Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Special thanks to Ron Howard for sending in the following loggings from the west coast.
Gayle VH

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

Andaman & Nicobar Island
4760, All India Radio, Port Blair, 1449-1501, Sept 27. English, coverage (live?) of the speech made by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the UN General Assembly today, covering a wide range of topics, "The United Nations is a living symbol of pluralism", weak. Parallel with 4880 (AIR Lucknow), 5010 (AIR Thiruv., best in LSB to get away from Madagascar also on same frequency), 9425 (AIR Bengaluru/Bangalore, signed-off at end of speech - 1501*, while the others continued) (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

3303 (USB), Zhoushan Maritime Meteorological Radio,*1401-1411*, Sept 30. On with easy-listening Kenny G instrumental music ("Foreverin Love"), woman in Chinese with assume the maritime weather conditions. Signal poor to fair. Sept 29 noted 1412 sign-off. Believe this might be a new time for them. Dan Sheedy had been monitoring them in early Sept. around the 1100-1112 time period. Website: (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

Equatorial Guinea
15190, Radio Africa, 2200-2209, Sept 29. Usually the pastor Tony Alamo program starts exactly at 2200, but today it was already in progress, usual religious programming, read letter from a convict who wanted more bibles to hand out, reception not as good asthe last few days, moderate QRM today (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

4970, AIR Shillong, 1430-1456, Sept 30, in English. "This is the North Eastern Service of All India Radio broadcasting from Shillong on 60.36 meters on shortwave, corresponding to 4,970 kHz.", "Good evening. Hello listeners in the North East", gives phone number to call inbubbly woman DJ, on-air phone calls for music dedications, played songs by John Denver, Celine Dion, etc. Very enjoyable program! (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

4925 RRI-Jambi, 1326-1341, in Bahasa Indonesian. Islamic singing/chanting, weak. Usually I only hear a carrier here below threshold level, so is rare for me to actually catch any audio, but with the improving reception conditions we should be seeing more reports of this.

3976.04 RRI-Pontianak, 1340-1355, Sept 30. Good reception, // 3325 (weak), after 1355 not // (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

5985.0, Myanma Radio., 1529-1600*, Sept 27. English, before 1530 indigenous music and singing, sounded like: "This is… [she gives her name]. This is Myanma Radio. You are tuned to our English transmission. 5985 kHz., 50.13 meters, 576 kHz., 520 meters, 5.. kHz., 585 meters. First of all you can hear the news", activities of a Lieutenant General from the Ministry of Defense, etc., "This news comes to you from Myanma Radio. Now I will present you with the weather news", followed by slogans, news of other Asian countries (about beaches in Brunei), EZL songs ("Rose Marie", etc.), Anthem at sign-off, by far the best reception to date (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

Wanted - Old Tapes!!

Do you have any tapes and cassettes in your attic or under the stairs that contain old family recordings?

If so we'd like to hear from you and possibly include some of your material in our programme Home Recorded Voices which is being transmitted on BBC Radio 4 this Christmas. We are particularly interested in `domestic recordings' like family audio letters, holiday tapes and stories. [We are not looking for off-air recordings of TV and radio programmes]

Maybe you have recordings of family and friends making their own radio programmes or experimenting with their tape recording equipment? Or perhaps you have boxes of tapes hidden in a dark corner somewhere that you can't play and have no idea what they contain – then perhaps we might be able to help you find out!

If you think you might be able to help please contact us by email on:-
voices@soundscapeproductions.co.uk or call on: 01904 731300 and leave a message and we'll get back to you.

This is in connection with this planned programme:

BBC Radio 4 – transmission date to be confirmed
Sean Street delves into the world of domestic home recordings revealing a fascinating social history from wax cylinders to 'myspace' Domestic and semi-professional tape machines have only been around for just over half a century and by the late 1950s people with money or a passion for sound were beginning to purchase these machines and start to recording sounds in their own homes. But now in the 21st Century tape has become old technology and boxes of tapes take up a lot of space!

For the past 10 years Richard Harrison has been trailing around car boot sales, skips and auctions finding boxes and boxes of 1/4" tapes and has now established an unusual archive of 'domestic recordings' from around the UK. In this Archive Hour Sean Street joins Richard as he hunts out piles of boxes at Car Boot sales and listens to tapes many of which are being heard for the first time in decades and probably for the first time people outside a close circle of family and friends. These are recordings of unique moments in time and situation never before broadcast. But who are these voices? The programme will also follow Sean, Richard and other collectors and `domestic' tape recordists as they tell the story of Home Recorded Voices.
(Source: Mike Barraclough/World DX Club)

Worldwide National Holiday QSLing

by Gayle Van Horn
Here's an extra slant to consider in your QSL quest. All countries have national holidays, and when you consider how many of those nations broadcast on shortwave or from active amateur radio operators, you've compiled an extensive list of stations to verify.

Why not take advantage of special programming as you travel via your receiver around the globe? Listeners may find extended hours to honor the special day or event, and can take advantage of this excellent opportunity for a QSL card or verification letter.

Don't forget to mention the holiday in your reception report, and any special programming segments. You may find a QSL Manager who appreciates your interest in their country, and may send an extra station sticker or pennant.

Besides your report, enclose a colorful postcard souvenir to the station staff with a handwritten note. A small enclosure is always a good idea.

The following October holidays will get you started, and please let Shortwave Central know your results. Feedback and contributions are always welcome at the above email address.
Good luck.

China Founding of People's Republic of China Day* October 1 Beijing
Cyprus Independence Day* October 1 Nicosia (Lefkosia)
Nigeria Independence/National Day* (from UK) October 1 Abuja
Palau Independence (from UN trusteeship) October 1 Koror
Guinea Independence Day* (from France) October 2 Conakry
Germany Unity Day* October 3 Berlin
Belgium Independence (from Netherlands) October 4 Brussels
Croatia Independence Day* (from Yugoslavia) October 8 Zagreb
Uganda Independence Day* (from UK) October 9 Kampala
Taiwan Republic Day* October 10 Taipei
Equatorial Guinea Independence Day* (from Spain) October 12 Malabo
Spain National Day* October 12 Madrid
Zambia Independence Day* (from UK) October 24 Lusaka
Turkmenistan Independence Day* (from Soviet Union) October 27 Ashgabat (Ashkhabad)
Czech Republic Founding Day* October 28 Prague
Turkey Republic Day* October 29 Ankara
(Source: excerpts from World QSL Book)

Radio Taiwan International frequency cancellations

Radio Taiwan International English Service - Frequency cancellations

Starting November 1st, 2008, the following frequencies will be cancelled.
1) from 0200 to 0300 UTC on 9680 KHz to North America
2) from 0700 to 0800 UTC on 5950 KHz to North America
3) from 0300 to 0400 UTC on 15215 KHz to South America
4) from 2200 to 2300 UTC on 9355 KHz to Europe
(from RTI website)
(Source: Rachel Baughn, MT & Alokesh Gupta, India)

Radio Algeria schedule update

France/ Algeria
Radio Algeria Holy Qur'an service in Arabic from Oct. 1:

All times UTC

0400-0500 on 5905 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf
0500-0600 on 5905 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf, alt. 6170/7115
0700-0800 on 11615 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf
0700-0800 on 13570 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf
0800-0900 on 13570 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf, alt.13650/15360
0800-1000 on 15230 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf
1700-1800 on 15165 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf, alt.13570
1800-1900 on 13570 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf
1800-2000 on 11880 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf, alt.12025
1900-2100 on 9390 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf
2000-2200 on 7210 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf
2200-2400 on 5910 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf, alt. 7295

Registered frequencies for B-08 from Oct. 26:
0400-0500 on 7295 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf
0500-0600 on 5960 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf, alt. 6170/7295
0600-0700 on 9390 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf
0600-0700 on 9430 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf
0700-0800 on 9435 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf, alt.11625
0700-0800 on 11625 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf, alt.13570
0800-1000 on 15230 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf, alt.15320
0800-1100 on 15615 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf
1600-1700 on 15165 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf
1700-1800 on 13570 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf
1700-2000 on 9390 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf
1800-2100 on 9825 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf, alt. 9835
2000-2200 on 7175 ISS 500 kW / 162 deg to CeEaAf, alt. 7375
2100-2300 on 7295 ISS 500 kW / 194 deg to NoWeAf
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30)
(Source: DX Mix News # 540 via wb, Germany & Alokesh Gupta, Germany)

VOA Restructures Bosnian, Hindi, Serbian, Macedonian, Russian Broadcasts

PRESS RELEASE - Washington, D.C., September 29, 2008 - The Voice of America (VOA) is ceasing radio broadcasts in Hindi, Bosnian, Serbian, and Macedonian on September 30, 2008, using available resources to reach audiences in those markets through television and the Internet.

No VOA language service will be shut down and no jobs will be lost. VOA also is discontinuing its 30-minute Russian weekly television program and will deliver text, audio, and video content to Russia's fast-growing Internet market. VOA will be accessible through digital devices, including mobile Internet devices, cell phones that receive text and multi-media messages, and MP3 players. VOA's Russian radio broadcasts ended in July 2008.

The change in VOA Russian's program delivery reflects the crackdown on independent media and freedom of speech in Russia. Russian government pressure has forced almost all VOA local radio and television affiliates to drop VOA and other international broadcasts. Shortwave radio listenership also has continued to decline throughout the country, with fewer than 2% of Russians using this medium weekly.

"We owe great thanks to the VOA radio journalists who have broadcast to these countries over the years," said VOA Director Danforth Austin.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) will continue radio broadcasting to Russia, Bosnia, Macedonia, and Serbia.

VOA and RFE/RL are part of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the independent government agency that oversees all U.S. international broadcasting.
(VOA Press Release)
(Source: Rachel Baughn, MT & Alokesh Gupta, India)

"Hindi audiences are crucial for the BBC"

Posted By: Anita Iyer
29 Sep 08
MUMBAI: The BBC recently rolled out a two city campaign including print advertising and on-ground activation for promoting its three infotainment shows - BBC Ek Minute, Ek Mulaqat and BBC Take One. Talking about the reach of the medium, BBC India Business Development

Manager Vineeta Dwivedi avers, "There are places where there is no electricity, no cable, no TV but radio has its presence and only form of entertainment and information for the villagers. Radio is a mass medium and reaches about 97 per cent of the masses. BBC world service is broadcasted in 33 languages of which Hindi is one of the most important languages and gets
one of the maximum audiences from all over the world."

BBC provides its capsules in all the stations of Radio One, BBC provides content to regional FM stations like Radio Choklate (Bubhaneshwar, Rourkela), Radio Chaska (Gwalior), Radio Tadka (Udaipur, Jaipur), Radio Tomato (Kolhapur) and Radio Misty (Siliguri).

BBC has been providing sports, news and entertainment news to 11 cities in Tamil, Hindi and English. "We are doing FM specific programmes meant for Indian audiences in the local languages, so these are not the programmes packaged abroad and given to India and other countries. As news is not allowed in the FM space, we provide more infotainment news comprising sports, entertainment and soft stuff produced by our Indian team."

"We have our reporters in various cities and we do our news collection from various parts of the city and package them in our bureau in Delhi. The news is packaged in our studio and then given out to our content seekers." BBC World Service had recently announced its tie up with a Chandigarh-based community Vivek 90.4 FM. "It is not the first community radio to have our
content on air, we earlier had Delhi based Jamia Millia Islamia University, Chandigarh based university, Chennai based University among others. In case of colleges and universities, the focus is more on educational and developmental programmes."

Stressing on the acceptability of Hindi as a common language across most stations, Dwiwedi says, "Most stations today play Bollywood tracks, Hindi has become a common lingo in India and many RJs throughout are using Hindi as a language of conversation. The language used in our capsules is simple Hindi, the kinds used across entertainment channels and not the clichéd
bookish language. We might however increase the number of language if the need arises."

BBC offers differentiation in content in both the SW and FM space. "By doing the FM specific programmes, we are focusing on youth who are not used to listening to AM and for them FM is synonyms for radio. AM radio is traditional radio so the style is different and does a lot of speech radio. FM is mainly music, so we have to do what the market demands. For FM, we package small programmes where the style of programming and content differs from AM."

BBC is planning to explore options in all existing platforms of communication available, including FM, broadband, DTH channel distribution system, mobile phone and satellite radio. "We have been thinking of launching mobile services, the plan has been to launch news services in audio format where people can dial and listen to BBC programmes. We are working on that and would be launching soon."

"BBC sees India as an important market," says Dwivedi "Hindi audiences are crucial because there are loyal listeners for our Hindi programmes. BBC has 19 million listeners on its short wave band in India who listen to the BBC World Service regularly as also the services available on WorldSpace satellite radio."

(Source: Rachel Baughn, MT & Alokesh Gupta, India)

Moldova's Radio PMR updates schedule


All times UTC
Fequency changes - Radio PMR
Mon-Fri from Sep. 7:
1400-1445 new freq 7370 KCH 250 kW / 295 deg to WeEu in En/Fr/Ge, ex 12135
1445-1530 new freq 7370*KCH 250 kW / 295 deg to WeEu in En/Fr/Ge, ex 12135
1530-1615 new freq 7370 KCH 250 kW / 295 deg to WeEu in En/Fr/Ge, ex 12135
1615-1700 new freq 7370 KCH 250 kW / 295 deg to WeEu in En/Fr/Ge, ex 12135
*strong co-ch FEBA Radio in Bangla 1500-1530 via TAC 100 kW / 131 deg
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30)
9Source: DX Mix News # 540 via wb, Germany & Alokesh Gupta, India)

Radio Sweden frequency updates

Frequency change or Radio Sweden International to North America:

All times UTC
1300-1330 new freq 11640*SAC 250 kW / 272 deg, ex 15240 in Swedish
1430-1500 new freq 11640 SAC 250 kW / 272 deg, ex 15240 in Swedish
1500-1530 new freq 11640 SAC 250 kW / 272 deg, ex 15240 in English
*strong co-ch CMI Voice of Wilderness in Korean via IRK 250 kW / 155 deg
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30)
(Source: DX Mix News # 540 via wb, Germany & Alokesh Gupta, India)

Station schedule changes from IBB

Frequency changes from International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)
Germany/ Lithuania/ Madagascar/ Philippines/ São Tomé/ South Africa/ Sri Lanka/ Thailand

All times UTC

Radio Free Asia
Uyghur service from Oct. 1:
0100-0200 on 9490 SIT 100 kW / 079 deg, ex BIB 100 kW / 088 deg

Radio Liberty
Tatar service from Oct. 1:
0300-0400 on 9635 SIT 100 kW / 079 deg, ex LAM 100 kW / 055 deg
0500-0600 on 9635 SIT 100 kW / 079 deg, ex BIB 100 kW / 063 deg

Radio Liberty
Russian service from Oct. 1:
1300-1400 NF 9530 BIB 100 kW / 063 deg, ex 15130
1400-1500 on 9530 BIB 100 kW / 063 deg, cancelled

Voice of America
Ukrainian service from Sep. 27, all cancelled:
2000-2030 on 7170 BIB 100 kW / 088 deg
9715 BIB 100 kW / 088 deg

Voice of America
Serbian service from Oct. 1, all cancelled:
0530-0545 on 9460 BIB 100 kW / 105 deg
1930-2000 on 7105 BIB 100 kW / 115 deg
2100-2130 on 7255 BIB 100 kW / 126 deg Mon-Fri

Voice of America
Kurdish service, new transmission from Oct. 1:
1300-1400 on 9720 BIB 100 kW / 105 deg
13680 LAM 100 kW / 108 deg
15130 SAO 100 kW / 052 deg
15180 LAM 100 kW / 104 deg

Voice of America
Kurdish service, cancelled transmision from Oct. 1:
1900-2000 on 7520 UDO 250 kW / 300 deg
9695 MEY 250 kW / 019 deg
12030 LAM 100 kW / 104 deg

Voice of America
Sudanese service Arabic? Darfur, new transmissions from Sep. 29:
0300-0330 on 4960 SAO 100 kW / 030 deg
5995 LAM 100 kW / 132 deg
11635 IRA 250 kW / 279 deg
1800-1830 on 4960 SAO 100 kW / 030 deg
9650 UDO 250 kW / 272 deg
11635 IRA 250 kW / 275 deg
1900-1930 on 5880 IRA 250 kW / 275 deg
9650 WER 250 kW / 150 deg
11635 PHT 250 kW / 270 deg

Voice of America
Portuguese service, cancelled transmisson from Sep. 29:
0430-0500 on 6095 SAO 100 kW / 124 deg
7340 MDC 250 kW / 270 deg + 1530 MW
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30)
(Source: DX Mix News # 540 via wb, Germany & Alokesh Gupta, India)

International Broadcasting Bureau
IBB supports daily operations of the Voice of America and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (Radio and TV Marti). IBB also provides transmission and technical support for all of the independent non-military broadcasting services funded by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). Reception reports to BBG stations include VOA, RFE/RL, Radio Marti and Radio Free Asia.

Monday, September 29, 2008

North Korean officials reportedly listening to foreign radio

Text of report in English by Jung Kwon Ho:
“North Korean officials listen to foreign radio”, published by South Korean newspaper The Daily NK website on 25 August Shenyang, China - Among cadres in North Korea, listening to foreign radio is on the increase.

Several sources from North Korea report that “Irrespective of rank, the trend of listening to foreign radio broadcasts is expanding among officials of the Party, the administration or the National Security Agency, even the rank-and-file servants.”

A source from South Pyungan said that “Everybody knows that those who listen to foreign radio broadcasts the most are the cadres. They have been listening to foreign radio because they were wondering in which situation Chosun (North Korea) is placed in international society.” “Although the cadres can purchase radios easily, because there are many confiscated radios from the residents in the National Security Agency and the People’s Safety Agency, many high officials are increasingly asking workers involved in foreign currency earning enterprises to get better radios.”

In the past, only high officials in charge of the intelligence field, earning foreign currency and international affairs listened to foreign broadcasts, but lately administrative officials and officials in mid or lower levels listen to them as well .

The foreign radio broadcasts that North Koreans can access are “Voice of Korea,” from the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Radio Free Asia (RFA), Voice of America (VOA), Korean language broadcasting from the Yanbian region of China and other broadcasts from South Korean religious organizations and NGOs.

The North Korean authorities have been jamming radio signals so as to avoid citizens being able to listen to foreign broadcasts, and confiscating radios from them.

The source said that “The cadres do not say directly that they get some international news from radio but there are many cases where they talk about international news and affairs. People say if someone does not know about South Korean or international trends; it is hard to be approved of by officials.” Officials pay more attention to foreign broadcasts than ordinary people because their education level is high and they are familiar with foreign news.
The next levels of people who listen to foreign broadcasts are the intellectuals and college students. South Korean dramas and movies which have been entering North Korea through China since the late 1990s gave them an interest in outside information, according to the sources. However, there are also newspapers containing foreign issues and selected international news from foreign media; Chamgo Shinmun (Reference newspaper) and the Chamgo Jaryo (Reference materials), which are regularly distributed only to high officials. Members of the Central Committee of the Party, Chief Secretaries and the Organizing Secretaries of the provincial committee of the Party can read them on a limited basis.
(Source: The Daily NK website, Seoul, in English 25 Aug 08 via BBC Monitoring)
Andy Sennitt comments: This report ties in with an editorial in the latest issue of The Economist, which says that “Now that shortwave radios are common in the North, broadcasts from outside should be stepped up.” Seemingly The Economist had access to the same “sources” as the Daily NK. It appears that the jamming being carried out by the authorities is not wholly effective, though that would be one reason why officials are trying to get “better radios.”
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

BBC Radio 4 launches new media show October 1

A reminder that BBC Radio 4 launches its new weekly media show on Wednesday 1 October at 1230 UTC. Its brief is to cover what is happening in newspapers, television, radio, and the Web. Steve Hewlett will present it live, and unlike previous media programmes on Radio 4 The Media Show will run for 52 weeks of the year. Listen on demand will be available via the website.
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

BBC Radio 4 website

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequencies *sign-on sing-off*

CBC Radio One 6160, 2335-2359 Noted a program of political commentary and news to music. At about 2355 a two or three minute political commentary, followed by "the preceeding political messages were prepared by the Marajuana Party of ..." Missed the rest. ID followed as "This is CBC Radio One ...North East ...Labrador" Signal fair-poor with QRM. On the hour splatter drowned out CBC. (Chuck Bolland, FL September 26, 2008)

RNT 4904.94, 0502-0532, Sept 28. French, on-air phone conversations, brief African hilife music between calls. Signal better than fair. Have noted some good African receptions in the last few days (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

CNR-1 4460, Beijing, 1252-1259, Sept 28. National news conference about the Shenzhou VII space mission, in Chinese with English translations, presented by the State Council Information Office, I caught the end of the question and answer segment, talking about improvements made in their manned space program and " On behalf of the The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation." Thanking everyone associated with this successful mission, also wished everyone a happy holiday for the week long National Day Holiday that starts tomorrow (Sept 29 through Oct 5), celebrating the 59th anniversary of the founding of the PRC.

CNR-2/CBR 6065, 1323-1335, Sept 28, English Evening special live weekend program, presented by John and a Chinese woman. Mentions of National Day Holiday starting tomorrow, Advanced Studio Classroom program, good reception, // 6155, 7130, 7140, 7150, 7245, all mostly fair. Usually their weekend programs consists of recorded highlights of programs from the previous week (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

Ginbot 7 Dimts Radio (via Samara, Russia/TDF brokered) on 17655 and 21555 kHz is heavily jammed today 1700-1730 UT by the Ethiopian government with same like BUZZ signal of DWL Amharic once on 15 MHz, i.e. white noise hissing. Weak Ginbot 7 Dimts Radio program is hardly read underneath here in Germany, but I'm outside here the main lobe signal. On 21555 only noise hash noted.(wb, Germany/RS-DX #182)

Ginbot 7 Dimts Radio in Amharic, new opposition station from Sept 11:
1700-1730 on 17655 SAM 250 kW / 188 deg to EaEa Tue/Thu/Sat
21555 SAM 250 kW / 188 deg to EaEa Tue/Thu/Sat
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16/RS-DX #182)

Ginbot 7 Dimts Radio 21555, 1715-1726, September 27, Amharic, new opposition station from Russia (Samara transmitters), talk by male, instrumental songs, SINPO 24332. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

Marfil Estereo 5910, (presumed) 2345-0010, Noted steady Popular Colombian ballads until the 0000. Possible station ID at 0001, with other details, "...5430, Onda Media ... Puerto ... Meta..." Af ter that, about ten minutes of promos, then back to music. Too many crashes for these old ears to separate out the ID. Signal was fair. (Chuck Bolland, September 27, 2008)

Equatorial Guinea
Radio Africa 15190, 2150-2220, Sept 27, Four Square Gospel Tidings religious program, address in Saskatchewan, Tony Alamo program at 2200, with religious commentary, reading of listeners letters and playing songs, good reception, almost 100% readable. So he is not off the air (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

Radio Nacional 6250, Malabo, 0529-0610, Sept 28. Instrumental music to contemporary Christian music. Local religious choral music. Spanish talk. Mentions of Malabo. Irregular. Signal poor in noisy conditions. Bata 5005 not heard at this time. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Radio Nacional 6250, Malabo, 1955-2005*, Sept 28, Spanish talk. Local hilife music. Abrupt sign off. Weak but readable. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Euro Pirate
Ireland, 6295, Reflections Europe, 2115-2205+,Sept 28, US produced English religious programming. Some gospel music. Fair to good level but audio muffled and some adjacent channel splatter from Egypt 6290. Also some occasional utility QRM. An overall poor quality signal. Heard // 12255 - very weak. 3910 not heard. Sundays only. (Brian Alexander, PA)

RRI-Pontianak 3976.04, 1341-1404, Sept 28, in Bahasa Indonesian, 1341-1344 was // 3325 (both fair), 1344 into on-air phone conversations and music. Program feature series of "R.R.I. Pontianak" IDs, into news (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

Lao National Radio 4412.60v, 1210-1231*, Sept 28. Mostly man and woman talking in Laotian (news and commentary?), // 6130 (fair with light QRM), at 1225 distinctive musical fanfare that matched up on both frequencies, weak with CODAR QRM (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

Radio PMR 7370, 1557-1559. Escuchada el 24 de septiembre en frances a locutora con comentarios, ID, fin de emision, SINPO 45444. (Jose Miguel Romero, Spain/RS-DX #182)

Radio PMR 7370, 1559-1602, escuchada el 24 de septiembre en aleman a locutor con presentacion, ID, boletin de noticias, sin senal en 12135,SINPO 45444. (Jose Miguel Romero, Spain/RS-DX #182)

Voice of Russia (Petropavlovsk) 13635, 0230 English 333 Sept 21 Lady announcer with the Music Tales program to announcer's comments at 0233. // 9860 [333]Via Vatican State, 9800 [333]via Irkutsk and 5900 [333] via Armavir. (Stewart Mackenzie, CA/RS-DX #182).

Voice of Russia 15510, 1300-1400 Noted a program of news, features and music. The comments were in Pashto for this hour. The music was sometimes Russian and sometimes Pashto. The WRTH says this is being transmitted via a site in Moscow, while AOKI says this program is being transmitted from Samara, Russia. The Passport agrees with AOKI. The fact that the signal is still audible at 1355 UTC here in Clewiston, Florida, USA, seems to favor Moscow as the transmitter site.(Chuck Bolland, September 29, 2008)

Radio Rossii 5940, 1000-1015. Noted a male in Russian language comments probably news at 1000. Reports from the field or street interspersed in the program. This poor signal was parallel with Radio Rossii on 7200 KHz which was at a good level. According to the Passport, this is relayed via Magadan. (Chuck Bolland, FL September 21, 2008/HCDX/RS-DX #182)

Radio Rossii, 7200, 1000-1030 Noted a male in Russian language comments probably news at 1000. Reports from the field or street interspersed in the program. This good signal was parallel with Radio Rossii on 5940 KHz and 5920 KHz which were both at a poor level. We already established that this is relayed via Yakutsk. (Chuck Bolland, FL September 21, 2008/HCDX/RS-DX #182)

Radio Rossii, 5920, Noted a male in Russian language comments probably news at 1000. Reports from the field or street interspersed in the program. Later a female comments in length. This poor signal was parallel with Radio Rossii on 7200 kHz which was at a good level. Also, Radio Rossii on this frequency was under WBOH's stronger Spanish language broadcast. Passport says this is relayed via Petropavlovsk. (Chuck Bolland, FL September 21, 2008/HCDX/RS-DX #182)

Vatican State
Vatican Radio 5915, 0147-0159 Noted a male in religious discourse talking about the "Word of God" all in English. At about 0152, programming continues with news about financial condx of the world economy. At 0158, Italian National Anthem until 0159 and then off the air. Signal was fair. Iheard this last Sunday evening also. Don't know about weekdays? (Chuck Bolland, September 29, 2008)

Special edition of Voice of Russia - Moscow Mailbag

This year marks 30 years of Voice of Russia World Service in English, formed as part of the English-language Service of Radio Moscow that was on the air since 1929. On October 3, 1978, the new service began round-the-clock broadcasts beamed throughout the world. The upcoming edition of Moscow Mailbag will be dedicated to 30th anniversary of Voice of Russia. There will be reminiscences of Voice of Russia staff members about their work at the radio three decades ago plus voices of brilliant broadcasters such as Joe Adamov and Boris Belitzky, whose names are familiar to listeners worldwide and whom we all recall with fondness. All that and more, in the next edition of Moscow Mailbag - on the air from Monday, September 29.

Tune in to Moscow Mailbag at foll times:
Monday at 01.00, 05.00 and 17.00
Tuesday at 04.00 and 16.00
Wednesday 04.00
Thursday at 06.00 and 17.00
Friday at 04.00, 07.00, 16.00
Saturday at 03.00
Sunday at 01.00, 06.00 and 15.00
(All times in UTC)

Voice of Russia has a special jubilee webpage with testimonials from listeners, here's the link:
(Source: Alokesh Gupta, India)

QSLing Voice of Russia

GU RGRK-Golos Rossii
ul. Pyatnitskaya 25
115326 Moscow
Website: (with streaming and on-demand audio www.ruvr.ru/
Email: letters@ruvr.ru
(World QSL Book)

New frequency for VOA Bangla service

From 1st October Voice of America Bangla service is moving on to 9320 kHz (to get good propagation) replacing 11835 kHz from Philippine relay at 1600-1700 hrs to South Asia and parallel 7260 kHz from Thailand relay continues. Currently this 9320 kHz is used by VOA Hindi which is due to close on 30th September 2008 -so the last chance of hearing VOA Hindi is on Tuesday 30th September at 1600-1700 hrs on 9320 and 7430 kHz.
(Source: Alok Dasgupta, Kolkata, India via Rachel Baughn)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blog Logs

Saturday's Blog Logs, represent a good sample of what DXers are hearing on shortwave. Have you sent yours in yet ?

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

4910, VL8T, Tennant Creek, 0841, Sept 26. Running past their usual 0830 sign-off time, about the US presidential campaign, signal weak (R. Howard)

4905, RN Tchadienne (N’Djamena). 0510-0522. 27 Sep 08. French. Male announcer's pure talk program. Signal S-9, very good. (J. Wood)

Radio Nacional de Venezuela via Cuba, 6060, *1100-1140, Sept 25. It has been quite a while since I last checked this one and was surprised to find them mostly in English, talking about the joint commission between China and Venezuela, the financial situation in Venezuela and the world financial crisis ("Result of speculation within the capitalist system"). Reading some of their laws against corruption, etc., poor to fair with QRM from Sichuan PBS-2, many IDs in Spanish, also had segments in Spanish. Map showing their SW coverage and a less than complete schedule at www.rnv.gov.ve/noticias/index.php?pg=internacional . (R. Howard)

Equatorial Guinea
5005, Radio Nacional, Bata, 2250-2303*,Sept 25, Afro-pop music. Spanish announcements.Sign off with national anthem. Signal Weak. Poor in noisy conditions. (B. Alexander)

5005, Radio Nacional, Bata, 0515-0600, Sept 26. Threshold signal at 0515 tune-in improving to a weak level by 0540. Spanish talk. Afro-pop music. Instrumental music. No sign of 6250 Malabo. (B. Alexander)

15190, Radio Africa, 2230-2255*, Sept 25. Tony Alamo religious program. Good. Strong. Weak WYFR audible after Radio Africa sign off. (B. Alexander)

7110, Radio Ethiopia. 0320-0345. 27 Sep 08. Amharic. Music that was a combination of Middle Eastern and Afro pop. Lady announcer followed by music with a little more Western flair. Male announcer at 0340 with freq announcements. S5/Fair. (J. Wood).

7210, Radio Fana (Addis Ababa). 0415-0432. 27 Sep 08. Amharic. Tentative reception of this station. Announcer duo with general talk. Possible ID with mention of “Fana.” Several mentions of Africa. S5/Fair. (J. Wood).

15475, Afrique Numero Un (Moyabi). 1852-1901*. 26 Sep 08. French. Two announcers with
general discussion. Music into 1900, followed by full station ID to time pips and off. Poor. (J. Wood).

9680, RRI Jakarta, 0806-0827, Sept 26, Kang Guru Indonesia program #6108, scheduled for Fri. and Wed., in English, singing "Kang Guru" jingle, explains idioms (on his last legs, break aleg and pulling your leg), talking about their new name, many "KGI" and "Kang Guru Indonesia" IDs, asks listeners who is the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and goes on to talk about Stephen Smith (who was presented with a 20th anniversary KGI t-shirt). Signal fair-poor. I first heard their programming back in 1996, when they were "Kang Guru II Radio English". They originally started back in 1989 and from now through next year they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary, which I guess is the reason for their name being changed at this time. Presently the KGI program is carried on over 145 radio stations across Indonesia on SW, AM and FM. An impressive list of these stations is posted at: www.kangguru.org/broadcastschedule.html >, but unfortunately not that many on SW (R. Howard)

9680, RRI Jakarta Programma Lima, 1200-1215 Noted news and Indonesian comments by various persons. In the background, Firedrake (the music jammer) can be heard, although it is very weak compared to Jakarta.Jakarata's signal is fair. (C. Bolland) September 27, 2008)

3987.04 RRI Manokwari (presumed) 1057. Pleasant Indo Pop vocal music. Sounded like a chime interval signal at 1100. Then lady announcr in definite Indonesian. Squeezed between amateur radio operators on one side and broadcasteron 3985 on the other at this time. Returned at 1131 and seemed to be peaking, no ARO's, but still hetrodyne from 3985. Soft pop music. Of course the ARO fired up just before announcer at 1137. Back to music at 1140. Male announcer in presumed news at 1200 but didn't hear any // to other Indos. (27 Sept.) (D. Valko)

15785.0, Galei Zahal (presumed), 1518-1541, Sept 25. In Hebrew, pop songs, phone conversations (calls started with "shalom"), fair, first time I have noticed this (R. Howard)

6049.62v, Asyik FM via RTM, 1105-1115, Sept 26. Pop songs; at 1109, a three-minute break for the Islamic call-to-prayer (Maghrib is their sunset prayer, the fourth prayer of the day - Kuala
Lumpur sunset was at 1107). Pop songs continued, weak, best in LSB (moderate QRM from 6050.0) (R. Howard)

7284.58, RTVM, 0801-0825, Sept 26. Tune-in to flute interval signal. French ID announcement followed by vernacular talk. Local string music at 0823. Weak but readable. Slightly stronger on // 9635. (B. Alexander)

5985.0, Myanma Radio, 1530-1538, Sept 25, English. Seems to give three frequencies (mentions kHz. and meters, but unable to make them out), news (stories about the activities of members of the military [a Brigadier General attended an opening ceremony, a Major General visited someplace else, etc.]). Myanmar weather, slogans about the defense of the country, several IDs, into easy-listening songs, weak, but hope in another month to really be able to make out more of the news items. The 1300-1430 time period usually finds them with fair to good reception in vernacular. (R Howard)

9730.74v, Myanma Radio. 1505-1510*, Sept 25. In vernacular and English, seemed to be giving mathematical formulas, brief indigenous instrumental music at sign-off, poor; 1458-1512, Sept 24, in English and vernacular, reading paragraphs, explaining their basic meaning (all about the seasons: winter is the opposite of summer, heat in summer, etc.), poor (R. Howard)

7175, Radio Sultanate of Oman. (Sib). 0405-0413. 27 Sep 08. Arabic. Middle Eastern music with male announcer talking over and between selections. Signal S5/Fair. (J. Wood).

Papua New Guinea
3335 Radio East Sepik 1105. Apparent political speech with mentions of Papua New Guinea, program, province, country, development, Southern Highlands, policy, 2000, committee, one government, etc. Tuned out at 1127. Gradually getting better and very nice by 1125. (27 Sept.) (D. Valko)

3235 Radio West New Britain 1130. Tune-in with mentioning ".local station NBC.long Saturday night". And into Dance song. Pretty good. Other PNGs heard this morning include 3905, 3385, 3345, 3335, possibly 3325, 3260, and 3205. (27 Sept.) (D. Valko)

5939.27, Radio Melodia, Arequipa, 0630-0700, Sept 26. Spanish talk. ID at 0638. Signal poor-fair. Very poor after 0658 due to adjacent channel splatter. (B. Alexander)

7245, Deutsche Welle relay (Kigali). 0434. 27 Sep 08. English. Program about Burma. S7/Good. (J. Wood).

South Africa
Congo (DR)-Radio Okapi relay via Meyerton, South Africa. 11890. 1610-1659*, Sept 26. French/vernacular talk. “Okapi” jingles. Weak but readable. (B. Alexander)

7275, RTV Tunisienne (Sfax). 0437-0501. 27 Sep 08. Arabic. Middle Eastern music to station ID by ladt announcer at 0500, into news. Signal S7/Good. (J. Wood).

Brian Alexander, PA
Chuck Bolland, FL
Ron Howard, CA
Joe Wood, TN
Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX

Moldova - Transdneister Moldovan Republic

Using a remote receiver situated in Vienna, this week I've been hearing the domestic service of Radio Pridnestrovye signing-on every day on 549 kHz mediumwave at 1700 UTC (current WRTH has this here 0600-2200, so evidently incorrect), usually with worthless reception due to extreme co-channel interference from Radio Slovenia/Radio Koper, Deutschlandfunk and several Russian Mayak transmitters. Today, however, reception was a bit clearer as only the Slovenian interference was in evidence, so I've recorded the sign-on and uploaded it to the Station Sounds section of dxldyg - this is what you'll hear from the start of the recording 25 seconds before the hour:

Characteristic "USSR" on/off transmitter tones Time check in Russian: "Tiraspol 2000 hours" Interval signal (same as that used for Radio PMR/DMR external service) Announcement in Russian: "Tiraspol calling, [capital of the?] Transdneister Moldovan Republic" News in Russian

A clearer, albeit much older (c.1995), recording of Radio Pridnestrovye can be found on the Interval Signals Online website at intervalsignals.net .
Dave Kernick
Interval Signals Online

Australian DX Report No. 118 available for download

A new episode, No. 118, of the AUSTRALIAN DX REPORT audio shortwave news magazine is now available.

It includes a propagation repprt, monitoring notes, schedule changes, and news about international broadcasters.

It's 14 mins 3 secs, and is at


The "AUSTRALIAN DX REPORT", is a free service of the ELECTRONIC DX PRESS RADIO MONITORING ASSOCIATION and contains professionally compiled information about world shortwave broadcasting, with monitoring research.

The site allows you to listen to the ADXR and other audio features directly (streaming audio) via your MP3 player, or via the site's embedded mini-player. Podcasts, iTunes capability, full RSS/XML/Atom feeds, and free subscriptions are supported - full details are at the site.

Good listening to the Australian DX Report Episode No. 118!

Bob Padula
Melbourne, Australia

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bring It On - Mc Cain to Attend Debate at University of Mississippi

John McCain is resuming his campaign activities and will debate Barack Obama Friday night in Mississippi, McCain’s campaign announced two days after the Republican candidate said he would suspend his campaign to deal with a financial rescue plan being debated in Washington.

McCain’s campaign will resume “all activities and the senator will travel to the debate this afternoon. Following the debate, he will return to Washington to ensure that all voices and interests are represented in the final agreement, especially those of taxpayers and homeowners,” the McCain campaign said in a statement released around 11:30 a.m. ET
Additional information from Fox News:

Voice of America to carry presidential debates live
The Voice of America (VOA) will carry the first presidential candidates’ debate on foreign affairs live from Oxford, Mississippi, this evening providing international audiences with analyses and commentary. VOA is sending a team of journalists to cover the debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama.

VOA journalists from English-language programmes as well as those from Hindi, Urdu, Persian and Central African services will be on location at the University of Mississippi, with supplemental coverage at VOA’s Washington, DC headquarters.
In a special programme aimed at Urdu-speaking audiences in Pakistan, VOA and Pakistan TV (PTV) will assemble panelists in Islamabad and Washington to discuss issues raised in the debate about US relations with Pakistan and its neighbours.
“The 2008 presidential election is generating intense interest around the world,” said VOA Director Danforth W Austin. “VOA - reaching about 134 million people in 45 languages - is uniquely poised to explain to its audiences the differences and similarities in the candidates’ foreign policy positions.”

VOA will also cover future debates, including those between McCain and Obama at Belmont University, Nashville, Tenn., on October 7, and at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, on 15 October. It will also cover the debate between the Vice Presidential candidates, Senator Joseph Biden, the Democrat, and Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican, on 2 October 2 Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.

Televised debate coverage will be carried in English on all of VOA’s satellite paths - Intelsat 907, New Skies 806 and 703 (VC 340 only), Asiasat 3, and Eutelsat Hot Bird 3 (VC 340 only). Special coverage in Urdu of the presidential debates, but not the vice presidential debate, will air on New Skies 703 (VC 420), Asiasat 3 (VC 409), and Hot Bird 3 (VC 240).
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Follow the debate tonight on Voice of America. The debate is scheduled for pre coverage at 8:50 PM EDT (0050 UTC).

VOA - English

All times UTC
Target Areas: as (Asia) va (Various)

0000-0030 7555as

0030-0100 9715va 9780va 11725va 15185va 15205va 15290va 15560va 17820va

0100-0200 7430va 9780va 11705as

0130-0200 twhfa 6040va 9820va

0200-0300 9780va 11705va
(Source: Monitoring Times/SW Guide)

Still waiting on Radio St. Helena QSL from 2007 broadcast ?

Ed Kusalik sends in the following observations on the status of his QSL from Radio St. Helena's 10th Anniversary special broadcast in 2007. If you're still waiting on a response, perhaps you should consider an email to Robert Kipp. The 2008 special broadcast is set for November 15 ... while many DXers wonder, so what happened to my 2007 QSL ?
Gayle Van Horn

After seeing the discussion on the statues of St. Helena QSL response, I decided to give a try and send a follow-up letter Inquiry to Mr. Robert Kipp. RDC-Roberts-Data@t-online.de

His response within 24 hours indicated that my name was not on the list of reporters who sent in reports to the station. Apparently the staff at Radio St. Helena have a list of some sort of who sent in reports and if a QSL have been sent out. He suggested for me to fill out his questionaire about what was in my envelope, what type of stamps and asked for a copy on my original report. So I filled out what was involved with my report and sent back ( via e-mail) my original report and the filled-in questionaire.

Checking my e-mail browser this morning (25th) received this e-mail that my Radio St.Helena QSL (2007) was posted on the 22nd of September. Robert requested I email him when I receive it. Interesting....this is the first time that I have encounter any problems. with mail to St. Helena. (Edward Kusalik, Alberta, Canada)

Radio New Zealand celebrates sixty years of broadcasting

Radio New Zealand is celebrating 60 years of international shortwave broadcasting. On 27 September, the Dominion Day holiday in 1948, New Zealand’s first international shortwave service was launched by Prime Minister Peter Fraser. It took the name ‘Radio New Zealand’ and was part of the New Zealand Broadcasting Service (NZBS).

The network has had a chequered history but, sixty years on, is stronger than ever, broadcasting today as Radio New Zealand International, providing an essential link between New Zealand and its Pacific neighbours. Today Radio New Zealand International is well respected and widely heard across the Pacific and into South East Asia. Eighteen Pacific radio stations re-broadcast Radio New Zealand International material each day and the service is available through digital and analogue shortwave, and via the Internet.

Radio New Zealand International Manager, Linden Clark, acknowledges the technological revolution that has allowed the network to achieve its current international recognition. “From humble beginnings, using two second hand US military transmitters left behind after the Second World War, the station has grown to become a significant international broadcaster using shortwave, digital and analogue technology which allows us to play a vital role in increasing understanding and awareness of New Zealand’s role in the Pacific.”

Anniversary celebrations this week will include a special programme to be broadcast on Radio New Zealand National at 12.20 am on Saturday 27th September and at 9.06 pm on Tuesday 30th September. This programme will also be broadcast on Radio New Zealand International throughout the week. It includes the opening announcement by the Prime Minister of the day, Peter Fraser, excerpts from early programmes and interviews with former and current staff.
(Source: Radio New Zealand Limited/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Additinal programming info:

On Monday 27 September 1948 Radio New Zealand Shortwave Service began
broadcasting to the Pacific and beyond. To mark this special occasion a 60th
Anniversay QSL will acknowledge reports on and after 27 September 2008.

Tue 0030(NZDT) 2330 UTC (Mon)MAILBOX SPECIAL SHORT VERSION #2 Dur: 18:52
Tue 0230(NZDT) 1330 UTC(Mon) MAILBOX SPECIAL SHORT VERSION #1 Dur: 18:42
Tue 0530(NZDT) 0430 UTC(Mon) MAILBOX SPECIAL SHORT VERSION #2 Dur: 18:52
(Alokesh Gupta, India)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HAR station logs

All times UTC

HAR stations between Wilmington and Jacksonville, NC. Callsign and location as per FCC database - except for one station, no IDs heard. At least there's activity. Mike

530 WPGU847 Town of Wrightsville Beach, New Hanover County, NC Listed for the area Female continuously announcing the time (about 1 hour behind). No other information heard. 9/23 at 1320. (MH-NC)

1610 WPPG958 Town of Carolina Beach, New Hanover County, NC; WQFU301 Town of Pine Knoll Shores, Carteret County, NC Two stations mixing with what sounded like NWS forecasts.
One M and one F announcer. Fair level at best. 9/23 at 1330. (MH-NC)

1620 WPSF938 Surf City, Pender County, NC. M announcer with NWS forecast for area. M announcer occasionally breaking in with local information for residents of "Pender County." A
sign along US 17 N (near a fire station) tells motorists to tune to 1620, however, the stn on 1620 is fair at best. The 1640 outlet (q.v.) is loud and clear. 9/23 at 1345. (MH-NC)

1630 Carrier - vicinity of New River MCAS. This frequency was noted briefly active, during Hurricane Ike. 9/23 at 1410. (MH-NC)

1640 WPSF938 Hamstead, Pender County, NC with repeat of NWS forecast, and M announcer breaking in with tips on what to do if a hurricane approaches. ID heard - only station noted with
definite ID. This mixing with DOD HAR (Camp Davis area) warning, by announcer, of smoke and fog danger in the area. 9/23 at 1351. (MH-NC)

1610 UNID noted 9/23 @1305 while in Wilmington w/political discussion between (presumed) students and Congressman Ron Paul. Good signal in area of UNC - Wilmington. Found the station:

From the site: "You would have been hard-pressed to have missed the group's handwork over e past year. They've held signs at the intersection of College Road and Oleander Avenue, passed out anti-income tax leaflets on April 15, and even broadcast a continuous loop of an interview with Paul on a low-power radio station beaming on 1610 AM." (MH-NC)
(Mike Hardester, NC)

Weekly Propagation Forecast Bulletins

Product: Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
:Issued: 2008 Sep 23 2251 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
# Product description and SWPC contact:
# http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/weekly.html
# Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
Highlights of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
15 - 21 September 2008

Solar activity was very low. No flares were detected. The visible disk was spotless.

No proton events were observed at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit reached high levels during 16 - 17 September.

Geomagnetic field activity ranged from quiet to active levels during 15 - 16 September with minor to major storm periods observed at high latitudes. Activity decreased to quiet to unsettled levels during 17 - 18 September, though active to major storm periods were observed at high latitudes on 18 September. Activity decreased to mostly quiet levels during 19 - 21 September. ACE solar wind data indicated a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) was in progress at the start of the period. The CIR, which preceded a recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream (HSS), commenced on 14 September and continued into 15 September. The HSS began on 15 September and reached a peak velocity of 620 km/sec at 15/1200 UTC. Velocities gradually decreased during the remainder of the period with a minimum of 295 km/sec observed at 21/2221 UTC. The proton density increase associated with the CIR reached a peak of 17 p/cc at 15/0426 UTC.

Interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) activity associated with the CIR included increased Bt (peak 14 nT at 15/0627 UTC) and intermittent periods of southward Bz (minimum -10 nT at 15/0938 UTC). Bz settled into a range of + 5 to -5 nT following the CIR. Bt varied from 01 -
07 nT following the CIR.

Forecast of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
24 September - 20 October 2008

Solar activity is expected to be very low.

No proton events are expected at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is expected to reach high levels during 01 - 14 October.

Quiet geomagnetic conditions are expected during 24 - 29 September. Activity is expected to increase to unsettled levels on 30 September. A further increase to active to minor storm levels is expected during 01 October with a chance for major storm levels due to a recurrent coronal hole high-speed stream (HSS). Activity is expected to decrease to unsettled levels during 02 - 05 October as the HSS subsides. Quiet conditions are expected during 06 - 11 October. Activity is expected to increase to active levels on 12 October due to a recurrent coronal hole HSS. Activity is expected to decrease to quiet levels during the remainder of the period as the HSS subsides.

Product: 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table 27DO.txt
:Issued: 2008 Sep 23 2252 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
# Product description and SWPC contact:
# http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/wwire.html
# 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table
# Issued 2008 Sep 23
# UTC Radio Flux Planetary Largest
# Date 10.7 cm A Index Kp Index
2008 Sep 24 70 5 2
2008 Sep 25 70 5 2
2008 Sep 26 70 5 2
2008 Sep 27 68 5 2
2008 Sep 28 68 5 2
2008 Sep 29 68 5 2
2008 Sep 30 67 8 3
2008 Oct 01 67 30 5
2008 Oct 02 67 8 3
2008 Oct 03 67 8 3
2008 Oct 04 67 8 3
2008 Oct 05 67 8 3
2008 Oct 06 67 5 2
2008 Oct 07 67 5 2
2008 Oct 08 67 5 2
2008 Oct 09 67 5 2
2008 Oct 10 68 5 2
2008 Oct 11 70 5 2
2008 Oct 12 70 15 4
2008 Oct 13 70 5 2
2008 Oct 14 70 5 2
2008 Oct 15 70 5 2
2008 Oct 16 70 5 2
2008 Oct 17 70 5 2
2008 Oct 18 70 5 2
2008 Oct 19 70 5 2
2008 Oct 20 70 5 2

Laos on 4412.6 ?

Via remote receiver in the Philippines:

4412.6 kHz Sam Neua (presumed) 2255 sign on with instrumental interval signal. At 2257 UTC I heard what sounded like Laos' national anthem (I matched it up via a version on the Internet.) 2258 talk by woman but I could not make out what she was saying. They started playing music at 2300, but the signal
seemed quite low. (Hans Johnson Sep 23/Cumbre DX)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog Logs - Asia

All times UTC

Andaman & Nicobar Island
4760, All India Radio-Port Blair, 1407-1441, Sept 18, in vernacular, various music (pop Western-style song, jazz and mostly subcontinent music and songs), poor-fair, signal improving till about 1430, after which noticed weak QRM (possibly R. Kashmir/AIR Leh?) (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

11784.84v, Voice of Indonesia, 1320-1340, Sept 22. In English, talking about their Constitution in "Today's Focus", "Indonesian Wonders" and "Music Corner", mostly fair with weak QRM from assume VOA in Chinese, no Firedrake heard, but suspect it was not heard due to poor propagation (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

4775, All India Radio-Imphal (I should have indicated I presumed this to be them), 1239-1302, Sept 22. Inn vernacular, music program (songs in vernacular that seemed to be a cross between C&W songs and Christian hymns, somewhat strange music for AIR), fair-poor, CODAR QRM; 1320-1401, Sept 23, in vernacular, interview, into a radio drama/soap opera, some subcontinent music. No ID heard but there seemed to be various vernacular languages used that sounded right for India, plus the subcontinent music they occasionally play. Dan Sheedy also heard the same Sept 22 music program and he also did not hear an ID. Needs more work for that positive ID (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

3945, All India Radio, 0046-0100 Noted a male singing a Islamic type tune. Don't know if it's religious - probably is? Signal off by 0100. (Chuck Bolland, September 21, 2008)

4775, AIR Imphal, 1328+1404+1437, Sept 18, seems they may still be tweaking their transmitter, as it was off the air today, after being back on for the past two days (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

3985, Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 0104-0115, Steady calling to prayer type chanting from a male. Signal is at a good level even with some QRM. (Chuck Bolland, September 21, 2008)

7295, Traxx FM via RTM, 1440-1505, Sept 23, in English. Recorded greetings from listeners overseas (from Indonesia, Australia, etc.) with good wishes for Ramadan for the people of Malaysia and the listeners of Traxx FM, several singing "Traxx FM" jingles, music program "In the Lime Light" with DJ Shaz, use their new slogan many times "Travel N' Music", ToH: 11 PM news roundup from Kuala Lumpra, good reception. This station still plays a lot of pop songs, but their "new approach aims to provide its listeners with better knowledge of Malaysia through informative and interactive banters". I sent the DJ an email with an attached audio clip of his program. Received a response in 3 hours from "Shaz" ( djtheshaz@gmail.com ), the DJ for the "In the Lime Light" program: "It was great to receive your very encouraging e-mail. I actually didn't know Traxx fm could over spill all the way to the states. There are cases of people sending us letters from overseas telling us they like our shows but I always assumed it was via our on-line streaming. Thank you very much for actually sending me an e-mail. I really appreciate the effort. All I can say is keep on listening to Traxx. Take care and keep in touch. Warm Regards, Shaz" (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

Updates from DX Mix News

All times UTC - NF (new frequency)

United Kingdom(non)
Additional transmission of FEBA Radio via VT Communications:
1530-1630 NF 9855 TAC 100 kW / 131 deg to SoAs in Hindi

changes of WYFR Family Radio:
1200-1300 on 11855 DB 100 kW / 024 deg Russian to CeAs,new >>> from Aug.27
1600-1700 NF 17545 ASC 250 kW / 100 deg Portuguese CeAf,ex 21680 from Sep.1
1700-1800 NF 17545 ASC 250 kW / 085 deg English to CeAf,ex 21680 from Sep.1
2000-2100 on 15195 ASC 250 kW / 065 deg English to WCAf,ex 20-22 from Sep.8
2100-2200 NF 12055 ASC 250 kW / 065 deg English to WCAf,ex 15195 from Sep.8

Frequency changes for Voice of America in Burmese:
0000-0030 on 6035 UDO, 7430 IRA, 9325 PHT >>> new additional transmission
0130-0300 on 12015 IRA,15110 PHT,17775 PHT >>> new additional transmission
1430-1530 NF 6000 PHX 050 kW / 285 deg, ex 12120 \\ 9325,11910
1530-1630 NF 6000 PHX 050 kW / 285 deg, ex 11695 \\ 9325, 9940

Frequency change for Voice of America Aap Ki Dunyaa in Urdu from Sep.19:
0000-0100 NF 9515 IRA 250 kW / 332 deg, ex 11755
\\ 7135 IRA 250 kW / 340 deg, not KWT!

Last transmission on shortwave for Voice of America in Hindi on Sep.30:
1600-1700 on 7430 UDO 250 kW / 300 deg
9320 PHL 250 kW / 283 deg
(Source: DX Mix News # 539 via Alokesh Gupta, India)

Schedule update for World Harvest Radio stations

All times UTC

WHRI Angel 1
0500-1100 on 7315 Mon-Fri
0500-1100 on 11565 Sat/Sun
1100-1300 on 7315 Daily
1300-1800 on 9495 Daily
1800-1900 on 17520 Mon-Fri
1800-1900 on 9495 Sat/Sun
1900-2000 on 9495 Daily
2000-2100 on 17650 Fri Voice of Biafra International in Ibo
2000-2100 on 9495 Sat-Thu
2100-2300 on 7385 Daily
2300-0500 on 7315 Daily

WHRI Angel 2
0000-0300 on 7385 Daily
0300-0400 on 6110 Mon-Fri
0300-0400 on 7385 Sat/Sun
0400-0700 on 7365 Daily
0700-0900 on 11565 Mon-Fri
0700-0900 on 5875 Sat/Sun
0900-1000 on 5875 Daily
1000-1200 on 9425 Daily Deutsche Welle in German
1200-1300 on 9410 Daily BBC World Service in English
1300-1600 on 9840 Sat/Sun
1600-2000 on 9840 Daily
2000-2200 on 15665 Daily
2200-2400 on 9615 Daily

KWHR Angel 3
0100-0500 on 17800 Sat/Sun
0500-0800 on 13650 Sat/Sun
0700-0800 on 9930 Mon-Fri
0800-1200 on 9930 Daily
1200-1500 on 12130 Sat/Sun
1200-1500 on 9930 Mon-Fri Radio Sound of Hope in Chinese
1500-1800 on 9905 Mon-Fri Radio Free Asia in Chinese(HBN 080 kW / 318 deg)
1500-1800 on 9930 Sat/Sun
1800-1900 on 9955 Mon-Fri (HBN 100 kW / 280 deg)
1900-2200 on 9905 Mon-Fri Radio Free Asia in Chinese(HBN 080 kW / 318 deg)

KWHR Angel 4
0100-0300 on 15710 Mon-Fri
0300-1000 on 15700 Mon-Fri
1000-1400 on 12130 Mon-Fri Hoa-Mai Radio in Vietnamese 1200-1230 on Wed
1400-1500 on 9955 Mon-Fri (HBN 100 kW / 280 deg)
1500-2200 on 9930 Mon-Fri (HBN 100 kW / 345 deg)

WHRA Angel 5
0500-0700 on 7490 Daily
1200-1400 on 15710 Daily
1400-1600 on 15195 Daily
1600-1800 on 17520 Daily
1800-1900 on 17690 Daily V.of Meselina Delina Tigrinya 1800-1830 on Thu/Fri
1900-2000 on 17690 Daily Demitse Tewahedo in Amharic 1900-2000 on Mon
2000-2100 on 7520 Mon-Fri
2000-2100 on 11885 Sat/Sun
2100-2300 on 11885 Daily
2300-0500 on 5850 Daily

WHRI Angel 6
0000-0700 on 5875 Daily
0700-1300 on 7385 Daily
1300-1400 on 11785 Sat/Sun Hmong Lao Radio in Lao
1400-1500 on 11785 Sat/Sun Hmong World Christian Radio in Lao 1400-1430 Sat
1500-1600 on 11785 Sat/Sun
1600-2400 on 11785 Daily

DXing With Cumbre sked:
WHRI Angel 1
0130-0200 on 7315 Sun
0330-0400 on 7315 Mon
0430-0500 on 7315 Sat
0500-0530 on 11565 Sun
1930-2000 on 9495 Sat

WHRI Angel 2
0200-0230 on 7385 Sun

KWHR Angel 3
1500-1530 on 9930 Sun

WHRA Angel 5
0230-0300 on 5850 Sun/Mon
1230-1300 on 15710 Sat

WHRI Angel 6
1000-1030 on 7385 Sun
1430-1500 on 11785 Sat/Sun
1830-1900 on 11785 Sat
(Source: DX Mix News #539 via Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India)

BBC adjust English frequencies

Frequency change via Meyerton, South Africa relay of BBC WS in English:
0600-1400 UTC on 9860 MEY 100 kW / 015 deg to SoAf, ex 0600-1600
1400-1600UTC new freq 7230 MEY 100 kW / 015 deg to SoAf, ex 9860
(DX Mix News # 539 via Alokesh Gupta, New Delha, India)

Radio Sweden frequency change to antenna fault at Sackville

Following a technical fault at one of Radio Canada International’s shortwave antennas at Sackville, Radio Sweden’s English transmission has moved to a new frequency. Instead of 15240 kHz, the broadcast in English to North America at 1430 UTC is now using 11640 kHz. The change is expected to continue until the new shortwave schedule at the end of October.
(Source: Radio Sweden/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Venezuela working on Radio of the South project

After the success of Telesur, Venezuela is working today on the Radio of the South project, conceived as a network of interconnected radio stations, unlike the television experience. Helena Salcedo, director of the state owned National Radio of Venezuela, said that the basic goal of the initiative is to gather radio experiences from many countries and show integration and solidarity in the region.
In an interview distributed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, Salcedo added that at a national level there are more than 11 frequencies in various states ready to operate and the assignation for the nation’s capital is in process. “It will work as a network, where the radio stations of Venezuela will be connected with their partners in Colombia and these at the same time with Ecuador, Nicaragua and other countries of the continent, just to put an example, to give a cohesive message,” she explained.
Salcedo agrees with many experts consulted like Fernando Buen Abad, who thinks this is the only way for information to arrive. Salcedo added that the Radio of the South will have a team of correspondents and translators, who guarantee that what goes on in the world will be broadcast in different languages.
The initiative is included as part of an attempt to build a new world order in information and it should be directed to nurture solidarity, union among countries, educate our people, learn about other places and respect each other, said Salcedo. The Radio of the South, added, will have cooperation programs between the states involved for the exchange of information and communications technologies, as well as the professional training of personnel in the communications area. As an example she cited the recent signing of an agreement between the national Radio of Venezuela and Vietnamese radio stations.
“We want to make people understand that we all have very close ties. The goal is for listeners hear to information coming from Vietnam and realize that it is not a distant or unreachable country, but rather that is very close to us and willing to express its solidarity and help in a reciprocal way,” she said. The agreement, she added, will let the network have news correspondents in Asia, and without investing a lot of money will strengthen the main idea of the project to “bring together the global south,” she said.
(Source: Prensa Latina/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

ARISS Contact Planned With UK School

September 23, 2008

An International Space Station Expedition 17 ARISS school contact has been planned with participants at Michael Sobell Sinai School, Harrow,Middlesex, United Kingdom on 25 September. The event is scheduled to begin at approximately 1134 UTC, which 12:34 UK Time and 13:34 Central European Time (CET).

The Michael Sobell Sinai School opened in 1981 and is the largest Jewish Primary School in Europe. It caters for children aged 3-11 and offers a challenging curriculum and the highest standard of education. It receives excellent Ofsted reports on a consistent basis.

Two of Sinai's pupils, Jessica and Amelia Diamond, visited the Kennedy Space Center in May to see their cousin, astronaut Greg Chamitoff, embark on a NASA flight to the International Space Station.

Sinai are excited to use this fantastic opportunity as part of its "The Earth and Beyond" unit which follows the National Curriculum for the year 5 age group (ages 9/10). During this period of study our pupils learn in detail about space and the planets. The topic is mainly science based but there are many planned activities which cross over into other areas of the curriculum such as literacy, maths and information technology.

Participants will ask as many of the following questions as time allows:

1. What training do you do to become an astronaut?
2. What is the purpose of your trip?
3. Could you describe a typical day in space?
4. How do you go the toilet?
5. In what ways can an astronaut observe their religion in space?
6. What qualifications do you need to become an astronaut?
7. Will there ever be a day when we can holiday on the moon?
8. What's the food like?
9. What inspired you to become an astronaut?
10. How close are you to the planets and how do you/ can you identify them?
11. What do you miss?
12. What has been your most exciting moment so far?
13. Could you describe what the earth looks like when you are in space
and can you identify countries, weather conditions and the seas?
14. How does it feel to be in Space without gravity?
15. What is the International Space Station?
16. Do you notice light and dark, day and night, temperature when you are in space?
17. How do you sleep?
18. What do you do for fun up there?
19. If one of your children wanted to be an astronaut what would you say to them?
20. How many people are involved in preparing you for the trip and in supporting you while you are in space?

The contact will be a telebridge contact between stations NA1SS and
WH6PN. The contact should be audible over Hawaii. The participants are
expected to conduct the conversation in English.

The audio for this event will be fed into the EchoLink *AMSAT* (101 377)
and *JK1ZRW* (277 208) servers.

Please note that there are automatic breaks in the EchoLink audio transmission every 2.5 minutes during the event and while we listen to preparations going on for this contact. Each audio break is approximately 1 second long. Please configure your systems to not time out during times of inactivity or ongoing audio transmissions.

This ARISS event will possibly be broadcast through the IRLP "Discovery" Reflector 9010 on the Internet. It is then available via the "Discovery" Reflectors companion web site www.discoveryreflector.ca . Once on its main page, select "Live Streaming Audio" (left side bar) and follow the prompts.
More directly the URL is as follows:

The audio on the Internet is typically delayed by about two minutes. ARISS is an international educational outreach program partnering the participating space agencies: NASA, Russian Space Agency, ESA, CNES, JAXA, and CSA, with the AMSAT and IARU organizations from participating countries.

ARISS offers an opportunity for students to experience the excitement of Amateur Radio by talking directly with crewmembers on-board the International Space Station. Teachers, parents and communities see, first hand, how Amateur Radio and crewmembers on ISS can energize youngsters' interest in science, technology, and learning.

See http://www.ariss-eu.org/schoolcontacts.htm
Gaston Bertels, ON4WF
ARISS-Europe chairman
(Source: Dave Raycroft/ODXA)

Radio Baluarte back on the air ?

Contributor Arnaldo Slaen, sends in the following observations.

6214,62 Radio Baluarte (presumed), Puerto Iguazu. 1012-1030 UTC, September 20. Spanish/Portuguese. Songs in Portuguese, to announcement phone number, program in Spanish by female and in Portuguese by male. (heard as) "llamenos al telefono............", "vamos a escuchar un tema musical........el pastor........". More songs in Portuguese to greetings: "...saludamos a nuestra audiencia en esta nueva primavera...." ¿in parallel with FM frequency?. SINPO 24432
(Arnaldo Slaen, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Update on shortwave from Vanuatu

VTBC Port Vila is currently using a low power modified amateur radio transmitter to broadcast weak signals on 7260 kHz. Reception has been monitored of Pacific style music in the past day or so.
The new 10kW shortwave transmitters are still enroute to Vanuatu. Delivery has been delayed for a variety of reasons, including difficulties obtaining freight space on cargo ships visiting Vila.

An RNZI (Radio New Zealand Int'l) technician has just returned from Vila where preparation work has been underway for installation of the two new DRM/analog transmitters later this year.

The frequency of 7260 is one of several registered for VTBC for the new service and the current broadcasts appear to be a prelude to the full service starting as soon as the new transmitters are installed.
David Ricquish
Radio Heritage Foundation
(Source: HCDX)

Radio Ukraine International schedule update

New schedule effective from September 22
All times UTC NF (new frequency)

0000-0500 NF 5830 KHR 100 kW / 055 deg to Russia, ex 7530
0500-0800 NF 7420 KHR 100 kW / 290 deg to WeEu, ex 9945
0800-1300 NF 9950 KHR 100 kW / 277 deg to WeEu, ex 11550
1300-1700 NF 5830 KHR 100 kW / 055 deg to Russia, ex 7530
1700-2000 on 7490 KHR 100 kW / 290 deg to WeEu, ex 17-21
2000-2400 NF 5840 KHR 100 kW / 290 deg to WeEu, ex 7510

2300-0400 on 7440 LV 600 kW / 303 deg to Northeast America, no change
English to Northeast Amer: 0000-0100, 0300-0400
English to WeEu: 0500-0600, 0900-1000, 1100-1200, 1900-2000, 2100-2200
German to WeEu: 1700-1800, 2000-2100, 2300-2400
Ukrainian on all other times and frequencies
(Source: DX Mix News #539 via Alokesh Gupta, India)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

6080, Radio Australia. 1436-1440. Program about the actor Peter Finch, fair (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

6035, BBS. Continues to loss audio during their English segment. At 1411 heard "That was the news from BBS", their usual EZL musical selection, weather forecast: rain tomorrow and cloudy, gives the national temperature, rechecked at 1433 to find only the BBS open carrier; Sept 3, audio stopped at 1421 (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

6035, BBS, 1406-1425. News in English, usual ID "You are listening to the news from the Bhutan Broadcasting Service",announcements, into long talk, Fri. scheduled for talk on Buddhism, poor (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

4555, Radio Virgen de Remedios(tent.), Tupiza. Spanish 2241-2250 relaying “Bolivia en Contacto”,2248 “la reforma agraria”. From 2250 amateur radio interference, so until this time SINPO 23433. Checked later at 2316, was a religious ceremony (Luico Otavio, Brazil/Cumbre DX)

Coverage of the closing ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Games.

CNR-1 live coverage Sept 17, in Chinese, with speeches in English heard in the background, Paralympic Games Anthem played, checked for parallel CNR-1 stations at 1211 tune-in, found all of these in parallel: 4460 (Beijing, good), 4800 (Beijing, fair-poor), 4820 (Tibet, fair. This was not // to other Tibet frequencies. After 1330 was not //), 5030 (Beijing, good), 7105 (Xian/Xianyang, weak), 7110 hijiazhuang/Huikou, fair), 7230 (Xian/Xianyang, fair), 9500 (Shijiazhuang/Huikou, fair), 9630 (Lingshi, weak), 9810 (Nanning,good). Unable to hear 4750, as covered by a strong RRI on 4749.93. Parallel coverage of most of these stations randomly noted till 1523 tune-out.

6060, Sichuan PBS-2, 1211-1515*, Sept 17, relay of CNR-1 with the usual 5 second delay, // 7225 and 9740. Fair reception the whole time.

7225, Sichuan PBS-2, 1211-1516*, Sept 17, relay of CNR-1 with the usual 5 second delay, // 6060 and 9740. After 1500 good reception, after a strong VOA signed-off. Ran one minute past 6060 sign-off.

9740, Sichuan PBS-1, 1211-1523, Sept 17, relay of CNR-1, // 6060 and 7225. Poor reception the whole time under BBC.

Stations with their regular programming (no relay of CNR-1, no coverage of closing ceremony):

3280 Shanghai PBS/Voice of Pujiang (//4950 and 9705)
4830 CHBC
4900 Voice of Strait
4940 Voice of Strait
4905 Tibet (// 4920 [AIR QRM] and 6200). They have fixed the terrible
audio I heard Sept 6.
5050 Voice of Strait
5050 Guangxi FBS (// 9820)
6065 CNR-2/CBR (// 6155, etc.)
(Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

3900, PBS Hulun Buir, Hailar. Chinese 0942-0950 slow-soft Chinese style with female choir at mid-song, Announcer duo talks. From 0947 amateur radio overlapped Hulun Buir, but this was the stronger signal heard this year on 3900, some 3905 Papua QRM 33433 (Lucio Otavio, Brazil/Cumbre DX)

4775, All India Radfio-Imphal, 1347-1400. Vernacular service to subcontinent music, fair (light CODAR QRM). For over a month this has been noticeably off the air. Heard Sept 16 testing their transmitter, with just an open carrier. Today was the first day they are back with programming (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

4749.94, RRI Makassar, 1456-1459*. Bahasa Indonesian. Pop song, fair (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

9680, RRI Jakarta, 1427-1451,. Good signal, in Bahasa Indonesian. Ramadan programming, mentions "RRI Jakarta, the Voice of Islam".Assume reference to VOI program that is carried on many Indonesian stations http://voi.gaulislam.com/voice-of-islam/. Unusual reception, in that Firedrake normally dominated over RRI at this time period (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

Voice of Indonesia 11784.83v, 1440-1502*. Malay and English. Pop songs and ballads, continues to say the English program will follow and to stay tuned, today even started the English segment by telling what was to be on the program, off in mid-sentence, good reception (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

7295, Traxx FM via RTM, 1503-1516. "The News Roundup at 11 PM from the RTM News Center at Kuala Lumpur", singing Traxx FM jingle. Pop songs, almost fair (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

4800, XERTA, México City. 0921 Spanish romantic music,0922-0929.Instrumnetal pop rock music selections to instrumnetal piano music until 0934.(Lucio Otavio, Brazil/Cumbre DX)

9730.76v, Myanma Radio. 1422-1436. Minorities and Educational Service, English language lesson, read and explained a series of sentences, followed by over 27 questions and answers about the sentences just read, poor, usually has better reception. Sept 16 noted 1509* (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

New Zealand
6170, Radio NZ Int'l, 1441-1451. English and vernacular, various music, good reception (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach,CA, Etón E1)

4825, Radio Sicuani, Sicuani. Spanish/Quecha. 0915-0926 OM talks dominant in Quecha, alternating maybe local pop music. Weak, from 0922 quick decay SINPO 23432 (Lucio Otavio, Brazil/Cumbre DX)

3329.6 Radio Ondas del Huallaga Nonstop Peruvian camposina mx from 1006 tune-in. Then 1015 full canned ID announcement over music. Canned announcement by same male and into band Peruvian national abthem 1016-1018. 1019 nice short ID by woman announcer and into more music. Still going at 1033 check with dead air after song. Canned ad block about 45 seconds later. Fair but CHUQRM. Would be easy and 100% copy w/out CHU. Freq drifted down 40 hz. (Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX)

5039.2 Radio Libertad de Junin Peruvian campo music start at 1024. 1028 national anthem and M announcers voice-over echo anmnts ending with ID. Announcer shouting briefly with mentions of Junin, then more pleasant Peruvian harp campo music. Live male announcer during check at 1039 with mentions of Junin, musica, and ID,then back to tinkly harp music at 1040. 1042 live male announcer with time check. Mentions of amigos and Peruana. Clear but not really strong. (Dave Valko, PA/Cumbre DX)

Solomon Islands
5019.86, SIBC (presumed), 1329-1354, Poor reception, struggling around threshold level, but can say it was clearly in English and sounded like British accents, so assume relay of BBC. In the recent past when I checked here I only found an open carrier with no audio, so today was a big improvement. As we get more into the DX season this should become more readable, just as Bhutan/BBS hasimproved recently. (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)

5019.86, SIBC, 1327-1350. Poor reception,CW/Morse Code QRM, slightly above threshold level, with BBC relay in English. Announcers' conversation, 1329 BBC theme music, clear BBC ID,news headlines (Ron Howard, Asilomar Beach, CA, Etón E1)