scott on frequency. (Alexander, PA)

IBB A07 frequency updates

Some freq changes of IBB eff April 17:

Voice of America
1200-1300 NF 11860 TIN 250kW 272deg,x11680 En to FE/SoAs/OCE
2200-2230 NF 15340 TIN 250kW 279deg,x13725 Khmer to SoEaAS
2230-2300 NF 11705 TIN 250kW 317deg,x13755 En Special to FE/EaAS
2230-2330 NF 15340 TIN 250kW 279deg,x13725 Vietnamese to SoEaAS
2330-2400 NF 15340 TIN 250kW 279deg,x13725 En Special to SoEaAS

Radio Free Asia
0300-0700 NF 21550 TIN 250kW 303deg,x13670 Mandarin Chinese
1200-1400 NF 11605 TIN 250kW 309deg,x13625 Tibetan
1500-1600 NF 11540 TIN 250kW 295deg,x13725 Mandarin Chinese
1600-1800 NF 11540 TIN 250kW 295deg,x13715 Mandarin Chinese
2200-2300 NF 11715 TIN 250kW 288deg,x13865 Cantonese
2300-2400 NF 11785 TIN 250kW 313deg,x13670 Mandarin Chinese
2300-2400 NF 15485 SAI 100kW 310deg,x13775 Mandarin Chinese
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX Apr 24)

Uganda: Buturo to open new radio station

New Vision (Kampala)
April 27, 2007
Posted to the web April 27, 2007

After we reported last week that the Government's chief whip and Bujenje County MP Kabakumba Labwoni Matsiko was opening a radio station, Voice of Bunyoro, in Masindi, other political bigwigs are following suit.
We have leaned that Dr. Nsaba Buturo, the Ethics and Integrity Minister, who is also the MP for Bufumbira East, in Kisoro District, is opening up a station in his constituency. Sources say Butoro is already preparing to put up sign posts.
We hear he is planning to employ a female journalism graduate from Makerere who did her internship at Sanyu FM. She is currently learning more about up country programming at Voice of Kigezi. Hon. Hope Mwesigye, the local government state minister and woman representative for Kabale District, is also rumoured to be opening her own station in Kabale soon.
(Source: Zacharias Liangas, Greece via Cumbre DX)

Radio Prague - A07 German & Russian schedule

RUSSIA/TAJIKISTAN Summer A-07 for Radio Prague via TRW:
1630-1657 11825 ARM 250 kW 290 deg to WeEu German
1800-1827 5840 DB 200 kW 317 deg to EaEu Russian
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX Apr 24)

Radio Taiwan adjust frequency May 1

Beginning May 1, Radio Taiwan will adjust their broadcast to Australia, New Zealand and the
Philippineson 9610 kHz from 0800-0900 UTC, will be changed to 11715 kHz. The frequency can be heard from 1100-1200 UTC.
(Source: RTI. Salahuddin Dolar, Chaumahani,Motihar Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Friday, April 27, 2007

A closer look at May Monitoring Times 2007

May is almost here, and time for a preview for the worldwide blog readers, what I will covering on the shortwave scene in the May issue of Monitoring Times.

The May column of QSL Report features a reminder of amateur radio's popular Logbook of the World. It remains the largest repository of amateur radio log records, and the numbers are climbing. You too can be a part of this alternative to QSLing via amateur radio from ARRL.

May's QSL's represent contributors verifying stations from five amateur radio stations, Austria, FM and four medium wave stations. Hungary, Iceland, Japan, followed by that elusive QSL catch Voice of Korea in Pyongyang, North Korea. VOK is not verified often and the results may surprise you. Radio Romania, a special St. Helena Day verification via Danish SW Club, one utility QSL and Venezuela's Radio Amazonia.

Radio Cultural Coatan in Guatemala kicks off the May Broadcast Logs at 0215 UTC, followed by an impressive list of numerous world stations from 27 countrys.

MT's center Shortwave Guide includes the latest A07 English frequencies to keep you band scanning for hours. Thanks to our readers for their kind comments on MT's Shortwave Guide being the best source for current 24-hour frequency schedules. .

May is almost here, so don't miss out on another great issue! To learn more about MT please visit
Gayle Van Horn

Ipods potential problem in schools

HD Radio has so far failed to win over U.S. carmakers. GM and Daimler Chrysler project that it would cost them $600 Million annually to install plus schools across the country are targeting digital media players as a potential cheating device.
Devices including iPods and Zunes can be hidden under clothing, with just an earbud and a wire snaking behind an ear and into a shirt collar to give them away.

To learn moreabout schools banning ipods to stop cheating go to the Houston
Chronicle at:

Special edition of Australian DX Report April 29

I am pleased to advise that a special edition of the AUSTRALIAN DX REPORT, compiled by the Electronic DX Press, is to be broadcast on SUNDAY APRIL 29 within the DX/communications program "RADIO RWE".

Radio RWE is produced from Eisenach, Germany, four times a year, using the leased transmitter at Ulbroka, Latvia.

9290 kHz
100 kW
1400-1500 UTC
Sunday April 29, 2007

The broadcast will also be available as a live Internet stream at the Radio RWE Website:

Radio RWE will be devoted to shortwave vintage transmissions, jamming and current DX news, as well as literature and arts.

Special fully-detailed Radio EDXP QSLs are offered for correct reception reports of the shortwave release of the Australian DX Report over Radio RWE. Reports must include sufficient details for validation purposes, and indicate the date (UTC), time (UTC), frequency, quality of reception, and interference effects.

Reports for the Australian DX Report segment should be sent to:
Radio EDXP, 404 Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert, Victoria 3127, Australia

Return postage is mandatory for postal-mailed QSLs - A$2 in mint Australian stamps (for Australian addresses), one IRC or US$1 elsewhere, and QSLs will indicate the actual transmitter location and the name of the host broadcaster.

Internet-delivered E-QSLs are also offered, for Radio EDXP programs heard on shortwave. An on-line Reception Report Template, is available at the EDXP Website.

Return postage is not necessary for E-QSLs.
You may choose an animated E-QSL, one with an audio file of Australian music, or a plain one. You "pick up" your E-QSL at a special Website after you have received an E-mail notification from EDXP.

Reception reports for the shortwave relay are very welcome by Radio EWE, and should be sent, with return postage, to:
SRS Deutschland
Radio RWE
Postfach 101145
99801 Eisenach

Audio reports in MP3 format, for the shortwave broadcasts, are also invited by Radio EWE, with electronic QSLs offered, and should be sent to:

Good listening to the Australian DX Report and Radio Ewe!
Regards from Melbourne, Australia
Bob Padula

Blog Logs

Thanks very much to John Wilkins and Ron Howard, for sending in today's Blog Logs. Hope your weekend DX is prime.
Gayle VH

AUSTRALIA - 2485 VL8K Katherine 1213-1233 Apr 27. Sports roundup
w/details of games. Fair and // 2310 (poor) and 2325 (fair/poor).

CLANDESTINE (No. Korea) - Shiokaze/Sea Breeze *1300-1330 Apr 27. Cancel
my previous comment about Shiokaze no longer using "Sea Breeze" in their
ID's. Noted today (Friday) in EG with details on selected abductees, such
as place and date of abduction (all in the early 1970's in this program),
physical description, what they were doing when adbucted, etc.;
occasional ID's as "Shiokaze Sea Breeze from Tokyo, Japan". Today's
program was presented by a female ancr, whereas as Monday's EG program,
the standard chronological list, was by a male ancr and the only ID's
were "Shiokaze Two". As usual, went right into Korean pgm at 1330.

CLANDESTINE (No. Korea). 9485, Shiokaze - Sea Breeze via Taiwan,
1300-1330, April 27 (Fri.), in English. Again noted with change to
their usual format. YL with sign-on announcements ("This is Shiokaze,
Sea Breeze, from Tokyo, Japan. This program is broadcast twice a day
for a half hour"), YL with details about abductees (name, date of
birth, date of abduction, location of abduction, if employed,
unemployed or student, height [cm & ft] & weight, if they used eye
glasses, had scars, etc.). Unusual not to hear the background piano
music, which was not heard till the 1326 UTC sign-off announcements.
Certainly a more varied program than their usual stark list of names.
IDs during the program: "This is Shiokaze, Sea Breeze, from Tokyo,
Japan". Mostly fair. A few seconds after Shiokaze ended, Radio Free
Chosun (presumed) immediately started with orchestra music. Shiokaze
really is going through a change of format. On April 22 (Sun.), I
noted for the first time they used a YL for the sign-on and sign-off
announcements and she used just the "Shiokaze Sea Breeze" ID. On April
23 John Wilkins noted a man announcer with "Shiokaze Two" IDs. In the
past Shiokaze Two was presented exclusively by a man announcer and he
used "Shiokaze Two" IDs, but now when the YL is heard, it seems to
only be "Shiokaze Sea Breeze". Will have to see how consistent this
is. (Ron Howard-CA)

NORTH KOREA - 3480.94 KCBS Wonsan 1212-1225 Apr 25. Man declaiming; into
usual choral music at 1216. // 2850, 3320, 4450, and 4557; all freqs
fair. (Wilkins-CO)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 3275.02 R. Southern Highlands(p) 1219-1245+ Apr 27.
Island and other vocals, M ancr in Pidgin (I think); fair and fading;
still there, weakly, at 1245. (Wilkins-CO)

European relays slated for this weekend

Relays for Latvia Today, Radio Cacablanca and RWE are planned on the following schedules, to broadcast on 9290 kHz.

April 28th
Latvia Today
10.00 - 11.00UTC
Interview with Robert Maloni, Italian who lives in Latvia with
group Bonoparti.

Radio Casablanca 11.00 - 12.00UTC

April 29th
RWE 14.00 - 15.00UTC
Latvia Today 15.00 - 16.00UTC

(Source: Tom Taylor)

Radio Netherlands program preview April 28 - May 4

Welcome to our weekly guide to Radio Netherlands' English Service - a list of the new programmes coming up on Radio Netherlands this week, beginning on Saturday.


*** Weekend Connection ***

Every Saturday, the Newsline team brings you Weekend Connection, with thought-provoking reports on the issues making headlines in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond.

It's a lively mix of local colour and "the big picture". One week you might hear how Dutch farmers are doing their part to combat bird flu, the next week it's about the worldwide attempt to punish crimes against humanity. Big or small, Weekend Connection covers it all!

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** Vox Humana ***

"God Indifferent"

According to a census in 2006, more than a third of all New Zealanders claim to have no religion. But few would agree to being called an atheist. For many, the term doesn't accurately reflect their particular version of disbelief. They prefer the term "God indifferent".

Justin Gregory explores the variety of atheism, emerging trends of fundamentalism and the possibility of new forms of belief.

The programme is the last in the Global Perspective 2007 series focusing on the theme Belief.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1127 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0427 (Western N America)
Repeated: Sun 1400 (South Asia), Sun 1900 (N America, Africa)


*** Amsterdam Forum ***

"Israel is not a country. It's a fiery collection of arguments". This is how the guest on this week's Amsterdam Forum characterises his homeland.

Amos Oz is regarded as Israel's most celebrated writer and polemicist, for whom the politics of Israel have been a life's work. He describes a noisy country full of neurotic and anxious citizens all believing they're prime ministers, prophets or messiahs, each with their own answers and solutions for the Middle East. The thing is, no one agrees with each other.

In a wide-ranging interview Amos Oz talks about his country's soul, it's dream and it's paranoia.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1500 (South Asia), 1800 & 2000 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** Echoes ***

Our new listener feedback programme. Mindy Ran responds to your comments, queries and complaints about our programmes. And featuring every week A Critical Eye - commentary from Perro de Jong.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1500 (South Asia), 1800 & 2000 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** The Research File ***

Another chance to hear a few of the truly remarkable people who have graced the Research File in recent years.

Nobel prize-winner and science educator Professor Leon Lederman explains why symmetry is something everyone should know about.

Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys recalls how the discovery of DNA fingerprinting changed his life - and the lives of many people.

And we get an update on the family, who featured in past reports on foetal alcohol syndrome.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1127 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0427 (Western N America)
Repeated: Thurs 1500 (South Asia), Thurs 1900 (Africa)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** EuroQuest ***

"Best of the Quest"

This week's best of the quest EuroQuest is about parenthood:

We meet the German women forced to choose between motherhood and career. We hear about a study which reveals that Italian men are Europe's worst fathers. Plus we look at a scheme to recycle Dutch diapers. And we go to the movies with the kiddies during the Cinemama.

Your host, as always is Jonathan Groubert.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1127 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0427 (Western N America)
Repeated: Mon 1500 (South Asia), Mon 1900 (Africa)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** The Weekly Documentary ***

"Westerbork's List"

In 1945 the Dutch transit camp of Westerbork was liberated from the Nazis. More than 100-thousand Jews had been through it. Only 5 thousand survived.

In this week's documentary Westerbork's List three survivors tell their story.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1127 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0427 (Western N America)
Repeated: Fri 1500 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1900 (Africa), Sun 14:30 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), Sun 1930 (Africa, N America)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** Flatlanders ***

In this week's Flatlanders you'll hear the moving story of Eva Schloss, who as a 15 year-old girl was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camps, but survived the ordeal.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1127 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0427 (Western N America)
Repeated: Wed 1500 (South Asia), Wed 1900 (Africa)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** Network Europe ***

A Pan European team links up across the continent each week to provide a fresh perspective on events and life in Europe.

The programme is a unique example of European co-operation, produced by the continent's leading international broadcasters, it reflects the diversity of European society and voices. Each week we drop in on specialists around Europe and catch up with our extensive network of correspondents for their unique take on the events shaping the week.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1127 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0427 (Western N America)
Repeated: Tues 1500 (South Asia), Tues 1900 (Africa)

(R Netherlands)

All India Radio to air Radio World - week 68

Dear Dxers.

All India Radio Chennai's 68th week of Vanoli Ulagam (Radio World) program will broadcast on 29th April 2007 (Sunday). The content of the program includes:

In the First, segment listener's letters from around the world.

In the Second segment, Radio History contains Radio History in Egypt with their Signature Tunes.

In the Third segment, Radio Today contains, Radio Algria QSL details, Bangladesh Betal QSL details, HD Radio details and more

Fourth segment with the DX Logging in English.

The Fifth segment for DX Book Review: In this week edition, we review the 'Public Service Broadcasting'

In the Sixth segment, part of Net for Dxing we give the detail review of

Those who are want to get the special limited edition World Smallest QSL card No:4 (6x3.5CM), 50th week commemorative sticker, 2007 calendar, book mark and New 50th week Pennant, send your Reception Report with 1 New IRC to the following address.
Indian listener must send Rs.10/- mint stamps for
return QSL. Do not send the US currency

N.C. Gnanaprakasam
Program Executive
Vanoli Ulagam
Thiraikadal Adaivaram Thamiizh Naatham
All India Radio
Kamarajar Salai
Chennai 600004
Tamilnadu, India

The schedule of the Tamil DX Program 'Vaanoli Ulagam'
(Radio World) is as follows:
Sundays between 1115-1215 UTC (for about 15 minutes)
To Sri Lanka :
1053 kHz Tuticorin (200 kw)
15050 Khampur, Delhi (250 kw)
17860 New Delhi (100 kw)
7270 Chennai (Avadi) (100 Kw)
To SE Asia:
13695 Bangalore (500 kw)
15770 Aligarh (250 kw)
17810 Panaji (250 kw)

(Source: Jaisakthivel, Producer and Presenter, Chennai/Cumbre DX)

Broadcast in English - A07 edition

The Summer 2007 edition of Broadcasts in English is now available from the British DX Club. It was compiled by Dave Kenny and includes details of all known international broadcasts in English on shortwave and mediumwave for the A07 schedule period, as well as selected domestic English-language broadcasts on short wave. As usual, the 32-page booklet is in time order and covers all target areas. Transmitter sites are included wherever possible, plus schedules of DX programmes, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and World Radio Network services in English to Europe.

Copies are available at the following prices (includes postage):
United Kingdom - 2.50 pounds sterling
Europe - 5 Euros or 6 IRCs
Rest of World - 7 US dollars or 7 IRCs

Sterling payments by cheque/postal order to "British DX Club" or via Paypal.
Dollar or Euro payments by cash or Paypal.

Orders to: British DX Club, 10 Hemdean Hill, Caversham, Reading RG4 7SB, UK

Radio Veritas frequency update

Please be informed that Radio Veritas Asia will be implementing a frequency change effective Sunday, 29 April 2007.
Following are the changes:
Sinhala from 11710 to 12005 0000-0027 UTCHindi from 11710 to 12005 0030-0057 UTCBengali from 11965 to 9895 0030-0057 UTC
Thanks (Source: Ashik Eqbal Tokon, Rajshahi, Bangladesh via HCDX)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Internet radio continues to show significant growth

From Bridge Rattings - Internet radio continues to show the most significant growth of monthly users of those media we cover in this analysis.At the conclusion of 2006, we estimate that 24% of the U.S. population or 72 million Americans listened to on-line radio in the previous 30 days. Response to satellite radio continues at a tepid pace and isc ooling with each month's analysis. Industry forecast have satellite radio subscriptions reaching 19 million this year. To read more on internet radio, go

Canada bets the future may not be in radio

One of Canada's biggest broadcasters is placing a bet that the future ofradio isn't necessarily in radio. Rogers Communications Inc., may learnin the next monthif it will get permission to begin a pay audio service aimed at listerners outside of conventional radio , which could eventually be used tostream music to cellphones and internet receivers in cars.To read more onthis concept, check out: / Report on Business link
(Source: RDN)

HD Radio Rebate Program likely to be a HIT

A new HD Radio Rebate Program in celebration of Mom's, Dad's and the upcoming graduation season, was announced today. The rebate program will effectively reduce HD Radio receivers prices by $ 40.00. The program applies to most HD Radio receivers, including the tabletops to car connect adapters. The discounts run from April 29 - July 3, 2007. To learn more, visit
(Source: RD News)

Argentine monitoring on shortwave

The followings logs, represent Argentine stations monitored recently. Thanks to World Wide DX Club and DSWCI.
Gayle VH

ARGENTINA 15820 U+LSB LTA, Buenos Aires, 2120-2227, 02 Apr, telephone link heard on both L&USB thus causing QRM (!) over the R. Continental FM relay on LSB, music, agriculture bulletin; 25433, but barely audible by 2220. (Goncalves, POR)

6059.95 RAE, Buenos Aires (tentative) 2110 , Apr 15 live football (soccer) // 15344.65 so it seems back. Kuhl in DXplorer)

6060 R. Nacional, General Pacheco, 2236-2252, 01 Apr, f/ball match rpt., advertisements; 54433; \\ 15344.91. (Concalves, POR)

6214.3 R. Baluarte, Pto Iguazu, 2145-2207, 31 Mar, Portuguese, talks, some music, then Spanish at 2200; 33341, QRM de USB traffic. (all Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Apr 3/4)

15345 RAE, Gen. Pacheco, 2252-2302 French Apr 13, DX programin Spanish listingg many frequenciesand with info about a Paraguay station, begins and ends with morse code. Station ID "RAE, Buenos Aires", including schedule for Spanish and Italian service . Signal fair-poor. (Howard, CA)

15820 U+LSB, LTA Buenos Aires , 2120-2227. Telephone link heard on both LSB and USB causing interference over the Radio Continental FM relay on LSB. Music and agriculture bulletin with SINPO 25433, barely by 2220. (Goncalves, POR)

ARGENTINA [sorry, not URUGUAY] At this moment is on the air on 6188.96 kHz play Music from Uruguay and relayed AM 1640 UT La Voz de Arturo Zein give the following address 2244 UTC. (Mar 27)

Also hrd right now, in Montevideo, Uruguay, at 1221 UT on Mar 28. Argentina folk mx. QRK 3/4. (Horacio Nigro-URG, wwdxc BC-DX Mar 27-28/31)
(Source: WWDXC Top News-BC-DX #802/DX Window # 322)

Zimbabwe likely cannot afford new international radio station

If you wondered how Zimbabwe, whose economy is in a desperate state, can afford to set up a new international radio station, the answer is simple - it cannot. But President Robert Mugabe has found a donor who can - Iran. Reports vary on the exact cost of the project - the BBC reports US$39.6 million and ABC Australia $48 million, rather than the $35 million reported by the Herald yesterday. But inflation is so high in Zimbabwe that it is very difficult to perform an accurate conversion - the figure in local currency is quoted by the BBC as Z$8.9bn. Iran is understood to have assisted in refurbishing the studio facilities in Harare that will be used by the station, and is now said to have agreed to do the same in Zimbabwe's second city, Bulawayo.

The Herald quotes the Iranian ambassador, Rasoul Momeni, as saying "We are going to strengthen our relationship, especially in technically upgrading radio and television stations." The transmitters near Gweru are widely reported to have been donated by the Chinese government, so apparently Zimbabwe is able to count on both countries for technical assistance. No frequency details have yet been published, and the website of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has been unavailable for some time. We would expect test transmissions to commence at least a few days prior to Apr 18, the date by which the station will be operational.
(via Liangas-GRC, DSWCI DXW Apr 10/via A-DX Apr 14/BC-DX #804)

Blog Logs

Special thanks to regular contributors, Brian Alexander, Chuck Bolland and Ron Howard for sending in their recent shortwave loggings. Ok blog readers...have you sent in yours yet ?
Gayle VH

7355, KNLS, 0909-0920+ Noted a male in Religious discourse in Russian. At 0917, notice a slight improvement of the signal quality. I checked the grayline position and saw that it was just approaching north of Alaska. At 0921, music with English lyrics Signal began to degrade by 0927 as the band seemed to change. (Chuck Bolland, April 21, 2007)

4409.81, Radio Eco, Reyes, 0140-0155+, April 20, Spanish ballads to Bolivian music. Spanish announcements. Weak. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6009.92, Radio Sweden via Sackville, 0245, April 22, English programming. Noted still slightly off frequency. First noticed on March 31 on 6009.96. Has since slipped down a little further. Very good signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9200, Firedrake, 1135 on April 20, noted that the music jamming has returned here after being off for several weeks, // 10300, both good (Ron Howard-CA)

CROATIA (via Germany)
9925, Croatian Radio-Voice of Croatia, 0200-0215, April 20, English broadcast with IDs & "Croatia Today" news program. Light music at 0215. Good. Listed // 6165 not heard due to a strong Radio Nederland-Bonaire on 6165. (Brian Alexander, PA)

5009.79, Radio Pueblo, Santo Domingo, 2350-0001*, April 20-21, Presumed with Spanish talk. Could not catch an ID. Poor, weak in noise. Radio Pueblo heard here on this exact frequency back in March with a 0001 sign off. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6185, Voice of Tigray Revolution, 0357-0405+, April 20, Tune-in to their distinctive interval signal. Vernacular talk at 0400. Horn of Africa music at 0403. Weak under Vatican Radio. // 5970-only audible until 0359 when wiped out by Radio Nederland-Bonaire 5975 signing on. (Brian Alexander, PA)

4777, Radio Gabon, *0500-0515+, April 20, Sign on with short 40 second National Anthem followed by "Radio Gabon" ID & French talk. IDs. Afro-pop music. (Brian Alexander, PA)

9525, Voice of Indonesia, 0828-0859, April 21, English segment, many ID as "From Jakarta, this is the Voice of Indonesia", "musical presentation" pop songs and ballads, "Week in Review" (outbreak of anthrax, Indonesian student killed at Virginia Tech shooting, etc.), more songs, "News in Brief", fair-good (Ron Howard-CA)

LIBYA (via France?)
17870, Voice of Africa, 1402-1558*, April 20, Opening English announcements & talk about African Union. Afro-pop music. Open carrier & no audio between approximately 1410-1435. Must use ECSS-LSB to avoid the DRM mess on high side. Fair reception otherwise. // 21695 Same on the air around 1415-1420 with a very weak signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

6050, Asyik FM (RTM), 1111-1127, April 20, two men in conversation, in vernacular, 1120 Moslem call to prayers (Maghrib – sunset prayer, their fourth prayer of the day), Kuala Lumpur sunset at 1118, "Asyik FM" singing jingle, fair/moderate het (Ron Howard-CA)

7320, GTRK Magadan,(pres) 0931-1000+ Initially noted a male in Russian with program comments until about 0935 when choral/opera music presented. GTRK Magadan listed here, but not during this time period. At about 0957 heard an ID as, "Magadan ....vich" Second word ended with a vich sound. (Chuck Bolland, April 21, 2007)

9765, Radiostantsiya Tikhiy Okean, 0850-0900 Noted a female in Russian with program comments at tune in. Closer to the hour, a male's comments. Quick ID on the hour and off with time ticks. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, April 21, 2007)

KBS World Radio, 0948-1000 Noted a comments by male and female persons in Japanese Language. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, April 21, 2007)

9265.04, WMLK-Bethel, Pennsylvania, 1950-2000*, April 20, English religious talk about the teachings of Yahweh. Closing announcements at 1957 giving ID, (wrong) schedule, (wrong) frequency, & address. Frequency announced as 9465. I think they last used 9465 back in 2004. Reception was weak but readable. Monday-Friday only. Irregular. (Brian Alexander, PA)

3396, Radio Zimbabwe, 0115-0225+, April 21, hi-life music, song by Josh Grobin, talk in vernacular & some English. Poor to fair. Not on this frequency April 20 but I had a tentative logging of them on 6045 on that date. (Brian Alexander, PA)

12035, SW Radio Africa, *1700-1740+, April 21, Good signal with English programming. Nothing heard on 11975. 11810 came on the air around 1733 but with low modulation. 11775 totally blocked by Gene Scott, Anguilla. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pirate logs from Free Radio Weekly

Time for a weekly sample of what the pirate fans from Free Radio Weekly are hearing on shortwave. There are a few new stations this week as well as old favorites. Thanks to all the FRN crowd.
Gayle VH

Bull Ring Radio - 6925Ut *0221-0329* 4/15/07 SIO=242. I'm pretty sure that the ID on this one is Bull Ring R., but I list it as slightly tentative, as I did w/their bcst from the previous day. This one was a very lengthy relay of an old NPR "Car Talk" prgm w/Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, and numerous nonsensical callers and also nonsensical answers to their questions about cars and the karma involved in cars. ID repeated four times at the end of the Car Talk relay. Hrd no addr announced. (Zeller-OH)

Channel Z
6925 am 04/14/07 00:10-01:15 S9 signed on with Channel Z . WNKR Relay, a hung over Andy Walker playing the great banana hoax, Toast, Sugar Me, Let it all hang out, Free Electric Band (RD)
6925 am 04/15/07 13:50- S7 signed on with Channel Z. WNKR relay from with Andy Walker.. (RD)

Liquid Radio
6945 am 4/19/07 00:50- SIO 322 static fades and a persistent Utility station made for a hard copy but could hear John Cutler and dance music with a Liquid Radio ID at 00:53 (RD)

Maple Leaf Radio
6925/U, 0012-0015:45*, 18-Apr; Sub-Continental & comedy tunes; IS as the External Service of Maple Leaf Radio; QSL via SIO=2+33-, clatter QRM (Frodge-MI)

Radio Ice Cream
6925U 0127-0137 4/15/07 SIO=242/242-. IS of barking dogs and giggling children, into a prgm of rock mx w/OM ancr "Ice Cream Man." Started OK, but faded fairly quickly. (Zeller-OH)

Research Radio
6925 AM 2300-2320* 4/13/07 SIO=242. New station for me with mostly a program of rock mx. The beginning IS was odd, with several repeats of "requesting Research Radio." by the OM. Several ID's during the 20 minute prgm with a similar format. Heard no address. (Zeller-OH)

Tuna Radio
6925 usb 4/16/07 22:50 SIO 222 "This is Tuna radio testing, I am far away from you. I can count to ten." Counting to 10 song. (RD)

6925a 4/14/7 00:37 SIO 121 just barely audible, music ,commentary in an English accent (Al Fansome)

Wolverine Radio
6925.10u 4/13/7 1:35 SIO 222 many robot ids, sounded like maybe a comedy skit, "The Real American Dream", Bud Light narrative, frequency seems to be drifting downward (Al Fansome)

6925 usb 4/20/07 22:48- SIO 333 in MT63 420 rst, History of pirate radio. (RD)
(Source: Free Radio Weeky # 584 via Edward Kusalik)

Tonga considers 24-hour radio for tsunami warning

The Tsunami Working Group of the Tonga National Emergency Management Office is calling on Radio Tonga to operate 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. The committee met yesterday in Nuku’alofa to discuss the draft of Tonga’s response procedures and it was pointed out that there are gaps in the warning system.
The committee agreed that the easiest gap to be filled is for the national broadcaster to be on the air 24-hours to give out the early warning. It was also understood that Radio Tonga One is the only radio that covers the whole of Tonga.
The installation of sirens as a warning system is very costly and the easiest and the most viable is to use Radio Tonga. The committee will be recommending the National Office to seek funds to cover these areas.
(Source: Tonga Broadcasting Commission/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Voice of Tibet Foundation launches campaign to protest Chinese jamming

The Voice of Tibet Foundation has launched a campaign to protest Chinese radio “jamming” of its broadcasts. It says The Peoples Republic of China has systematically “jammed” Voice of Tibet’s and other “foreign” shortwave radio services for more than 10 years now, and is calling for action and support internationally to protest and demand an immediate stop to the jamming.

VOT started broadcasting on shortwave towards India, Nepal, Tibet and China on 14 May 1996, renting airtime from FEBA Radio’s transmitter site at the Seychelles. After a few weeks VOT’s transmissions became the target of hostile jamming from Chinese stations transmitting distorted noise and music on VOT’s internationally registered frequencies. In the autumn of 1996 the PRC authorities forced FEBA Radio to cancel the contract with VOT, by threatening to “jam” all FEBA Radio’s other transmissions as well. Due to this threat FEBA stopped transmitting VOT’s programs in 1996.

From 2000 onwards the Chinese jamming towards VOT’s transmissions was further intensified, as has been the case for most other stations providing programming towards China in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tibetan, Uyghur and other minority language services.

These days each and every VOT transmission is targeted by at least two simultaneous jamming transmissions from the PRC authorities, using “state-of-the-art” facilities outside cities like Beijing, Xian, Nanjing and Linhe. But the illegal Chinese censorship does not stop there. In more than 40 Tibetan cities and townships “groundwave” jamming transmissions are targeting VOT’s internationally registered frequencies. The reach of these local jamming transmissions varies from 10 to 30 km in radius (from the antenna, which is often located at a high point overseeing the valley or city) and is very effective within this limited reach.

In Tibet the authorities define listening to “foreign” broadcasts such as VOT’s as “splittist” acts. Those caught listening or showing others how to tune to them are prosecuted or sent to “reform-through-labour” camps.

The Chinese jamming transmissions not only affects and denies citizens within the borders of China access to VOT’s transmissions, it also affects and denies access for listeners in countries like Nepal, India, Taiwan and most parts of Europe as well.

The Voice of Tibet Foundation is calling for action and support from Governments, politicians and NGO’s worldwide in addressing the issue of jamming towards representatives of the Peoples Republic of China, demanding an immediate stop to their hostile “jamming” transmissions. It is requesting that these violations of basic rights of millions of people in Tibet and China should be part of any dialogue with PRC representatives.

The Voice of Tibet Foundation says it will be happy to provide further information and documentation on the above mentioned issues. A brief video presentation of VOT can be seen on YouTube or at
(Source: Voice of Tibet Foundation/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

International broadcasters say radio programs galvanize North Korean citizens

Outside radio programs to North Korea are bringing hope to citizens of the totalitarian state and even inspiring defectors, international broadcasters said yesterday. American-sponsored broadcasts by the Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Asia (RFA), as well as independent programmes from refugees, are reaching North Koreans - despite the strong objections of dictator Kim Jong-il, whose communist government tries to jam the “reptile broadcasters.”
“Most in the United States don’t have a grasp of the extent to which countries will go to prevent freedom of the press,” said Blanquita Cullum, a member Broadcasting Board of Governors, at a panel sponsored by Freedom House.
Read the full story in the Washington Times
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Malaysia radio & TV stations plan National News Agency by 2012

The Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) will move into broadcasting when it has its own radio and television stations by 2012 besides continuing its traditional role to channel news to the print and electronic media as well as non-media clients. Deputy Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the Ministry had accepted Bernama’s request to operate its own news television station. “When television stations go fully digital in 2012, I think Bernama has a bright prospect to have its own television station,” he told reporters at a parliamentary lobby today.

To begin with, Bernama has been given one of RTM’s radio frequencies to operate “News Radio” expected to be operational in August, he said.

Asked whether Bernama can attain the standard of international news television stations in the likes of CNN, the BBC and Al Jazeera, Zahid said he was confident Bernama can pass muster as the news agency was run by professional journalists. “They are not only operating at national level but also have overseas exposures. Hence, when the engineering and studio infrastructures are in place, I think Bernama can compete or at least be on par with BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera,” he said.
(Source: Bernama/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Namibia Broadcasting Corporation debt reaches record high

THE Namibia Broadcasting Corporation has accumulated debts of N$242 million, of which N$35.2 million is operational debt. Presenting the budget for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in Parliament yesterday, Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah said cost-cutting measures such as closing down some regional offices and reducing broadcasting hours did not help much to bring costs down.

Although the national broadcaster has seven television crews positioned in the country, only 15 cameras are available - nine for news and six for programmes.

The NBC will only receive N$62.6 million from State coffers this financial year, which is N$200 000 less than last year. It raised N$22 million through television licence fees in 2006.

This year’s budget allocation will not enable the NBC to realise goals such as giving staff their first salary increase in three years. “Due to its precarious financial position, the NBC may not be able to screen update programmes, movies, comedies and soapies,” Nandi-Ndaitwah warned. “The NBC will soon be forced to rely on archive material, which is no longer subject to copyright.”

The corporation might also have to do away with live television coverage of events such as the Budget speech of the Finance Minister, which cost N$51,889 last month. “Unless some measures are taken to relieve the NBC of its debt like increasing the Government subsidy to enable debt servicing or Government taking over to ring-fence the debt, we should not expect the NBC to effectively fulfil its national mandate,” the Minister warned.
(Source: The Namibian/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

International Marconi Day set for April 28

International Marconi Day will take place on Saturday 28 April this year. Although the event is not a contest, participants can qualify for award certificates by contacting special stations. These stations must operate on or close to a site where Guglielmo Marconi carried out experiments or where Marconi equipment was used prior to his death in 1937.

If you would like to operate one of these special award stations, it is essential that you register the station by emailing prior to the event with full details of the station. Further information can be found on the web at [Tnx RSGB News] (I.C.P.O. Bulletin January 11 - 19, 2007).
(Source: Ham Radio Corner via David Ross, ODXA )

New station Radio RWE set for Latvia relay

LATVIA Radio RWE, via Ulbroka 9290 kHz, April 29.
Please let me draw your attention to a new initiative called Radio RWE We rented time of Ulbroka transmitter and plan to air our first show in English. Radio RWE show will be relayed on shortwave via Ulbroka, Latvia transmitter (100 kW) on Sunday, April 29, 2007 from 1400 until 1500 UT on 9290 kHz. Parallely, you can listen the show then on the Internet at the
following address:

The show will be devoted mainly to shortwave vintage transmissions, jamming and current DX news, as well as some literature subjects. We hope to broadcast on regular basis, no less than once a quarter, with similar kind of programming.

Reception reports for shortwave relay are very welcome ! Please send them (including return postage) to the following address:
SRS Deutschland
Radio RWE
Postfach 10 1145
99801 Eisenach, Germany

We highly appreciate your mp3 files with recordings of our shortwave relay! Please send them to the following e-mail address: (or)

We can confirm your e-mail reception reports - with mp3 recording included - with our electronic QSL cards (if you prefer to receive snail mail "traditional" QSL card, please send return postage and your reception report to the address above).
Kind regards, Radio RWE Team
(via A-DX Apr 14/BC-DX #804)

Blog Logs - Medim Wave

Thanks to the MARE gang, for sending in their recent newsletter. This morning's first post takes a look at what they're hearing on medium wave. This morning logs begin with WGST from Atlanta, Georgia. A great station and Voice of the Atlanta Braves baseball. This ones where I first heard Sean Hannity before he hit the big time. Way to go Sean.
Gayle VH

640 WGST GA Atlanta; ID weather 4/13 0145 (DT)
650 WSM Nashville TN; 0500, 4/14. Long string of music by Dolly &
Porter. Nuff said. VG (Wood, TN)
690 WNZK MI Dearborn Heights; Polish? 4/16 1141 (DT
770 KUOM MN Minneapolis; ID, U of MN student radio station, Radio K,
radiothon to raise $ for operations, alternative rock music
(from group in Australia) 4/12 1130 (DT)
790 WSGW MI Saginaw; ID Station for Tigers Baseball, Tigers vs Royals
4/18 0140 (DT)
800 WDUX WI Waupaca; ID 4/14 0038 (DT)
810 WHB MO Kansas City; ID Royals Baseball Network Royals vs Cardi-
nals 4/14 0058 (DT)
1200 WCHB Taylor MI; 2232-2303+, 12-Apr; News-Talk 1200 WCHB, the
People's Station; referred to the Detroit riots as, The
Detroit Rebellion. Solid except for a few brief QSBs.
1200 WOAI San Antonio TX; 0204, 13-Apr; Just caught a call ID spot
after weather, u/WCHB. Prior to 0100, a rlgs music station
was the predominant WCHB QRM. (Frodge-MI)
1280 KBNO CO Denver (p); Spanish with Mex music 4/12 1040 (DT)
1420 WHBN KY Harrodsburg; ID 4/15 0150 (DT)
1200 WOAI San Antonio TX; 0204, 13-Apr; Just caught a call ID spot
after weather, u/WCHB. Prior to 0100, a rlgs music station
was the predominant WCHB QRM. (Frodge-MI)
1280 KBNO CO Denver (p); Spanish with Mex music 4/12 1040 (DT)
1420 WHBN KY Harrodsburg; ID 4/15 0150 (DT)
1710 Radio Mosiach & Redemption, Brooklyn NY; 0406-0419+, 13-Apr;
Rabbi Shaumberg talking about Jewish beliefs; several men-
tions of mosiach. Gave phone-in # as 201-298-WMCA. SIO=333,
best in USB; best hrd in ages. Music QRM, probably Boston.
(Source: MARE Tip Sheet # 446 via Harold Frodge)

Observations on Aussie DRM

Earlier in the week, Nigel Holmes at RA told me that 5995 kHz uses DRM 1200-1400 UT on 010 deg to PNG and 12080 is DRM 1100-1200 UT on 080 deg (into SW Pacific). Both from tx's at Brandon. Nominal power is 8 kW but did want to run as low as 2-3kW.
The relatively low power (and the beam headings) might explain the poor results. I can't get anything useful on 12080, and 5995 only produces occasional snatches of audio. The high bitrate (23.54kbps) no doubt doesn't help.
Nothing here on 1431 or 1701 either (central west of New South Wales). Can't even hear DRM hash on 1431; 1701 seems to register something in Dream periodically, but not enough for any on-screen information & definitely no audio yet.
(Source: Craig Seager, Bathurst via HCDX)

Amateur radio special events April 28-30

Apr 28, 1600Z-2300Z, Duncan, OK. Chisolm Trail ARC, WD5IYF. Chisolm Trail Stampede (Oklahoma Centennial). 50.160 28.355 21.320 14.310 7.255. Certificate. Robert Conway, 921 S Walnut, Duncan, OK 73533.

Apr 28-Apr 29, 0000Z-2200Z, Barksdale AFB, LA. Shreveport Amateur Radio Association, W5B/52. 50 years of service by the B-52. SSB 14.270 7.270 3.870 CW 14.050 7.050 3.550 SSTV 14.230 Digital 14.070. Certificate. W5B/52, PO Box 37632, Shreveport, LA 71133-7632. 75 years of aviation at Barksdale AFB, 50 years of service by the B-52 and 27 years Mighty Eighth Air Force has been headquartered at Barksdale AFB. Details at QRZ.

Apr 28-Apr 29, 1400Z-2200Z, Manitowoc, WI. USS Cobia Radio Club/ManCoRad Radio Club, N9BQV. WWII submarine USS Cobia AGSS-245 On The Air. 14.260 14.070 7.250 3.900. QSL. Fred Neuenfeldt, W6BSF, 4932 S 10th St, Manitowoc, WI 54220-9121.

Apr 28-Apr 29, 1500Z-0400Z, Oxford, MS. University of Mississippi Amateur Radio Club, W5UMS. Oxford Double Decker Festival. 28.450 21.350 14.250 7.250. Certifi cate. University of Mississippi Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 276, University, MS 38677.

Apr 28-Apr 30, 1700Z-0000Z, Aberdeen, WA. Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club, W7ZA. GHARC 52nd Birthday Special Event Station. 14.070 14.230 7.125 3.525. QSL. W7ZA, PO Box 2250, Aberdeen, WA 98520.
(Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin # 799/ODXA Listening In-Ham Radio Corner)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

3-D photos of sun help warn of flares

The first three-dimensional images of the Sun from a pair of spacecraft orbiting the planet were released yesterday, and can begin helping scientists predict when and how hard dangerous solar storms will hit, the US space agency NASA said. Such storms can disrupt satellites, communications and sometimes the electricity supply, and may endanger astronauts in Earth orbit as well as commercial airline flights.
The twin Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO, satellites can create more accurate, real-time views of these storms, called coronal mass ejections, project scientists said. ”The improvement with STEREO’s 3-D view is like going from a regular X-ray to a 3-D CAT scan in the medical field,” said Michael Kaiser, STEREO Project Scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
The STEREO spacecraft were launched in October and have now been maneuvered into their orbits, one slightly ahead of Earth and one slightly behind. ”Just as the slight offset between a person’s eyes provides depth perception, the separation of spacecraft allow 3-D images of the sun,” NASA said in a statement.
Solar storms are a conglomeration of charged gases and magnetic forces. When they hit the Earth’s magnetic barrier they cause the auroras, the dramatic Northern and Southern lights. But they can also disrupt satellites, radio communication, and power grids. The radiation they carry is a danger to astronauts.
The orbiting SOHO observatory is providing some information, but the two STEREO spacecraft will be able to triangulate with SOHO and give a much better view of these bursts as they bud off the sun’s surface, NASA said. ”In the solar atmosphere, there are no clues to help us judge distance. Everything appears flat in the 2-D plane of the sky. Having a stereo perspective just makes it so much easier,” said Russell Howard of the Naval Research Laboratory.
“Knowing where the front of the coronal mass ejection cloud is will improve estimates of the arrival time from within a day or so to just a few hours,” Howard added. ”STEREO also will help forecasters estimate how severe the resulting magnetic storm will be.”
More details are available on NASA’s website.
(Source: Reuters/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

South Korea considering 24-hour English radio network

Hong Suk-woo, South Korea’s Deputy Minister for Trade and Investment, said today that “the government is also considering a 24-hour English-language radio broadcast that can provide timely information to foreigners living in South Korea.” Hong said that China, Japan and Germany [sic] have such radio programs.
(Source: Yohnap/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

One Caribbean Media Limited to acquire additional radio stations

Regional media giant One Caribbean Media Limited (OCM) is expanding its reach by purchasing five more Caribbean radio stations. OCM Chairman, Sir Fred Gollop, said the company had signed a share agreement with Cumulus Media for the acquisition of 100 per cent of the shares in the five stations.
The five stations involved in the deal include Hott 93 in Trinidad and Tobago, The Wave in St Lucia, GEM-FM in St Kitts-Nevis and 93.9 FM in Antigua and Montserrat. The fifth station was not named.
OCM already owns four Starcom Network stations in Barbados and two Grenada Broadcasting Network GBN stations.
(Source: Radio Jamaica)/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

SABC uncertain to why access to SW Radio Africa website is restricted

Following up on the discovery that its website is blocked to journalists at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), SW Radio Africa reports that it has talked to Fakir Hassen who works in the IT division of the SABC. He confirmed that SABC has what he called “control measures” in place that restrict access to pornography, downloading large files and audio streaming. He stressed that it had nothing to do with censuring any radio station. Regarding written stories Hassen said: “There is no problem in accessing a website that is purely word in content, if you will. When it comes to audio downloads etcetera, there are restrictions there.”
But SW Radio Africa asked several employees at SABC, in different departments, to try and access some websites that have audio streaming, and they reported that the sites opened without a problem and allowed them to read the text. It is when they wanted to open the streaming that they were blocked. Among the sites tested were South Africa’s Radio 702, Radio Veritas, Afrosounds FM and several websites that cover Zimbabwe. SW Radio Africa says this indicates that there is a different reason for the blocking of its website.
It is not just the audio streaming that is blocked but the entire site, so not even the text can be read. Asked to comment on this Hassen said: “We are not sure exactly what is going on. The guys in that department are not available. Let’s wait for the experts to let us know.” SW Radio Africa says it will continue to investigate this issue to determine exactly what is going on.
(Source: SW Radio Africa/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

All India Radio and ABU to launch DRM trial in India

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Consortium, All India Radio (AIR) and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) will showcase DRM digital radio transmissions in the mediumwave band using the Single Channel Simulcast (SCS) and Multi-Channel Simulcast (MCS) technologies. The trial, targeted to medium wave radio broadcasters, equipment manufacturers, radio receiver manufacturers as well as retailers is scheduled to be launched in Delhi on 7-12 May 2007.

The showcase will also trial local DRM radio transmissions in the 26 MHz band, Near Vertical Incidence transmissions and DRM shortwave radio transmissions. ABU and AIR are assisted by the DRM Consortium and DRM’s members, Thomson and Hitachi Electric Kokusai as well as Universidad del Pais Vasco based in Spain. The project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of the relatively new technology of SCS and MSC, while broadcasting analogue and digital radio signals using only one transmitter.

“Given that this region has some of the largest number of mediumwave radio broadcasters, we believe that successful trials and measurements will pave the way for easy and cost effective transition to DRM transmissions,” said Sharad Sadhu, Head of Transmission, Technology and Spectrum in the ABU.

The associated training workshop willprovide mediumwave radio broadcasters exposure to the implementation issues and identify problem areas so that they can carry out similar trials back in their own countries.

The trial will be conducted on AIR transmitters in New Delhi where a new DRM compatible MW transmitter has recently been commissioned.

Digital Radio Mondiale Chairman Peter Senger welcomes the DRM mediumwave tests carried out by All India Radio and the ABU: “We are proud and very happy that these tests become a reality now and we would like to thank all parties involved. We see a great potential for the Digital Radio Mondiale system in Asia.”

“As a long-term partner of All India Radio, we are excited to assist in these trials,” said David Birrer, Thomson Radio Broadcasting Marketing & Strategy. “A smooth transition to DRM will bring All India Radio a lot of new possibilities for local and national services while generally enhancing the popularity of the medium. In addition, DRM makes possible a much more efficient use of the existing broadcast infrastructure.”
(Source: ABU/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Abkhazia closes Media Center

The Abkhaz Media Center is carrying out its own liquidation procedures. As a result, the Radio, TV Company and website of the Abkhaz Media Center will cease functioning. The Media Center personnel have demanded a meeting with the legitimate authorities of Abkhazia to clarify the situation. The Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Malkhaz Akishbaia, stated that the abolition was expedient because the Media Center couldn’t provide adequate information delivery to the population in Abkhazia.

“The TV Company of Abkhazia could only cover the territory under the control of the Georgian side because of well-known reasons. We’d like its broadcasts to reach the territory beyond the river Enguri. And we cannot carry this out at only our expense. In the near future a tender will be announced for creating a website and a radio station, and later we may also talk about a TV company. As to the Media Center personnel, I’d like to note that about 15 persons will continue working for the PR Office”, the Chairman of the Abkhaz Legitimate Authorities stated to the GHN agency.

(Source: Georgian Times)

NB: This refers to the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic, recognized by Georgia, with the capital Chkhalta. The majority of Abkhazia is controlled by the government of the breakaway Abkhazian Republic, based in Sukhumi, which is not recognised by Georgia.
(R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Monday, April 23, 2007

DXers ready for St. Helena QSL cards

ST. HELENA. QSL-cards should be now aboard the RMS St. Helena and on the way to Ascension Is. It should take about a week for the QSLs to reachEngland. From London, the cards will go by air mail to the many SWLs around the world eagerly awaiting their arrival. Many thanks to everyonefor the return postage in most of the rpts and the extra donations, whichwere used to purchase the cards. Laura Lawrence and her staff at RSHposted the cards this week in Jamestown. RSH staff really appreciated th enice presents included in the reports, especially from Japan. With very best greetings from RSH to all SWLs. From: Laura Lawrence, Stn Mgr of RadioSt. Helena & Robert Kipp, RSD Revival 2006 Project Mgr. (Nichols-NZ via HCDXvia Dxplorer via Harold Sellers/ODXA)

Blog Logs - Brazil

BRAZIL Radio Cancao Nova with religious program in Portuguese heard 0400-0500 on 6105 kHz on April 2nd, seems to be \\ with 9675 but covered by BSKSA 2nd prgr in Ar. From 0500 UT on 6105 kHz was already RL in Russian. (Ognyan Chengeliev-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX Apr 5)

3255 R. Educadora 6 de Agosto, Xapuri [pron. shapooree] AC, 2245-2303, 30 Mar, A Voz do Brasil, then ID+fqs followed by a sung ave Mary; 44343.

4805 R. Difa do Amazonas, Manaus AM, 2139-2149, 01 Apr, f/ball match report of Nacional vs. Maranhao; 45333.eport

4815 R. Difa, Londrina PR, 2144-2153, 01 Apr, songs; 34332, adjt. Utility interference. QRM.

4825 R. Educadora, Braganca PA, 2125-2148, 01 Apr, light songs; 55333.

4865 R. Alvorada, Londrina PR, 2141-2205, 28 Mar, news, list of affiliated stations. A Voz do Brasil 2200; 44332, QRM from Bolivia.

4975 R. Mundial, Osasco SP, 2140-2152, 30 Mar, shouting preacher, same as \\ Radio Capixaba 4935 or R. Tupi 9565 for instance; 25331.

4985 R. Brasil Central, Goiania GO, 2203-2223, 28 Mar, A Voz do Brasil; SINPO 55343.

5045 R. Guaruja Paulista, Presidente Prudente SP, 2209-2218, 28 Mar, talks on f/ball; 44332, adjacent QRM.

5990 R. Senado, Brasilia DF, 2127-2136, 29 Mar, senat session; 52432, DRM QRM spoiling a very. strong QSA.

6010 R. Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte MG, 2219-2227, 28 Mar, A Voz do Brasil; 34432, adj. QRM. Rtd. 55433 on 01 Apr 2213-2223.

6020 R. Gaucha, Pto Alegre RS, 2132-2144, 29 Mar, f/ball news, advertisements, time checks to temperature info (31cC); 44332.

6040 R. Club Paranaense, Curitiba PR, 2236-2252, 28 Mar, A Voz do Brasil, part 2; 54433. On MW: 1430, 2227-2231, 31 Mar, phone-in program; 23441, and outperforming \\ 6040!

6080 R. CBN Anhanguera, Goiania GO, 2233-2242, 29 Mar, A Voz do Brasil part 2; 33442, co-ch. QRM (de BLR+BOL+EQA) & adj. QRM, BLR waxs hardly noticed though.

6105 R. Cancao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, 2247-2256, 01 Apr, songs; 44433, QRM de CHN.

6135 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2148-2200, 29 Mar, advertisements for truck parts in musical prgr dedicated to truck drivers; 43432, adj. QRM, then vy. strg. Co-ch. QRM de R. Republica /2200.

6150 R. Record, Sao Paulo SP, 2251-2258, 01 Apr, f/ball match rpt. Santos vs. (?), advertisements; 54433.

6180 R. Nac. da Amazonia, Brasilia DF, 2229-2242, 29 Mar, A Voz do Brasil part 2 w/ Jornal do Senado; 54433, adjt. QRM; \\ 11780 reported SINPO 45433.

9515 R. Novas de Paz, Curitiba PR, 1005-1100, 30 Mar, talks, songs; SINPO 25432, blckd. By ROU 1200.

9565 R. Tupi, Curitiba PR, 1003-1120, 30 Mar, prayer, talks; SINPO 25432, barely audible at 1130.

9675 R. Cancao Nova, Cach. Paulista SP, 0955-1205, 30 Mar, end of news, listo f affil. Stns, songs, prayer, mass; 35443, then barely audible at 1205.

9685 R. Rio Mar, Manaus AM, 1000-1230, 30 Mar, R. Bandeirantes news, advertisements, music; 35443, but barely audible at 1230. I obs'ed R. Bandeirantes 11925 too, and every time advs. were aired within the newscast, R. Rio Mar & R. Bandeirantes carried different ones.

11735 R. Transmundial, Sta Ma RS, 1155-1427, 02 Apr, talks, music, ID to news 1200,_, religious program around 1420; SINPO 15431.

11805 R. Globo, Rio de Jano RJ, 1012-..., 30 Mar, chats, infos; 25432; drifted to 11804.9 at 1051.

11815 R. Brasil Central, Goiania GO, 1831-1855, 28 Mar, advertisements, songs, prgr "A Tarde e sua", incl. sev. Features, many TCs and news; SINPO 44433.

11815 R. Brasil Central, Goiania GO, 1410-1428, 29 Mar, advertisements, infos, TCs, songs; 24432, adjt. QRM.

11925 R. Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo SP, 1009-1232, 30 Mar, news, advertisements; 25432, vy. weak by 1230.

17815 R. Cultura, Sao Paulo SP, 1414-1428, 02 Apr, Braz. Songs, infos, program announcements; 13431, adjt. QRM 17820. (all Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Apr 3)

3365 R. Cultura, Araraquara SP, 2230-..., 02 Apr, A Voz do Brasil part 2; 23231, uty. QRM.

4775 R. Congonhas, Congonhas MG, 2214-2224, 02 Apr, A Voz do Brasil; SINPO 25332.

4755.2 R. Educacao Rural, Campo Grande MS, 2216-2225, 02 Apr, A Voz do Brasil; 15331.

4785 R. Caiari, Pto Velho RO, 2214-2225, 04 Apr, A Voz do Brasil; SINPO 45333.

4845.2 Radio Cultura-Ondas Tropicais Apr 5 2140 with non-stop songs. At 2200 short "Radio Cultura-Ondas Tropicais" ID. Even readable with strong Mauritania on 4845. Brazilians also on 4805, 4885a (2), 4915, 4985. (Finn Krone-DEN, wwdxc BC-DX Apr 6)

4885 R. Club do Para, Belem PA, 2031-2049, 02 Apr, news bulletin "éltima Edicao", ID+MW fq, religious prgr "A Prece Poderosa"; 45343.

4925 R. Educacao Rural, Tefe AM, 2207-2219, 04 Apr, A Voz do Brasil; 44333, QRM de INS (tent).

4985 R. Brasil Central, Goiania GO, 2242-2256, 04 Apr, A Voz do Brasil; 54333, CODAR QRM.

5035 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2138-2153, 02 Apr, cf. \\ 6135; SINPO 34332.

6080 R. CBN Anhanguera, Goiania GO, 2207-2217, 02 Apr, A Voz do Brasil; SINPO 33442, adj. QRM de DW 6075, co-ch QRM de B.

6135 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2137-2155, 02 Apr, truck drivers' program "Pe na Estrada"; 54433, QRM de UNID in Polish s/off 2200, then R. Republica s/on; \\ 5035, 9630.

9515 R. Novas de Paz, Curitiba PR, 1038-f/out 1055, 05 Apr, preacher; SINPO 15431.

9565 R. Tupi, Curitiba PR, 2119-2128, 02 Apr, shouting preacher; SINPO 44433, weak QRM de R. Marti (USA) & its Cuban jammer.

9615 R. Cultura, Sao Paulo SP, 2102-2140, 02 Apr, music program about. Braz. "bandas", but failed to get its name; 54433, adj. QRM de DW in Arabic 9620.

9630 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2131-2144, 02 Apr, talks, but I had to try their \\ 6135 or 5035 to get some audio of the prgr as their tx for 9630 was putting an almost empty carrier; 54444, adj. QRM only; \\ 5035, 6135.

9645 R. Bandeirantes 2056 UT talk by man in Portuguese. Music and ID. SIO: 323.

9675 R. Cancao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, 1035-1305, 05 Apr, mass, songs, news; SINPO 34433, and barely heard at 1300. (all Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Apr 7)

11805 R. Globo MX but suddenly desappeared after 2100 (Apr 6). On the following day it continued with sports after 2100 in Portuguese. SIO: 333 (Apr 6-7) (Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX Apr 9)

11925 parallel to 9645 slightly stronger with the same program (Apr 6).

9665 R. Marumby, Florianopolis SC, 2108-2120, 02 Apr, songs during some religious prgr; 53443, adjt. QRM de B 9675 (!) & super powerhouse CRI 9640 surely via some European relay.

9675 R. Cancao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, 2110-_, 02 Apr, Rosary; SINPO 55444 but terribly overmodulated and causing a splash audible well beyond 9675. (all Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Apr 4)
(Source: WWDXC Top News-BC-DX #802/BC-DX # 803)

France blacks out Tamil Tiger TV broadcasts

The French government has moved to prevent the Liberation Tigers of of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE) from using French satellite facilities to broadcast its programmes. The French police raided the studio of the Paris-based pro-LTTE channel National Television of Tamil Eelam (NTT) following a complaint lodged by Sri Lanka’s Ambassador Chithrangani Wageeshwara, Foreign Ministry sources said.
The raid came days after the Washington-based Intelsat stopped pro-LTTE groups from using its satellite facilities and in the wake of reports that these groups were trying to use the French satellite station Globecast for propaganda activities. Globecast is a leading global content management and delivery company. It is a subsidiary of France Telecom.
(Source: Sunday Times Online/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

SABC prevents staff access to SW Radio Africa website

Our colleagues at SW Radio Africa have alerted us to their discovery that journalists at the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) are denied access to SW Radio Africa’s website for news on Zimbabwe.

SW Radio Africa says “The South African government’s interference in the media is the subject of growing concern amongst journalists in the country. The fact that the SW Radio Africa website is blocked not only attests to the extent that reporting on Zimbabwe is controlled but also puts into doubt [SA President] Thabo Mbeki’s suitability as an arbitrator in the Zimbabwe crisis.”
Read the whole story on the SW Radio Africa website
(R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

HCJB to carry DRM tests in German to Europe

HCJB in Quito, Ecuador will carry some DRM tests in German beamed to Europe, as follows:
Dates: 30 April- 26 May 2007
Time: 0400-0630 UTC
Frequency: 9870kHz
Address for reception reports: DRM @ (leave out the spaces. They are there to discourage spam). QSL cards are available for these DRM transmissions.
(Source: HCJB via Paul Gager, Austria/R Netherlands Media) Network Weblog)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

DXTuners - RIP

Editor's Note: It is with great saddness that I make this post to the blog about the closing of the DXTuners service on the internet. I have been a longtime user of this excellent service. Its closing is truly a big loss to the radio listening hobby. If you have never used this network of worldwide receivers, you missed an exciting part of the hobby that is now apparently gone forever. DXTuners provided me with countless hours of listening to all sorts of stations (analog and DRM, broadcast and utility), and some neat programs and transmissions that could not be heard here in the U.S., or at signal levels that would give me armchair copy.

To Kelly and all the hobbyists who provided their time, knowledge and equipment - 73 and farewell. May you always have fair skies and following seas.

So here is the message you get now when you click on the DXTuners link

Ystad, Sweden, 20 april 2007

Dear subscribers and guests. For the last 10 years I have been presenting Web Controlled receivers here at DxTuners.

I have worked constantly to maintain and supervise this network together with my dedicated crew who has put so much effort into it.

Regretfully, recently due to other business and personal commitments, I am unable to dedicate as much time or find as much inspiration as before in running the network and it is with much sadness and sincere regret that I have decided to wind up my business over here.

This has been a very difficult and emotional decision for me to take, having made many friends over the years, but after a good 20 years in the IT-business I feel the time is right to move on and try something else.

I have been trying to find other solutions to continue running DxTuners but I have found it too complex for anyone else to run without my help.

I would like to thank all my friends, subscribers and especially my dedicated crew who supported me over the years. I could not have done it without you guys.

Thank you all

Kelly Lindman

Friday, April 20, 2007

Latvia Today on weekend relays

Get your receiver fired's the weekend and time for European relays once again. Thanks to Tom Taylor for passing along the following schedules.
Gayle VH

Latvia Today 0700 - 0800 UTC 9290 kHz

April 22
Latvia Today 1500-1600 UTC 9290 kHz

Latvia Today is a program via Radio SWH, via Ulbroka, Latvia, a commercial station broadcasting English on the weekends. Correspondence with return mint postage or IRC's, may be directed to the following address:

SWH: Skanstes iela 13
Riga, LV-1013 Latvia

Web: www.radioswh.vl

Frequency changes for IBB - A07

USA [non] Frequency changes for IBB:
[Germany, Tinian-MRA]
0300-0400 NF 9430 LAM 100 kW / 075 deg,ex 9460 Radio Liberty - Avari/Chechen/Cherkassi
1500-1530 NF 6115*TIN 250 kW / 305 deg,ex 17685 Voice of America - Uzbek
1600-1630 NF 11975 BIB 100 kW / 063 deg,ex 11985 Radio Free Europe - Romanian (to avoid VOR)
1830-1845 NF 7180 BIB 100 kW / 126 deg,ex 7175 Voice of America - Croatian(to avoid CRI) * co-ch Radio Minsk HS + Chinese Mx Jammer
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX Apr 16/DX Mix news #464)

Voice of America - A07 Sonali schedule

USA [non] Summer A-07 for Voice of America in Somali
[Botswana, Djibouti, Sao Tome, Sri Lanka]
1600-1630 on 1431 DOR 600 kW / ??? deg >> DOR=Doralee, Djibouti
11675 IRA 250 kW / 263 deg
15675 SAO 100 kW / 076 deg
1700-1730 on 11675 IRA 250 kW / 275 deg
15675 BOT 100 kW / 010 deg
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX Apr 16/DX Mix News #464)

VOA's Deewa Radio - A07 schedule

SRI LANKA Summer A-07 of VOA's Deewa Radio in Pashto
1300-1600 on 9310 IRA 250 kW / 334 deg
11510 IRA 250 kW / 340 deg
1600-1700 on 7510 IRA 250 kW / 348 deg
9310 IRA 250 kW / 334 deg
1700-1900 on 7510 IRA 250 kW / 348 deg
9310 IRA 250 kW / 348 deg
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX Apr 16)