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Broadcasting scene from Nepal

Radio broadcasting in Nepal is one of the major sectors that has experienced enormous democratic upheavals and changes in recent years. ... R Nepal was the only radio broadcaster before the introduction of FM radio that began in the private/independent sector in 1997. It is still a state-owned broadcaster reaching the general masses through SW and MW transmitters from its central station based in Kathmandu Valley, and through MW transmissions from its
regional broadcasting stations based in Dipayal, Surkhet, Pokhara, Bardibas and Dhankutta. Besides, R Nepal has about a dozen FM relay stations in different parts of the country. As the government owned radio station, R Nepal received the first license to operate in FM band in Nepal and started broadcasting on Nov 16, 1995. It was done to help R Nepal stay ahead in the competition with future FM radio stations.
However, R Nepal's monopoly over airwaves ended when the government that came to power the following the Jana Andolan I in 1990 adopted liberal media policies and opened broadcasting to non-governmental sectors. Beginning with
the licensing for Radio Sagarmatha, the first of its kind in South Asia, government issued licenses to many aspirants for FM broadcasting in Nepal. A total number of 56 licenses (36 for commercial and 20 for community radio stations) were issued to operate FM radio stations before King Gyanendra took over power… In total, there were at least one FM radio station in 21 districts out of 75 districts. Nepalese FM radio stations experienced suffocations as every other sector during direct royal rule between Feb 01, 2005 and Apr 26, 2006.
The public uprising of 2006 (Jana Anadolan II) ended the king's direct rule and put the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) in power. The SPA government resumed issuing licenses to independent broadcasters and decided to issue license to more than 80 applicants to operate FM radio stations. However, 50 applicants have fulfilled the legal procedure and got license by October 2006. Others will be issued license once they pay the required fees and there will be a total of 136 FM stations throughout Nepal. With the recent issuing of licenses, all 14 administrative zones have at least three FM radio stations… . (Extracts from: by Arjun Banjade, via Gupta, Feb 16)
(Source: DX Window # 318 2/23/07)

Radio Monte Carlo-Middle East renamed

BBC Monitoring observes that the former Radio Monte Carlo - Moyen Orient (Middle East) now identifies on air as “Monte Carlo Doualiya” (International), which is reflected in a new website address:
The station broadcasts in Arabic to the Middle East and North Africa on mediumwave 1233 kHz via a powerful transmitter located in Cyprus. It is also relayed on a network of FM transmitters situated throughout the region, on 5925 and 7135 kHz shortwave (0500-0600 gmt only) and on a live audio stream accessed from their website. Monte Carlo Doualiya is part of the French state-owned Radio France group.
(Source: BBC Monitoring research in English 28 Feb 07/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Arabsat to launch fifth satellite in 2008

Satellite communications provider Arabsat plans to launch its fifth satellite into orbit in the second quarter of 2008, its president and CEO said yesterday. The Saudi-based intergovernmental organisation, which is currently developing a plan to go public, will take delivery of its Badr-6 satellite in the first quarter of next year and will put it in space in middle of the year, according to Khalid Balkheyour.
Arabsat has also commissioned the design of an additional three communications satellites to be launched in 2009 and 2010. It currently broadcasts 240 channels to 130 million viewers. In November 2006 it successfully launched Badr-4, a geo-stationary satellite providing bandwidth for broadcasters in the Middle East and Africa.
The launch comes after the failure of one of its satellites, Arabsat-4a, to make it into the designated orbit earlier in the year.
(Source: Gulf News/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

AIR Khampur testing DRM to Europe

All India Radio is continuing its shortwave DRM tests. All this week, tests are being made from the Khampur (Delhi) transmitter site as follows:
Frequency: 9950 kHzUTC: 1945 - 2230Target: Europe
(Source: DRM Software Radio Forums/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

A closer look at ORTB Benin

With conditions still favorable, Benin is being heard on 5025 kHz from 2230 UTC. Why not try for this one with the following schedule ? Good luck !
BENIN 5025 ORTB, Parakou, 2231-2244, 17 Feb, French, AfR. Pops, phone-
ins; 54434, QRM de CUB. Has been audible vy. late mornings.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Feb 21)
(Source: WWDXC Top News (BC DX #796 via Wolfgang Bueschel)

ORTB Parakou schedule
UTC/ French and Vernacular languages
0500-0600 mtwhf 5025
0600-0700 mtwhf 5025
0700-0800 mtwhf 5025
0800-0900 mtwhf 5025

1100-1200 mtwhf 5025
1200-1300 mtwhf 5025
1300-1400 mtwhf 5025

1700-1800 mtwhf 5025
1800-1900 mtwhf 5025
1900-2000 mtwhf 5025
2000-2100 mtwhf 5025
2100-2200 mtwhf 5025
2200-2300 mtwhf 5025

0700-0800 Sat/Sun 5025
0800-0900 Sat/Sun 5025
0900-1000 Sat/Sun 5025
1000-1100 Sat/Sun 5025
1100-1200 Sat/Sun 5025
1200-1300 Sat/Sun 5025
1300-1400 Sat/Sun 5025
1400-1500 Sat/Sun 5025
1500-1600 Sat/Sun 5025
1600-1700 Sat/Sun 5025
1700-1800 Sat/Sun 5025
1800-1900 Sat/Sun 5025
1900-2000 Sat/Sun 5025
2000-2100 Sat/Sun 5025
2100-2200 Sat/Sun 5025
2200-2300 Sat/Sun 5025

Parakou Station identification in French as:
"ici Parakou, Office de Radiodiffision et Television du Benin, station regionale"

French correspondence with return mint postage may be directed to:

ORTB Parakou
Boite Postal 128
Parakou, Benin

(Source: GVH TP NC)

Blog Logs - China

Today's Blog Logs, focus on what's being monitored from China. Thanks to World Wide DX Club and DX Window.
Gayle VH

3280, Voice of Pujiang, Shanghai, 1332-1346, Feb 15, vocal music with female ann after each song. Good signal, rising above the band noise // to 5075 (good but Utility QRM) and 4950 (fair). (Wilkins in DXplorer)

4190, Voice of Minorities, Beijing, 2130-2145, Feb 17, Korean talk, Korean songs, 34333 heard // 5420: 15111 nearly faded out. (Petersen)

4460, Voice of China, Beijing, 1015-1020, Feb 12, Chinese comments. Signal was poor. (Bolland)

4900, Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou (pres.), 0115, Feb 06 which had not been there at earlier check aroud 2310. (Krone)

5060, Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi, 0125, Feb 06, Chinese // 3950 5960 7310 just as in DBS-8. All quite strong. (Krone)

5860, Voice of Jinling, Nanjing, 1143, Jan 22, Chinese report, local music, 24332. (Slaen)

6060, Sichuan PBS-2, Chengdu, Sichuan, 0957-1100, Feb 08 and 17, Chinese ann, pop song, 1000 5+1 pips, no Voice of the Golden Bridge ID, advs, Chinese ballad and conversation, 22422 heard under R Universo, Curitiba, PR, Brazil, // 7225, also fair. At 1100 5+1 pips and their usual canned program ID, which consists of a musical fanfare, followed by an ID in Chinese (giving frequencies for both 954 MW and 5900 SW and ending with an ID in English: “This is the Voice of Golden Bridge”. Fortunately R Nacional de Venezuela, via Cuba, did not sign-on till 1101, which then completed buried them. The Sichuan People’s Broadcasting Station broadcasts from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, located in southwest China. Sichuan PBS has two sets of programming. The 2nd set of programming is currently heard on both 6060 and 7225. Sichuan PBS-2 includes the “Voice of Golden Bridge” program (known as their “Life, Travel and City Service” program). The canned ID is fairly old, as the reference to 5900 kHz must be pre-2001, when Alan Davies heard this same ID. For the past year I have been monitoring this and have often heard their canned ID at 1100 UTC (7:00 PM local time in Chengdu). A timetable for the various programs that comprise Sichuan PBS-2 is located at . The “Voice of Golden Bridge” is listed as being aired for 30 minutes, twice a day (seven days a week), at 2330-2400 and 0400-0430 UTC. These listed times do not correctly correspond to the times when I have heard this program. Have also occasionally heard their program ID at 1045 and 1130, but not as consistently as the 1100 ID. (Howard and Slaen)

6065, CNR-2/China Business Radio, 1300-1332, Feb 17, unusual happenings here, probably related to the Chinese New Year. Relay of CNR-1 programming, 5+1 pips, traditional Chinese music and songs, comedy program, advs, all in Chinese, // 5030, 6155, 7110, 7140, 7230, 7245, 7275, 7290, 7305, 7330 (in QRM), 7375, 9500, 9515, 9680 and 9820. The CNR-2/CBR program “English Evening” (1300-1400, seven days a week) was preempted. This must be similar to R. Tikhiy Okean relaying R. Rossii programming around the Christmas Holiday. (Howard)

7240, Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet, 1515-1525, Feb 14, lively Chinese slogans and Chinese music, 43443 QRM from Tajik Radio(?) on 7245. (Jorgensen)

11710, Voice of China, Beijing and Shijiazhuang, 1225-1300, Feb 17, Chinese ann, opera and light opera, audible with echo because both transmitters did broadcast the same programme received with a slight time difference, 34444 with splashes from R Bulgaria on 11700. Voice of China was heard // 9630 (35343), 9890 (23333), 11925 (25333) and 13610 (15222). The use of more than one transmitter for domestic stations in China is very rare (4750 is one exception). (Petersen)
(Source: DX Window # 318 via Anker Petersen)

CHINA 3900 Hulun Buir PBS, Hailar, 2235-2241, 18 Feb, Chinese, talks,
tunes seemingly for advertisements; 35231.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Feb 21)

CHINA/TAIWAN The CNR-1 broadcasting on 3500 kHz USB is - possibility -
of jamming.
Received another USB Chinese station (SOH ?) on the same frequency.
1958s/on UTC - 1735 UTC. CNR-1 program.
1735 - 1950s/off UTC, UnID Chinese px (CRI-Chinese ?).
de S.Aoki-JPN, Febr 19
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa, NDXC, Nagoya, Japan. Feb 19)
(Source: WWDXC Top News (BC DX # 796)

California Department of Transportation to increase number of Highway Advisory stations

An article in the February 24 edition of the Record-Searchlight (online), by Ryan Sabalow, states that CALTRANS (California Department of Transportation)will be increasing the number of Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) stations in Northeastern California. Specifically, the area
includes Shasta, Trinity, Tehama and Siskiyou counties. Currently, there are 17 units in operation and an additional 8 HAR stations will be added. Although the frequency of 1610 AM (kHz) is mentioned in the article, other frequencies may be used.
Source: Mike Hardester, NC)

Malaysian monitoring on shortwave

5965, Klasik Nasional FM (RTM), Kajang, 1601-1703, Feb 09 and 10, Anthem, Vernacular news (not // to 6050), reciting from the Qu’ran, Islamic news, singing "Nasional" jingles and also ID for "RTM Kuala Lumpur", advs (some of the same ones I have heard in the past on Asyik FM [RTM] on 6050), fair. (Howard, CA)
6050, Suara Islam/Voice of Islam (RTM), 1601-1700*, Feb 09 and 10, Vernacular news, reciting from the Qu’ran, songs and Islamic music/Middle East type music, IDs "Radio Suara Islam FM", choral anthem at sign-off, reception was amazingly good. (Howard, CA)
7270, Wai FM, Sarawak (p), 1050-1145, Jan 20 and Feb 12, Vernacular ann, local songs, 23432, QRM from AIR Chennai. (Bolland, FL; Slaen, ARG)
7295, Traxx FM (RTM), Kajang, 1530-1633, Feb 09 and 10, DJ in English with pop songs, several promo’s for the Ghost Rider Convey this Sunday, riding thru Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, "sponsored by Traxx FM", played segment of "Born To Be Wild", sports news from the "News Center in Kuala Lumpur", fair. (Howard, CA).
(Source: DX Window # 318 2/23/07)

DRM English schedule updates

DRM Schedule Updates
(current to 26 Mar 07)
All times UTC
Target Areas: as (Asia) na (North America) eu (Europe)
1430-1500 7240eu Canada, R Canada Int'l
1500-1600 9800na Canada, R Canada Int'l
1600-1605 9800na Canada, R Canada Int'l
1705-1800 9800na Canada, R Canada Int'l
1800-1900 9800na Canada, R Canada Int'l
1900-1905 9800na Canada, R Canada Int'l
2200-2300 9800na Canada, R Canada Int'l

0100-0200 6080na China, China R Intl

1330-1355 Sat. 6065eu Czech Rep., R Prague
1400-1425 Fri 9750eu Czech Rep., R Prague

2300-2330 9800na Germany, Deutsche Welle

1600-1700 Fri 9750eu Japan, NHK/R Japan

0700-0755 7300eu Netherlands, R Netherlands
2130-2200 9800na Netherlands, R Netherlands
2200-2255 15425na Netherlands, R Netherlands

1500-1530 7340eu Romania, R Romania Int'l

0400-0500 15640as Russia, VO Russia
0500-0600 15640as Russia, VO Russia
0700-0800 11615eu Russia, VO Russia
0900-1000 11615eu Russia, VO Russia
1500-1600 5905eu Russia, VO Russia
2000-2100 6105eu Russia, VO Russia
2100-2200 6105eu Russia, VO Russia
2200-2300 6105eu Russia, VO Russia

1330-1400 7275eu Sweden, R Sweden
2330-0000 9800na Sweden, R Sweden

1430-1500 Fri. 9750eu South Korea, KBS World

1500-1600 Fri. 9750eu Taiwan, R Taiwan Int'l

0700-0800 5875eu 7320eu UK, BBC WS
0700-0800 7335eu UK, BBC WS (irreg. test)
0800-0900 5875eu 7320eu UK, BBC WS
0800-0900 7335eu UK, BBC WS (irreg. test)
0900-1000 7320eu 9470eu 9480eu UK, BBC WS
1000-1100 7320eu 9470eu 9480eu UK, BBC WS
1100-1200 7320eu 9470eu 9480eu UK, BBC WS
1200-1300 7320eu 9470eu 9480eu UK, BBC WS
1300-1400 7320eu 9470eu 9480eu UK, BBC WS
1400-1430 9470eu 9480eu UK, BBC WS
1400-1500 7320eu UK, BBC WS
1430-1500 7465eu 7485eu UK, BBC WS
1500-1600 5875eu 7465eu 7485eu UK, BBC WS
1600-1700 5875eu 7465eu 7485eu UK, BBC WS
1700-1800 5875eu 7465eu 7485eu UK, BBC WS
1800-1900 5970eu 7465eu 7485eu UK, BBC WS

0915-0945 5945eu UK, BVBN
1000-1100 9760eu UK, Christian Vision

2045-2100 9800na Vatican City, Vatican R
2100-2130 9800na Vatican City, Vatican R
2300-2345 7370na Vatican City, Vatican R

(Source: DX Mix News #456 via Alokesh Gupta, India & Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blog Logs - Brazil

4755, R Imaculada Conceiçno has taken over R Educaçno Rural and broadcasts catholic programs. It is one more station of the catholic movement called Milicia da Imaculada. The Station on 4885 is inactive. (Cássio, Feb 09)

4785.1, R Caiari, Porto Velho, RO, 0058-0104, Feb 11, Portuguese talk, 24322. (Méndez)

4805, Radiodifusora do Amazonas, Manaus, AM, 2201-2400, Feb 10 and 11, Portuguese ann, tropical pop songs, 33333. (Bernardini, Méndez and Petersen)

4825, R Educadora, Bragança, Pará, 2254-0030, Feb 10 and 16, Brazilian songs, Portuguese football report (not // R Cancao Nova heard talking on 9675), 32332 Heterodyne from UNID station on 4824.48, probably La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos, Peru. (Méndez and Petersen)

4865, R Verdes Florestas, Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, 0000-0020, Feb 11, Portuguese talk, ID 0011: "Radio Verdes Florestas, onda media 940 kHz, onda tropical 4865 kHz, Cruceiro do Sul, Acre, Brasil", music, 24322. (Méndez)

4915, Radiodifusora, Macapá, Amapa, 0045-0610, Feb 11, Brazilian and English songs, 45444. (Bernardini, Méndez)

5035, R Aparaceda, Aparaceda, SP, 0825-0840, Feb 10, Brazilian songs with ann, 24322. (Cody)

5045, R Guaruja Paulista, Sno Paulo, SP, 0807-0820, Feb 10, lively Brazilian music, 34333. (Cody)

5940.2, R Guarujá Paulista, Guarujá, SP, 0745-0753, Feb 11, Brazilian songs, QRM University Network on 5935 kHz. 12321. (Méndez)

6150, R Record, Sno Paulo, SP, 0105, Feb 15, Portuguese with sport live "goooooooollllllll", poor to good even if R Romania International in English on the same channel (presumed because no ID heard). (Bernardini)

9515, R Novas de Paz, Curitiba, Paraná, 0932-0943, Feb 11, Portuguese talk, hymns, 23222. (Méndez)

9565, R Tupi, Curitiba, Paraná, 1045-1053, Feb 11, Portuguese religious talk, 24322. (Méndez)

9630, R Aparecida, Aparecida, SP, 0925-0929, Feb 11, religious talk in Portuguese, 23222. (Méndez). Also heard at 2115-2146, Feb 17, relay of Spanish League football match of Real Madrid in Portugese, mentioning names of players Raul Gonzalvez, Fernando, 2146 short song by a female singer, male comment mentioning Madrid, Espana etc, excited commentary, 45544. (Rajeesh)

9665, R Marumby, Florianapolis, SC, 2115-2146, Feb 17, also relaying the football match of Real Madrid at the same time, 35333. (Rajeesh)

9694.92, R Rio Mar, Manaus, AM,1002-1043, Feb 11 and 14, Portuguese advs, TA and ID: "Seis horas y tres minutos", "Radio Rio Mar, onda media, 1290 kHz. onda corta 31 metros, 9695 kHz, 49 metros, 6160 kHz, Radio Rio Mar, Manaus, Amazonia, Brasil", "Seis horas y cinco minutos en Manaus, Amazonia, Brasil, Radio Rio Mar". "Radio Rio Mar, uma emisora católica ao servicio da Amazonia", news, weather report for all country, 34333. (Méndez and Slaen)

11725, R Novas de Paz, Curitiba, Paraná, 0935-0942, Feb 11, religious talk and hymns, 23222. (Méndez)

11749.8, R Marumbuy, Florianópolis, 2112-2125, Feb 10, Brazilian songs, 24322 // 9665 with 13321. (Méndez)

11780, R Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, DF, 2110-2112, Feb 10, ID: "A través da Radio Nacional da Amazonia", 34333. (Méndez)

11830, CBN Anhanguera, Goiania, Goiás, 1923-1927, Feb 10, talk, ID: "CBN Anhanguera". 23222. (Méndez)

11855, R Aparecida, Aparecida, SP, 1928-1933, Feb 10, Portuguese religious talk and hymns, 23222. (Méndez)
(Source: DX Window # 318 via Anker Petersen)

Blog Logs - Free Radio Weekly pirates

This weeks sample of pirate logs, represent a sample of those heard from February 17-23. Special thanks to the fine folks from Free Radio Weekly. To learn more about the bizarre world of pirate radio and FRN newsletter, please refer to:
Best of DX your way!
Gayle VH
Brother Stair Parody Numbers
6925 usb 2/18/07 22:41: Repeat of coded groups of5 digits in Brother Stairs voice clips from 2/15/07 .(SIO 333, RD)

Captain Morgan
6924.7-.9/U, 1959-2010+, 18-Feb; Pop tune segments & couple of Twilight Zone themes.
Said will QSL via FRN posts. SIO= 353-, very drifty. (Frodge-MI)

Cupid Radio
15070.1 (Euro Pirate) Cupid Radio, 1410-1420 Feb 17, man with ID and frequency announcement in English followed by the same in French. Rock vocal selection followed. E-mail report to Rinus confirmed reception and requested postal report to Box 9, 8096 ZG, Oldebroek, Netherlands. Poor with very deep fades.(D'Angelo-PA)

James Bond Radio
6925 usb 2/21/07 21:13-22:37 ID at sign on, Bond Music. To Russia with Love, Man with the Golden Gun. off abruptly (SIO 333, RD)

6850, 2/18, 1832-1902* S9+20! Absolutely HUGE. Into music by The Pretenders, REM, Dire Straits. Johnny Guitarman with ID. Guess I should've looked in the driveway to see if an unknown car with an antenna was parked there. Off with "Yankee Doodle" into VOA Spanish service ID & then "Star Spangled Banner" (Yoder,PA)

WW- 6220AM- 23 Feb- 2305+ SIO 444, Sounds like Bon Jovi, Chicago, etc. (McClintock-OH)

3276U, 2/19, 0345-0410+ Steady S9+20. Sign on soon after MAC QRT. All dance music with odd, but pro-sounding announcements. Some in English & some in Spanish. Lotsa SFX: reverb, etc. Some crazy big signals tonight. Announced both hotmail & yahoo for e-mail QSLs. Many KOSMOS IDs, but some sounded like W-H-Y-Me (Yoder,PA)

Sunshine Radio
6925U *1812-1846* 2/18/07 SIO=242. Prgm of light rock mx w/a YL announcer, Said hello
to people on the FRN web site. Announced the same address as Grasscutter Radio, which
is for reports. (Zeller-OH)

6925U, 2/17, 1830-1843 Songs "Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll" & "Monkey Boy," & "A Pirate's Life."
Lots of Jay audio clips. It's that season again. (Yoder,PA)

6925U 2041-2059* 2/19/07 SIO=242. Repeat of the same program from 1718 on a local Monday. A better signal this time, and I could confirm that the ID is WPER, and not some similar call letter combinations that I thought they might have been using during the first show. Copied prgm content much better this time. No address again. (Zeller-OH)

6925 usb 2/18/07 01:35-02:15 Here comes the sun, Bang a Gong, White Rabbit, computerized
voice ID, (SIO 434, RD)
(Source: Free Radio Weekly # 576 via Bill Finn)

KSDA Guam frequency update

Adventist World Radio / KSDA has recently had a frequency adjustment as;

2100-2200 new freq 5985 SDA 100 kW 315 deg CHN in Chinese (x 7150)
2100-2200 new freq 6000 SDA 100 kW 330 deg EaAs in Korean (x2000-2100 UTC 6195)
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News # 457, Ivo Ivanov, wwdxc BC-DX Feb 26 via Wolfgang Bueschel)

Non technical correspondence may be sent via email to:

KSDA English service targeted to Asia and the Middle East:
1130-1200 15260as
1200-1300 15260as
1300-1400 15260as
1500-1530 12105as
1600-1630 9585as, 12065as
1730-1800 9980 me
2130-2200 9720as
2230-2300 15320as
(Source: Gayle Van Horn TP NC/Monitoring Times SW Guide)

Voice of the Tigray Revolution active on shortwave and the web

BBC Monitoring observed radio Voice of the Tigray Revolution commencing their broadcast day at 0355 gmt on 26 February 2007, on their recently-adopted shortwave frequencies of 5980 and 9650 kHz.

The transmission started with their call signal - five minutes of a repetitive melody played on a washint (Ethiopian flute) - followed by an identification announcement in Tigrinya and mention of their website address,

The website features an extensive audio archive of news bulletins and other programmes available for streaming or downloading. Many of the hypertext links to these files, and the file titles, are dated in accordance with the Ethiopian calendar - a conversion facility for this can be found at

Voice of the Tigray Revolution (Tigrinya: Dimtsi Woyane Tigray) is affiliated to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, a partner in the country’s ruling coalition, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

Prior to the overthrow of the Mengistu regime in May 1991 the station operated as a clandestine broadcaster, sharing facilities with other pro-EPRDF radios. Now licensed, it broadcasts on a commercial basis from studios in Mekele, capital of the northern province of Tigray.
(Source: BBC Monitoring research 27 Feb 07/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Libyan government to liquidate Voice of the Mediterranean

The Libyan government has agreed to start the process towards the liquidation of the defunct Voice of the Mediterranean (VOM) radio station. Senior diplomats told MaltaToday that in a meeting held in Tripoli last week and attended by Maltese Foreign Minister Michael Frendo, the Libyan government expressed its willingness to accept the Maltese government’s invitation to liquidate and sell the remaining assets belonging to the radio station, set up in the late 1970s as a joint project between the two countries.
It is understood that the assets to be liquidated at VOM have an estimated value of at least Lm300,000, (US$921,000)and include furniture and motor vehicles. The monies recovered through the eventual liquidation of VOM are considered crucial for the settlement of long-standing salary arrears to former employees and unpaid bills for services or equipment. Approximately 20 employees lost their job when the enterprise went bankrupt under the chairmanship of former PN junior minister Richard Muscat, who has since been appointed Malta’s ambassador to Ireland.
Former Foreign Minister Joe Borg had declared before moving to Brussels in 2004 that “the Libyan authorities had made it clear they are not interested in continuing the project. The Maltese government, on its part, made it clear that it had no objection to continue operating VOM, should the Libyan government reconsider its position by the end of 2003, and pay at least a substantial part of the arrears due, and resumes its annual contributions for the activity of VOM immediately it becomes due. Efforts are continuing to be made to recoup the arrears owed by the Libyan Government.”
The reasons behind the closure of VOM sparked a political controversy, with the Opposition requesting and obtaining a full hearing of the case before the Public Accounts Committee. The Voice of the Mediterranean radio station transmitted in seven languages, and was heralded as making a major contribution to the dissemination of Malta’s positive image abroad.
(Source: Malta Today/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

BSKSA Saudi Arabia, resumes English service

Yesterday, in my blog post of the updated shortwave schedule of Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you may have noticed a resumption of their English service.

As reported from Radio Netherland's, " In December 2005, the Saudi English language newspaper and website Arab News published an article about the English Service, in which the Head of the service, Hanan Awad, said that they wanted to to be on shortwave so they can be heard all over the world and they had been promised that this would be considered.
Samar Fatani, another member of the English team, said “We wish that the English section would receive more attention and be equal to the other sectors because it’s important to have our voice heard by expatriates here and abroad to combat the negative portrayals of Saudi Arabia, Islam and our culture.”

BSKSA operates in English on the following schedule.
0900-1000 15250, 15470
1000-1100 15250, 15470
1100-1200 15250, 15470
Correspondence for the English service, may be directed to:
Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Director of Frequency Management
P.O. Box 61718
Riyadh 11575 Saudi Arabia
(Source: Gayle Van Horn TP NC/Monitoring Times SW Guide)

Monday, February 26, 2007

A closer look at March Monitoring Times 2007

March is here folks, and that means only one thing...time for Monitoring Times annual Air Show Guide.

For the eight year in a row, Monitoring Times features the popular air show issue, including profiles on major demonstration teams, and frequencies on which they are most likely to be found. You will also find information on parachute teams, civilian flight demonstration teams, and even some foreign military flight teams. MT will even tell you the best equipment to bring to the air shows. Still looking for more ? The Milcom column brings you the complete air show schedule for 2007.

On the shortwave scene, my March column of QSL Report features a focus on Radio Prague's Lookout Towers QSL card series. Each year Radio Prague releases a new series of QSL cards, and the 2007 series has collectors raving about the colorful variety. Read on for details on the various towers and how to begin your collection. Readers have contributed QSLs from stations representing Amateur Radio, Canada, Clandestine, Djibouti, Kuwait, Medium Wave, Japan, Russia, St. Helena, Tibet, Travelers Information Station and two Utility stations.

The Broadcast Logs column features shortwave logs beginning at 0003 UTC via Bangladesh Betar to China Radio International's relay station in Canada at 2350 UTC, plus plenty of additional stations to keep you busy at the dials.

Don't forget the center Shortwave Guide for the latest English shortwave and DRM by-hour frequencies. Frequencies are revised monthly, and readers tell us it remains the most current and reliable source for hobbyists.

Finally, read my review of the 61st edition of World Radio TV Handbook 2007. You'll find out what this year's edition features on the clandestine scene, The Future of Radio II, HF Broadcast Reception, plus much more!

For more information on subscriptions, please refer to

You don't want to miss the March edition of Monitoring Times. This ones a keeper!
Gayle Van Horn

BSKSA Saudi Arabia schedule update

BSKSA Riyadh. Two carriers noted on 21670 and 21740 kHz at 0858 UT, and Arabic program in progress on 21705 kHz. So seemingly combination of Indonesian service QRG 21670, and Arabic 21705 kHz produces a spur signal on 21740 kHz. 21670 channel opens at 0930 UT, but is on air very early around 0858 UTC.

Broadcasting Service Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Freq/ UTC/transmitter location/language/program
7150 1500-1800 RIY 500 40 FARSI foreign
9525 1600-1700 RIY 500 55 PASHTO foreign
9555 1800-2300 RIY 500 295 ARABIC 1st. program
9580 0300-0600 JED 50 0 ARABIC 2nd program
9580 1700-2200 JED 50 0 ARABIC 2nd program
9675 0300-0900 RIY 500 0 ARABIC 1st program
9675 0900-1600 RIY 500 0 ARABIC 1st program
9730 1400-1600 RIY 500 40 TURKISTANI foreign
9870 1800-2300 RIY 500 310 ARABIC 1st program
11715 1800-2300 RIY 500 270 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
11820 1800-2300 RIY 500 320 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
11855 0600-1700 JED 50 0 ARABIC 2nd program
11915 1800-2300 RIY 500 295 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
11935 0900-1200 RIY 500 310 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
13710 1500-1800 RIY 500 295 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
15170 0300-0600 RIY 500 355 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
15205 1600-1800 RIY 500 320 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
15225 1500-1800 RIY 500 295 ARABIC 1st program
15250 0900-1200 RIY 500 250 ENGLISH foreign
15275 0400-0600 RIY 500 340 TURKISH foreign
15370 0500-0800 RIY 500 70 URDU foreign
15380 0600-0900 RIY 500 310 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
15380 1200-1400 RIY 500 310 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
15390 0500-0800 RIY 500 70 URDU foreign
15435 1500-1800 RIY 500 320 ARABIC 1st program
15470 0900-1200 RIY 500 250 ENGLISH foreign
17560 1600-1800 RIY 500 270 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
17615 0900-1200 RIY 500 100 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
17660 1500-1900 RIY 500 270 FRENCH foreign
17730 0600-0900 RIY 500 295 ARABIC 1st program
17740 0600-0900 RIY 250 310 ARABIC 1st program
17760 0400-0500 RIY 500 175 SOMALI foreign
17760 0500-0600 RIY 500 190 SWAHILI foreign
17775 1700-1800 RIY 500 250 BAMBARA foreign
17785 0800-1000 RIY 500 270 FRENCH foreign
17805 0900-1200 RIY 500 295 ARABIC 1st program
17820 1200-1500 RIY 500 70 BANGALI foreign
17895 0300-0600 RIY 500 40 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
17895 0600-0800 RIY 500 40 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
17895 1200-1500 RIY 500 295 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
21460 1300-1600 RIY 500 190 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
21495 0900-1200 RIY 500 70 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
21505 1200-1500 RIY 500 295 ARABIC 1st program
21600 1200-1400 RIY 500 100 ARABIC Holy Qu'ran
21640 1200-1500 RIY 500 310 ARABIC 1st program
21670 0900-1200 RIY 500 100 INDONESIAN foreign
21705 0900-1200 RIY 500 310 ARABIC 1st program
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX Feb 20/21)
(Source: WWDXC Top News (BC DX #796 via Wolfgang Bueschel)

Update on Radio Verdad, Guatemala

4052.5, R Verdad, Chiquimula, 0132-0600*, Feb 10 and 11, religious talks in Spanish and English, hymns, instrumental music, 0140 live ID: "...Radio Verdad...", 14321. (Bolland and Méndez)

I received this e-mail letter dated Feb 09, from R Verdad, Chiquimula, with the history of this station: Estación Educativa Evangélica "Radio Verdad", 4ª Ave. 2-24, zona 1, Apartado Nº 5, Chiquimula, Guatemala, C. A. SW freq.: 4052..5 Khz, Tel/Fax casa: (502) 79-420-362; Tel. oficina: (502) 79-425-689, website:

We are radiating with 710 watts, because our transmitter is under repair and we are installing a new module. Our transmitter location is: Longitude 89º 32' 15"; latitude 14º 48' 10". I have reception reports from 408 different places in 46 countries: Rep. of South Africa, West Germany, East Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Brazil, Canada (4 states), Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Scotland, Spain, U. S. A. (32 states), Finland, France, Gotland (isle), Greece, Greenland, Guatemala, The Netherlands, Honduras, India, U. K., Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico (5 states), Norway, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Sicily (isle), Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and Venezuela; also the 18 departamentos of Guatemala: Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, Chimaltenango, Chiquimula, Escuintla, Guatemala, Huehuetenango, Izabal, Jalapa, Jutiapa, Progreso, Petén, Quetzaltenango, Quiché, Sacatepéquez, Sololá, Totonicapán y Zacapa; which is quite a lot.

We began transmission February 25, year 2000 at 5:00 p.m., and we have been transmitting with a power from 280 to 1050 watts. It is amazing that with that power we reach Europe, Asia, Africa and all the Americas. I have a lot of reports from Europe and many of the United States, South America, Japan and Australia. We cannot increase the power because the Guatemalan government does not allow that.

Our transmitter is an Ommitronix made in Italy, 1 kW of Power, Solid State. We have a bipolar antenna, 75 meters length, placed in two small towers with only 6 and 12 meters height. Our aim is to reach the nearest city, Chiquimula, and we are getting it very well.

Our Station is educating and evangelical, non profit, trying to help the development of our communities. For about four years we have been working hard preparing the programming and selecting music. We begin transmissions at 5:00 in the morning, time of Guatemala, and close down at 12:00 at night." (1100-0600 UTC. Ed).

Our frequency is from 4047.5 to 4057.5, with an average of 4052.5 kHz Shortwave, 75 m. Band, from Monte Horeb and Cerro de la Gloria, in Chiquimula, Guatemala, Central America. We do no have call signs because the government has suspended the regulation, but it would probably be the following: TGVA, that means: TG= Guatemalan Transmissions; A= Eastern Guatemala region identification and V= as our particular identification "Radio Verdad.

Since we came on the air, he have had many problems with storm rays, that burn our transmitter and cause us to transmit with a back up power of 200-280 watts during 9 momths.

Now, after repairing it, we are transmitting with all the power. Now we are trying to get a F.M. frequency, to reach better the local audience, but we have not received the necessary government support.
Our Web Site on the Internet is: with a lot of information about Radio Verdad, photographic and hymns, and now, on this Web Site our audience can listen to our signal live via Winamp or Windows Media Player. We hope you tune in our transmission via Internet and report us.
I am deeply grateful for your letters which animate us to go ahead. I am an retired University teacher, graduated at George Fox University Newberg, Oregon, USA (1965). I have several other academic degrees at the State University of Guatemala, and I am a Doctor in Theological Philosophy and of Theological Seminary Quakero. God bless you.

Dr. Edgar Amílcar Madrid, Director and Manager.
P. S. We need your responses as follow up after we have put our signal on the Internet.
(Received and translated into English for the DX-Window by Méndez)
(Source: DX Window # 318)

Blog Logs - Bolivia

The following Bolivian logs, represent those recently monitored via contributors from DX Window and World Wide DX Club.
Gayle VH

3215, R Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza, 1040-1100, Feb 18, Spanish, relay WEWN, ID 1100 "...los oyentes de Radio Virgen de Remedios prepararse para asistir la santa misa...". Also tentatively heard 0010, Feb 17 with Spanish relay of WEWN, QRM WWCR. (Aragno in HCDX). Only WWCR audible here at 0420 on Feb 20. Ex 4545! (Petersen, DX Window # 318)

3310 R. Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, 2321-2327, 17 Feb, Quechua, talks, phone-ins, Indian songs; 44343, adjt. uty. QRM (WWDXC Top News (BC DX #796 via Wolfgang Bueschel).

4600.65, R Perla de Acre, Cobija, 1020-1100, Feb 12, 14 and 15, Spanish comments with music, ID's as "Radio Perla". Signal was fair. Not to be confused with still operating 4600.22 Honduran harmonic. (Bolland and Wilkner, (Petersen, DX Window # 318)

4690.87, UNID, 1035-1050 fade out, Feb 12, various persons in Spanish comments. No ID heard. Could be R San Miguel which was heard around 4695 a couple of weeks ago. (Bolland, (Petersen, DX Window # 318)

4728.2, R Aripalca, Aripalca, Depto. Potosi, 1038, Feb 13, music, Spanish ID "...estas en sintonía de Radio Aripalca...", "...Radio Aripalca, la voz de nuestra gente...", relay news TV ATB. New station in Comunidad de Aripalca, Municipio de Vitichi, Provincia Nor Chichas, Departamento de Potosi, Bolivia. 2.800 m.s.n.m. (Aragno in HCDX). Possibly heard here at 1040-1050 fade, or lost signal, Feb 14. (Wilkner). (Cf. UNID Bolivian in DX-Window no. 316 and 317. Ed, (Petersen, DX Window # 318)

4796.47, R Mallku, Uyuni, Potosi, 1005-1015, Feb 14, rustic flutes, TC and local ann, clear canned ID by woman at 1015, into more talk regarding local economy. Fair with CODAR. (Herkimer in Dxplorer, (Petersen, DX Window # 318)

5952.4 R. Pio XII, Siglo XX, 2331-2340, 18 Feb, Spanish, talks, advertiments, Quechua, announcements; 34433, adj. QRM. (WWDXC Top News (BC DX #796) via Wolfgang Bueschel)

5952.42, R Pio XII, Siglo XX, 1028-1100 fade out, Feb 10 and 15, steady Spanish comments with a TC at 1030, instrumental music. Poor in splatter from Family R 5950. (Bolland and Herkimer). Also heard 2243-0130, Feb 07 and 10, talks in Spanish and nice Bolivian music, best in LSB 12321. (Bernardini and Méndez, (Petersen, DX Window # 318)

5967.805, R Nacional de Huanuni, Huanuni, 1020-1045 fade, Feb 13, Spanish ann: "...viente cuatro minutos... Radio Nacional... melodia encadada...Santiago ...y instutitu de...." with frequent short music bridges. (Wilkner, (Petersen, DX Window # 318)

6025, R Illimani/Patria Nueva (p), 1034, Feb 16, fast paced alternating news items in Spanish by man and woman, mentions of Bolivia. No ID and too far down to do anything with. (Herkimer in Dxplorer, (Petersen, DX Window # 318)

6105.5 R. Panamericana, La Paz, 2304-2314, 17 Feb, Spanish, religious text; 53442, adjt. QRM. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX Feb 21,WWDXC Top News (BC DX #796 via Wolfgang Bueschel)

6134.81, R Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 1025-1034, Feb 14, upbeat morning program, local music, ann with frequent TC's and station promos. Local news items at 1034 with brief music breaks, fair. (Herkimer in Dxplorer, (Petersen, DX Window # 318)

9624.97 Radio Fides, La Paz, 2345-0000, February 18, Spanish, Catholic program in live from a important church in La Paz, ann. & ID as: "Esta es la transmision de Radio Fides, La Paz, desde el Templo ... para oyentes impedidos de asistir a la Santa Misa". Other ID as: "Esta escuchando
Radio Fides...", musical jingle (" voz amiga...", 22432. (Arnaldo Slaen-ARG, wwdxc BC-DX Feb 23, WWDXC Top News (BC DX #796 via Wolfgang Bueschel)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pirate Crystal Ship on the air !

Greetings, Pirate Radio Fans!

The Crystal Ship will be taking to the airwaves on about 6875 kHz,
commencing roughly 2130 UTC (4:30 EST) or shortly thereafter.

Today's programming will feature new commentary on George Bush, Hillary Clinton and the Iraq war, from, as well as 's GOP Hypocrites of the Week.

Music likely to run the gamut, who knows.

Thanks to all our loyal listeners, and log posters on the FRN Grapevines. Love us or hate us, we love the feedback. Here's to ya!
-- 73s and FIGHT for FREE RADIO!
The PoetThe Crystal Ship

Australian DX Report No. 35 available on internet

Edition No. 35 of the weekly internet audio magazine AUSTRALIAN DX REPORT is now available at runs to 16, containing lots of professionally researched and sourcedshortwave updated schedules and news, unavailable in the public domain.Feed subscriptions are active, via RSS/XML, or as Podcasts. Details are atthe site!

These Australian DX Report audio presentations are produced by theELECTRONIC DX PRESS RADIO MONITORING ASSOCIATION. and continue to attractinterest by people around the world, with several hundreds of downloadsevery week.This show will also be broadcast over WWCR, Nashville, Tennessee, on SundayFebruary 25, at 0300 UTC, on 5070 kHz.I would be glad if you would be able to distribute this message to yourradio monitoring friends, the radio communications media, or within yourDXing organisation.Thank you and best regards from Melbourne, Australia!
Bob Padula

Friday, February 23, 2007

Blog Log - Antartica

ANTARTICA (Argentina)

15476 kHz - LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base Antartica Esperanza,1915-2010 UTC, February 22, Spanish talk abt the dogs in the Antartic territory, Argentina folk songs,ID as: “Esperanza al Mundo por Radio San Gabriel”,Program about the Antartic history:“Siguiendo con la historia antartica vamos a contarles sobre la Base San Martin.” Identification as: “Desde la Base Esperanza, Territorio Antartico Argentino, transmite LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, en español, de lunes a viernes para todo el mundo”. Other ID as:“Quedese hasta las 18 horas en Radio Arcangel San Gabriel”.- SINPO 45444 at 1915 UTC; 35343 at 1940 UTC & 44444 at 2005 UTC. Announced transmission from Monday to Friday, from 1900 to 2100 UTC

(Source: Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

This weekend relays on 9290 kHz

If it's the weekend, time to tune-in to the relays on 9290 kHz.
Our special thanks to Tom Taylor for the update.

February 24
Radio Six International
0700-0800 UTC 9290 kHz
Latvia Today
0800-0900 UTC 9290 kHz

February 25
Latvia Today
1300-1400 UTC 9290 kHz

Correspondence with return postage may be directed to:

Radio Six International
P.O. Box 600
Glascow, Scotland G41 5SH
Web: Email:

Latvia Today
SWH: Skanstes iela 13
Riga, LV-1013 Latvia
(Source: Tom Taylor)

Mystery Time Station heard on 5100 kHz

Last evening on the UDXF newsgroup, Jon in Florida posted a message regarding an apparent mystery time signal transmitting on 5100 kHz. From Jon's post:

"UnIDed station on 5100 kHz sending time pips and top of minute tone. No voice heard. I've noted this station on 5100 every night i've checked since first heard in early Dec (perhaps a bit earlier). 99.99 % sure its not a image or mixing productbecause i've checked useing 3 different types/brands of receivers. R75, WJ-8716 and Racal ra-6790/gm. heard on all 3. and using 2 different antennas. a t2fd cut for 3 MHz at 20 ft (and oriented for N/S signals), and a 21 ft verticle... Suspect something South-American.."

This morning I have fired up the San Antonio VEN DXTuners and it is there ticking away. Here is some of my observations that I just posted to the list of this station:"Good signal at 1346 UTC. Will continue to check on some of the other receivers for other prop paths outside of South America, but that looks like a safe bet for now. Couple of notes: it appears this time signals is off about 7-8 seconds (slow) from NIST time.

I am hearing the top of the minute tone off by that much. And I though there "may" be some sort of voice iD in there every few minutes but the audio modulation was way under the time tick if it is. I believe there may have been one just announced right before 1353. But I am not sure.More...soon! Nice mystery."

Any takers on who we have here ? Email me at larryvanhorn @
or gaylevanhorn @

(Source: The Btown Monitoring Post blogspot via Larry Van Horn)

March MT Express Now Available

MT Express subscribers - the March issue with our exclusive air show guide is now available. I want to thank all of you who contributed frequencies and information to this year's guide, our 8th annual edition.
I think it is the best we have put together so far, and I would like to ask that any of my readers of this blog, please send along your frequency reports for any air show that you attend in 2007. Even if we already have the frequencies you hear on our list, please send them along anyway. I use these reports to verify information we have in our guide.
Of course stay tuned to this blog for updates, schedules and frequency changes as the season moves on.
(Source: MT Milcom Monitoring via Larry Van Horn)

Radio Netherlands program preview, Feb. 24-March 2

Welcome to our weekly guide to Radio Netherlands' English Service - a list of the new programmes coming up on Radio Netherlands this week, beginning on Saturday.

*** Weekend Connection ***
Every Saturday, the Newsline team brings you Weekend Connection, with thought-provoking reports on the issues making headlines in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond.
It's a lively mix of local colour and "the big picture". One week you might hear how Dutch farmers are doing their part to combat bird flu, the next week it's about the worldwide attempt to punish crimes against humanity. Big or small, Weekend Connection covers it all!
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1200 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0500 (Western N America)
*** Vox Humana ***
"Batmen and a Robin"
You might have seen pictures of them on TV or in the newspaper. Grown men dressed up as superheroes, climbing bridges or perched on the ledge of a tall building with a banner reading, "Fathers for Justice: Fighting for the right to see our children."
Mindy Ran investigates the men behind the masks and why they go to such lengths to bring their cause to the public.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1227 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0527 (Western N America)
Repeated: Sun 1400 (South Asia), Sun 1900 (N America, Africa)

*** Amsterdam Forum ***
Why can't teenagers be openly gay? A 14-year-old Dutch boy has won a tough battle to have a boat for 11 to 17-year-old gay teenagers in this year's Gay Pride festival. He wants to raise awareness that there is very little support for or awareness of gays under 16,. The boat sparked much debate in the media, and also has its vocal critics.
Some say it would be inappropriate for youngsters to take part in such a sexually oriented festival. Others say that children of Danny's age cannot yet know if they really are gay - there were even questions in parliament about the 'under 16s boat' . It seems the issue of homosexuality among youngsters is still off limits.
Why? Heterosexual youngsters are exposed to sexuality at ever-younger ages - should gay teenagers be treated any differently? And when is it okay for youngsters to express their sexuality?
Have your say on the topic at
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1004 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1204 (Eastern N America), 1504 (South Asia), 1804 & 2004 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0500 (Western N America)
*** Echoes ***
Our new listener feedback programme. Mindy Ran responds to your comments, queries and complaints about our programmes. And featuring every week A Critical Eye - commentary from Perro de Jong.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1004 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1204 (Eastern N America), 1504 (South Asia), 1804 & 2004 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0500 (Western N America)

*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1200 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)
*** The Research File ***
In this week's Research File we'll see live cells in action. A new type of microscopy makes cells under the microscope live so much longer we can see diseases happen before our very eyes..
We'll go visit a special exhibition in honour of the famous 18th Century botanist Carolus Lineaus, and we'll hear how passenger-jets in the future will be 5 times more eco-friendly than they are now..
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1227 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0527 (Western N America)
Repeated: Thurs 1500 (South Asia), Thurs 1900 (Africa)

*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1200 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0500 (Western N America)
*** EuroQuest ***
"Best of the Quest"
Jonathon Groubert selects his highlights from 11 years of Euroquest.
Jonathan will be returning in May at the helm of a new Radio Netherlands programme.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1227 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0527 (Western N America)
Repeated: Mon 1500 (South Asia), Mon 1900 (Africa)

*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1200 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0500 (Western N America)
*** The Weekly Documentary ***
"War of Words - The Cutting-room Floor"
In 2002, Radio Netherlands Worldwide presented a series called "War of Words" on the gathering and dissemination of information in times of conflict. In the aftermath of 9/11 and with a possible attack on Iraq looming on the horizon it seemed a good time to find out what kind of propaganda techniques are used to influence public opinion in times of conflict.
Join Michele Ernsting again for the second programme of the Series, "The Cutting-room Floor", in which she looks at the self-censorship of the corporate-run media.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1227 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0527 (Western N America)
Repeated: Fri 1500 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1900 (Africa), Sun 14:30 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), Sun 1930 (Africa, N America)

*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1200 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)
*** Dutch Horizons ***
It's a timeless story, two people meet and fall in love. They only have eyes for each other and are not aware of the world around them - but soon the world will notice them, especially when religion, nationality or ethnic background don't match.
In this week's Dutch Horizons, we'll take a close look at the state of mixed marriages and we'll hear the story of an extraordinary black woman who, in the 18th century, sought and eventually received permission to marry a white man.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1227 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0527 (Western N America)
Repeated: Wed 1500 (South Asia), Wed 1900 (Africa)

*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1200 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)
*** Network Europe ***
Take a dash of entertainment, add a measure of information. Swirl in a hint of irreverence and mix well for a thoroughly European flavour. An enticing cocktail that offers more than a taste of events on the continent this week.
We call it Network Europe: served up every Tuesday and Friday by a partnership of Europe's leading broadcasters.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1027 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1227 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1827 & 2000 (Africa), 0027 (Eastern N America), 0127 (Central N America), 0527 (Western N America)
Repeated: Tues 1500 (South Asia), Tues 1900 (Africa)
(R Netherlands)

Voice of Turkey's Arabic frequency update

Voice of Turkey has recently released a frequency update for their Arabic service targeted to the Middle East from 23 February 2007.
1500-1655 UTC, new frequency 6175 EMR 500 kW / 168 deg, (ex 6120 kHz to avoid TRT Turkish from 1630)
(DX Mix News # 456 via Alokesh Gupta, India & Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany)

TDP station schedule update

Transmitter Documentation Project (TDP) listings have current and former worldwide transmitter locations. TDP also brokers leased air times over shortwave transmitters, including various clandestine broadcasters. Reception reports for stations using TDP may be directed to:
Transmitter Documentation Project
c/o Ludo Maes
P.O. Box 1
B-2310 Rijkevorsel, Belgium

The following updates are via DX Mix News. All times UTC
BELGIUM [non] Updated B-06 of TDP stations via RUS/CIS txs:

Denge Mezopotamya in Kurdish:
0300-0500 7590 KCH 300 kW 116 deg to WeAs Daily,but really not active
0500-1500 11530 KCH 300 kW 116 deg to WeAs Daily
1500-1700 7590 KCH 500 kW 116 deg to WeAs Daily

Que Huong Radio in Vietnamese:
1200-1300 15680 DB 100 kW 117 deg to Asia Mon-Sat

Tensae Ethiopia Voice of Unity in Amharic:
1500-1600 11900 ARM 250 kW 188 deg to EaAf Daily

Radio Xoriyo Ogadenia in Somali:
1600-1700 9445 SAM 250 kW 188 deg to EaAf Tue

Andenet Le Democracy in Anharic:
1600-1700 NF 9445 SAM 250 kW 188 deg to EaAf Wed/Fri/Sun, retimed
1700-1800 7280 SAM 250 kW 188 deg to EaAf Tue/Thu/Sun, deleted

Voice of Eritrea in Tigrigna:
1600-1700 9485 SAM 250 kW 188 deg to EaAf Thu, deleted

Voice of Ethiopian National United People's Front in Amharic:
1600-1700 9445 SAM 250 kW 188 deg to EaAf Fri, deleted

Dejen Radio in Tigrigna:
1600-1700 9445 SAM 250 kW 188 deg to EaAf Sat

Voice of Delina in Tigrigna:
1700-1730 7335 ARM 100 kW 188 deg to EaAf Mon-Fri

Radio Democracy Shorayee in Persian
1700-1800 7470 RUSorTDF transmitter to WeAs Tue/Thu/Fri/Sun
Denge Rojhelat in Persian:
1700-1900 7590 SAM 250 kW 175 deg to WeAs Daily,but really not active
(DX Mix News # 456 via Alokesh Gupta, India & Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany)

Blog Logs - DXpedition Part 3

Today's loggings conclude Walter Salmaniw's DXpedition to Queen Charlotte Islands in northern British Columbia. Thanks Walt for your contributions.
Gayle Van Horn

USA 780, 0545-, WBBM, Chicago Feb 16 Excellent reception with ID after weather, and into sports. Dominates when used with phaser. Oldies station dominates when phase is reversed. Still to be ID'd, but looking for KNOM, Nome, AK. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

TAIWAN 1557, 1746-, Family Radio Feb 15 Despite what I read in the PAL, they seem to be here still at this hour with a strong signal with hymns. Not sure who else this could be. Chinese programming, it seems. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

JAPAN 1287, 1914-, JOHR, Sapporo Feb 15 It's 11:15 am local, and I'm still hearing plenty of carriers and even some audio. For example HBC Hokkaido Hoso is coming in at fair levels. Mind you it's 50 kw from Sapporo. Still, something you never hear in Victoria! Other audio include JOLF 1242 in Tokyo, 972, and of course 1566 HLAZ. What fun!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ALASKA 920, 0531-, KSRM, Soldotna Feb 16 ABC news, followed by local ad for Soldotna therapeutic massage and chiropractic clinic. ID as AM 920 The One. Local Kenai weather. Initially good reception, then faded as they ID'd! Back to Mike Bohanan show. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
ALASKA 920, 0600-, KSRM, Soldotna Feb 16 Finally a nice ID as '920 KSRM Soldotna/Kenai/Homer', and into news. Good reception, though prone to deep fades, still. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

JAPAN 1287, 0629-, JOHR, Sapporo Feb 16 While searching for TA stations, came across audio from HBC, Japan at this early hour. They also happen to be one of the last audios to disappear in the morning, so obviously one of the first to appear. 1188 also quite a strong carrier, and I'm suspecting TP rather than TA. No signs of TA tonight. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ALASKA 820, 0638-, KCBF Fairbanks Feb 16 Very good reception after trying all evening (and being spoiled mostly by KGNW, Burien-Seattle). Local Fairbanks ads for airlines, chiropractic, massage, sports medicine, etc. Post game show for a Western Washington vs Bellingham basketball game....Ahhh! I did hear this earlier, but assumed it was the WA station. KGNW is there, but easily phased out. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
ALASKA 780, 1354-, KNOM, Nome Feb 16 Good reception being able to null KKOH which would otherwise dominate the frequency with 'Lady in Black'. ID into ABC news at 14:00 with TC for 05:00. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
ALASKA 770, 1408-, KCHU, Valdez Feb 16 Good reception with NPR 'Morning Edition' news except for cochannel CHQR from Calgary. Fill music at 14:10 without a local ID. Darn. //870 McGrath KSKO but latter is delayed slightly. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 1610, 1515-, WA State Highway Advisory Radio Feb 16 Weakly heard. Couldn't make out call letters or nature of the advisory, just the WA ID. A long way from WA, so not a bad catch. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

JAPAN 1575, 1524-, AFN Feb 16 Great reception this morning with no sign of VOA Thailand at all. Public service announcements (proper tire pressures, etc) and then into music. Not sure whether all 3 listed stations are in parallel. At 15:32 I'm hearing some talk about Japan, with music in the background, which I'm assuming is one of the other AFN Japan stations. Nope, it's VOA with special English. Oh, well. Rechecked at 16:00. No ID, but they're booming in with a S7 to S9 signal with modern American music. Just a short 'Happy Friday', and a mention of 'Guns and Roses' (not sure of the connotation for the latter). Occasionally I can hear VOA Thailand beneath, but mostly they have the frequency entirely to themselves. Into USA Network Sports at 16:20. At 16:22, I'm hearing PSA for military priority post, but with modern American music underneath, which isn't VOA. Perhaps the feeds are different for the 3 AFN stations. Sure wish they'd have local IDs! Incredibly long lasting! I've been listening to a steady, almost local-like signal for more than an hour, and they're still very strong at 16:44 (8:44 local) with mostly non-stop music, with occasional PSA, but nothing that I would call a definitive ID. At 17:00, heard the following: 'You are listening to the American Forces Network'. This was repeated a second time but much weaker, so I'm thinking this is another transmitter. Finally have something I would call a legal ID! I'm pleased. Sure is blasting in still! What a great dx site!!! At 17:19 still present with perfectly readable signal with a spot for smoking cessation. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ALASKA 770, 15:56-, KCHU, Valdez Feb 16 Interesting programming. Earlier they were in // to 870, but broke off to local programming. After a very lengthy weather forecast, they went on to describe the lunches at the various schools. Interesting!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
ALASKA 870, 1600-, KSKO, McGrath Feb 16 Finally got my full legal ID at 15:59 followed by the weather. I was worried that they would fade out before the ID, plus the DJ has a fairly monotone voice, but the signal hung in there. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

UNID 1512, 1712-, unid Feb 16 Sure like to know who's here. I'd be able to copy ok, except for splatter. Occasional English words heard, but the style seems very Filipino to me. Patrick, have you heard anything here? I see 2 Filipino's listed in PAL with one signing off at 16:10. Help please! Splatter is from 1520, so I'm trying LSB with notch. Anything's worth a try!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

KOREA 1566, 1758-, HLAZ Feb 16 Excellent reception of their Russian program signing-off with Moscow address and mentioning the Korean transmitter on 1566. Carrier off immediately afterwards at 18:00. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 1450, 2352-, KONP, Port Angeles, WA Feb 16 ID as Newsradio, 1450. Had to look this one up. Just across the water from Victoria, but a long way from the Queen Charlottes. Fair reception. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ICELAND 189, 0552-, Rikisutvarpid Ras Feb 17 Presumed logging with modern music. Not often heard on the west coast, so maybe the TAs are returning. Poor to fair reception only. Weak audio isalso audible on 153, with the MW being pretty much a wipe-out. Well, here's hoping for a good morning!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ALASKA 1080, 1430-, KUDO, Anchorage Feb 17 Finally, a full ID for this station which just happened to fade up nicely. Seems to gradually fade up and down over the course of a minute. Normally all I've been hearing here is KFXX, Portland ('The Fan'), and occasionally KVNI, Coeur d'Alene, ID. Followed by PSA and back to network talk radio. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

RUSSIA 576, 14:49-, Radiostantsiya Mayak Feb 17 Surprised to hear Russian here. Mayak jingles at 15:00 and then signed-off immediately. This matches RV69 Khabarovsk which is listed as signing off at 15:00, although my PAL states this station to be inactive. Rechecked at 15:05 to see that there's still a strong OC present. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

KOREA 603, 1515-, HLSA, Namyang Feb 17 Good to excellent reception before fading down with Korean music. In parallel to 558 which was weaker. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
KOREA 711, 15:33-, HLKA, Sorae Feb 17 Superb reception with possibly a radio play in Korean. Parallel noted on 1503. There's also another cochannel station noted with what sounds like an English Christian hymn. Hmmm. Turned out to be a Chinese speaker. For a time the Chinese station actually rose above HLKA. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

INDIA 4990, 1555-, AIR Itanagar Feb 17 English panel discussion at good level. Well over cochannel Chinese. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
INDIA 4970, 1558-, AIR Shillong Feb 17 Very good reception with lovely Indian music through the TOH. Announcement by YL at 16:01 (not in English) and then an English ad by an OM about convergence of radio and television (apparently a TV that also picks up radio...something, Model 80). Full ID in English at 16:04, then into western music. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

KYRGYZSTAN 4050.02, 1606-, Kyrgyz Radio 1 Feb 17 Presumed logging with weak audio. A bit too weak to positively ID the language. 4010 is also present, but even weaker. Some of my older references has DW in Russian at this time. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

TAJIKSTAN 4635.05, 1610-, Tajik Radio 1 Feb 17 Good reception with central Asian vocal. They then went into some Russian by a YL (a little harder to hear the spoken voice...I did hear her say 'musey' or museum). Then an OM went on in presumed Tajik. Followed by more music. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

INDIA 4760, 1616-, AIR Port Blair Feb 17 An interesting frequency with two equally strong stations cochannel. One is an obviously Muslim station (with melodic central Asian chants), while the other is a male speaking, and I'm suspecting this could be TWR from Swaziland. The first station has to be either AIR Port Blair (which seems to be the most commonly reported) or AIR Leh in Kashmir. I rechecked at 16:53. Most obviously TWR Swaziland with a good strong signal way over the presumed AIR station(s). I checked again at 16:59 to see that TWR was gone, and now a single Indian station is strongly heard. Both AIR stations are listed as on until 17:30 on Saturdays, so I'll have to recheck in a few minutes. Stumbled upon 5010 which is in // to 4760, so that confirms Port Blair, at least after 17:00. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
INDIA 4775, 1621-, AIR Imphal Feb 17 Presumed logging with traditional Indian music. Fair to good reception. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

DJIBOUTI 4780, 1622-, R. dif. TV de Djibouti Feb 17 Happy to hear this one showing that it is possible to hear Africa in our local mornings. Typical horn of Africa music at fair level. Slightly marred by CODAR chirp. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

INDIA 4800, 1625-, AIR Hyderabad Feb 17 Good reception with Indian music, but marred by cochannel Chinese station at equal strength, so a bit of a mess!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
INDIA 4810, 1626-, AIR Bhopal Feb 17 Fair to reception except for CODAR with Indian music by male vocalist. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
INDIA 4820, 1631-, AIR Kolkata Feb 17 A nice S7 to S9 signal dominating with Indian music, but cochannel, presumed Lhasa, Tibet audible underneath. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
INDIA 4840, 1633-, AIR Mumbai Feb 17 Must be the music hour. All of the AIR stations I've heard this hour have been playing a lot of music! Again, traditional Indian music at fair level. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
INDIA 4860, 1634-, AIR Delhi A Feb 17 Good reception with talk in presumed Urdu (FS is listed in DBS). Marred by a carrier on the high side producing a het, so LSB used. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
INDIA 4895, 1638-, AIR Kurseong Feb 17 I'm going out on a bit of a limb and assuming that this is an Indian station. Again traditional Indian music at good level. Doesn't seem to fit RTM and not sure whether they're still on the air. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
INDIA 4910, 1640-, AIR Jaipur Feb 17 Once again traditional Indian music at poor to fair level. No sign here of Zambia. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
INDIA 4920, 1641-, AIR Chennai Feb 17 Good reception with Indian music, unfortunately cochannel to equally strong Lhasa with Tibetan (or Chinese) music. Too bad they each couldn't use their own frequency. There's plenty of space these days!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

BOTSWANA 4930, 1643-, VOA Feb 17 Very good reception with African hi-life music. Interfered with slightly by some CW interference. I was hoping to hear Kenya, but realize that they're listed as a Monday to Friday operation only. Drats! Nightline Africa ID at 16:46. Went into their Nightline Africa mailbag. Accent made it a bit difficult to follow. Several calls from Nigeria. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

INDIA 4940, 1648-, AIR Guwahati Feb 17 Fair to good reception of what sounds like a radio play, not in English. Does not sound Chinese, so I'm quite certain it's Guwahati. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 4960, 1650-, Catholic Radio Network Feb 17 Just about forgot about PNG. English religious hymn at fair to good level. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ZAMBIA 4965, 1706-, The Voice Africa Feb 17 A presumed logging with some preaching, but mostly under what sounds like an Indian station (?AIR Shimla?). Both fair at best. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

CHINA 4980, 1707-, Xinjiang PBS Feb 17 Chinese or minority music marred by a ute on USB, so best on LSB. Fair level. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

INDIA 5010, 1712-, AIR Thiruvananthapuram Feb 17 Very good reception with Indian music followed by a description of the piece in a local language, then presumably the same in English. Marred by a choppy ?OTH radar signal at multiple pulses /second. Also there must be a cochannel station on at 10 Hz variation, so careful tuning is necessary. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 1020, 0330-, KCKN Roswell, NM Feb 18 Checked this frequency often looking for KAXX Eagle River, AK. No sign of them. Instead, ID noted for KCKN at good level. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ECUADOR 3279.7, 0345-, La Voz del Napo Feb 18 Reasonably good signal except for a ute smack on the frequency spoiling enjoyable listening. Latin tunes, sounding quite Cuban to me. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

SOUTH AFRICA 3320, 0348-, SABC, Meyerton Feb 18 Good reception with classical music. Listed as Radio Sonder Grense. Probably the best I've ever heard them in the Pacific northwest. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

HONDURAS 3340, 0351-, HRMI, La Voz de Misiones Internacionales Feb 18 Poor to fair at best with Spanish religious programming. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

SOUTH AFRICA 3345, 0352-, Channel Africa, Meyerton Feb 18 Not as strong as Radio Sonder Grense, but still a fair signal with EZL music. Didn't wait around for an ID. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ALASKA 970, 04:05-, KFBX Fairbanks Feb 18 Finally heard several IDs. A difficult catch with numerous cochannel stations including CFXE, Edson AB. Into a music bridge and then at 04:08 into Coast to Coast Live program. Fair reception. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

RUSSIA 720, 1352-, Voice of Russia,Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Feb 18 Strong signal with 'Here comes the sun' in Russian! Nice to see them back. This is the Japanese language service. VOR IS at 13:59, and then faded away with North American stations dominating again. Checked at 14:24 to notice a station causing a het from 719.9. I've been hearing them all week. Good audio at 14:27 now. This is the KCBS in Pyongyang with their usual Korean vocals. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

UNID 1476, 1524-, unid Feb 18 This is an interesting frequency. First, the Malaysian on1475 provides decent audio, so one must use USB. 1476 itself has a couple of stations audible. One is off frequency on about 1476.04 and seems variable. The other is playing some pretty strange oriental music. The closest I've heard is the Vietnamese regional Son La, but no Vietnamese listed. I'm thinking that this may be one of the Chinese regionals. The off frequency perhaps is a Filipino?. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

MALAYSIA 1475, 1531-, Suara Malaysia Feb 18 Decent audio in Tagalog with sign-off procedures by an undermodulated female. Off at 15:34:24 followed by presumed NA until 15:35 and then carrier immediately off. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

TAIWAN 738, 1614-, BEL2 Taiwan Area Fishery Brdcstg Stn Feb 18 Dominates this frequency with Chinese talk and // to weaker 1593 and 1143. Several other stations cochannel, but this one is strongest. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

CHINA 981, 1628-, CNR 1 Feb 18 Interesting sound. Multiple sites with slight delays between them producing an echo effect. Very good reception. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

UNID 918, 1634-, unid Feb 18 A real mystery. American English but with a weird echo!!! What on earth is this? Multiple paths? Multiple locations? Good reception. Continued to improve. Solid S7 reception and in the clear. Story about George W. Bush. By 16:41 no longer in English. I did hear a though, so maybe this is a Chinese station or Korean with an English lesson? Help please with this one! Yes this was a language lesson. I have the clip from 17:00, so would appreciate assistance on the ID. It's likely Chinese. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

Human rights advocacy to support Open Radio for North Korea

The US human rights advocacy group Freedom House will reportedly give US$25,000 to a Korean NGO, Open Radio for North Korea (ORNK), the station said on its website yesterday. The money is to support radio programmes for families separated by the Korean War. The station said it was the first financial support from Freedom House for a Korean NGO.
ORNK has vowed to boost its programming for separated families. Members of such families can send their stories by phone or e-mail, and they will be broadcast to their families in North Korea. The station, opened in December 2005, broadcasts on shortwave on 7390kHz from 1400-1500 UTC every day. Ten weeks from next Monday will be devoted to programmes for separated families.
Open Radio for North Korea

(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Radio Tatras International launches blog in Slovak

Slovak-based Radio Tatras International has launched a Weblog containing the text of its hourly weekday news in Slovak. The new service, part of a complete enhancement of news within RTI-SK, is the first new online service from the RTI-SK News Team. It can be accessed 24 hours a day via
Eric Wiltsher, Director RTI, said, “The entire world is moving into a new phase, as described by Bill Gates of Microsoft, being one of the Digital Decade. The challenge for broadcasters is to embrace the Digital Decade and offer services in tune with the listeners of this new decade, many of these services will be seen as public service broadcasting and commercial free.We are sure that many who work in other countries, not always able to listen to live news broadcasts, will find this service of great value and very much in-keeping with the RTI motto, RTI, A PLACE JUST LIKE HOME.
“Our news team have spent some time working on the format for this new Blog and I thank them for their hard work. I also commend them for taking the challenge of the Digital Decade with a truly 2007 approach”.
The new RTI News Blog, which also includes Tourist Information for both Slovak and English Tourists, will be updated at the same time as newscasts are made.
(R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Non-premium Sky Channels may disappear from Virgin Media

A row between UK broadcast rivals Virgin Media and BSkyB has escalated, leading to the likely disappearance of some non-premium Sky Channels from Virgin’s platform. On its website, Virgin Media says that Sky’s non-premium channels, like Sky One and Sky News may be disappearing from Virgin Media’s service at the end of the month. However, premium services Sky Sports and Sky Movies are not affected.
Virgin Media claims that Sky is asking for an an increase in payments for its non-premium services that bears no relation to the channels’ market value. Virgin Media say it has has refused to accept this increase, since it would mean absorbing significant costs, and passing the increase on to its customers. The company believes the real reason for Sky’s decision is that it’s trying to force viewers to leave Virgin Media and get a Sky subscription to watch the full range of Sky channels.
Sky insists that it is not ‘pullling the channels’ off Virgin Media, but the current contract runs out at the end of February and Virgin Media has chosen not to sign the new one. Sky says it is “disappointed” at what Virgin Media has said in public, and that discussions are still going on.
Virgin Media
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Multilingual DRM schedule update

All times UTC
DIGITAL RADIO MONDIAL (DRM) schedule on shortwave. Last updated 19 February 2007
0000-0100 on 9790 SAC 070 kW / 227 deg to NoAm TDP Radio Dance Mx
0000-2400 on 5990 JUN 050 kW / non-dir to Europe RTL Radio French
0000-2400 on 6095 JUN 050 kW / 060 deg to Europe RTL Radio German
0100-0200 on 6080 SAC 070 kW / 227 deg to NoAm CRI English
0200-0400 on 15640 K/A 090 kW / 250 deg to China VOR Russian WS
0400-0600 on 15640 K/A 090 kW / 250 deg to China VOR English WS
0400-2205 on 6085 ISM 010 kW / non-dir to Europe BR-B5 aktuell German
0600-0655 on 9850 FLE 040 kW / 123 deg to SoEaEu RNW Dutch
0600-1300 on 9890 RAN 050 kW / 000 deg to SoPac RNZI English
0630-1130 on 6175 FON 010 kW / 330 deg to Europe RMC French
0700-0755 on 7300 FLE 040 kW / 230 deg to SoWeEu RNW English
0700-0800 on 11615 MSK 035 kW / 240 deg to Europe VOR English
0700-0900 on 5875 KVI 050 kW / 190 deg to Europe BBC WS English
0700-0900 on 7335 KVI 050 kW / 220 deg to Europe BBC WS English,test irreg
0700-0900 on 6130 WOF 100 kW / 172 deg to Europe DW various
0700-1500 on 7320 RMP 035 kW / 080 deg to Europe BBC WS English
0800-0855 on 7240 FLE 040 kW / 123 deg to CeEu RNW Dutch
0800-0855 on 13810 SIN 090 kW / 030 deg to Europe DW various
0800-0900 on 9655 MOS 040 kW / 285 deg to Europe DW various
0800-0900 on 11615 MSK 035 kW / 240 deg to Europe VOR/RIR Russian
0900-1000 on 11615 MSK 035 kW / 240 deg to Europe VOR English
0900-1055 on 6015 FLE 040 kW / 191 deg to SoEu RNW Dutch Mon-Fri
0900-1055 on 7240 FLE 040 kW / 123 deg to CeEu RNW Dutch Sat/Sun
0900-1155 on 13810 SIN 090 kW / 020 deg to Europe DW various
0900-1155 on 15725 SIN 090 kW / 050 deg to Europe DW various
0900-1200 on 7275 WOF 100 kW / 114 deg to Europe DW various
0900-1330 on 13620 KWT 120 kW / 310 deg to Europe Radio Kuwait Arabic
0900-1430 on 9470 KVI 050 kW / 190 deg to Europe BBC WS English
0900-1430 on 9480 KVI 050 kW / 220 deg to Europe BBC WS English
0915-0945 on 5945 WER 040 kW / 330 deg to Europe BVBN English
1000-1100 on 9760 MOS 050 kW / 295 deg to UK CVC English
1000-1200 on 11615 MSK 035 kW / 240 deg to Europe VOR German
1100-1255 on 15605 FLE 040 kW / 191 deg to SoEu RNW Dutch
1200-1300 on 6130 WOF 100 kW / 172 deg to Europe DW various
1200-1300 on 13770 SMG 125 kW / 300 deg to NoAm Vatican Radio various
1200-1400 on 15440 SIN 090 kW / 030 deg to Europe DW various
1200-1400 on 11615 MSK 035 kW / 260 deg to Europe DW various
1300-1325 on 6065 RMP 035 kW / 095 deg to Europe Radio Prague German Sat
1300-1330 on 7275 FLE 040 kW / 123 deg to CeEu Radio Sweden German
1300-1550 on 7145 RAN 050 kW / 000 deg to SoPac RNZI English
1300-1600 on 6130 WOF 100 kW / 114 deg to Europe DW various
1300-2000 on 17875 GUF 150 kW / 320 deg to NoAm RFI French Mon-Fri
1330-1355 on 9750 RMP 035 kW / 095 deg to Europe Radio Prague German Fri
1330-1355 on 6065 RMP 035 kW / 095 deg to Europe Radio Prague English Sat
1330-1400 on 7275 FLE 040 kW / 123 deg to CeEu Radio Sweden English
1345-1745 on 9880 KWT 120 kW / 282 deg to NoAf Radio Kuwait Arabic
1400-1425 on 9750 RMP 035 kW / 095 deg to Europe Radio Prague English Fri
1400-1430 on 9750 RMP 035 kW / 095 deg to Europe RNZI English Sat
1400-1500 on 5905 MSK 035 kW / 260 deg to Europe VOR Russian
1400-1555 on 13590 SIN 090 kW / 030 deg to Europe DW various
1400-1600 on 9815 MOS 040 kW / 295 deg to Europe DW various
1430-1500 on 9750 RMP 035 kW / 095 deg to Europe KBS World English Fri
1430-1500 on 7240 FLE 040 kW / 123 deg to CeEu RCI English
1430-1900 on 7465 KVI 050 kW / 190 deg to Europe BBC WS English
1430-1900 on 7485 KVI 050 kW / 220 deg to Europe BBC WS English, co-ch KTWR
Korean till 1630
1500-1515 on 6060 SMG 125 kW / 350 deg to Europe Vatican Radio German
1500-1530 on 7340 WER 060 kW / 300 deg to Europe RRI English
1500-1600 on 6015 ISS 035 kW / 060 deg to Europe TDP Radio Dance Mx
1500-1600 on 9750 RMP 035 kW / 095 deg to Europe CBS RTI English Fri
1500-1600 on 5905 MSK 035 kW / 260 deg to Europe VOR English
1500-1800 on 5875 RMP 035 kW / 080 deg to Europe BBC WS English
1505-1605 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm RCI English
1515-1530 on 6060 SMG 125 kW / 350 deg to Europe Vatican Radio Polish
1550-1750 on 9890 RAN 050 kW / 000 deg to SoPac RNZI English
1600-0800 on 3995 SIN 090 kW / 040 deg to Europe DW various
1600-1655 on 7240 FLE 040 kW / 123 deg to Europe RNW Dutch
1600-1700 on 9750 RMP 035 kW / 095 deg to Europe NHK English Fri
1605-1635 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm RCI Russian Sat/Sun
1605-1705 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm RCI Russian Mon-Fri
1635-1705 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm RCI Ukranian Sat/Sun
1705-1905 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm RCI English
1750-1850 on 11675 RAN 050 kW / 035 deg to SoPac RNZI English
1800-1900 on 5970 RMP 035 kW / 080 deg to Europe BBC WS English
1800-2000 on 17860 SGO 015 kW / 045 deg to Brazil CVC Portuguese Mon-Fri
1850-1950 on 15720 RAN 050 kW / 000 deg to SoPac RNZI English
1900-2055 on 3965 ISS 001 kW / 065 deg to France RFI French
1905-2005 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm RCI French
1950-2050 on 11675 RAN 050 kW / 325 deg to SoPac RNZI English
2000-2300 on 6105 MSK 035 kW / 260 deg to Europe VOR English WS
2045-2130 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm Vatican Radio English
2050-2300 on 15720 RAN 050 kW / 000 deg to SoPac RNZI English
2130-2200 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm RNW English
2200-0200 on 11675 KWT 120 kW / 350 deg to NoAm Radio Kuwait Arabic
2200-2300 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm RCI English
2200-2255 on 15425 GUF 125 kw / 320 deg to NoAm RNW English
2300-0600 on 17675 RAN 050 kW / 000 deg to SoPac RNZI English
2300-1755 on 3965 ISS 001 kW / 065 deg to France RFI French
2300-2330 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm DW English
2300-2345 on 7370 SMG 125 kW / 300 deg to NoAm Vatican Radio English
2330-2400 on 9800 SAC 070 kW / 268 deg to NoAm Radio Sweden English
(DX Mix News # 456 via Alokesh Gupta, India & Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany)