Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bringing the World the Sunday Blues

If you have missed the Checkerboard Lounge show - what are you waiting for ?

In one hour you can hear the legends of blues with tunes from Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, Abert Collins, Son House, Johnny Winters, Allman Brothers, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Junior Wells, B.B. King and many more.

Roscoe the Bartender, is packing in as much blues tunes in one hour, as you will hear any where on shortwave radio...and doing a terrific job doing it! To hear the greats, tune in September 30, at 2200 UTC on 7415 kHz.

Do you have your QSL card yet ? If you have yet to send in a reception report, send it to:
The Checkerboard Lounge
7914 Dodge Road, Suite 210
Omaha, NE 68114 USA

The Checkerboard Lounge website address:

To verify the program, send in your reception report, including the usual date, frequency, time, radio conditions (fading, interferences, reception quality) as well as music titles played. Listeners in the USA need to include a self addressed stamped envelope. Listeners outside the USA need to include a self addressed envelope and 2 IRC's (International Reply Coupons).
Gayle VH

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency

China Radio Intl Relay 9570 0200 Chinese SIO 33 Sept 27 Female/male announcers with comments plus some Chinese music. //9690 [SIO 333]via Spain. MacKenzie-CA.

Radio Australia-Shepparton 17795 2305 English SIO 444 Sept 22 Comments on a young girl found murded. Sports scores updates and an RA ID.//17785 [444] Shepparton. MacKenzie-CA.

Radio Australia-Shepparton 17785 2242 English SIO 444 Interview on elections in Japan and Australia. MacKenzie-CA

BBCWS Relay 7105 0438 French SIO 333 Sept 26 Comments. MacKenzie-CA.

BBCWS Relay 7160 0448 English SINPO 4444 Sept 26 Comments on gay bishops in Africa. MacKenzie-CA.

Radio Japan Relay-NHK 17605 2315 Spanish SIO 444 Sept 22 Interviews

Radio Espana Exterior Relay-REE 17850 2256 Spanish SIO 444 Sept 22 OM with comments and some pop vocals plus an ID at 2257, then a YL with comments. MacKenzie-CA.

Radio Praga 9870 0318 English SIO 333 OM with comments plus some piano music. A YL with comments. //7345 [232] MacKenzie-CA.

BBCWS 9915 0315 Arabic SIO SIO 333 OM with comments along with a YL.

Radio France Intl-RFI 7135 0445 French SIO 333 Sept 26 YL and OM with comments. MacKenzie-CA.

Voice of Croatia Relay 9925 0310 Croatian SIO 333 Two OMs with comments. Music
interlude with an OM ancr. MacKenzie-CA

Foni Tis Helladas 9420 0354 Greek SIO 333 YL ancr with pop music. MacKenzie-CA.

WWVH 5000 0430 English SIO 444 Sept 26 YL with time annoucement and contact address office in Hawaii. MacKenzie-CA.

Radio Japan-NHK 17825 2258 Japanese SIO 444 Sept 22 YL with comments and an ID at 2259 with time pips and off the air 2300. MacKenzie-CA.

Radio Japan-NHK 17810 2303 Malay SIO 333 Sept 22 YL with comments. MacKenzie-CA

Radio Farda Relay 9865 0323 Arabic SIO 333 Announcer with music vocals. OM with Radio Farda ID at 0328. Continued with pop music vocals. MacKenzie-CA.

Radio New Zealand Intl-RNZI 15720 2318 English SIO 444 Sept 22 YL interviewing an OM plus a YL on Keeping Secrets in the work place. MacKenzie-CA.

Radio New Zealand Intl-RNZI 15720 247 English SIO 444 YL interviewing an OM on
Cassette tape recordings of past radio programs. MacKenzie-CA.

Radio Romania 9645 0343 English SIO 333 Classical music plus some opera vocals. OM with pop music by 0348. Mackenzie-CA.

Petropavlovsk Voice of Germany Relay 15640 2322 German SIO 333 Sept 22 Two announcers with ongoing comments. MacKenzie-CA.

Voice of Russia 9435 0454 English SIO 444 Sept 26 Announcers with band music plus choir music at 0456. YL with 0458 S/off and ID "This is Moscow and IS to off the air at 0500. Mackenzie-CA.

Radio Free Asia 15585 2326 Chinese SIO 333 Sept 22 Comments amid a jammer was heard in the background. MacKenzie-CA.

BBCWS Relay 7120 0440 English SIO 333 Sept 26 OM with comments on Sudan plus an item on George Bush on UN Forces in the Sudan areas. MacKenzie-CA.

Trans World Relay 4775 0434 English SIO 333 Sept 26 Male announcer with a sermon. MacKenzie-CA.

Voice of Russia relay 9860 0330 English SIO 322 Announcer with comments. OM with comments on Algeria. Was a very noist frequency. MacKenzie-CA.
(Source: Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA, California)

Broadcast Tips from Radio Bulgaria

Radio Ukraine International has announced schedule changes as of September 23. The one-hour programs in English will be broadcast at 14, at 19 and at 21 hours on 5830 kHz, at 00 and at 03 hours on 5820 kHz, at 05 and at 07 hours on 7420 kHz and at 11 hours on 9950 kHz. The DX Program starts at the 12th minute of the broadcasts Saturday at 14 , at 19 and at 21 hours and Sunday at 00, at 03 and at05 hours, narrating Olex Yegorov.

For more tips and info please refer to Radio Bulgaria at: .htm

Radio Japan closes German service Sept. 30

JAPAN/GABON/UK NHK World Radio Japan in German farewell program tomorrow.

On Sunday Sept 30th at
0600-0630 UT on 11970GAB 500kW 350degr
1100-1130 UT on 9850SKN 300kW 110degr and 11710SKN 300kW 70degr very last German service programm of NHK Tokyo to be scheduled.

Hideichiro Yamakawa and Prof. Friedrich Greil started the very first Radio Tokyo German service program on 20th June 1937, three times a week, soon be extended to a daily program later in 1937 year. Test broadcasts started already in April and May 1937.

Y.T. heard NHK Radio Japan in German for the very first time 44 years ago in
summer 1963, when I used a Schaub Lorenz Touring T40 portable set then.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX Sept 29)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Last program for Radio World

Dear Dxers.

All India Radio Chennai's 90th week of Vaanoli Ulagam (Radio World) Tamil DX program will broadcast their last programme on 30th September (Sunday). We say thank for all the Dxers and friends for their kind cooperation to present the DX program in Tamil.

Those who are want to ask it to continue this program; kindly send your snail mail to the following AIR MAIL

Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan,
Station Director,
All India Radio,
Kamarajar Salai,
Chennai 600004,
Tamilnadu, India.

The schedule of the Tamil DX Program 'Vaanoli Ulagam' (Radio World) is broadcast Sundays between 1115-1215 UTC (for about 15 minutes) on the following frequencies

To Sri Lanka:
1053 kHz Tuticorin (200 kw)
15050 Khampur, Delhi (250 kw)
17860 New Delhi (100 kw)
7270 Chennai (Avadi) (100 Kw)

To SE Asia:
13695 Bangalore (500 kw)
15770 Aligarh (250 kw)
17810 Panaji (250 kw)
(Source: Jaisakthivel, Producer and Presenter, Chennai)

Weekend relays on 9290 kHz

September 29th
Radio Six International
07.00 -08.00UTC paralel 945AM Baltics,Riga 100,5FMeXtra and
Latvia Today 08.00 -09.00 UTC

September 30th
Latvia Today 19.00 - 20.00 UTC
(Source: Tom Taylor)

Everyone is a journalist in Myanmar

by Perro de Jong*


Let the people of Myanmar hear you voice your support:

Hundreds of people have been smuggling out pictures and eyewitness reports of the protests in Myanmar this week. Thanks to the internet and mobile phones they've been able to break the military government's monopoly on information. Now the junta has realised just how important these "citizen journalists" are. From today (Friday), internet access in Myanmar has been shut down.

Read more at Radio Netherlands:

How will radio change in the future ?

New technologies and changing habits mean the way people listen to the radio has been revolutionised in recent years.

A week of articles on the 40th birthdays of Radios 1 to 4 concludes by asking leading industry figures how they believe radio is shaping up for the next four decades.

Now, you do not even need to own a set to hear programmes - mobile phones and MP3 players come equipped with tuners while stations are available through TVs on set-top boxes.

And on-demand services and podcasts offer a way to listen when it suits, rather than following a schedule.
Read more at BBC News:

Radio Netherlands Program Preview Sept. 29 - Oct. 5

Radio Netherlands Worldwide PROGRAMME PREVIEW Saturday 29 SEPTEMBER - Friday 5

Welcome to our weekly guide to Radio Netherlands Worldwide's English Service - a list of the new programmes coming up on Radio Netherlands Worldwide this week, beginning on Saturday.

*** The State We're In ***
This week on The State We're In, the show about human rights and human wrongs, we ask a Burmese Buddhist monk and a human rights activist what the future holds for the protest movement in Burma.

In our focus on education, we ask what exactly should be taught? We let some of the world's leading philosophers and scientists duke it out. And we speak with the Canadian math teacher who uses matters of social conscience to teach statistics.

And after more than 10 thousand kilometres and 3 years on the steppes of Asia to the Europe's gate in Hungary, we meet Australian Tim Cope. With nothing but his horses and dog, he followed in the footsteps of the conquering Mongol armies to live life as a nomad. We ask him about his journey and about how people treated him.

And that's the State We're In, this weekend on Radio Netherlands Worldwide.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1500 (South Asia), 1800 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

Note that on Saturday we also run repeats of:
Network Europe on SW: 1400 (South Asia)

The Research File: 1430 (South Asia)
Amsterdam Forum and Echoes: 1900 and 1944 respectively (Central, East and South Africa)

*** Amsterdam Forum ***
Around 40,000 patients in the EU are on waiting lists for an organ transplant. In America there are over 70,000 waiting for new kidneys - and every day 11 of these people die while waiting. If human organs were like any other commodity there would be no problem: donors would sell to the highest bidder. But trading is banned in most countries so supply is dependent on the charity of individual altruism.

Some countries have tried to pass laws allowing organs from dead bodies to be used. In countries like Spain, Austria and Belgium 'donation schemes' presume consent. But there is still a tremendous global shortage of organs - and a flourishing black market so "Should the sale of organs be legalised?" That's the debate on this week's Amsterdam Forum.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1500 (South Asia), 1800 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)
Repeated: Sat 1900 (Central, East and South Africa)

*** Echoes ***
Our new listener feedback programme. Mindy Ran responds to your comments, queries and complaints about our programmes. And featuring every week A Critical Eye - commentary from Perro de Jong.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1045 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1145 (Eastern N America), 1545 (South Asia), 1845 & 2045 (Central, East and South Africa), 0045 (Eastern N America), 0145 (Central N America), 0445 (Western N America)

Repeated: Sat 1945 (Central, East and South Africa)
Note that on Sunday we also run repeats of:
Flatlanders or EuroHit 40: 1400 (South Asia)

Arts and Culture: 1430 (South Asia)
The State We're In: 1900 (Central, East and South Africa)

*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** Flatlanders ***
The United Nations estimates that there are currently nearly 200 million migrants in the world. That's three percent of the world's population. In the second of a five-part series, Radio Netherlands Worldwide and four other international broadcasters look at the issue of immigration.

This week we examine whether immigration could help solve the problem of the growing numbers of elderly people in industrialised countries.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa), 0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)
Repeated: Sun 1400 (South Asia), Wednesday 1500 (South Asia) 1900 (Central, East and South Africa)

*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** The State We're In, Midweek Report ***
This week on The State We're In - Midweek Edition, the show about human rights and human wrongs, we ask a Burmese Buddhist monk and a human rights activist what the future holds for the protest movement in Burma.

In our focus on education, we ask what exactly should be taught? We let some of the world's leading philosophers and scientists duke it out. And we speak with the Canadian math teacher who uses matters of social conscience to teach statistics.

These stories and a round up of human rights news in the next edition of the State We're In - Midweek Edition.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa), 0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)
Repeated: Thu 1430, 1500 (South Asia), 1900 (Central, East and South Africa) Sun 1900 (Central, East and South Africa)

*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** Arts and Culture ***
Over a decade ago, Dutch filmmaker and cameraman, Hans Fels, travelled to Haiti and immediately fell in love with the Caribbean nation. The country was on the verge of anarchy at the time, but one day he met a man who told him about an opera, the first one ever written in Haiti. He eventually decided to produce the opera, "Blood Wedding", but when he returned to Haiti, he discovered that there were only fragments written. It became a labour of love that kept him busy for years, but now the opera has finally been staged.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa), 0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)

Repeated: Fri 1500 (South Asia), 1900 (Central, East and South Africa), Sun 14:30 (South Asia)

*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** The Research File ***
This week in the Research File we'll report on the 'multi-fuel converter', a device that may make the hydrogen economy a reality sooner than we think. It can change almost anything that burns into clean hydrogen: oil, gas, coal, even old deep-fry fat...

Also we have an interview with an American sociologist who firmly believes that a scientific institute can be organised in such a way that it will almost inevitably produce breakthrough discoveries.

And we'll visit a new type of greenhouse that's so energy efficient that it doubles as a solar power plant; in winter it can heat not only itself but even houses and buildings in the neighbourhood.

So join us, for the Research File.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa), 0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)
Repeated: Mon 1500 (South Asia), 1900 (Central, East and South Africa), Sat 1430 South Asia)

FRIDAY 5 OCTOBER*** Newsline ***
The latest world news and current affairs.
Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1000 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1100 (Eastern N America), 1400 & 1530 (South Asia), 1800, 1930 & 2030 (Central, East and South Africa), 0000 (Eastern N America), 0100 (Central N America), 0400 (Western N America)

*** Network Europe ***
A Pan European team links up across the continent each week to provide a fresh perspective on events and life in Europe.

The programme is a unique example of European co-operation, produced by the continent's leading international broadcasters, it reflects the diversity of European society and voices. Each week we drop in on specialists around Europe and catch up with our extensive network of correspondents for their unique take on the events shaping the week.

Broadcast times on SW (UTC): 1030 (Asia/Far East/Pacific), 1130 (Eastern N America), 1430 (South Asia), 1830 & 2000 (Central, East and South Africa), 0030 (Eastern N America), 0130 (Central N America), 0430 (Western N America)

Repeated: Tues 1500 (South Asia), 1900 (Central, East and South Africa), Sat 1400 (South Asia)
(R Netherlands)

All India Radio frequency update

Effective 26th September, 2007

AIR has changed frequency for its Vividh Bharati Service from 10330 kHz to 9870 kHz and transmitter site to SPT,Bangalore 500 kW from HPT,Khampur(Delhi), 250 kW.

A07 schedule update as follows:
Vividh Bharati Service 0025-0435 UTC 9870 B'lore(ex 10330 Delhi)
Vividh Bharati Service 0900-1200 UTC 9870 B'lore(ex 10330 Delhi)
Vividh Bharati Service 1245-1740 UTC 9870 B'lore(ex 10330 Delhi)
Russian 1615-1715 UTC 10330 Delhi (ex 9875 Delhi)
Chinese 1145-1315 UTC 11840 Delhi (ex 11840 B'lore)
Swahili/Hindi 1515-1730 UTC 9950 D15 Delhi(ex 9950 D16 Delhi)
Hindi 1615-1730 UTC 15075 Delhi (ex 15075 B'lore)
GOS-I 2245-0045 UTC 11645 Delhi (ex 11645 B'lore)
(Source: Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi,India)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Amateur Radio I.C.P.O. Bulletin

I.C.P.O. Bulletin (Sep. 27 - Oct. 05, 2007)
Islands, Castles & Portable Operations.
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)

27/09/2007: Richard, G3RWL will be active as 8P6DR from Barbados (NA-021, WLOTA LH-0999) between September 27th and October 14th. He plans to operate CW and digital modes on 80-10 metres; he also hopes to take part in the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th). QSL via G3RWL, direct or bureau (e-mail requests for bureau cards cand be sent to g3rwl at [425 DX News]

27/09/2007: Philippe (ex F8EFU) has received his assignment to Fort de France, Martinique (NA-107, DIFO FM-001, WLOTA LH-1041). He is there for a while and has been active since September 22nd. After tornado Dean, work is the less needed thing to do in Martinique, as he has no connection to phone or internet. He uses mainly CW on 30m, with a barefoot 50w into a wire, which will be replaced as soon as possible by a new antenna suitable for DX. Philippe's call sign is FM5LD. Correct QSL information is available on and the online REF-Union call book. [F5NQL]

27/09/2007: Special call sign HV50VR, VR for "Vatican Radio," has been authorized for IK0FVC, Francesco, the chief operator and QSL manager for HV0A and HV4NAC, to mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Vatican's Santa Maria di Galeria broadcasting center. Look for this special call sign starting September 27th, including upcoming contests. QSL direct to IW0GPN. LoTW is also being looked into. Secondly from the Vatican, Francesco has been given approval to set up a new station, HV6SP. QSL direct to IK0FVC for this one. Details will follow on particulars of this station. [K1XN & GOLIST]

27/09/2007: ARI Velletri members IK0ADY, IK0JBF, IK0OXK, IK0UUM, IK0WHN and IZ0ENB will be active as IB0/IQ0VL from Ventotene Island (EU-045, IIA LT-011, MIA MI-118, WLOTA LH-1403) from September 27th to October 1st. They plan to operate SSB, CW, PSK31 and FM on 10-40 metres as well as on the VHF and UHF bands. QSL via IK0WHN (direct) or IQ0VL (bureau). [425 DX News]

27/09/2007: Uli, DJ9XB, flew to Crete (EU-015) on Monday. Main purpose of this trip is the participation in the CQWW RTTY Contest as J49XB (only) on 15m. All other bands (including 160m if he has enough space for an antenna) will be activated before and after the contest. Uli is QRV only in RTTY. [DXNL]

27/09/2007: Ross, T61AA has been active on 20m SSB today (September 26th), for approx 60 minutes. His QTH is Faizabad, Afghanistan. Ross is ex-VK1UN/VK8UN, 4W6UN and EX1UN. He is operating an IC-7000, Tokyo Hi-Power HL-1.5KFx amp, Palstar AT-AUTO tuner into a Cushcraft R6000 vertical. He also has a Double Extended Zepp. Ross hopes to have a 2 el 20m Moxon and 8 el 6m beam shortly. The old YA prefix is no longer in use, so T6 is now the official prefix of Afghanistan. His operations are good for DXCC. QSL via T61AA - Ross, PO Box 99, World Trade Centre, Victoria 8005, Australia. QSLs may take up to three months to be processed so please be patient. [K1XN & GOLIST]

28/09/2007: Ed, N1UR will be active from Bhutan as A52UR between September 28th and October 2nd. QRV all bands, CW and SSB. QSL via K2RET. [NG3K]

28/09/2007: Look for JH0IEW/6 to be active from Minami-Daito Island (AS-047, JIIA AS-047-002) September 28th to October 2nd. He will also activate Kita-Daito Island (AS-047, JIIA AS-047-001) October 2-9th. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. 1 January to 31 December 2007 is Japanese IOTA Islands Award "Activity Year" JIIA Award: [F5NQL]

28/09/2007: Team RK9YYD will be active September 28-30th RK9YYD/p from RDA Districts AL-13,42,55,66,27,32,77. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Information about the Russian Districts Award, plus the list of districts, can be found at [RX3RC]

28/09/2007: The "Equipo de Dx4Dx" members will be active from Corsica (EU-014, DIFM TK-001, WLOTA LH-1390) between September 28th and October 5th, using the call sign TK9Z. Activity will be on 160-10m, WARC bands included, using SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK. Operators mentioned are Pere/EA3CUU, Paco/EA4BT, Emilio/EA7AAW, Julio/EA7JB, Jose/EA7LS and Ramon/EB4EPJ. QSL via EA4BT, direct or bureau. Further information at: [F5NQL]

28/09/2007: Masanori, VK1ANU plans to QRV as VK1ANU/5 from Kangaroo Island (OC-139, WLOTA LH-0869, WW Loc. PF84GF) between the evening of September 28th and the early morning of October 1st. QRV will be CW on 80m, 40m, 20m, 17m and 15m. Equipment will be 100 watts and wire antennas. QSL route is via JO2SLZ. [Pete's-DX-Newsdesk]

29/09/2007: Look for Leon, 4K8F to be active during the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th) as a Singl-Op/Multi-Band/Low-Power entry, from Azerbaijan (CQ Zone 21). He will concentrate on the low bands. QSL via 4K8F ( [NG3K]

29/09/2007: Paul/4X6UU and Isaac/4Z4TL will be active as 4X2Z from the Mikve Israel Agricultural School club station during the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th), as a Multi-Single Entry. QSL via 4X6UU. [NG3K]

29/09/2007: Edu, EA8AUW will be active as AO8X from URE Las Palmas section radio club (EA8UR), Canary Islands, during the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th), as a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry. QSL via EA8AUW. [NG3K]

29/09/2007: Girts/YL2KL and Vil/YL2KF will be active as D4C from the Monteverde Contest Station, Sao Vicente Island (AF-086, WLOTA LH-1976), Cape Verde Islands, during the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th), as a Multi-Single entry. For latest information check [NG3K]

29/09/2007: François/FJNE and Gérard/F6ICG will be active September 29th as F5JNE/p from the Castle of Buranlure (DFCF 18-022), City of Boulleret (CP 18240) and Canton [County] of Lere (DDCF 18-16), Department Cher/18 and Province Centre. QRV starting around 0600z on 80m, then QSY to 40m, using CW and SSB. QSL via F5JNE, bureau preferred and SWL cards are welcome. [F5NQL]

29/09/2007: Bernard, F5SZB will be active the morning of September 29th from the Castle of Bagnolet (DFCF 16-043) using homecall/p. Other references: Department Charente/16 and Province Poitou-Charentes. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [F5PRR]

29/09/2007: Freddy, F8CKS/p will be QRV September 29th from the Castle Merle (DFCF 24-090) and the Moulino commune of Capdrot (DMF 24-064), city and canton of Monpazier (DDCF 24-20, CP 24540), Department Dordogne/24 and Province Aquitaine. QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [F8CKS]

29/09/2007: Ted, HI3TEJ will be active from the Dominican Republic (NA-096, WLOTA LH-2274) as HI3T during the CQ WW RTTY DX Contest (September 29-30th) as a Single-Op/Low-Power entry. QSL via ON4IQ. [OPDX]

29/09/2007: Alex, K2BB will be active from Honduras as HR2/K2BB during the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th). QSL via home call. [NG3K]

29/09/2007: Gus, LU1DY will be active from Honduras as HR2/LT0E during the CQ WW RTTY DX Contest (September 29-30th), as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via HQ2LAS. [NG3K]

29/09/2007: Gery/HB9TQF, Piero/I1ASU, Dario/I2ROQ, Giordano/IK0XFD, Salvatore/IK1AWV, Luca/IK8TLX, Paolo/IW8DQY and Carmine/IZ8FEN will be active as IQ1IM/p from Gallinara Island (EU-083, IIA SV-001, MIA MI-033), September 29-30th. They plan to operate SSB and CW (maybe also PSK31) on 10-80 metres. QSL via IZ1JLN. This operation is in memory of the late Alessio Ortona, I1BYH. [425 DX News]

29/09/2007: The following members of the Mongolian Amateur Radio Society will particate in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th): JT1BE, JT1DN, JT1CO, JT1BV and JT1F. No other information was given. [JT1CD]

29/09/2007: Craig, AH8DX will be signing KP2/AH8DX during the CQ WW RTTY Contest (September 29-30th) as a Single-Op entry, from Puerto Rico (NA-099, USi PR006S, WLOTA LH-2802). QSL via home call. [NG3K]

29/09/2007: Juha, OH9MM will be active from the Aland Islands (EU-002) as OH0Z during the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via W0MM. [NG3K]

29/09/2007: John, T77CD will be active in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th) from Domagnano, Republic of San Marino. QSL direct only to I0MWI. [NG3K]

29/09/2007: Operators Jim/UU1AZ, Serge/UT9NA, Alex/UR7EU, Ken/UR5NX, Andy/UU4JMG and Andi/UU0JM will be active from the Ukraine as UU7J during the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th) as a Multi/? entry. QSL via UU0JM. [OPDX]

29/09/2007: WP3, PUERTO RICO (NA-099). Alfredo, WP3C, will be active from Puerto Rico (NA-099, WLOTA LH-2802) in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 29-30th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry. His activity will also count for the WLOTA as LH-2802. QSL via W3HNK, direct preferred, bureau OK. [OPDX]

29/09/2007: Ulli, DL2AH will be active from the South Pacific starting September 29th. His schedule is as follows: September 29th to October 12th he will be QRV from Niue Island (ZK2, OC-040); October 17-30th from Chatham Island (ZL7, OC-038); and November 1-14th from Norfolk Island (VK9N, OC-005). Ulli will use a FT897 with loop antennas for 40-10m, SSB and RTTY. QSL via home call. [NG3K]

30/09/2007: Operators Holger/DK6XR and Martin/DK8XT will be active as 8R1XR and 8R1XT, respectively, from Georgetown, Guyana, starting September 30th through October 13th. Activity will be on the usual frequencies on SSB, CW and RTTY. QSL via their home call signs. [OPDX]

30/09/2007: Andrew G7COD, member of the Craven Radio Amateur Group in the Yorkshire Dales, will be operating for the third time from Embudu Island, Maldives (AS-013) as 8Q7AK from September 30th to October 12th. Predominantly using SSB with possibly a little CW on the 30, 20, 17, 15 and 12 metre bands. SSB Spot frequencies to be used will be: 14.147, 18.133, 21.253 and 24.953 MHz +/- 10KHz to allow for QRM. Times of operation will be every day from 0830 to 1030z and 1300 to 1515z. QSL either via the bureau or direct to G7COD. For more detailed information on spot frequencies to be used, QSL information etc, please check 8Q7AK on which provides comprehensive details. [Pete's-DX-Newsdesk]

01/10/2007: Look for BY1TX/4 and BY1TT/4 to be active from Chang Dao (AS-146), October 1-6th. They will operate SSB, CW and RTTY on 160-10 metres. QSL BY1TX/4 via EA7FTR, QSL BY1TT/4 via home call. [425 DX News]

01/10/2007: JW, SVALBARD (EU-026). Operators Karl/LA8DW and Lars/OZ1HPS will be active as JW8DW and JW/OZ1HPS, respectively, from Spitsbergen Island (EU-026, WLOTA LH-0125) between October 1-7th. Activity will be on CW and SSB (bands not provided). QSL via their home calls or by the bureau. [OPDX]

02/10/2007: Look for JH0IEW/6 to be active from Kita-Daito Island (AS-047, JIIA AS-047-001, WLOTA LH-0928), October 2-9th. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. 1 January to 31 December 2007 is Japanese IOTA Islands Award "Activity Year" JIIA Award: [F5NQL]

03/10/2007: Arie/PA3A (EL2AK), Ad/PA8AD (EL2AG), Arie/PA3AN (EL2AN) and Henk/PA3AWW (EL2AO) will be active as with the special event call 5L2MS from Liberia between October 3rd and 24th. Their goals are to activate this DXCC Entity on 160-10 metres CW and SSB, to raise funds for a charity project in Liberia in cooperation with Mercy Ships, and to support the Liberia Radio Amateur Association (LRAA) with equipment. QSL via PA3AWW, direct or bureau (direct QSL cards can be requested via Internet). Further information can be found at [425 DX News]

04/10/2007: Ely, IN3VZE will be active October 4-25th as 7Q7CE from the south west shore of Lake Malawi. This will be a holiday style operation. QSL via home call, direct (Ely Camin, C.rso 3 Novembre 136/2, 38100 Trento - Italy) or by the bureau. [NG3K]

05/10/2007: Elmo, EA5BYP reports that a DXpedition to Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Bioko Island AF-010, WLOTA LH-2977) will take place from October 5-14th. The call that will be used is 3C7Y. Operators include Fred/KH7Y, Vic/EA5YN, Luis/EA5BRE and Elmo/EA5BYP. They will operate with two stations for ten days, transmitting on all bands, using CW, SSB and RTTY. The QSL manager via EA5BYP. Further info to follow. [EA5YN]

05/10/2007: Jacek/SP5EAQ, Wojciech/SP9PT, Marek/SP9BQJ and Jozef/SP9-31029 plan to operate SSB, CW and RTTY as ZL7/SP5EAQ, ZL7/SP9PT and ZL7/SP9BQJ from the Chatham Islands (OC-038), October 5-18th. QSL via home calls. [425 DX News]
(ICPO Bulletin via Dave Raycroft/ODXA)

The day we woke up to pop music on BBC Radio 1

As Radio 1 reaches 40, Gillian Reynolds explains the key role pirate broadcasters played in its inception – and why it owes so much to the commercial stations

Get out your loon pants, it's Radio 1's 40th birthday this weekend. And Radio 2's and Radio 3's and Radio 4's as well. Next month, it will be BBC local radio's, too. What was it about 1967 that made it such a turning point in broadcasting history?

Anyone born after 1987 may wonder what all the fuss is about. They can't remember the time when BBC radio was pretty much all there was.

Radio Luxembourg played records and carried advertisements, but only after dark. If you pressed your ear to the fretwork of your parents' radio, you might catch American Forces Network.

But, from the end of the war to the early 1960s, it was the BBC Light and Home services that people listened to, on medium wave and long wave, where the playing of records was strictly limited. No one broadcast round the clock.
Read more at Telegraph.Co.Uk

Voice of America increases broadcasting in Burmese

The Voice of America has doubled its output in Burmese as of Wednesday, 26 September. The new schedule on shortwave is:

1130-1230 UTC on 11965, 15540, 17775 kHz
1430-1500 UTC on 1575, 9325, 11910, 12120 kHz
1500-1530 UTC on 9325, 11910, 12120 kHz
1500-1530 UTC (Sat/Sun only) on 1575 kHz
2300-2400 UTC on 6185, 7430, 11980 kHz
(Source: Voice of America/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weekly Propagation Forecast Update

Product: Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
:Issued: 2007 Sep 25 1854 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Environment Center
# Product description and SEC contact on the Web
# Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
Highlights of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
17 - 23 September 2007

Solar activity was very low. No flares were detected. The visible disk was spotless.

No proton events were observed at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit was at normal levels.

The geomagnetic field was quiet during 17 - 19 September. Activity increased to quiet to active levels during the rest of the period. ACE real-time solar wind measurements indicated the increased activity was due to a recurrent coronal hole high-speed wind stream. The high-speed stream commenced around 20/0900 UTC. Velocities gradually increased to a peak of 728 m/sec at 23/0836 UTC, then gradually declined during the rest of the summary period. IMF changes associated with the onset of the high-speed stream included a solar sector boundary crossing (Away (+) to Toward (-)) at around 20/1400 UTC, a peak total field intensity of 13.1 nT at 20/1336 UTC, and a minimum southward Bz reading of -9.1 nT at 20/1330 UTC. The proton density increase associated with the onset of the high-speed stream reached a peak of 20.4 p/cc at 20/2002 UTC.

Forecast of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
26 September - 22 October 2007

Solar activity is expected to be very low.

No proton events are expected at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is expected to reach high levels during 26 September - 10 October and 21 - 22 October.

Geomagnetic activity is expected to be at quiet to unsettled levels during 26 - 27 September. Activity is expected to increase to unsettled to minor storm levels during 28 - 30 September due to a recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream. Activity is expected to decrease to quiet to unsettled levels during 01 - 02 October.
Activity is expected to increase to unsettled to active levels during 03 - 04 October due to another recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream. Quiet conditions are expected during 05 - 16 October. An increase to quiet to unsettled levels is expected during 17 - 19 October. A further increase to unsettled to active levels is forecast for 20 October as another recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream affects the field. Activity is expected to decrease to quiet to unsettled levels during the remainder of the period as the high-speed stream subsides.

27-day Space Weather Outlook Table 27DO.txt
:Issued: 2007 Sep 25 1854 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Environment Center
# Product description and SEC contact on the Web
# 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table
# Issued 2007 Sep 25
# UTC Radio Flux Planetary Largest
# Date 10.7 cm A Index Kp Index
2007 Sep 26 66 5 2
2007 Sep 27 67 8 3
2007 Sep 28 67 15 4
2007 Sep 29 67 25 5
2007 Sep 30 67 12 3
2007 Oct 01 67 5 2
2007 Oct 02 67 8 3
2007 Oct 03 68 15 4
2007 Oct 04 68 10 3
2007 Oct 05 68 5 2
2007 Oct 06 68 5 2
2007 Oct 07 68 5 2
2007 Oct 08 68 5 2
2007 Oct 09 67 5 2
2007 Oct 10 67 5 2
2007 Oct 11 67 5 2
2007 Oct 12 67 5 2
2007 Oct 13 67 5 2
2007 Oct 14 67 5 2
2007 Oct 15 67 5 2
2007 Oct 16 67 5 2
2007 Oct 17 67 10 3
2007 Oct 18 67 10 3
2007 Oct 19 67 10 3
2007 Oct 20 67 15 4
2007 Oct 21 67 10 3
2007 Oct 22 67 8 3

Blog Logs - pirate radio from FRW

Thanks to the Free Radio Weekly gang - all pirate radio fans, for this weeks enewsletter. Enjoy the following samples.
Gayle VH

Good Evening Radio
6875AM 9/15 0144-0149 A show of a dignified man saying good evening and talking to various digital and CW (in AM mode). At the end, he said "You can have your frequency back. The was followed by Sycko. (232 Majewski Boothbay, ME)
6875 AM 9/15 00:28 sio232, symphony music, hoity-toity voice saying "Good Evening" (Fansome PA)

Kracker Radio
6925 usb 09/15 2330-2342 SIO 433 Fireside Chat Replay. Kracker talking about upcoming administration Bozo issues. CB discusses tire pressure and Fansom free zone [recorded] (RD)
6925U 9/18 1:14 sio232, just barely audible, heard some music, and "Vote Commander Bunny/Kracker in 2008", then sort of faded away. (Fansome PA)

The Crystal Ship
5386a 9/16 22:39 sio232, major fading, "Back Door Man", anti-Bush ad, ID at 2:40, "The End", getting steadily stronger (Fansome PA)

Radio Free Whatever

6925 usb 9/17 22:28-23:20 SIO 333 First just op rambling then came back on with a music show. ID of your listening to Radio Free Whatever.[recorded] (RD)

Sycko Radio/Radio Station Anonymous
6874a 9/21 1:01 sio222, very noisy, have to listen in SSB, ID of Radio Station Anonymous at 1:01, rambling monologue, sounds a lot like Sycko, mention of Sycko Radio at 1:03, and into music "Tom Sawyer" (Fansome PA)


6925U 9/16 *2314-2317* SIO=242. Nothing but a very lengthy and freshly produced WBNY jingle. (Zeller-OH)
6925usb 9/18 23:20-2325 SIO 333 Allan Weiner rant, Cmdr. Bunny Ebay spot. WBNY jingles (RD)
(Source: Free Radio Weekly via Greg Majewski)

FCC makes way for public radio

Journal Staff

ITHACA — Changes are coming for the bottom of Ithaca's radio dial.

After a seven-year freeze, the Federal Communications Commission will soon accept applications for new non-commercial FM radio stations nationwide.

“We've been waiting for this window to open for years,” said Lyn Gerry, co-founder of Ithaca Community Radio.

In addition, WEOS public radio out of Geneva, currently broadcast through Ithaca Community Radio's transmitter on 88.1 FM, has been approved by the FCC to have its own station in Ithaca, at 90.1 FM.
“It's going to continue providing the same news, information and public radio that they currently get now. It'll provide it on a much better signal,” said Aaron Read, general manager of WEOS. “We're talking about a 4,000-watt station as opposed to a 250-watt station.”
Read more at The Ithaca Journal at:

XM new home of the Grand Ole Opry

XM will be the new satellite radio home of the Grand Ole Opry beginning in October beginning with the Opry's 82nd Birthday Bash broadcast featuring Carrie Underwood, Travis Tritt, Ronnie Milsap, and more on Saturday, October 20, XM will feature the live Friday and Saturday night performances as well as the Tuesday Night Opry. Additionally, XM will offer classic broadcasts of the renowned country music show, archival performances, and "The Eddie Stubbs Show," which is hosted by regular Opry announcer Eddie Stubbs
(Photo: Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN)

Legend Radio Personality 'Cousin Brucie' renews exclusively with SIRUS

NEW YORK, Sept. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced today that famed broadcaster and legendary radio personality Bruce Morrow, known to his legion of fans as 'Cousin Brucie,' has renewed an exclusive multi-year deal with the satellite broadcaster. The deal demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to playing Oldies music from the 50s and 60s, and makes SIRIUS the only radio outlet where listeners can hear 'Cousin Brucie.'

(Logo: )

Brucie will continue to host Cousin Brucie's Saturday Night Party, a show that he launched in 1958 on New York radio. The show airs Saturdays from 8 pm to 12 midnight ET on SIRIUS' 60s Vibrations channel 6. He will also host Rockin' with the Cuz, Wednesdays from 5 pm to 9 pm ET, also on 60s Vibrations. Both shows will feature Brucie's playlist from three decades of music with listener dedications, phone calls and e-mails.
Read more at CNN Money:
(Photo via SIRUS)

Senior Afghan broadcasting official resigns

Radio Netherlands Worldwide has learned that Abdul Rahman Panjshiri, Director of Planning & Foreign Relations at the National Radio and Television of Afghanistan (RTA), has resigned afer 29 years with the organisation. Mr Panjshiri has told international colleagues of the reasons for his decision:
“Following the appointment of Mr Khorram at the Ministry of Information and Culture (MIC), I continuously tried to encourage him to move toward and promote Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) in Afghanistan. With deep regret I failed to succeed in my endeavours in this regard.
“Mr Khorram aims to curb the promotion of PSB in Afghanistan, although the Afghanistan Government has made commitments to the international community to move toward PSB.
“During my last meeting with Mr Khorram he ignored all values of PSB and instructed me to direct all RTA’s Planning and Foreign Relations works through concerned department of MIC. He was critical why RTA establishes independent contacts with national and international organizations. He cited that RTA has no right to establish such contacts in the future and all contacts should go through the Foreign Relations Department of the MIC.
“During my 29 years of services with RTA I have not seen such an attempt to suppress freedom and interference in RTA works. I would like to say that unless the international community takes serious action now all initiatives by both national and International organizations to foster PSB in Afghanistan will go in vain under the leadership of Mr Khorram.
“I have decided to resign from my position with RTA due to the above facts.”
(Source: Abdul Rahman Panjshiri direct/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

U.S. soldiers set up radio station at Kogalniceanu base

Text of report in English by Romanian news agency Rompres
[”US Soldiers in Mihail Kogalniceanu Base Establish Radio Post” - Rompres headline]
Bucharest, Sept 26 (Rompres) - The US soldiers training in Mihail Kogalniceanu base inaugurated on Tuesday 25 September the radio post ‘Good morning Romania’, to broadcast in English.
Spokesman of Joint Task Force of Eastern Europe Troy Darr said that the radio post broadcasts on 107 FM on an 8 km area around the military base. The station is a mobile system for radio and television and its purpose is for internal broadcast, offering military information, news and amusement for the soldiers located here until the drill ‘Proof of Principles’ ends, the official informed.
After the drill is over, the radio post will take over through satellite the broadcasting for US soldiers in Europe. The radio team is made up of six members and wants to broadcast a live show though Intranet [sic] in the future.
(Source: Rompres news agency, Bucharest, in English 0558 gmt 26 Sep 07 via BBC Monitoring/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Democratic Voice of Burma producing extra satellite programs

The Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) has increased its production as a result of the crisis in the country. ”We normally broadcast two hours every day on shortwaves but at the moment, in addition to that, we also broadcast seven hours daily by satellite,” the station’s deputy director Khin Maung Win told AFP in an interview.
Including the weekend television programmes that it started running two years ago, the station claims to have a total audience of 20 million people. The country’s total population is 47 million.
According to Khin Maung Win, Norway and Denmark have just agreed to donate up to one million kroner (US$180,000) of “emergency aid” to DVB, in addition to the 15.5-million-kroner (US$2.8-million) annual budget funded by the Scandinavian countries, Netherlands, Ireland and the United States.
(Source: AFP/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

New three language Turkmen radio to broadcast via satellite

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed a decree on creating a new Ovaz (Melody) radio channel of the General Directorate of the Turkmen TV. According to the document, the radio channel will start broadcasting in Turkmen, Russian and English. The decree approves the staff list of the new radio channel. The Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan will broadcast the programmes through satellite and ground-based transponders [sic].
As the Ashgabat correspondent of reports, referring to the press-service of the Turkmen leader, the decision was taken with a view “to inform the world community of the music and song art of the Turkmen people, news in the sphere of economy, science, education, culture and art and further development of the efficiency of the information system”.
(Source: Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

MBC takes aim at BBC

Arab network accuses Brits of poaching staff

MBC Group, the Arab world's leading satellite network, has launched an uncharacteristically stinging attack against the BBC for what it claims has been a concerted campaign to lure its staff to the BBC Arabic TV service, set to launch by the end of the year.
A dozen staffers at Al-Arabiya, MBC's top-rated newscaster, have jumped ship to join the service, including editors, producers and reporters.

The BBC venture, funded by the U.K. government to the tune of some $34 million annually, is headed by Egyptian journo Salah Negm, previously head of newsgathering at Al-Arabiya.

"It is no secret that in the content industry, there is a natural ebb and flow of talent," said Mazen Hayek, MBC Group's director of marketing, PR and commercial. "But it is the systematic, targeted, deliberate and ongoing nature of this poaching that is distressing. We would have expected far more responsible and sensible behavior from the BBC."
Read more at Variety:

Ontario politicians to host their own radio talk shows

CFRB e-newsletter:
September 26, 2007
Hello from CFRB,Newstalk 1010 CFRB is pleased to announce that all four Ontario political party leaders have agreed to host their own one hour talk show on CFRB and simulcast on CKTB in St. Catharines and CJBK in London.

Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty, PC Leader John Tory, NDP Leader Howard Hampton and Green Party Leader Frank de Jong will each host a talk show from noon to 1pm and take calls from listeners in Toronto, across Niagara and London on the following days:Thursday, September 27 Green Party Leader Frank de JongWednesday, October 3 NDP Leader Howard amptonThanksgiving, Monday October 8th PC Leader John ToryTuesday, October 9 Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty

This is a first for Standard Radio stations in Ontario to have the four main political leaders host their own show rather than appear with a host to be interviewed and take calls from listeners.We believe this is an excellent opportunity for you to hear directly from the leaders of the four main political parties on CFRB, CKTB and CJBK.

We picked the noon hour because we hope you will take the time during your lunch break to hear what each of the provincial party leaders have to say.The broadcasts on all three Standard Radio talk stations can also be heard online at,, and on Rogers Digital Channel 960.Steve KowchOperations ManagerNewstalk 1010 CFRB.
(Source: F. Waterer via ODXA)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two's not company for radio rivals

BBC Radio 2, which began 40 years ago this week, has the highest audience of any station in the UK.
But are its dominance and power to attract top talent bad news for its commercial rivals?
It was May 2001 when Radio 2 overtook traditional market leader Radio 1 to become the UK's most listened-to station.
Jonathan Ross and ex-Radio 1 DJ Steve Wright had been recruited to make the network sound younger.
But millions of people were still tuning in to stalwarts such as Terry Wogan, eight years into his second stint at breakfast, and light entertainment show Friday Night is Music Night.
Read more at BBC News link:

Dxers Unlimited midweek edition for 25-26 Sept 2007

By Arnie Coro, CO2KK

Hi amigos radioaficionados ! This is the midweek edition of your favorite listener oriented and technically minded radio hobby program, our menu, as always will be full of items of interest to people like you and me that enjoy this wonderful passtime, so follow me amigos, as the show goes on with item one:Cuban radio amateurs will be participating in the upcoming world wide CQ Radio Amateur Single Side Band Contest in October… several special prefix ham stations will be on the air using the special prefix T4, a much sought callsign among world amateurs…among the probable ones T49C, Tango Four Nine Charlie will be operating from Havana, T48K, Tango Four Eight Kilo, will be operating from Las Tunas province in Eastern Cuba,and individual Cuban radio amateurs will , as always, be particpating in the contest from their home QTH stations, and I do hope that some of them will achieve excellent results, something that started several years ago … with excellent results achieved by among others the winner of the number one 10 meter single band entry Walfrido, CO8WAL from Guantanamo province.

I will also be operating CO2KK my own ham station during the contest with a new pair of antennas connected to a fast acting switch to observe how the two compare , so be listening for CO2KK whenever 10 meter opens and if you do hear me, send a signal report and I’ll be happy to AIR MAIL back to you a special QSL card !!! Send mail to … again,

Item two: Moon eclipse and radio…. Any connections ?… Apparently not, as the Moon’s distance to the Earth doesn’t change, so , as astronomers explain, all Moon eclipses are just a visual phenomena… by the way this item one answers questions sent by no less than eleven Dxers Unlimited’s fans around the world amigos !!!They all wanted to know it a Moon eclipse has any impact on radio wave propagation on the HF bands…

Item three: We must wait patiently for an upsurge in solar activity so that the 10 meters ham band will come back to life…once this happen the band will be active for a few days after the increase in solar activity, something quite normal according to solar scientists.

Item four: Possible upcoming frequency changes for North America…expect a possible comeback of 9820 kiloHertz during the BO7 broadcast season, but we first must study very well how the frequency of optimum traffic curve moves up or down before taking the decision to move up to 9820 kiloHertz.

We are now operating from 0500 to 0700 our English language service to the Pacific Coast of North America on 6000 kiloHertz, using the four by four array of dipoles, a beautiful curtain array capable of up to 19 dB gain over a single half wave dipole. As usual during any frequency changes, our engineering deparment will appreciate very much signal reports about our new to the Pacific Coast of North America frequency, 6000 kiloHertz from 0500 to 0700 UTC,and our 6060 kiloHertz frequency to Eastern North America from 0500 to 0700 hours UTC, we are also using now 6180 Kilohertz to Central North America from 01 to 07 hours UTC.please send your reports to and I will relay them immediately to our Engineering staff…
More radio hobby related information follows in a few seconds, when Dxers Unlimited’s weekend edition for September 25 and 26 of 2007 continues. I am Arnie Coro in Havana, stay tuned !!!
Si amigos, your receiver is right on one of Radio Havana Cuba’s frequencies… and here is item three in detail !!! RHC has many good faithful listeners around the world…

And talking about good friends, Bruce Atchinson , a faithful Canadian listener wrote a very interesting e-mail that I ‘am going to share with you all. He is making reference to the Grundig FR200 portable radio that is equipped with a hand crank generator and battery charger…

Hello Arnie;
I have that radio and I enjoyed your review. I have two problems which youdidn't mention. Even using the whip antenna, I still have image problems.The switch for the light is also flimsy and the light flickers when I useit. Apart from those problems, and the tuning problem, I like that radio. It's great for casual listening,and it is sensitive. As for the lack of a solar panel, it's not much use here in Canada during the winter. Here in Radway, we only get 7 hours and 25 minutes of sunlight at the winter solstice. Summer is a good time for solar energy this far north since we get 17 hours of sunlight on June 21. Also there's no time to charge up batteries during an emergency since trouble usually happens suddenly or people ealise the danger too late. I ordered the FreePlay Lifeline radio so that some children in Rwanda could have the same radio given to them. When it comes, and if I remember, I'll write and let you know about it.
Bruce Atchison.

Muchas gracias amigo Bruce, thanks for the nice e-mail letter, and sure, I agree with you about the FR200 image proble, that is due to the fact that it is a simple single conversion superheterodyne receiver, with a low intermediate frequency, so every 910 kiloHertz there is an image, something that is especially noticeable while tuning bands adjacent to were high power stations are operating. Every receiver using a 455 kiloHertz intermediate frequency will show images

You are listening to Dxers Unlimited’s weekend edition coming to you from Havana amigos ! Now, here is our technical topics section of the show… A warning from an expert homebrewer of ham radio equipment. Watch out for some banana jacks! They are lousy RF insulators and fail at any appreciable voltages. I'm not sure, but suspect they are nylon dyed red and black. Nylon absorbs moisture from the surrounding air and so its losses at radio frequencies will change widely with the relative humidity.

Then the expert provides us with a real life story about the standard 4 millimeters banana jacks. Some years ago I was using an MFJ ATU and had just hooked up a new half wave end-fed wire that presented a very high impedance at the ATU. I was running only about 15 watts output from a homebrew amp on my HW-8. Everything tuned up FB and I was pounding brass when I smelled something hot and suddenly the SWR jumped off the scale.

Investigating, I found that the banana jack for the "single wire" feed from the ATU had melted! Mind you, this was at a high impedance but at only 15 watts of RF! Banana jacks are handy connectors but since that experience I do not depend upon the jack material to be a decent RF insulator. When I use a banana jack and plug to handle significant RF voltages, I mount the jacks in a good insulator (e.g. acrylic sheet) with at least 1/2 inch of space around it before the nearest metal or grounded object.

And this nice piece of technical know how came from Ron, radio amateur AC7AC, Alpha Charlie seven Alpha Charlie, who kindly posted it on the GLOWBUGS e-mail distribution list.

Thanks amigo Ron for this nice and useful advice about the everpresent among homebrewers banana plugs and jacks!

Another technical tip… also useful for homebrewers, a small low cost component, worth only a few cents will add a lot of reliability to your homebrew equipment, and it can also be retrofitted to existing equipment providing extra protection against dreadful power line transients. They look like large sized ceramic disk capacitors, and you will find them installed in every computer power supply. Sold under many different names, like TRANSZORBS, PEAK SUPPRESSORS and others, the power line transient suppresors are very easy to install, requiring just two solder points that place the component in pararell with the power line input to the equipment.Run an Internet search for the words power line transient suppressors and you will learn a lot more about this very useful devices that are becoming more and more important for today’s electronics !!!

And now,here is ASK ARNIE, with a really tough question amigos !!!Listeners from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia have asked me about the possible amount of money required to put on the air a start up amateur radio station.

Well amigos, let’s start by saying that the world’s most popular amateur radio band is still two meters, and the most popular communications mode is FM, that is frequency modulation. Two meter band hand held radios, also known as handie talkies are, according to a recent research study, the most ubiquos amateur radio equipment. The worldwide expansion of VHF communications has helped to reduce the cost of high quality , highly reliable hand held FM two meter band equipment, and the second hand market is also a source of good rigs that can be bought at very low prices. Many countries around the world now have entry level amateur radio licences that don’t require beginners to pass the hard to learn Morse Code tests… Those licenses usually provide operating privileges for the two meter band, and that;s one of the reasons that the frequency range from 144 to 148 megaHertz in the Americas and from 144 to 146 megaHertz in the rest of the world, is the most popular amateur band since the early days of amateur radio.

Don’t think that two meters FM operation will limit you to ground wave 50 miles around your home communications… Well installed antennas with enough gain allow the two meter band FM rigs to reach quite far, and several amateur radio satellites have a 2 meter FM input that extends the coverage of a little handled to thousands of mile via a space repeater.

Two meters FM will also let you connect to computerized systems that will add lots of interesting hours to your ham radio career. But two meters FM is not the only way to start enjoying ham radio… Entry level HF transceivers connected to simple antennas will let you talk to the world from your home anytime that propagation conditions on the short wave bands are good enough. Be aware that low power HF rigs are to be avoided by beginners and that’s a more or less generalized opinion, as QRP or low power operation requires operating skills that take time to develop. My own personal opinion is that a beginners HF bands rig should provide no less than 20 Watts output into the antenna, and a 50 to 70 Watts power output will be still better, as it will let you work stations even when band conditions are not all that good !

Si amigos, yes my friends… you don’t need to spend a lot of money to start enjoying amateur radio.

And just before going QRT here, our exclusive and not copyrighted HF plus low band VHF propagation update and forecast First the update: This past week has been nothing but absolutely terrible for HF propagation, with a totally blank Sun , with ZERO sunspot count day in and day out,but fortunately no geomagnetic disturbances of any significance. For this weekend, expect very poor conditions for the HF bands, but rather good for Long Wave and AM broadcast band Dxing.

Average solar flux for this week was about 67, and you can expect continuing solar flux between 65 and 70 through the weekend.

Micro-DXpedition Report

All times UTC - freqs kHa // parallel frequency


4762.5 R. Chicha (pres.) 2326 weak tlk by M. Mx at 2329, deep-voiced M in SP at 2331. M again at 2343 but impossible to copy. W anncr joined in at 2349. Sounded like some rustic mx at 2356. Nothing hrd after 2357. This is always too weak. Will need either a super opening and/or a DXpedition. (Valko 22 Sept.) 23 SEPTEMBER 2007: The PNGs were coming in at 1020 UTC and I figured they'd only improve towards sunrise, so I decided to take a quick run up to one of my micro-DXpeditioning QTHs for an hour or so. The Geomagnetic Field was a bit disturbed and it didn't pan out like I hoped. RX: JRC NRD-535D
ANT: 394' Beverage at 315°
QTH: Reclaimed stripmine
Duration: 1050-1215 UTC
Solar Indices: S.F. = 67 A Index = 12 K Index = 4 No storms.
WX: Clear, 47° F. (8° C.).


2485 VL8K 1049 playing C&W like mx, // to all other 120mb outlets. This one was best/strongest. (Valko 23 Sept.)


3995.03 RRI Kendari (pres.) Nothing but easy Lagu mx during checks at 1055, 1109, 1119, 1125, and 1132. Getting stronger at 1135 while the Sun was rising. About 30 seconds of deadair between songs at 1136. Definite SCI at 1159. Sounded like it may have been //3987.04 w/Jak. nx afterwards, but it was too weak to be certain. Nonstop Hams right on the freq too. (Valko 23 Sept.)


5018.97 SIBC 1053 Tlk by M and W anncrs. Came back at 1058 and caught C&W mx. Difficult when Rebelde was playing mx as it causes more splatter. 1100 W w/quick anmnt including SIBC ID, then world nx in EG w/actualities. One definite ment. of Solomon Islands at 1103, 'international', and 'United Nations'. 1105 ment of "...human ?? programs for the South Pacific...". 1106 nice fairly clear ID "This news is coming to you from the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, 'Radio Happy Isles", in Honiara". Ad at 1142 on check. Still on past 1205. An e-mail sent to the address on their Web site was bounced back. (Valko 23 Sept.)


3987.04 RRI Manokwari 1112 choral island mx. Finally W anncr in IN at 1131 briefly and then C&W mx. Peaking nicely at 1140. W briefly again at 1146 but no ID noted. W at 1159, then SCI and M w/Jak. nx relay which was //4869.93, but not 4749.97. (Valko 23 Sept.)


5964.93 Klasik Nasional (pres.) Was there at 1122 but not strong enough. 1129 definite mx and anmnt by W but 7270 had tlk by M. Again, mx on 5964.93 but M and W tlking on 7270 at 1146. (Valko 23 Sept.)


3325 R. Bougainville (pres.) 2 stns here this morning. M in Pidgin was overtop slightly at 1126. 1138 island mx much clearer, then M anncr w/ment of 'tonight', but mic lvl just too weak. Fading by 1145. So apparently both Bougainville and Palangkaraya are here together. (Valko 23 Sept.)


4677.74 Just a weak carrier here at 1148. Too weak to get audio. (Valko 23 Sept.)


6600 V.O. People (pres.) Getting a bit of mx at 1152 which I presume is this one. Couldn't tell if //3912 as both were too weak at 1153. (Valko 23 Sept.)

(Source: Dave Valko, PA via Cumbre DX)

Azerbaijan Television & Radio Council Discusses Russia's Offer of Mutual Broadcasting

Azerbaijan, Baku
Russia's technical contract on mutual broadcasting of TV channels has been submitted to the Azerbaijan National Television & Radio Council(NTRC), a member of the working group on mutual broadcasting of Azerbaijani and Russian TV channels, Gafar Jabiyev, reported on 24 September.

"After we become familiar with the contract from Russia we will respond," Jabiyev said.

During the meeting of the Council held at the beginning of January it was decided to terminate the translation of the Russian ORT and RTR-Planeta channels, as well as the Turkish STV channel, in Azerbaijan. Broadcasting of ORT was stopped on 10 July, and broadcasting of RTR-Planeta was extended, after Russia applied to Azerbaijan but on the condition that an Azerbaijani TV channel would be broadcast in Russia. The working groups dealing with the case of mutual broadcasting have held two meetings and the initial project on mutual broadcasting has been coordinated. Technical contracts were developed to achieve mutual agreements. Azerbaijan presented its options 2 months ago. The chairman of NTRC repeatedly stated that in case a common agreement was not achieved, broadcasting of Russian RTR-Planeta channel via Azerbaijani national frequency would be suspended.

Azerbaijan considers the coverage area of Azerbaijani AzTV in Russia should be on par with the coverage area of RTR-Planeta in Azerbaijan.

Jabiyev did not release the details of the technical contract. He noted the contract indicates terms of broadcasting and payment. According to him, the contract is being considered at the Azerbaijan Communications and IT Ministry, Azerbaijan Justice Ministry, and AzTV channel. The responses on the contract will be submitted to the First Deputy Prime Minister, Yagub Eyyubov. The next meeting of the working groups will be set afterwards.
(Source: Zacharias Liangas, Greece via Cumbre DX)

Blog Logs - Argentine DX Camp

Last weekend I was at DX Camp in Chascomus with the following DXers: Arnaldo L. Slaen, Enrique Wembagher and my son Nicolas Eramo (Jr). Following are a sampling of logs from the DX Camp.

4699.3 Radio San Miguel, Riberalta, 2334 - 2337, Sep 15, Spanish, Musical Program "La Factoria del Ritmo", ID "Exitos de Radio San Miguel estan contigo", SINPO 24332, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

4845.1 Radio Cultura Ondas Tropicaes (p), Manaus, 2325 - 2331, Sep 15, Portuguese, Comments and Musical Program, SINPO 24332, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

5030 Rdiff. du Burkina, Ouagadougou, 2304 - 2307, Sep 15, Comments by man announcer and Musical Program, SINPO 34433, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

4780 Radio Djibouti, Doraleh, 2017 - 2022, Sep 15, Vernacular, dialogue between two man announcer's, Djibouti mentioned several times, SINPO 34343, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

3279.9 La Voz del Napon, Tena, Napo, 1001 - 1003, Sep 16, Quechoa, Music and comments by man announcer, SINPO 24332, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

3976 RRI Pontianak, 1019 - 1021, Sep 16, Vernacular, comments by female announcer, SINPO 24442, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

4605 RRI Serui, 0936 - 0945, Sep 16, Indonesian, comments by female announcer and then local music, SINPO 24222, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

6970 Galei Tzahal (p), Lod, Tel Aviv, 2048 - 2054, Sep 15, Hebrew, man and female announcer, Comments, Music interpreted by Luciano Pavarotti, SINPO 22222, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

2850 KCBS (p), Pyongyang, 0926 - 0930, Sep 16, Korean, Musical Program, SINPO 34333, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)


3235 Radio West New Britain, Kimbe, 1013 - 1015, Sep 16, Vernacular, Music and comments by female announcer, SINPO 24442, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

3905 Radio New Ireland, Kavieng, 1005 - 1008, Sep 16, Vernacular and English, Comments or News by man announcer, ID in vernacular, SINPO 34333, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)

3396 ZBC, Gweru, 2054 - 2059, Sep 15, Vernacular, Comments by man announcer and Music, SINPO 34333, (Eramo, Chascomus, Argentina)
(Source: Nicolas Eranmo via Cumbre DX)

Blog Logs - Medium Wave DXing

Thanks to Patrick Martin for his contributions from a recent medium wave DXing session.
Gayle VH

A decent morning here, even considering the A & K index are still elevated. Several Filipinos in, including 1017 Davao City, now using the DXRR calls instead of the old DXAM.

531 JOQG JAPAN, Morioka good at 1330 tune in 9/25 with woman w/JJ talk with presumed 4KZ behind. (PM-OR)

540 JO.. JAPAN, Synchros // to 531 with JJ talk at 1331 9/25 (PM-OR)

549 JOAP JAPAN, Okinawa, fair in 550 KMVI/KOAC splatter //540, 531 with gal in JJ talk 1331 9/25 (PM-OR)

558 JOCR JAPAN, Kobe, very strong with M&F in JJ at 1332 9/25 (PM-OR)
t558 DZXL PHILIPPINES, Pasig, presumed the Tagalog talk topping JOCR at 1415 9/25 (PM-OR)

567 JOIK JAPAN, Sapporo good //531 at 1333 9/25 (PM-OR)

576 2RN AUSTRALIA, Sydney, fair with woman in Aussie EE at 1335 9/25 (PM-OR)

585 JOPG JAPAN, Kushiro, good on top of jumble with JJ talk 1338 9/25 (PM-OR)

594 JOAK JAPAN, Tokyo very good as usual with JJ talk // 585 at 1337 9/25 (PM-OR)

603 UNID Asian pop music station trying to top the channel at 1340 9/25. (PM-OR)

612 DYHP PHILIPPINES, Cebu nice signal with man in Tagalog at 1410, mention DYHP, in conversation with woman 9/25 (PM-OR)

621 UNID Station with Classical/Semi Classical music trying to surface at 1339 9/25 (PM-OR)

630 4QN AUSTRALIA, Townsville, good signal 1340 9/25 with man in Aussie EE, pretty much owning the channel. (PM-OR)

639 UNID PHILIPPINES, Tagalog talk in the jumble at 1405 9/25. (PM-OR)

648 JOIG JAPAN, Toyana, fair with JJ talk at 1447 9/25 (PM-OR)

More usual stuff up the dial. Noted Rel talk in American EE on 801, presume KTWG Guam.

1017 DXRR PHILIPPINES, Davao City, These calls are being used here now rather than the DXAM, with end of program at 1410 and man announcer "D-X Double .......10,000 watts......" Quite good and dominant on channel 9/25 (PM-OR)
(Source: Patrick Martin, Seaside OR)

Adventist World Radio A07 schedule update

USA(non) Updated A-07 of Adventist World Radio (AWR)

All times UTC - freq - kHz

0000-0200 Mandarin NE-China 12025 SDA
0000-0200 Mandarin C/N-China 15300 SDA
0000-0030 Burmese Myanmar 15510 SDA
0030-0100 Karen Myanmar, Thailand 15510 SDA
0100-0200 Mandarin S-China 15520 SDA
0100-0200 Vietnamese Vietnam 15445 TAI Sat
0200-0230 Urdu Pakistan 7320 MOS
0230-0330 Malagasy Madagascar 3215 MDC
0230-0300 Pushto Pakistan 7115 MOS Sun-Thu
0230-0300 Panjabi Pakistan 7115 MOS Fri/Sat
0300-0330 Tigrinya Eritrea 9815 WER
0300-0330 Russian E-Russia 17645 SDA
0300-0330 Oromo S-Ethiopia 9545 WER
0330-0400 Farsi Iran 9895 MOS
0330-0400 Amharic Ethiopia 9815 WER
0400-0430 Arabic Iraq, Arab Peninsula 9695 MOS
0430-0500 French Morocco, Algeria 9770 MOS
0500-0600 Bulgarian Bulgaria 5965 WER
0700-0800 Arabic Morocco, Algeria 11980 JUL
0800-0830 French Morocco, Algeria 15260 JUL
0800-0830 Tachelhit Morocco, Algeria 11980 JUL
0830-0900 Tachelhit Morocco, Algeria 15260 JUL
0900-1000 Italian Italy 9790 JUL Sun
1000-1100 Mandarin C/N-China 15615 SDA
1000-1100 Mandarin S-China 15510 SDA
1030-1100 Ilonggo Philippines 11930 SDA Wed/Thu
1030-1100 Cebuano Philippines 11930 SDA Fri/Sat
1030-1100 Ilocano Philippines 11930 SDA Sun
1030-1100 Mongolian N-China,Mongolia 11780 SDA
1030-1100 Tagalog Philippines 11930 SDA Mon/Tue
1100-1130 Indonesian W-Indonesia 15435 SDA
1100-1200 Mandarin NE-China 11775 SDA
1100-1200 Mandarin C/N-China 12105 SDA
1100-1200 Mandarin S-China 11975 SDA
1130-1200 English Indonesia,Malaysia 15435 SDA
1200-1300 Mandarin NE-China 9670 SDA
1200-1300 Mandarin S-China 9720 SDA
1200-1230 English NE-India,Bangladesh 15435 WER
1200-1300 Korean Korea 9880 SDA
1200-1300 Mandarin C/N-China 12105 SDA
1230-1300 Bangla NE-India,Bangladesh 15435 WER
1300-1330 Japanese Japan 11975 SDA
1300-1400 Vietnamese Vietnam 17670 MDC
1300-1330 Mandarin W-China 15320 WER Mon-Fri
1300-1330 Uighur W-China 15320 WER Sat/Sun
1300-1330 Bangla Bangladesh 15275 SDA
1300-1400 Mandarin C/N-China 12105 SDA
1300-1330 Japanese W-Japan 9805 SDA
1330-1400 Khmer Cambodia,Vietnam,Laos 11880 SDA Sun/Wed
1330-1400 English Bangladesh 15275 SDA Mon/Tue/Thu-Sat
1330-1400 Assamese NE-India 15275 SDA Sun/Wed
1330-1500 Mandarin W-China 15320 WER
1330-1400 Russian E-Russia 11845 SDA
1400-1500 Mandarin C/N-China 12105 SDA
1400-1430 Chin Myanmar 9385 SDA
1400-1500 Mandarin S-China 9695 SDA
1400-1430 Sinhalese Sri Lanka 12130 SDA
1400-1430 Urdu Pakistan 15400 MOS
1430-1500 Karen Myanmar, Thailand 9725 SDA
1430-1500 Burmese Myanmar 11885 SDA
1430-1500 Afar NE-Ethiopia, Somalia 17610 MOS
1500-1530 Tamil S-India 9600 SDA
1500-1530 Telugu S-India 6035 SDA
1500-1530 English S-India 11640 SDA
1500-1530 Mizo NE-India 11895 SDA
1500-1530 Nepali Nepal 15225 WER
1500-1530 Panjabi N-India 15160 WER
1500-1530 Turkish Turkey 15595 MOS
1530-1628 Malagasy Madagascar 3215 MDC
1530-1600 Hindi N-India 15160 WER
1530-1600 Marathi C-India 11895 SDA
1530-1600 Malayalam S-India 9600 SDA
1530-1600 Hindi C-India 9525 SDA
1530-1600 English Nepal, Tibet 15225 WER
1530-1600 Kannada S-India 11640 SDA
1600-1630 Urdu N-India 6155 SDA
1600-1630 English C-India 11805 SDA
1600-1630 English S-India 11640 SDA
1600-1630 Urdu Pakistan 15195 MOS
1630-1700 English N-India 6155 SDA
1630-1700 Somali Somalia 17575 WER
1630-1700 Farsi Iran 15360 MOS
1700-1730 Kiswahili Tanzania, Uganda 9600 MEY
1700-1730 Tagalog ME 9980 SDA Mon/Tue
1700-1730 Cebuano ME 9980 SDA Fri/Sat
1700-1730 Ilocano ME 9980 SDA Sun
1700-1730 Ilonggo ME 9980 SDA Wed/Thu
1700-1730 Arabic Iraq, Arab Peninsula 15265 MOS
1700-1730 Hindi ME 11640 SDA
1730-1800 Tamil ME 11640 SDA
1730-1800 Kabyle Morocco, Algeria 11780 JUL
1730-1800 English ME 9980 SDA
1730-1800 Oromo S-Ethiopia 17575 WER
1730-1800 Masai Tanzania, Kenya 9600 MEY
1800-1830 Bari S-Sudan 15315 MOS Mon
1800-1830 Dinka S-Sudan 15315 MOS Thu
1800-1830 Juba Arabic S-Sudan 15315 MOS Tue/Sat
1800-1830 Moru S-Sudan 15315 MOS Sun
1800-1830 Col English S-Sudan 15315 MOS Wed
1800-1830 Zande S-Sudan 15315 MOS Fri
1800-1830 English E-Africa 9610 MEY
1800-1830 English Botswana, Zimbabwe 3345 MEY
1800-1830 English SW-Africa 3215 MEY
1830-1900 Arabic Libya 11955 MOS
1900-1930 Fulfulde Cameroon, Ghana 15205 JUL
1900-2000 Arabic Morocco, Algeria 15260 JUL
1900-1930 Arabic Morocco, Algeria 11730 JUL
1900-1930 Hausa Nigeria 11955 MOS
1930-2000 Ibo E-Nigeria 11955 MOS
1930-2000 Tachelhit Morocco, Algeria 11730 JUL
2000-2030 Farsi Iran 9770 WER
2000-2030 Dyula Burkina Faso, Mali 11955 MOS
2000-2030 French C-Africa 15260 JUL
2000-2030 French Morocco, Algeria 11730 JUL
2000-2030 English C-Africa 15235 JUL
2000-2030 French Cameroon, Niger 11755 JUL
2030-2100 Yoruba Nigeria 11885 JUL
2030-2100 Yoruba Nigeria 11755 JUL
2030-2100 Mandarin Morocco, Algeria 9565 JUL
2030-2100 French W-Africa 11955 MOS
2100-2200 Mandarin C/N-China 11750 JUL
2100-2130 Japanese Japan 11980 SDA
2100-2200 Korean Korea 11790 SDA
2100-2130 Japanese W-Japan 11850 SDA
2100-2130 English W-Africa 11955 MOS
2130-2200 English W-Japan, S-China 11850 SDA
2200-2300 Mandarin C/N-China 15215 SDA
2200-2230 Indonesian W-Indonesia 15320 SDA
2200-2230 Indonesian W-Indonesia 11850 SDA
2200-2300 Mandarin NE-China 12120 SDA
2230-2300 English W-Indonesia 15320 SDA
2300-2400 Mandarin NE-China 12120 SDA
2300-2400 Mandarin C/N-China 15370 SDA
2300-2400 Vietnamese S-Vietnam 15320 SDA
(Source: DX Mix News via Alokesh Gupta, India, WB, Germany, Rachel Baughn, MT)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Archival VOA Arabic recordings released

The American Embassy in Cairo, in cooperation with the Voice of America (VOA), has produced a compilation of recordings from the archives of the VOA Arabic service. The three CD collection is entitled Bainee wa Bainak or “Between You and Me”. US Ambassador Francis J Ricciardone introduced the collection saying, “We chose the name Bainee wa Bainak because ultimately relations between Egypt and America are between people. Our cultures bring us together.”

Bainee wa Bainak features interviews in classical Arabic with Egyptian icons from literature, music, and theater and film. The CDs will be made available to Egyptian libraries, universities and cultural institutions for research and instruction. It represents a sample from the more than 1600 hours of recordings broadcast and archived by the VOA’s Arabic Service. The American Embassy in Cairo and VOA are exploring ways to share the entire VOA Arabic treasury with the public.

VOA Director Dan Austin stated: “We are thrilled to be able to share these gems from VOA’s 55 years of Arabic-language broadcasting into Egypt and the entire region. These interviews shine light on the rich cultural history of Egypt, and now this treasure will be available for scholars from throughout the Middle East and indeed the world.”

Audio files and transcripts of the Bainee wa Bainak collection are available at the US Embassy Cairo website.
(Source: Voice of America/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

XM Canada adds new channels to service

XM Canada adds new channels to offer EVEN MORE choice on satellite radio New channels include ESPNEWS, ESPN Radio, Radio Disney and more TORONTO, Sept. 24 /CNW/ - XM Canada (TSX: XSR), the country's premier provider of satellite radio, today announced it will increase its channel offering to provide listeners with the most choice and the greatest variety in
"We are thrilled to offer our subscribers even more of the best programming in satellite radio," said Stewart Lyons, executive vice president of XM Canada. "It is through our strong commitment to entertain our listeners that we lead the Canadian market with the most channels and the most selection including 70 commercial-free music channels - simply put, we offer the most selection hands down."
In addition to the ATN-Asian Radio channel announced on September 18, XM Canada subscribers will receive more of the best in commercial-free music, compelling talk, comedy, entertainment and exciting sports. Starting today, new channel additions will include up-to-the-minute information by the leading sports provider, ESPNEWS and ESPN Radio, and Radio Disney, a magical music channel tailor made for kids and tweens. XM Canada's college sports
programming will also be strengthened as football and basketball games from the PAC 10 and BIG 12 conferences are added to the current coverage of the ACC and SEC conferences.
Read more at CNW Group: