Friday, June 29, 2007

Turkmenistan monitoring observations


Last days I checked the radio of Turkmenistan. The two frequencies 4930 and 5015 are still active. I heard the programmes very weak, but the programmes of Turkmenistan are easy to recognize due to their language and instrumental music. 4930 was not audible in tne evening
until 2100 because of VOA on that frequency. So it was possible to hear from 2100-2300 when the hight break beginns on 4930, then from 0059-0150, when the station faded out. 5015 came in after 2100 and was audible until 0130 (fade out). The night break is before 2100. The programmes are not in \\, just some news at the beginning of the hour. 2100-2300, 0059-~0150: 4930 2100-~0130 UT: 5015 kHz.
(Udo Krueger-D, wwdxc BC-DX June 18)
(Source: BC-DX # 813)

Exiled Ethiopian Church to launch radio broadcast on July 2

The exiled Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has announced today that it will launch a weekly radio broadcast to Ethiopia starting on 2 July 2007. The radio will be broadcast every Monday from 7-8 pm, Addis Ababa time [1600-1700 gmt], on 15260 kHz or 19 meter band.

The radio programme will include bible teaching, church news, as well as reports and discussions on current social, political and other issues of national importance. The Holy Synod is led by the legitimate patriarch of Ethiopia, Abune Merkorios, who went into exile when the Tigrean People Liberation Front (weyane, [TPLF, dominant party with in ruling coalition]) came to power in 1991.

While in exile, Abune Merkorios helped prevent Ethiopian churches in the Diaspora from being taken over by the weyane-installed patriarch, Aba Gebremedhin (formerly Aba Paulos) who is viewed by Ethiopians more as a political cadre of the regime than a religious leader.

Abune Merkorios has also helped build several churches, providing spiritual comfort to hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians who scattered around the world. The radio broadcast is intended to expand its spiritual service the church providing to its followers be a voice for the millions of Ethiopians who are being brutalized by the tribal junta in power.
(Source: Ethiopian Review website in English 12 Jun 07 via BBC Monitoring, original post 14 June 2007)

Venezuelan opposition channel warns against closure

Closing down Venezuela’s last remaining opposition television station would be “the beginning of the end” of President Hugo Chávez’s rule, the channel’s head said in comments published today. ”It would be the beginning of the end because it would close the escape valve available to Venezuelans. Globovision is the only media where the opposition can take a stand,” station director Alberto Ravell told conservative daily Spanish newspaper ABC.

Ravell said the broadcaster was the only station in Venezuela whose “editorial line is not set by the government.” Last month Chávez refused to renew the broadcast licence of Radio Caracas Television (RCTV), which expired on May 27, on grounds the network was conspiring to overthrow him.

Venezuela’s Communications Minister Willian Lara has since accused Globovision of inciting attempts to assassinate Chávez, citing as proof its airing of footage of the 1981 assassination attempt on former pope John Paul II accompanied by a salsa song whose lyrics included the line “have faith.”

Chávez’s move against RCTV, a popular broadcaster of soap operas and variety shows, sparked days of clashes between police and protesters that left dozens injured and led to an international outcry. The Venezuelan president has said Globovision distorted reaction to the closure of RCTV.

While Venezuelan state television has depicted the protesters as vandals Globovision has depicted the marches against the closure of RCTV as a battle for free speech and has blamed the police for the violence.

(Source: AFP/R Netherlands media Network Weblog)

Voice of Zimbabwe programming has yet to begin

Monitoring observations over the past month of the Voice of Zimbabwe indicate that regular programming has yet to start. The station opened on 25 May 2007.

Harare’s state-owned The Sunday Mail reported on 27 May that the station was testing “for the next three weeks, during which time management will be fine-tuning programming and receiving feedback from listeners from all over the world”. The published transmission schedule is 0530 to 1630 gmt on 5975 kHz and 1630 to 0530 gmt on 4828 kHz.

However, no news broadcasts have been heard; the station plays Chimurenga [liberation war] music which fades away at different times. There is no set schedule and no announcers have been heard.

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings and the Ministry of Information have not advanced any explanation for the failure to begin news broadcasts.

Zimdaily, a London-based online news service critical of government policies, reported on 5 June that the station had “indefinitely” postponed broadcasts because “the radio was inadvertently jammed by the same equipment set up by the paranoid ZANU-PF government to jam private radio stations - Studio 7 and SW Radio Africa”.

The station, headed by liberation war veteran Happison Muchechetere, is thought to have hired three reporters by 15 June. Staff members are still based in Harare, not in Gweru, the city from which the station broadcasts. Vehicles bearing the station’s logo are seen on the streets of Harare.
(Source: BBC Monitoring research 29 Jun 07/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Shortwave propagation reports

Forecast of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
27 June - 23 July 2007

Solar activity is expected to be at very low to low levels. Isolated C-class flares are possible during 28 June - 11 July due to the return of old Region 960 (S07, L = 176).

No proton events are expected at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is expected to reach high levels during 27 June, 02 - 05 July, and 16 - 17 July.

Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be at quiet to unsettled levels during 27 June - 10 July, though active levels may occur on 30 June due to a weak, recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream. Activity is expected to increase to quiet to active levels on 11 - 12 July due to a recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream. Quiet to
unsettled conditions are expected during 13 - 17 July. An increase to quiet to active conditions is expected during 18 - 20 July with minor storm periods possible on 19 July due to another recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream. Mostly quiet conditions are expected during 21 - 23 July.

27-day Space Weather Outlook Table 27DO.txt
:Issued: 2007 Jun 26 1853 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Environment Center
# Product description and SEC contact on the Web
# 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table
# Issued 2007 Jun 26
# UTC Radio Flux Planetary Largest
# Date 10.7 cm A Index Kp Index
2007 Jun 27 75 5 2
2007 Jun 28 80 5 2
2007 Jun 29 80 8 3
2007 Jun 30 80 10 3
2007 Jul 01 80 8 3
2007 Jul 02 80 5 2
2007 Jul 03 80 5 2
2007 Jul 04 80 5 2
2007 Jul 05 80 5 2
2007 Jul 06 80 5 2
2007 Jul 07 75 5 2
2007 Jul 08 75 5 2
2007 Jul 09 75 5 2
2007 Jul 10 75 5 2
2007 Jul 11 70 15 4
2007 Jul 12 70 10 3
2007 Jul 13 70 8 3
2007 Jul 14 70 5 2
2007 Jul 15 70 5 2
2007 Jul 16 70 5 2
2007 Jul 17 70 10 3
2007 Jul 18 70 15 4
2007 Jul 19 70 20 5
2007 Jul 20 70 12 3
2007 Jul 21 70 5 2
2007 Jul 22 70 5 2
2007 Jul 23 70 5 2
(Source: NOAA)

Radio Rossii QSL update


Radio Rossii, Kaliningrad (Bolshakovo)

Saint Petersburg Regional Center, 3

Akademika Pavlova st.

Saint Petersburg, 197022 Russia

Verification by a reception report dated September 04, 2001 for a Russian transmission for the Caucasus Region with 160 kws. Very nice QSL Card full data of Saint Petersburg Regional Center with five small pictures of:
a) 311-meter high broadcasting tower of the Leningrad Radio & TV Transmitting Center (Saint Petersburg)
b) Radio Center No. 11 (Leningrad Region, Krasny Bor): MW directional aerial system called "Bolshaya zarya" with 26 radio-towers (42 meters each) is used for long-distance MW broadcasting
c) Short Wave SGD-type (curtain) antennas of the Radio Center No. 11 (Leningrad region, Krasny Bor)
d) 3TV Channel transmitter of the Leningrad Radio and TV Transmitting Center (Saint Petersburg)
e) Technical room of high-power LW/MW transmitters of the Radio Center No. 11 (Leningrad region, Krasny Bor)
The station sent me a small and nice Saint Petersburg Regional Center's stiker and a small and beautiful nice Saint Petersburg Regional Center's pennant. They sent the nice Saint Petersburg Regional Center current AM schedule. Delay: More of five years!!!!
V/S: Mikhail Timofeyev-QSL Manager
(Arnaldo Slaen-ARG, DXplorer June 23)
(Source: BC-DX # 813)

Radio Kashmir Srinagar regaining popularity among listeners

Radio Kashmir has regained popularity among masses with the increased number of its listeners across the state. The news and commercial broadcasting (FM) section of its Srinagar Station have once again attracted the people by providing them the best news and entertainment round the clock, reports the Kashmir News Agency.
The Urdu News from Radio Kashmir Srinagar on state hookup is simultaneously broadcast from Bhaderwah, Drass, Jammu, Kargil, Kathua, Khalsi, Kupwara, Leh, Naushera, Poonch, Rajouri , Srinagar and Tiesuru.
Reports revealed that 70 to 80 percent of the News audience listens to Radio Kashmir Srinagar, mostly in rural areas, while a large number of people listen to Commercial broadcasting’s FM Station and its other allied programmes, thus giving a tough fight to other private operators in the state.
(Source: Kashmir News Agency/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Swiss government approves World Radio Switzerland

The Swiss federal government has approved a licence for a new English-language digital radio station called World Radio Switzerland. WRS, to be run by Swiss Radio and Television (SSR), will replace World Radio Geneva in November. The government also approved the launch of DRS 4 News, an all-news German-language digital radio station that SSR will begin operating at the same time.
Full details from Tribune de GenPve
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Alexanderson Day set for July 1 special ARO event

The annual transmission on "Alexanderson Day" with the Alexanderson alternator on VLF 17.2 kHz will take place Sunday July 1st 2007 at 0900 UTC (tuning up from 0815 UT) and will be repeated at 1300 (tuning up from 1215 UT).
The station will be open to visitors. There will be activity on amateur radio frequencies with the call "SK6SAQ". Check our web site:

QSL-reports are kindly received via:
SM Bureau
Grimeton 72, S-430 16 ROLFSTORP, Sweden
Yours, Lars Kalland, SM6NM
(via Joachim Thiel-D, A-DX June 15)
(Source: WWDXC-Top News, BC-DX #812)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Log update on Bhutan on shortwave

6035, *0000-0020, 28 May, Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Thimpu. Horn fanfare heard with S 7, 0004 Dzhonga annmt, more Horn music, 0013 talk (S=3), fade out - covered by Colombia 34343. Also heard weaker on 27- 05 with 13231. (Anker Petersen-DEN, June 13 dswci DXW)

Station Engineer, Mr. D. Thinley, has confirmed by e-mail that he has received my snail mail reception report and will answer with a QSL. The e- mail connection to the BBS is sporadic. I sent him two e-mails replying to his e-mails to me, but in both cases they bounced back with this message: "Your message was not delivered because the destination computer was not reachable within the allowed queue period. The amount of time a message is queued before it is returned depends on local configuration parameters.
Most likely there is a network problem that prevented delivery, but it is also possible that the computer is turned off, or does not have a mail system running right now. Your message was not delivered within 2 days and 0 hours. Host is not responding." (Anker Petersen-DEN, June 7 dswci DXW)

6035, Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Thimpu, going past 1600 UT, May 28, running extended services for its first parliamentary election trials with English discussions. Bad interference co-channel NHK. Might run thru the night past 1900 UT. Good chance in Europe to catch it. (Victor Goonetilleke-CLN, June 13 dswci DXW)
(Source; BC-DX #813)

Kim Elliott to air on Talk to America June 28

Kim Andrew Elliott, audience research analyst in the US International Broadcasting Bureau, will be on VOA’s Talk to America, tomorrow, 28 June, at 1400-1500 UTC, for another discussion about international broadcasting. Kim will interview Terrence Ripmaster, author of the new book Willis Conover: Broadcasting Jazz to the World. The programme follows the news at 1400 UTC on these shortwave frequencies or via the VOA News Now Windows Media or RealPlayer live audio streams. Join the conversation by calling +1-202-619-3111 or e-mail to .
(R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Last chances for Radio Budapest

All Radio Budapest HF services in languages other than Hungarian are planned to be terminated on June 30, 2007. This is the planned schedule for the residual Hungarian services, with all transmissions from Jazbareny:
All times UTC

3975 to Central Europe at 0300-0700 (Mo-Sa), 0400-0730 (Su), 1000-1100, 1400-1700 and 1800-2200.
5995 to Central Europe at 0400-0730 (Su)
6025 to Central Europe at 0300-2200 and Sa/Su 2200-2300.
6140 to North America at 0130-0230.
6195 to North America at 0000-0100.
9665 to South America at 2200-2300.
11695 to North America at 2000-2100.
11795 to Australia at 1800-1900.
21590 to Australia at 1100-1200. (Padula, Jun 23)
(Source: DX Window 327 via Anker Petersen)

Correspondence or reception reports may be directed to:

Radio Budapest
Bródy Sándor utca 5-7
H-1800 Budapest, Hungary


Taleban pirate station Voice of Shariat broadcasting again

A pirate Taleban radio station, Voice of Shariat, or Islamic law, has begun broadcasting again, reports from south-eastern Afghanistan say. A Taleban spokesman said a half-hour programme was broadcast on the night of Jun 19 and would now be broadcast daily. The broadcast had a message from the fugitive Taleban leader, Mullah Omar, Koranic verses and criticised the presence of foreign press.

The station closed six years ago with the fall of the Taleban regime. Local people said the station could be heard in parts of four south-eastern provinces - Paktika, Paktia, Khost and Ghazni.

The sound quality may have been poor, and reception faint, but the content of the latest transmission from the Voice of Shariat was familiar to those who remember the station which used to carry the Taleban's message across Afghanistan. An Afghan official in Paktia province confirmed the programme could be heard there, but he said reception was weak. It is not clear where the broadcasts originate from.

Two years ago, the Taleban announced they were relaunching the Voice of Shariat as a pirate radio station from somewhere in their former stronghold of the south. They said they would use a mobile transmitter to avoid being shut down by American or Afghan forces. Last year its broadcasts could be heard briefly and intermittently in some southern provinces.

But this is thought to be the first time it has been heard in the south east. The Taleban took over Afghan radio when they swept to power in Kabul in 1996. They threw out female presenters and banned music, but used radio to broadcast their hardline Islamic view of the world to the rest of the country. They were tougher on television, outlawing it as un-Islamic. And they were famously known for hanging television sets.

However, nowadays, the Taleban and their allies are thought to be behind fairly sophisticated propaganda videos circulating in Pakistan and Afghanistan and some Taleban commanders have even allowed Western camera crews to film them. The Taleban also make extensive use of the internet and have their own internet site. (By Pam O'Toole, BBC News at via Liangas, Jun 21).

Until Oct 08, 2001 when U.S. aircraft bombed its Kabul transmitter, R Voice of Shariat was heard on 7070-7090 at 0100-0300 (Fr-0800) 1400-1500 in Pashto/Dari and 1530-1710 Foreign Sce. incl. news in English at 1530-1545. (Ed)
(Source: DX Window 327 via Anker Petersen)

Blog Logs

Today's shortwave BLOG LOGS, represent those recently cut from my SWBC Logs column, due to space constraints. Contributions are always welcome for the magazine or blog, and may be directed to my above email address. Thanks very much to all the contributors for your kind words and support.
Gayle VH

Freqs in kHz, all times UTC, English unless otherwise stated // parallel frequencies. * sign-on - Sign-off *

Radio Nacional 4950, 2317-2353. Portuguese announcements to musical selections. Nice station ID at 2320. (Barbour)

Radio Austria International 6155, 0420-0500. German service for announcers very good program of chamber music. (Wood)

VOA relay 9600, -530. Sign-off routine of ID, station info and Yankee Doodle interval signal. (Wood)

Tentative on Radio Alvorada 4965, 0037-0104. Portuguese service. Braz pops with male announcers text between items. No discernable ID noted amid poor and weak signal. (Barbour)

CVC-La Voz Christiana 15410, 1730-1740. Religious music at tune-in. Very weak for Spanish text and IDs. (Banks) 6109.77, 1000-1010 (tentative ID) Orchestral music with poor signal copy for Spanish comments. (Bolland)

Costa Rica
University Network 7375.08, 1126-1142. Sister Melissa's preaching. SIO 322 // 5935 via WWCR //9725 via Costa Rica. 11775 and 13845 missing. (Frodge)

Costa Rica
Radio Exterior de Espana 5930, 1000-1300. Opening ID at 1000. News in Spanish with good signal. (Bolland)

HD2IO, Guayaquil 3810, 0454. Time and Frequency station with time pips and ID. (Wood)

Radio Ethiopia 9704.2, 0347-0404. Vernacular text from male/female announcers. Musical bits and presumed newscast at 0400. Weak signal but clear // 7110 poor. (Barbour)

Equatorial Guinea
Radio Africa 15190, 1044-1104. English religous programming with lady reading listener's mail. Poor signal witj constant "hum" and weak co-channel RHC interval signal at 1056. (Bolland)

Afrique Numero Un 9580, 0526. French ID, talk and French pop music. (Wood)

Evangelische Missions Gemendein via Wertachtal 13710, 1100-1115. Russian service for choral music. Monitoring this one while checking Radio Thailand at the same time. Males continuous talk from 1106 to tune-out. Poor copy with fading. (Barbour)

RRI Jakarta 9680, 1030-1045. Steady Islamic style music at tune-in. Indonesian comments for good signal quality. (Bolland)

Radio Nikkei 6055, 0946-1002. Japanese duo at tune-in with talk over music. Station ID at 1000 into more announcer's chat. (Barbour)

Radio Kuwait, Kabd, 500 kW. 15435, 1948-2000. Arabic music at tune-in. Arabic announcements to martial anthem music at 1959, into news format at 2000. (Morgan)

RTM 6049.65, 1012-1020. Better signal than usual for music and program comments. "Canned" musical identification at 1018. (Bolland)

Radio Medi Un 9575, 0520. French service for announcers chat and pop music in French, Arabic and English. (Wood)

Tentative on T8BZ 9965, 1013-1035. Mandarin text to choral music. Male/female duo at 1028. Fanfare music and presumed ID at 1030. (Barbour)

Tentative for Radio Frecuencia VH 4485.9, 0250-0305.* Spanish text and music selections. Abruptly gone by 0305. Signal poor and weak. (Barbour)

Sao Tome
VOA relay 6080, 0415. Sports roundup and mentions of Tiwanese soccer team. Weather for China, southeast Asia and major U.S. cities. (Wood)

Saudi Arabia
BSKSA 15435, 1738-1745. Arabic text with mentions of Riyadh. SIO 322 for continued Arabic programming. (Bagwell)

Radio Damascus 9330, 2204-2215. Middle Eastern news briefs to ID at 2207. Commentary on Syrian kingdom and pulled the plug at 2210, returning two minutes later with Arabic music. Usual weak signal and over modulated signal. (Barbour)

Radio Thailand 7260, *1100-1106. English/Vietnamese. Interval signal, English ID for Viet broadcast. ID and Vietnamese thru rest of broadcast. (Barbour)

United Arab Emirates
Gospel for Asia via Dhabbaya 6145, 0120-0130*. Vernacular text to vocal music. Lady's sign-off routine with ID and interval signal. (Barbour)

WYFR-Family Radio Worldwide 15130, 1715-1733. Religious music to text in Spanish. 50 kW. (Banks)

CVC-Christian Vision 9975, 0109-0124. Hindi service. Pop music with male announcer's features and extended phone calls. Various promos and ID. Quiz with P.O. Box, phone number and Voice of Asia website. (Barbour)

CVC-Christian Voice 4915, 0054-0102. English contemporary Christian music with usual CVC identificatons. Poor signal quality, gave up by 0102 due to relentless CODAR interference. (Barbour)

ZBC 4828, 0212-0235. Vernacular text to continuos Afro music. Poor signal under more CODAR. (Barbour)

T. Banks, TX
B. Bagwell, MO
S. Barbor, NH
C. Bolland, FL
H. Frodge, MI
D. Morgan, OK
J. Wood, TN

Dxers Unlimited's midweek edition for 26-27 June 2007

By Arnie Coro-CO2KK

Hi long time amigos radioaficionados and those who are listening for the first time too... welcome to the midweek edition of Dxers Unlimited that is certainly a very special one, as at the time you are listening to the program, our nearest star the Sun has been inactive for a very long period, with the daily sunspot count at ZERO for many days.

Now a new sunspot active region is slowly rotating into view, and that will probably increase the solar flux above the extremely low 67 and 68 flux units that it has been hovering as of late. By the way, any solar flux figure below 70 units , automatically sends the sunspot count to ZERO.

Item two: Thank you amigos, to the many friends around the world that have already sent birthday greetings..ahead of time, as I will be celebrating my birthday Monday of next week. Some came in as early as yesterday evening, as it seems that some of my good friends have very well structured computerized data bases with their amigos birthdays records !!!

Item three: Listening Friday evening on the AM medium wave broadcast band to the recently upgraded Radio Reloj Pinar del Rio provincial relay, operating on 790 kiloHertz and running 20 kiloWatts, its another of the new solid state high technology transmitters that are replacing the old power hungry vacuum tube broadcast equipment, in an effort by Cuban broadcasting to make more efficient use of electricity by replacing the obsolete transmitting plant as financial resources become available.

The new 20 kW 790 kHz transmitter is located on the outskirts of the city of Pinar del Rio , about 100 miles west of Havana, and tests done by RadioCuba engineers show that it has an overall conversion efficiency of around 80 percent... that meaning that the new Radio Reloj relay will save a lot of electricity while providing a much better service, because it is also capable of modulating the carrier wave on positive peaks up to 125 percent...

A similar 10 kiloWatt transmitter was recently installed by Radio Cuba for the Radio Reloj City of Havana station on 950 kiloHertz, something that has improved the coverage of Radio Reloj in three of the nation's western provinces. More radio hobby related information coming to you in just a few seconds as Dxers Unlimited's weekend edition continues...

Si amigos, wish you could join my modest birthday party next Monday afternoon... I will be meeting with family and friends for the celebration, with little Claudia, my youngest daughter now almost two and a half years old, Teresita, my elder daughter , Arnie Jr. and Roxana my wife having prepared a cake and ice cream party !!!

Now here is the next item of today's program: Just added a Light Emitting Diodes home brew lamp to act as the back light of my favorite 2 meters band FM transceiver that was constantly burning the very difficult to replace incandescent pilot lamp that illuminates the liquid crystal display. A white light emitting diode and a resistor did the job that , according to LED manufacturers specifications won't need to be replaced in a very long , long time.

I also did a similar incandescent light bulb replacement on my small portable, a Grundig FR200 " Recycle Power"radio.
On this radio I replaced the high intensity miniature incandescent lamp dash emergency light with a cluster of three high intensity white diodes, that give a lot of light and use less than half the electricity that the incandescent bulb requires to operate. Some time ago a long time Dxers Unlimited listeners sent me the photos of his modified Grundig FR200 receiver , to which he had changed the light bulb for three high intensity white Light Emitting Diodes with great success, and I just followed upon this nice idea.

The other modification that he made consists on an electronic band spread, that is a voltage variable silicon diode that was added to the local oscillator tuned circuit on the short wave bands, making tuning a lot easier than with the radio's original mechanical analog tuning. He told me that he could set the analog dial to a specific position on the blank calibration scale, and then tune the radio with the varicap diode. Another thing he did to this very special "emergency radio" was to add a beat frequency oscillator, so that single side band and CW stations could be picked up..The BFO is switched on and off by a miniature switch located on the back of the radio, right next to a second variable resistor to control the voltage to a second voltage variable or varicap diode.

One of the really nice features of the Grundig FR200 is that it uses up very little electricity to operate... as a matter of fact three standard double A cells will last for quite some time if you use the radio for casual listening.

Again, it's an excellent set to have around in case there is a power failure, and even if your batteries go dead, the Grundig FR 200 has a crank type Direct Current Generator that will charge a small nickel metal hydride battery pack, and even if the pack is in bad shape, the radio will keep working all the time that you are cranking the generator !!!

Si amigos, despite doomsday predictions that the radio hobby will just vanish due to the now everywhere Internet, it's just not happening, and what a paradox, the Internet is actually helping the radio hobby in the specific case of amateur radio.
Never before in the more than one hundred years of the existence of our wonderful hobby we have seen so much valuable information been made available freely... There are thousands and thousands of amateur radio websites, and the amount of technical information that can be downloaded is absolutely amazing...

There are websites that require many, many hours to just take a look at, like the super antenna site courtesy of W4RNL , Dr. L.B. Cebik, that can be found at

There are sites devoted to specific modes like the Dr. Oliver Phelp's digital communications mode website, and there are also lots of sites devoted to radio wave propagation, home brewing of radios, contests, antique radios... you name it, so again, we are seeing a very interesting thing happening in front of our eyes... the Internet, that was supposed to be the end of amateur radio and the radio hobby in general, is actually now helping more and more people enjoy the hobby in a much more plentiful and I must add also inexpensive way !!!

But be aware that some radio amateurs think different as regards to making their websites freely available to anyone, by demanding copyright privileges as if their websites were run as commercial operation... but fortunately those are just a few exceptions and the true amateur radio spirit of cooperation with anyone interested in the promotion and development of the radio hobby seems to prevail in at least a one hundred to one ratio in favor of freely available technical information.

Si amigos, yes my friends, thanks for joining me today on this mid weekk edition of Dxers Unlimited... And now here is the very popular antenna topics section of the show...devoted today to a peculiar antenna system that is known as " The DIPOLES NEST ", a very easy to home brew High end of the HF, low band VHF and high Band VHF antenna.
A few weeks ago I quickly assembled a NEST OF DIPOLES, to solve a friend's antenna problem... The system has a dipole cut for 28.4 megaHertz on the 10 meters band, his favorite HF band, another one cut for 50.3 megaHertz on 6 meters and yet another one cut from 145.000 megaHertz on 2 meters.

They are all fed using the single RG 58U 50 ohms coaxial cable that my friend had at hand, and as expected, I used a first balun choke coil for the two meters dipole, made by looping 6 turns of the cable on a 1.5 inch diameter PVC pipe coil form, followed by another air wound choke coil of 6 inches diameter aiming at decoupling the radio frequency of the 10 and 6 meters band from from flowing on the outside of the braid of the coaxial cable.

The dipoles were made with number 8 PVC insulated copper wire, something that required careful tuning of each dipole, because the dimensions of antennas using insulated wires are different from the ones using bare copper or aluminum wire.
Anyway, the three dipoles are kept separated from each other by small lengths of polyethylene pipe, and in a second antenna, the separation between the dipoles was achieved with lengths of the center insulator of heavy duty RG17 coaxial cable, also an excellent HF, VHF and UHF insulating material.

The procedure to set up the antenna involved using a good quality HF standing wave ratio meter for tuning up the 10 meters band antenna first , and a similar VHF instrument for setting up the 6 and 2 meters bands dipoles in sequence. In this second version, as always, something new came to my mind, and we decided to include yet another dipole, a fourth one, tuned to the center of the aircraft VHF band...that for voice communications spans from 118 to 136 MHz, so we cut the dipole for 127 megaHertz. This antenna was not adjusted for transmission, because it will always be a receive only antenna as you may realize.

The four dipoles " Nest of Dipoles" HF, plus 3 VHF bands antenna works very well on 10 meters, 6 meters, the aircraft band and the ham two meters band.Installing the two antennas was a rather easy job, as they are quite compact... because the longest dipole, the one for 10 meters is just about 5 meters or 16 feet long. Both antennas were installed as 45 degrees tilted dipoles, a compromise to achieve good pick up and transmission of both vertical and horizontally polarized waves.

If you need to install these dipole nests at a distance longer than about 20 meters or 60 feet from your radio equipment, then please consider the need to change to more expensive and less loss coaxial cable types, like the RG-213 or RG-8, in order to reduce the signal loss typical of the RG58 type cables.
By the way , a similar dipoles 'nest' can be built for other frequency ranges too... VHF-UHF radio amateurs can make a nice nest for 6 meters, 2 meters and 70 centimeters, and ideal system to carry on the backpack with one of the new ultracompact multi band amateur radio transceivers like the YAESU FT817 or the ICOM 706...These antennas are lightweight, easy to repair on the field, and will cost you next to nothing as compared with similar commercially built versions...But again, I insist that you will need to invest quite some time adjusting them for minimum standing wave ratio...

And now amigos, as always at the end of the show here is our exclusive and not copyrighted HF plus low band VHF propagation update and forecast... The latest forecast for the solar minimum is telling us that it may be actually happening right now , but other scientists believe that the tail end of solar cycle 23 will extend until the first half of 2008.

The latest solar data are simply typical of minimum solar activity with zero sunspot count, solar flux below 70 units and a very quiet geomagnetic field...the expected average sunspot number for June is expected to reach the rock bottom figure of 5... Expect also some really amazing sporadic E skip openings during the next several days ,with multiple hop E skip giving radio amateurs the unique opportunity of working transcontinental DX between Africa, Europe and the Americas. Don't forget to set aside a little of your valuable time to send me a signal report and your comments about the program, send them to, again and VIA AIR MAIL, send mail to Arnie Coro Radio Havana Cuba, Havana, Cuba . Hope to have you all listening to our weekend edition next Saturday and Sunday UTC days amigos !!!
(Arnie Coro CO2KK)

IOTA News update

Here is the latest from Islands on the Air for amateur radio activity

AF-019. Giuseppe "Joe", I2AZ, is now active as IG9/I2AZ from Lampedusa Island (IIA AG-001). The length of his stay is unknown. I2AZ is only active on CW. QSL via the Bureau.

AF-104. (NEW ONE!) Operators Ivan/OM3CGN, Robert/OM1KW, Afif/7X2RO, Youcef/7X2HF, Sofiane/7X2GF, Faouzi/7X2FB, Frantise/7X0RY and Yves/7X0MT are expected to be active as 7U5CI from Cavallo Island in the Mediterranean Sea Coast East Group for the first time between June 23-28th. They plan to have three stations active with a spiderbeam and wire dipoles. Activity will be on 160-6 meters on all modes. This island is located between Bejaia and Jijel. QSL via OM3CGN.

AS-155. Operators Bill/BV8BC, Bob/BV8BQ, Cheng/BX8AAA, Chan/BX8AD, Max/BX8AE, and Ryan/BX8AG will be active as BV9G from Green Island (also known as Lu Tao, WLOTA LH-0495) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via BV8BC.

EU-008. Members of the Cockenzie and Port Seton Amateur Radio Club (CPSARC) will once again operate from the Isle of Tiree (IOSA NH04, WAB NM04), the most westernly part of Scotland's Inner Hebridean Islands, during the RSGB IOTA (Islands on the Air) Contest which runs from 1200z, July 28th to 1200z, July 29th, using the clubs special contest callsign GM2T. Pre-contest activity members will be signing as MM0CPS/P. CPSARC heavily supports newcomers to their wonderful hobby and has a large number of newly licensed members who are actively encouraged to participate in their contest effort, whether experienced or not. This way, not only does their hobby benefit from new operators, but contesting benefits as they invariably become bitten by the contest bug. This year's team consists of: Cambell/MM0DXC, Bob/GM4UYZ, John/MM0JXI, Brian/M0RNR, John/MM0CCC, Landles/GM4XZZ, Willie/MM0WZZ, Iain/MM1CPP, Gary/MM0FZV, Gareth/M3INO, Derek/MM0WST, Colin/2M0CRR, Moe/MM0MRM, Geoff/MM5AHO, Ellis/GM4GZW and Innes/GM4VJV. QSL GM2T via the Bureau, or their QSL Manager GM4UYZ, by the Bureau or direct. Details are available at: For details about CPSARC, visit their revamped Web site at:

EU-031. Operators Luigi/IK8HCG, Salvatore/IK8UND, Mauro/IN3QBR, Walter/IZ8FDG, Walter/IN3XUG, Virgilio/IC8OZM and Paolo/IC8DAK will be active as IC8R from Procida Island (IIA NA-002, MIA MI-080) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via IC8OZM.

EU-042. Manfred, DF7FC, will be active as homecall/p from Langeness Island (N-19 for the German Islands Award) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). His activity will be SSB only, with 100 watts. QSL via his home callsign; bureau is preferred.

EU-057. Joachim, DL5KUD, will be active from Ruegen Island (O-07 for the German Islands Award) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via DL5KUD; bureau is preferred.

EU-115. Dez, G0DEZ, will be active as EI9JQ from Ireland during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). Activity will be on 80-10 meters, but low power. QSL via G0DEZ.

EU-123. Operators Colin/MM0NDX and Ian/GM1RIG will be active as homecall/p from Cramond Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via their home callsigns, direct only.

EU-127. Operator Jo, DL5AUA, will be active as homecall/p from Neuwerk Island (N-12 for the German Islands Award, ARLHS FED-165, TWLHD WLH DL-019, WLOTA LH-2311) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via his home callsign.

EU-128. Holger, DL5XAT, will be active as homecall/p from Fehmarn Island (O-01 for the German Islands Award) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via his home callsign.

EU-129. Members of the club station "des OV Konigs Wusterhausen" (DL0KWH) will be active as DL0KWH/p from Usedom Island (0-13 for the German Islands Award) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th) as a Multi-Op CW and SSB entry. QSL via DL0KWH; bureau is preferred.

EU-129. A team of German operators will be active as DR6IOTA from Usedom Island (0-13 for the German Islands Award) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via DM5DX.

EU-146. Operators Hans/PA1BX, Jochen/DH5HV, Joe/ON4JZ, Andre/ON4PH, Jim/ON5UM, Luc/ON6LUQ, Geert/ON7GF, Francis/ON4CFQ and possibly others will be active as PA1BX/p from Schouwen Duiveland during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via PA1BX.

EU-146. Operators Hans/ON4ASG, Dan/ON4ON, Harvey/ON5SY, Dries/ON6CX, Pat/ON7PQ and Jean-Marie/ON7XT will be active as PA/OQ1C/p from Schouwen Duiveland during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via ON4ON.

EU-170. Operators Miko/9A4ML, Ivica/9A2HW, and Igor/9A4CD will be active as 9A9Z/p from Pasman Island (IOCA CI-085, CIA-34, ACIA IC-348) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via 9A1ADE; bureau is preferred.

EU-088. Ric, DL2VFR, will be active as OZ/DL2VFR from Laeso Island (NK-003 for the Danish Islands Award), and possibly Hornfiskroen Island (NK-005 for the Danish Islands Award), from June 24th and July 1st. Activity will be on all HF bands, CW and SSB. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the bureau.

EU-121. Look for operators G3ZAY, M0HSW and M0TJH to be active as EI/homecall/p from Inishbofin Island in the Irish Coastal Islands Group from June 25-27th. QSL via their home callsigns.

NA-046. Howie, K1VSJ, will be active as K1VSJ/p from Martha's Vineyard (USI MA-005S, Dukes County, Massachusetts, WLOTA 2804), during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via his home callsign.

NA-196. Operators Pete/VE3IKV and Bill/W4TAA will be activating Belcher Islands in CQ Zone 2 (VY0 Nunavut Territory), using the special callsign authorized by Industry Canada, VF0X, between June 29th and July 4th. Activity will be on HF and 6 meters, CW and SSB. QSL is via VE3IKV, direct (quick) or by the bureau (slow).

SA-027. Bone, PP5VX, will be active from Sao Francisco Island (DIB 08 for the Brazilian Islands Award) during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 28-29th). QSL via the address on

KH3, JOHNSTON ISLAND (Delay and Update). Skipper of the USSV Dharma, Susan Meckley, W7KFI, who got sidelined from her trip to KH3-land because of her bad toothache, has informed OPDX that she had to have jaw surgery. The almost 73 year old grandmother states, "boy does it hurt today...anyway it was 1366.48" Susan states it will take her a week or so to recuperate, then she will be off for KH3 and V7 again. She indicated that she wants to (has to) "leave Honolulu well before August as the hurricanes start coming this far west in August." She estimates to look for her to be active from KH3 on 14036 and 14236 kHz during the last week of July or the first week of August.

LZ, BULGARIA (Bird Op/Possibly YO). Andy, G0SFJ, hopes to operate as LZ/G0SFJ/P again, this time from the Rhodopi Mountains south of Kardjali between August 12-14th. He will be at the Astrocamp there. His equipment will be a FT-51R (QRP) and a trusty Arrow on AO51 and SO50. ADDED NOTE: Andy will be taking a train to Bucharest, Romania, and he needs a partner/supporter in Bucharest to help him operate as YO/G0SFJ/P in a public park in Bucharest on Saturday and Sunday, August 18-19th. Andy states, "Without a partner in YO I will not feel secure in operating there, and I might not take my equipment at all." If you can help him, E-mail him at the following addresses to make arrangements:

OE16, AUSTRIA (Special Event). The Amateur Radio Section of ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) and the Documentary Archives Radio Communication/QSL Collection will activate the unique callsign OE16B between August 31st and September 9th. This special event station is on the air to celebrate the Papal visit of Bendedikt XVI to Austria. QSL only direct via: ORF/OE16B, A-1136 Wien, Austria,. This is a charity operation for the El Molo Mission and School in Kenya*. Therefore, the special QSL will only be issued for a donation (at least 1 new IRC or 1 USD). All other reports will be answered with a plain QSL via the Bureau. *

PACIFIC TRIP (IOTA Op). Karl, N1DL, who was active from various Caribbean locations last year, will be active from various French Polynesian Islands as FO/N1DL and as E51ADL from Rarotonga (OC-013), South Cooks Islands, this year between June 27th and July 11th. His activity will be limited because he is on holiday, but look for operations to be on most bands and all modes. QSL via his home callsign.

PJ2, NETHERLAND ANTILLIES. Operators Carsten/DL6LAU, Jan/DJ8NK and Joachim/DL8OBQ will be active from Curacao Island (SA-006, WLOTA LH-0942) as PJ2/homecall, July 9-16th. The trio will also participate in the IARU HF Contest (July 14-15th) as PJ2HQ, a Multi-Multi entry. QSL via their home callsigns. QSL PJ2HQ via N9AG or LoTW.

(Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin # 814 via Dave Raycroft)

KXTO AM - DX Test July 1- 15

DX Test: From Joe Miller via Paul Walker

This will be a real challenge with a local on 1550, but I'm gonna try.

Date: July 1st, 2007 till July 15th, 2007
Time: 1200:00AM until 4:00AM PACIFIC Time
Modes of Operation: Varied, see notes
Programming: Morse Code ID's & Sweep Tones

Notes: The test will run at low power 12 mid to 4am Pacific each morning July 1st to the 13th at low power, 96 Watts Non Directionally. On the morning of July 14th and 15th, the test will once again run from 12am to 4am but instead at KXTO's licensed non directional daytime power of 2500 Watts. Test material will air twice an hour and consist solely of Morse Code Id's and sweeptones near the top and bottom of the hour. The station runs a spanish christian format as
La Voz Cristiana 1550.

Please do not call or email the station during the test, as this is being done automatically via Remote Control and Computer Automation.

QSL Information: Reception reports are desired via e-mail (1st choice) and snail mail (only if e-mail is not available) Station would prefer to received recordings of the test. Submit reports to: and please put "KXTO DX Test" in the subject line.

Preferred audio formats on the computer are MP3's due to the fact a wav file of the same size is nearly 10x bigger. If you need help converting wav files, just ask. If you absolutely need to mail a cassette, PLEASE cue the tape up to the spot where the best reception is. If you mail a CD, only include the pertinent parts.

All standard mail reports should go to: Les Rayburn, High Noon Film, 100 Centerview Drive Suite 111, Birmingham, AL 35216

Please include an SASE for reply. (Station Management and Consultants have authorized Mr. Rayburn to issue QSL's on their behalf!)

Thanks to First Broadcasting Of Nevada, Inc/KXTO 1550 General Manager Jose Pacheco for helping out all us DX'ers in the IRCA, NRC and everywhere else. He was extremely helpful and willing to do this for us, AGAIN! This will be a good chance for some of us to nab Nevada in our
log books.
(Source: MARE Tip Sheets #446 via Harold Frodge)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DRM summer schedule update

DIGITAL RADIO MODIAL DRM schedule effective June 25, 2007(short waves only)
All times UTC
0000-0100 9790 SAC 070 kW 227 deg NoAmEa TDP Radio Dance Music
0000-2400 5990 JUN 050 kW non-dir Europe RTL Radio French
0000-2400 6095 JUN 050 kW 060 deg Europe RTL Radio German
0200-0300 9405 GUF 150 kW 320 deg NoAmEa RNW English
0300-0500 11675 RAN 050 kW 000 deg Pacific RNZI English
0300-0600 15735 K/A 090 kW 250 deg SoEaAs VOR English
0400-0600 9780 MSK 040 kW 261 deg Europe DW various langs
0400-0700 7440 KVI 050 kW 190 deg Europe BBC English WS
0400-2205 6085 ISM 010 kW non-dir Europe BR-B5 Aktuel German
0500-0600 9815 QUI 004 kW 037 deg Europe HCJB German
0500-0700 9890 RAN 050 kW 035 deg Pacific RNZI English
0500-0800 6130 WOF 100 kW 114 deg Europe DW various langs
0530-1030 6175 FON 010 kW 330 deg Europe RMC French
0530-1630 5990 WER 090 kW 270 deg France RTL Radio French Mon-Tue
0530-1630 5990 WER 090 kW 270 deg France RTL Radio French Thu-Fri
0530-1730 5990 WER 090 kW 270 deg France RTL Radio French Wed
0600-0700 7170 MOS 040 kW 300 deg Europe DW various langs
0600-0700 7210 FLE 040 kW 133 deg SoEaEu RNW Dutch
0700-0900 9620 MOS 040 kW 300 deg Europe DW various langs
0700-1000 11895 FLE 040 kW 133 deg SoEaEu RNW Dutch
0700-1200 9925 WAV 100 kW 167 deg SoEaEu RTBF French Tue
0700-1300 7145 RAN 050 kW 000 deg Pacific RNZI English
0800-0900 7275 WOF 100 kW 114 deg Europe DW various langs
0800-0900 12060 MSK 035 kW 240 deg Europe VOR English
0800-0900 15780 MSK 035 kW 240 deg Europe VOR English
0800-1400 13810 SIN 090 kW 035 deg Europe DW various langs
0815-0845 9655 WER 040 kW 300 deg Europe BVBN English Sat
0900-1000 7275 RMP 040 kW 095 deg Europe DW various langs
0900-1100 15715 SIN 090 kW 050 deg Europe DW various langs
0900-1100 12060 MSK 035 kW 240 deg Europe VOR German
0900-1200 15780 MSK 035 kW 240 deg Europe VOR German
0900-1330 13620 KBD 120 kW 310 deg Europe Radio Kuwait Arabic
0905-1000 7275 MOS 040 kW 300 deg Europe DW various langs
1000-1100 11815 MOS 050 kW 295 deg NoWeEu CVC English
1000-1300 9460 WOF 100 kW 170 deg SoWeEu DW various langs
1000-1330 7240 FLE 040 kW 123 deg CeEaEu RNW Dutch
1100-1200 9760 RMP 035 kW 095 deg Europe NHK World English Fri
1100-1200 12080 BRN 008 kW 010 deg Pacific Radio Australia English
1100-1200 13770 SMG 125 kW 300 deg NoEaAm Vatican Radio various
1100-1400 15725 SIN 090 kW 050 deg Europe DW various langs
1200-1230 5945 WER 040 kW non-dir Europe BVBN English Sun
1200-1300 9850 RMP 035 kW 095 deg Europe RTI English Fri
1200-1400 5995 BRN 008 kW 010 deg Pacific Radio Australia English
1300-1325 9850 RMP 035 kW 095 deg Europe R.Prague German Fri/Sat
1300-1400 9450 MSK 035 kW 260 deg Europe VOR Russian
1300-1500 9495 MOS 040 kW 275 deg NoWeEu DW various langs
1300-2000 17875 GUF 150 kW 308 deg NoAmEa TDF various langs Mon-Fri
1330-1355 9850 RMP 035 kW 095 deg Europe R.Prague English Fri/Sat
1330-1400 7240 FLE 040 kW 123 deg CeEaEu RCI English
1345-1745 9880 KBD 120 kw 282 deg NoEaAf Radio Kuwait Arabic
1400-1415 7190 SMG 125 kW 350 deg Europe Vatican Radio German
1400-1430 9600 WER 060 kW 300 deg Europe RRI English
1400-1430 9770 RMP 035 kW 095 deg Europe RNZI English Sat
1400-1500 7240 FLE 040 kW 123 deg CeEaEu RNW Dutch
1400-1500 9450 MSK 035 kW 260 deg Europe VOR English
1400-1500 13660 SIN 090 kW 035 deg Europe DW various langs
1415-1430 7190 SMG 125 kW 350 deg Europe Vatican Radio Polish
1430-1500 9770 RMP 035 kW 095 deg Europe KBS English Fri
1500-1600 6015 ISS 035 kW 060 deg Europe TDP Radio Dance Music
1500-1600 9450 MSK 035 kW 260 deg Europe VOR German
1500-1600 9700 MOS 040 kW 275 deg Europe DW various langs
1500-1600 13600 FLE 040 kW 191 deg SoWeEu RNW Dutch
1500-1600 13790 SIN 090 kW 035 deg Europe DW various langs
1505-1605 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm RCI English
1555-1850 7145 RAN 050 kW 035 deg Pacific RNZI English
1600-1700 9450 MSK 035 kW 260 deg Europe VOR French
1600-1700 9810 MSK 035 kW 265 deg Europe VOR German
1600-1700 13645 FLE 040 kW 191 deg SoWeEu RNW Dutch
1600-1700 13800 SIN 090 kW 035 deg Europe DW various langs
1600-1730 6130 WOF 100 kW 114 deg Europe DW various langs
1600-0600 3995 SIN 090 kW 040 deg Europe DW various langs
1605-1635 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm RCI Russian Sat/Sun
1605-1705 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm RCI Russian Mon-Fri
1635-1705 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm RCI Ukranian Sat/Sun
1700-1730 5955 FLE 040 kW 210 deg CeWeEu Radio Sweden English
1700-1755 13820 SIN 090 kW 035 deg Europe DW various langs
1700-1800 9810 MSK 035 kW 265 deg Europe VOR French
1705-1905 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm RCI English
1730-1800 5955 FLE 040 kW 210 deg CeWeEu Radio Sweden German
1800-1955 3965 ISS 001 kW 065 deg France RFI French
1800-2000 7420 KVI 050 kW 190 deg Europe BBC English WS
1800-2000 17640 SGO 015 kW 045 deg Brazil CVC Spanish Mon-Fri
1850-2050 9890 RAN 050 kW 035 deg Pacific RNZI English
1900-2000 9690 FLE 040 kW 191 deg SoWeEu RNW Dutch
1945-2030 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm Vatican Radio English
2000-2055 9480 FLE 040 kW 123 deg SoEaEu RNW Dutch till August 31
2000-2200 5875 KVI 050 kW 190 deg Europe BBC English WS
2030-2100 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm RNW English
2050-2150 11675 RAN 050 kW 325 deg Pacific RNZI English
2100-2200 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm RCI English
2150-0300 13730 RAN 050 kW 000 deg Pacific RNZI English
2200-2230 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm Radio Sweden Swedish
2200-0200 11675 KBD 120 kW 350 deg NoEaAm Radio Kuwait Arabic
2200-1655 3965 ISS 001 kW 065 deg France RFI French
2230-2300 9800 SAC 070 kW 268 deg NoEaAm Radio Sweden English
2300-2345 9750 SMG 125 kW 300 deg NoEaAm Vatican Radio English
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX June 26/DX Mix News # 474)

Radio Heritage program update

Marconi v Telefunken and pre WWII Pacific Airwaves

On July 9 2007, Radio New Zealand International features a new Radio Heritage documentary during the Mailbox program and it's then available as a podcast for two weeks at .

In 1894, New Zealander Ernest Rutherford carried out radio
transmissions around the same time as Marconi in Italy, and just over
a decade later, the German Telefunken company built the first wireless
stations in New Zealand.

There was another Pacific battle involving Marconi, and this one also
included Telefunken too. By capturing the German station in Western
Samoa, New Zealand even inherited a colony and the results are
reflected today in the changing demographics of Auckland and other New
Zealand urban centers.

>From the world's longest two-way direct radio link in 1924, again
featuring New Zealand, to a Vila based amateur radio enthusiast in
1928 whose detailed listener card sent to Queensland features in the
program, the isolation of the Pacific was evaporating into the

Learn of the Hawaiian radio station that included New Zealand Times in
its program schedules, how many Europeans tuned to VPD in Suva, and
how Charles Gaveaux, owner of Radio Noumea, was able to keep his tiny
station on the air.

Gongs from KFI Los Angeles reached New Zealand every night and you'll
hear other examples of how Pacific radio developed close links during
the brief two decades before WWII reached the region in December 1941.

Mailbox is broadcast via shortwave by RNZI [full program schedules and
times at and is also available by on demand podcast.
Look for 'more audio' and click on Mailbox for July 9.

For entertaining stories and photos about Pacific radio before WWII,
including the New Zealand Radio Dial 1931, Early Australian Radio and
much more, make sure you visit today.

Membership costs nothing, and you'll also get regular newsletters
about Pacific wide radio heritage activities so sign up whilst at! Volunteers welcome! The Radio Heritage
Foundation is a registered non-profit organization with members and
supporters worldwide.
(Source: Radio Heritage)

Amateur radio on islands, castles and portable operations report

21/06/2007: Matthias, DD9HK will be active June 21st to July 5th from the 3V8SS QTH
in Sousse, Tunisia. QSL this operation via DD9HK. [Tnx 425 DX News]

22/06/2007: Members of the Uruguay DX Group plan to activate Wichubwala Island in the
San Blas Province Group (NA-170) between June 22-28th. The operators mentioned are:
Mario/CX4CR, Bert/CX3AN and Gus/CX2AM. Look for them to sign HP2/homecall. Activity will be on 80-6 meters CW, SSB and the digital modes. QSL via CX2AM. For more nfo, please visit their web page at: (Tnx OPDX)

23/06/2007: Mike, G0HIO has arranged a radio trip to Cyprus (AS-004, MIA MCI-002, WLOTA LH-0051), June 23-30th. He will be operating CW only as 5B/G0HIO, with 100 watts and wire antennas. QSL via home call. E-mail requests for band skeds can be sent to (g0hio -at- [Tnx 425 DX News]

23/06/2007: Operators Ivan/OM3CGN, Bob/OM1KW, Afif/7X2RO, Youcef/7X2HF, Sofiane/7X2GX, Faouzi/7X2FB, Franta/7X0RY and Yves/7X0MT will be QRV June 23-28th as 7U5CI from Cavallo Island (AF-104/Pr). Activity will be on all bands with 3 stations, spiderbeam and wire dipoles. QSL via OM3CGN. [Tnx Pete's-DX-Newsdesk]

23/06/2007: Gianfranco, I6GFX and Luca, I6QIZ will be active as 9A/I6GFX from Croatia, June 23-28th. Their main QTH will be on Murter Island (not IOTA, IOCA CI-074), and they plan to go and operate from a few EU-170 counters: Arta Vela (IOCA CI-004, MIA MC-008), Kornat (IOCA CI-042, MIA MC-166), Murvenjak (IOCA CI-075, MIA MC-263), Radelj (IOCA CI-097, MIA MC-331), Smokvica Vela (IOCA CI-107, MIA MC-387), Vrgada (IOCA CI-143, MIA MC-462) and Prisnjak Mali (IOCA CI-488, MIA MC-319). QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [Tnx 425 DX News]

23/06/2007: Look for Nicolas, F5NWL/p to be active June 23rd from the Castle of Flamanville (DFCF 50-028), Department of Manche (DDFM 50), Province of Basse-Normandie (DPF 04). Activity will probably be mostly on 40 and 20 metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [Tnx]

24/06/2007: Ric, DL2VFR will be QRV June 24 to July 1 as OZ/DL2VFR from Laeso Island (EU-088, NK-003 for the Danish Islands Award), maybe Hornfiskroen Island (EU-088, NK-005 for the Danish Islands Award). Activity will be on all HF bands, CW and SSB. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [Tnx RSGB IOTA]

25/06/2007: Eli, N6PF will be celebrating his 60th birthday with a visit to 3A2MD's QTH. He will be operating as 3A/N6PF from June 25-30th. Bands and modes of activity were not provided. QSL via his home call. [Tnx OPDX]

25/06/2007: Xavier, ON4XA reports that he will operate as YO2/ON4XA from Romania between June 25th and July 3rd. From 21 July 21st to August 12th Xavier and Bea, ON4BEA/YO2MBO will operate as F/ON4XA and F/ON4BEA from France. QSLs via home calls. [Tnx 425 DX News]

26/06/2007: Look for Ralph, NM5RC/p to activate three new islands on June 26th for the U.S. Islands Award program. He will be sitting on the UT/AZ border on Antelope Island with six-for-one contact: UT/AZ, UT023/AZ023, Kane/Coconina counties. Also Padre Point Island, UT022, San Juan County, which only needs 13 more contacts to qualify it. Island order yet to be determined. Ralph will be QRV mainly on 20m (14.260 MHz), but will try to accomodate relayed requests for other bands. He will send QSL cards for all QSOs. Accept QSL's via: USi eQSL, Callbook Address and Bureau. [Tnx USi]

27/06/2007: G3ZAY, M0HSW, and M0TJH will be QRV as EI/homecall/P from Inishmore (EU-006) from 2000 UTC June 27th to 1000 UTC June 29th. They will also try to operate for a few hours, weather permitting, from the Blasket Islands (EU-007) on June 30th. QSL via home calls. [Tnx 425 DX News]

28/06/2007: Rod, NA9N, will be active as J79RM from the island of Dominica (NA-101), June 28th-July 5th. He will mostly be operating HF and will try to work a number of digital modes. QSL to his home call sign, NA9N. [Tnx OPDX]

28/06/2007: Jim, WB2REM will be operating the special 4-letter suffix callsign VP2EREM from the island of Anguilla (NA-022) from June 28th to July 8th. Operation is expected on 80-10m using CW and SSB. QSL via WB2REM. [Tnx NG3K]

29/06/2007: Zhang, BD3APX will be active as BD3APX/2 from Juhua Island (AS-151) between June 29th and July 1st. Activity will be on 40-10 metres usingn CW, SSB and Digital modes. QSL via BD3APX. [Tnx OPDX]

29/06/2007: Pierre, HB9QQ will be trying to activate Liechtenstein (HB0) again from June 29th to July 2nd and July 6-9th. He will try to be active on HF/6m/2m as well WSJT (for meteorscatter). QTH will be the Sareiserjoch in Malbun Lichtenstein at about 2015m asl. NO EME activty planned. QSL via home call. [Tnx F5NQL]

29/06/2007: Operators Igor/VE3ZF, Alex/VE3KF and Nick/VE3FJ are going to Orleans Island [Ile d'Orleans] (NA-128, QC-007 for the Canadian Islands Award) and hope to be on the air as VE2IDX before sunset on June 29th. They will stay on Orleans Island for a couple of days and their main goal is participating in the RAC 2007 Canada Day Contest which will be held on July 1st. Main frequencies will be 14.260 MHz (daytime) and 3.795 / 7.260 MHz (during night). Equipment: transceivers YAESU FT-1000MP, IC-765, IC-756 PROIII,
PA Kenwood TL-922a and Drake 1 kW output, antennas Spider 3 elements Yagi for 14-21-28 at 10 meters telescopic mast, vertical Cushcraft AP8A, Inverted Vee and Delta Loop on low bands, GP for 50 MHz and Yagi for 144 MHz. QSL direct to VE3ZF (Igor Slakva VE3ZF, 105 La Rose Avenue, Apt. #803, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9P 1A9 Canada). [Tnx VE3ZF]

29/06/2007: Pete/VE3IKV and Bill/W4TAA will be activating the Belcher Islands in CQ Zone 2, VY0 Nunavut Territory, using the special call sign authorized by Industry Canada - VF0X - between June 29 and July 4, 2007. This is IOTA island group NA-196. They will be on HF and 6 metres, CW and SSB. QSL is via VE3IKV direct (quick) or via the bureau (slow).(Tnx NG3K)
(Source: I.C.P.O. Bulletin 21-29 June via Dave Raycroft)

Internet Radio to Fall Silent in Protest on June 26th

Posted on June 23, 2007 in laws, bills, and policy by bean /2007/06/23/internet-radio-to-fall-silent-in-
protest-on June-26th

Thousands of U.S. webcasters plan to turn off the music and go silent
this Tuesday, June 26, to draw attention to an impending royalty rate
increase that, if implemented, would lead to the virtual shutdown of this
country's Internet radio industry.
In March, the Copyright Royalty Board announced that it would raise
royalties for Internet broadcasters, moving them from a per-song rate to
a per-listener rate. The increase would be made retroactive to the
beginning of 2006 and would double over the next five years. After the
announcement, a group of broadcasters spearheaded by National
Public Radio petitioned the CRB for a rehearing, but a panel of judges
denied the request less than a month later. Internet radio sites would be
charged per performance of a song. A "performance" is defined as the
streaming of one song to one listener; thus a station that has an
average audience of 500 listeners racks up 500 "performances" for
each song it plays.
Many webcasters are planning to shut off access to their streams
entirely, while other webcasters plan to replace their music streams
with long periods of silence (or static or ocean sounds or similar)
interspersed with occasional brief public service announcements on the
subject. Internet-only webcasters and broadcasters that simulcast
online will alert their listeners that "silence" is what Internet radio may
be reduced to after July 15th, the day on which 17 months' worth of
retroactive royalty payments - at new, exceedingly high rates - are
due to the SoundExchange collection organization, following a recent
Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) decision.
Jake Ward, a spokesman for Save Net Radio, said:
"The arbitrary and drastic rate increases set by the Copyright Royalty
Board on March 2nd threaten the very livelihood of thousands of
webcasters and their millions of listeners throughout the country. "The
campaign to save Internet radio - a genuine grassroots movement
comprised of hundreds of thousands of webcasters, artists and
independent labels, and Net radio listeners - has quickly brought this
issue to the national forefront and the halls of Congress, but there is still
more to be done before the approaching deadline of July 15th. On
Tuesday, thousands of webcasters will call on their millions of listeners
to join the fight to save Internet radio and contact their Congressional
representatives to ask for their support of the Internet Radio Equality
(Zacharias Liangas/Cumbre DX)

Blog Logs from Free Radio Weekly

This morning's first post, covers a sampling of pirate activity during June 16-22. Thanks to the fine pirate chasers at FRW.
Gayle VH

Captain Ron

6925u 6/21/7 1:25 (or so), sio131, just caught the very end of this, with some sort of commentary, very weak signal, but I could tell it was the good(?) Captain. (Al Fansome) 6925u 6/22/7 22:45 sio222, seems a might bit off frequency, head-banging music, ID at 22:48, "Captain Ron's out of control!" (he probably forgot his pants again) (Al Fansome:)

Chicken Radio
6925u 6/17/7 00:19 sio444, very good signal, comedy skit, musical interlude with birds chirping, "Cock-doodle-doo", id at 00:22 (Al Fansome)
6925usb,6-17-07,0024utc,sio=132 poor, host=Superchicken, Story Lady, episode of "Chicken Man", ad for movie "Farmageddon", comedy skit about Electric Amish. (Hassig-IL) 6925U *2215-2238+ 6/16/07 SIO=222. I believe that this was the ID given, but I list it as slightly tentative. Chicken song at open, into sketches about chickens and also a segment about an ad for the movie, "Electric Amish Armageddon." Poor in bad local hum noise. Hrd no addr. (Zeller-OH)

Radio Pigmeat International
6875.9am,6-17-07,0037utc,sio=132 poor, hvy mtl mx incl "R&R Star", Blues & Soul mx, Neil Young "Cinnamon Girl", Hendrix "All Along the Watchtower". (Hassig-IL)

Random Radio
6925usb,6-16-07,0222utc,sio=144 good, various pop music selections. (Hassig-IL)

Wolverine Radio
6925u 6/17/7 02:40 sio333, "Freddie's Dead", ID at 02:41, soul/funk that I don't recognize (Al Fansome) 6925 usb, 0238-0255* Jun 17, noted with rock music and man announcer with IDs between musical selections. No address noted. Closed with multiple IDs prior to Northwood’s radio re-opening. Fair to good. (D'Angelo-PA)
Wolverine Radio 6925u 6/22/7 23:16 sio423 "Communications Breakdown", other Led Zeppelin (Al Fansome)

6950a 6/19/7 00:52 sio222 "Come Monday", "I Don't Like Mondays" (Al Fansome)
Source: Free Radio Weekly # 593 via Ed Kusalik)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Radio Eldorado ready to rock on 6261 kHz

Noticia via SW Pirates.

Hello! John from Radio Eldorado here!

I will be making some transmissions today, tomorrow and after that.

Schedule is as follows :

25 June - starting 19:00 GMT until 03:00 AM 6261khz

26 June - starting 16:00 GMT until 03:00 AM 6261khz

27 June - starting 18:00 GMT until 03:00 AM 6261khz

Location is Center Portugal
Music is psychedelic rock, lots of 60s stuff, Free, Who, Jimi, many others, and electronic music, from house, to acid, to techno, many live sets and great tracks.

Reports to my email:

Do enjoy. Tune In, Turn On and Drop Out.


New Bolivian station heard on shortwave

From Argentine DXer, Nicholas Eramo, comes word of a new Bolivian station on shortwave radio. The following loggings are his latest as well as the station's address, telephone and email.
Gayle VH

As per info of OM Alfredo Locatelli I listen now Radio Universitaria unid location with musical program and IDs with jingles on the frequency of 4732 KHz - Radio Universitaria, Cobija, Pando, 2245 - 0015, June 22/23,Spanish, Musical program, several IDs and several mention of "Universidad Amazonica de Pando "97.9 MHz y ahora tambien Onda Corta 4730 KHz" "en los 4730 KHz y en los 97.9 MHz Frecuencia modulada,transmite Radio Universitaria, desde la ciudad de Cobija,....Universidad Amazonica de Pando" "en la Radio Universitaria.."gives e-mail address (Eramo, Argentina)
General Information in Spanish at:

Station address:
Radio Universitaria
Radio y Television Universitaria
Av. Las Palmas
Cobija, Pando, Bolivia

Tel: 3-842-2141
(Source: Nicholas Eranmo/ODXA/ photo - Cobija, Pando, Bolivia )

Jamaican broadcaster may face license suspension

In Jamaica, the Broadcasting Commission is promising to get tougher in carrying out its regulatory functions, and has warned at least one broadcaster, which it refused to name, for possible suspension of its operating licence. RJR Communications Group has acknowledged, however, that it has been notified that its licence could be suspended and is awaiting further word on the matter.
For more details refer to:Jamiaca Gleamer

(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog via Stig Hartvig Nielsen)

Britian's commercial stations lobby to cut off AM/FM

Britain's commercial radio companies are lobbying for the FM and AM radio signals to be switched off, leaving listeners forced to tune in via digital radio sets or the internet. The radio companies claim that their medium will be left behind unless the government orders a cut-off date.

The nation's network of terrestrial TV transmitters is due to be shut down in just four years' time. Now, the radio companies want the AM and FM signals to follow suit, with some broadcasters calling for a shutdown as early as 2015.

The radio companies claim that their medium will be left behind unless the government orders a cut-off date.

To read more, refer to

US Congressman's earmark request for Madagascar radio station

The Dallas Morning News reports that Republican congressman Pete Sessions has issued spending requests for a number of projects. ”He even wants US taxpayers to spend $2.5 million for a shortwave radio station in Madagascar”, says the paper.

The request for $2.5 million is on behalf of Madagascar World Voice radio, and is intended to bring to light important projects such as the role of radio in combating HIV/AIDS in Africa, officials say. “MWV is making a difference in Madagascar and can make a difference all across Africa,” James McGee, US ambassador to Madagascar, wrote to Mr Sessions. “I support their worthy efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS and would encourage them to expand their coverage to as wide an audience as possible.”

But no matter how worthy the cause, asking for an earmark is no guarantee of federal funding, said Sessions’ Chief of Staff Guy Harrison. “At the end of the day, each of these is a request,” he said. “We’re under no illusions we’ll get all of our requests.”
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Additional info on this may be found at the Dallas Morning News website

What's being covered on shortwave in July Monitoring Times ?

Welcome to a new week, and a new issue of Monitoring Times. July is almost here and time to take a look at whats being covered on the shortwave scene for the July issue.

QSL Report column brings our international readers a look at verifications from three amateur radio stations, followed by CVC-Australia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, India and Lithuania. There's a great selection of medium wave QSLs, plus Mexico and Vatican Radio. If you're a utlity buff there are three stations to send you to the dials for your own QSL.

Think there's not much to DX during our summer's high static levels? Think again. The SWBC Logs column may surprise you. I've kicked off the July column with Brazil's Radio Educacão Rural, plus a terrific selection of logs from Djibouti, Guatemala, Turkey, Ukraine, Peru and much more.

As always, M.T.'s center Shortwave Guide has an updated English 24-hour guide. Special thanks to subscribers that tell us it's top notch and best of the hobby. M.T.'s guide will keep you busy band scanning for hours!

Don't miss a blazing July issue! To find out more about Monitoring Times, go to
Gayle Van Horn W4GVH

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Best of Best - Monday DX shows

Looking for the extra edge to keep you up on the DX hobby? Our favorite Best of the Best DX programs, will guide you through a bevy of news and station updates. This post begins with the best of Monday shows. Enjoy!


All times UTC

0200 Radio Weather WHRI 7490
0230 DXing With Cumbre WHRA 5850
0330 DXing With Cumbre WHRI 7315
0830 Mailbox Radio New Zealand International 6095 bi-weekly
1130 Mailbox Radio New Zealand International 9870 bi-weekly
1230 Ask WWCR WWCR 15825
1330 Mailbox Radio New Zealand International 6095 bi-weekly
1500 DX Partyline WRMI 7385
1530 Mailbox Radio New Zealand International 6095 bi-weekly
(Source: ODXA/Media Programs)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Checkerboard Lounge set for Sunday show

By now you know what a terrific program Roscoe the Bartender is bringing to blues fans on shortwave radio. Where else can you hear in one hour, the music from legends...Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Son House, Lightening Hopkins and many more.

If you haven't checked out this show, you're missing a great one! Tune in Sunday evening on 7412 kHz, 2200-2300 UTC, as Roscoe brings the blues to the world.

Reception reports may be directed to:
The Checkerboard Lounge
7914 Dodge Road, Suite 210
Omaha, NE 68114 USA

The Checkboard Lounge website address:

To verify the program, send in your reception report, including the usual date, frequency, time, radio conditions (fading, interferences, reception quality) as well as music titles played. Listeners in the USA need to include a self addressed stamped envelope. Listeners outside the USA need to include a self addressed envelope and 2 IRC's (International Reply Coupons).

Thanks for a great show, Roscoe!
(Gayle Van Horn)

Blog Logs

This evening's edition of Blog Logs, represent those posted from ours friends at WWDXC. Nice vartiety folks, and best of DX!
Gayle VH

15470 Southern Sudan Interactive R. Instruction via Gavar
Armenia Jun 09 *1400-1429* 35433 English, 1400 sign on with opening music,
ID, Opening announce, Talk, 1428 ID, 1429 sign off.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, JPNpremium June 15)

2485 VL8K, Katherine NT, 2055-2130*, 09 Jun, English, talks,
news, phone-ins; 35231; \\ to 2310 & 2325, both worse. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

4835 VL8A, Alice Springs NT, 21312-2139, 09 Jun, English, ABC newscast;
44332, adjt. QRM de MLI 4835.4. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11
4910 VL8T, Tennant Creek NT, 2135-..., 09 Jun, English, ABC newscast;
44321. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11)

6010 I got a definite ID yesterday on the Bahrain Radio Bahrain
Frequency 6010 kHz at 1609 UT pop music annoucements. Programme in English
June 12. sio 443. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

5025 ORTB, Parakou, 0925-1015, 09 Jun, unreadable talks (can't
say whether in French or Vernacular); 15341. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11)

3310 R. Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, 2350-2358, 08 Jun, Quechua,
talks; 44343, adjt. uty. QRM. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

5952.5 R. Pio XII, Siglo XX, 2216-2229, 09 Jun, Quechua, infos. on the
station, webpage & e-mail addr, f/ball infos; 44332, adjt. QRM.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

6105.4 R. Panamericana, La Paz, 2235-2244, 9 Jun, Spanish, religious
prgr, music; 54433, adjt. QRM. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11
6155 R. Fides, La Paz, 2240-2249, 09 Jun, Spanish, lively tunes, chats;
34433.(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

9624.9 R. Fides, La Paz, 2158-2208, 09 Jun, Spanish, talks; 23431, QRM de
CAN 9625 but mainly de adjt. chs. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

3365 R. Cultura, Araquara SP, 2343-2357, 06 Jun, rosary; 35242.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

4805 R. Difa do Amazonas, Manaus AM, 2203-2215, 09 Jun, announcements,
talks abt. f/ball; 45332.(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

4815 R. Difa, Londrina PR, 0005-0016, 09 Jun, religious prgr & songs to
match; 44332.(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

4825 R. Educadora, Braganca PA, 0002-0014, 09 Jun, f/ball match rpt.
Curitiba v Remo, TCs; 54333. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

4885 R. Club do Para, Belem PA, 2116-2132, 09 Jun, advertisements, prgr
abt. f/ball, phone-ins; 55333. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

5035 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2138-2147, 09 Jun, songs,
advertisements, truck drivers' prgr "Pe na Estrada"; clipped audio, but I
believe this is a feeder problem as the other \\ outlets, 6135 & 9630,
were in the same condition; 44332. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

6010 R. Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte MG, 2224-2232, 09 Jun, carnival-
like songs; 44332, adjt. QRM.(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

6040 R. Club Paranaense, Curitiba PR, 2226-2237, 09 Jun, f/ball match
rpt.; 34332, adjt. QRM thence better on LSB. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

6080 R. Novas de Paz, Curitiba PR, 2230-2233, 09 Jun, Bible passages
reading; 33431, adjt. QRM. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

6135 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 2140-2149, 09 Jun, prgr "Pe na Estrada";
54433, adjt. QRM only; check 5035. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

6150 R. Record, Sao Paulo SP, 2239-2246, 09 Jun, f/ball match rpt. &
infos. on other matches, advertisements; 44433, adjt. QRM. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11
9530 R. Transmundial, Sta Maria RS, 2149-2200, prgr "Entrevista"; 55433.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

9630 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, 1030-1212, 09 Jun, newscast,..., talks;
25443, and vy. poor at 1200. Also 2144-2206, 09 Jun, prgr "Pe na Estrada",
advertisement for TV Aparecida, DX prgr "Encontro DX" at 2202; 55444;
check notes under 5035. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

9675 R. Cancao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista SP, 1031-1215, 09 Jun, talks,...,
news (tent) 1207 when vy. poor; 24442. Also 2151-2207, 09 Jun, religious
songs & sung prayer, DX prgr "Alem Fronteiras" at 2200; 55444, but QRM as
from 2200. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

11735 R. Transmundial, Sta Maria RS, 1427-1530, 09 Jun, webpage info,
youth's prgr, refs. to the "Jornada da Fe"; 14431, then better at 1530.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11
11804.8 R. Globo, Rio de Janeiro RJ, 1125-1133, 10 Jun, talks; 12431, QRM
de CUB 11805.(Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

11805 R. Brasil Central, Goiania GO, 1216-1425, 09 Jun, songs ("Sucesso
Brasil Central"), TCs, "utilidade publica" annoucements (these are
official anns. from the municipality, the govern., etc), advertisements,
station slogans,..., f/ball news at 1415; 25433. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

11925.2 R. Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo SP, 1101-1136, 10 Jun, songs, chats,
oldies; 25432. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

17815 R. Cultura, Sao Paulo SP, 1426-..., 09 Jun, Braz. songs... for a
change...; 15431. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11
7230 R. Burkina, Ouagadougou, 1202-1424, 09 Jun, French,
prgr "Culturama", Afr. pops,..., Vernacular, talks; 45444, overmodulated
at times. (Carlos Goncalves-POR, wwdxc BC-DX June 11

6030 CFVP hrd 6/11 during R. Marti silent period from 0507 tune
w/ "Grand Ol Opry Top 40" C&W mx program w/ man host. Signal gradually
improved after 0600 but marred by static crashes. SINPO 34343 w/ peak sigs
0615-0715. Frequent anmts for songs, local events, commercials and
references to 1060 AM. (Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer June 12)

6009.48 La Voz de tu Conciencia at 1031-1103 UT on Jun 6.
Religious vocals, ranchera-style, to 1039 UT, then EG religious talk or
speech w/SP translation after every phrase; ID at 1057 UT, then music past
ToH. Good signal but fading after 1100 UT. (John Wilkins-CO-USA, DXplorer June 10)

4052.5 R. Verdad at 0343 UT on June 14, fair with gospel songs in English and Spanish.
(James Ronda-OK-USA, DXplorer June 17)


9930 Radio for North Korea (ORNK) via Hawaii (KWHR), at 1104-
1158* UT on June 12, in Korean, announcers with background music (mostly
various classical music), but also played eclectic selections of music
(Korean ballads, classical music and segment of soul music ["Soul Man",
Otis Redding with "Satisfaction", etc.]), 1158 played "Pomp and
Circumstance", English ID that KWHR was going off 9930. Fair-good, no
jamming noted. (Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer June 12)

And on 11850 at 0725 I could hear some nice Indian style music at
weak to fair strength, and it was also audible on 9595 in parallel, but
very weak here. I didn't recognise the language but I presume it was All
India Radio Nepali service via Delhi. I did try listed \\ 7250 but Vatican
Radio was using the frequency. (Noel R. Green-UK, wwdxc BC-DX June 10)

4677.5 Sam Nuea hrd June 10 from 1158.5 tune w/ local inst/vocal
mx to 1200 UT, woman ann 1200, program tune 1200-01, woman ann to 1201.5
then short mx and into a man ann alternating w/ woman ann and a few short
music spots (just a few sec each) at 1202. May have been some remote
reports, but couldn't be sure. Believe 1200 prgm is a relay of National
Service news. Woman ann w/ s/off at 1231.5 and carrier off at 1232.5.
SINPO 25432 w/ ocnl peak to S3 after 1215. Signal gradually improved after
1215. (Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer June 11)
(Source: WWDXC-Top News BC-DX #812)

Sunday relays on shortwave

From Tom Taylor, comes word of two shortwave relays on 9290 and 6045 kHz on Sunday, June 24, on the following schedules.

Latvia Today (summer festivals) 1900-2100 UTC - on 9290 kHz in English

Radio Zusa 1200-1300 UTC on 6045 kHz in German

This Sunday MV Baltic Radio is relaying a program from Radio Zusa. Radio Zusa is a local radio station transmitting on 3 FM channels south of Hamburg and is interested in broadcasting over short-wave from time to time. The theme of this transmission on Sunday is the German reunification.
You will be able to hear some very interesting reports, e.g. from radio amateur operators from the time of the cold war, and how they kept in contact with each other over the radio.

Radio Netherlands program preview 23-29 June


Welcome to our weekly guide to Radio Netherlands' English Service - a list
of the new programmes coming up on Radio Netherlands this week, beginning on


*** The State We're In ***

This week on The State We're In, the program about human rights and human
wrongs: We meet the man who turned a lifetime of war into his life's work
in art.

We also have a look at the ups and downs of adoption. Adopted children from
South Korea go back to find their roots and discover that going home and
being home are two different things.

An American father who adopted two sisters from India discovers they were
kidnapped from their parents. He tells us his tale.

And we meet the Dutch lady who adopted an Ethiopian Granny. You can too.
Find out how on the next The State We're In.

We also invite you to take part in the programme - find out how on our

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N
America), 1500 (South Asia), 1800 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa),
0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

Note that on Saturday we also run repeats of:

Network Europe on SW: 1400 (South Asia)

The Research File: 1430 (South Asia)

Amsterdam Forum and Echoes: 1900 and 1944 respectively (Central, East and
South Africa)


*** Amsterdam Forum ***

The world is half way towards its 2015 target date for achieving the
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which are measures agreed to by all the
nations of the world for meeting the needs of the world's poorest people.

Some human-rights and activist groups say the goals are not ambitious enough
while others criticise the rich nations for not fulfilling their promises.

Who should be held accountable; governments or civil society? And where
should the buck stop? Tune in to this week' s Amsterdam Forum special when
four diplomats and policy-shapers debate in front of a live audience.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N
America), 1500 (South Asia), 1800 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa),
0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

Repeated: Sat 1900 (Central, East and South Africa)

*** Echoes ***

Our new listener feedback programme. Mindy Ran responds to your comments,
queries and complaints about our programmes. And featuring every week A
Critical Eye - commentary from Perro de Jong.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1045 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1145 (Eastern N
America), 1545 (South Asia), 1845 & 2045 (Central, East and South Africa),
0045 (Eastern N America), 0145 (Central N America), 0445 (Western N America)

Repeated: Sat 1945 (Central, East and South Africa)

Note that on Sunday we also run repeats of:

Flatlanders or EuroHit 40: 1400 (South Asia)

Arts and Culture: 1430 (South Asia)

The State We're in: 1900 (Central, East and South Africa)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N
America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and
South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400
(Western N America)

*** Flatlanders ***

Flatlanders features either Dutch people living here or working abroad, or
people who've come to the Netherlands for professional or personal reasons.

In this week's Flatlanters Hélène Michaud talks to Dutch pianist Marcel
Worms about his international blues project. Worms has invited composers
from countries as far apart as China, South Africa, Brazil, Croatia and
Israel to write a blues piece for him to record.

He feels the blues is eminently suited for such a multi-cultural project -
listen in and see if you agree with him.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N
America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa),
0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)
Repeated: Sun 1400 (South Asia), Wednesday 1500 (South Asia) 1900 (Central,
East and South Africa)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N
America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and
South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400
(Western N America)

*** The State We're In, Midweek Report ***

This Tuesday on the State We're In Midweek Edition, we have a look at the
ups and downs of adoption: Adopted children from South Korea go back to find
their roots and discover that going home and being home are two different

An American father who adopted two sisters from India discovers they were
kidnapped from their parents. He tells us his tale. And we meet the Dutch
lady who adopted an Ethiopian Granny. You can too. Find out how on the next
The State We're In.

Plus we meet the man who turned a lifetime of war into his life's work in

These stories of real people all around the world, human rights news, and
much more, on the next The State We're In.

We also invite you to take part in the programme - find out how on our
website: <>

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N
America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa),
0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)
Repeated: Thu 1430, 1500 (South Asia), 1900 (Central, East and South Africa)
Sun 1900 (Central, East and South Africa)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N
America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and
South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400
(Western N America)

*** Arts and Culture ***

"Dutch Arts in the Berkshires: part II"

Every summer the rolling hills and valleys of the Berkshires in western
Massachusetts become a Mecca for art lovers. Over 60 venues present
classical and contemporary music concerts, theatre and dance performances,
and a host of visual art exhibitions.

This year six cultural institutions have combined forces to present "The
Netherlands: A Season of Dutch Arts in The Berkshires" - reflecting the
broad range of Dutch creativity. Marijke van der Meer this week focuses on
the feasts of visual arts on show in one special season.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N
America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa),
0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)

Repeated: Fri 1500 (South Asia), 1900 (Central, East and South Africa), Sun
14:30 (South Asia)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N
America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and
South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400
(Western N America)

*** The Research File ***

Electroshock makes a comeback, psychiatrists thinks ECT therapy should be
used more often.

Neurons in the brain of a crab can tell us how human brains work.

And: The Full Styrofoam House - an innovative Dutch building which needs no
heating, not even in deepest winter!

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N
America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa),
0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)

Repeated: Mon 1500 (South Asia), 1900 (Central, East and South Africa), Sat
1430 (South Asia)


*** Newsline ***

The latest world news and current affairs.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N
America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and
South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400
(Western N America)

*** Network Europe ***

A Pan European team links up across the continent each week to provide a
fresh perspective on events and life in Europe.

The programme is a unique example of European co-operation, produced by the
continent's leading international broadcasters, it reflects the diversity of
European society and voices. Each week we drop in on specialists around
Europe and catch up with our extensive network of correspondents for their
unique take on the events shaping the week.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N
America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa),
0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)

Repeated: Tues 1500 (South Asia), 1900 (Central, East and South Africa),
Sat 1400 (South Asia)
(R Netherlands)