Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bhutan to Modernize SW Equipment

Bhutan Broadcasting Service has recently awarded a contract to Thomson for new shortwave equipment to modernize it’s Sangaygang station, which will improve their nationwide service. BBS will use a 100 kW, DRM-ready transmitter, operating on 5035, 6305 and 7305 kHz. This advancement will replace the existing 1988 50 kW transmitter. Changes should be effective by early 2007.
(Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia Radio News, Spring 2006, via DX Window)

Address Updates From Adventist World Radio

Adventist World Radio have updated their mailing addresses
for worldwide listeners.
Reception Reports from listeners in Africa, Americas and Europe:
P.O. Box 29235
Indianapolis, IN 46229 USA
Reception Reports from listeners in Asia and Pacific:
Adventist World Radio-Asia/Pacific
798 Thompson Road
Singapore 298186, Singapore
Correspondence to AWR Headquarters should be sent to:
AWR Headquarters
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600 USA
Non-technical correspondence:
Web: Email:

Radio Japan's World Interactive Update

Azizul Alam Al-Amin, informs me that NHK World/Radio Japan
has changed the email address for their weekly World Interactive
program to, .
Thanks for the update!

Countdown to World Cup Madness

The countdown continues in Germany for the 2006 Soccer World Cup.
The four-week extravaganza begins June 9, and will play 64 games in 12 cities.
Deutsche Welle, is offering a special QSL for the event. The quantity of cards is
limited. Send your reception reports to.
Deutsche Welle
53110 Bonn, Germany
To follow the madness, Deutsche Welle has extensive coverage on the games at their World Cup 2006 link, more than enough to keep you locked in for weeks.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Radio Free Asia-DSWCI QSL Card

Radio Free Asia - DSWCI 50th Anniversary QSL Card
From Danish Shortwave Club International, comes word of a special QSL for collectors. Radio Free Asia has announced the release of the their tenth QSL card, this one to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Danish Shortwave Club International (DSWCI). The card is scheduled for distribution until June 30, 2006. DSWCI is one of the leading DX clubs with over 230 members in 36 countries.
Radio Free Asia is a private, nonprofit organization that broadcast news and information to listeners in Asian countries where full, accurate and timely news reports are unavailable. RFA welcomes all reception report submissions. For more information about RFA’s automated reception report system and it’s QSL cards, visit . Reception reports are also accepted by email at or send your correspondence to their mailing address.
Reception Reports
Radio Free Asia
2025 M. Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036
United States of America

Radio New Zealand Int'l English Schedule

With final frequency adjustments in recent weeks, Radio New Zealand is operating on the following schedule until September 2, 2006. All times in UTC.
0600-0700 daily 7145, 15720 Target: Pacific
0706-1059 daily 7145 All Pacific
1100-1259 daily 9870 NW Pacific, PNG, Asia
1300-1650 daily 7145 All Pacific
1651-1800 daily 7145 Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Niue
1851-1950 daily 9630 All Pacific
1951-0600 daily 15720 Pacific
Online reception reports may be sent via their website at and replies will be via email.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Wellenforum Summer Contest for DXers

From Dietmar Birkhahn, comes news of an upcoming project Wellenforum, that should be of interest to radio hobbyists. Scheduled from June 9 - July 9, 2006 the program is connected with the FIFA soccer world championship from Germany. The contest is open to all DXers and although the programming will be in German, there will be an English language version of the announcements. For more information consult For additional information about Wellenforum, visit their homepage

Big Changes at Radio Slovakia International

As June 30 approaches, DXers will have one less station to log on shortwave. Adjustments from a shortwave broadcaster to an Internet and satellite services are part of the proposed changes from the station. This includes reducing the staff of four to a staff of two for each language service.
You still have a few weeks to log the English service of Radio Slovakia. All hours in UTC.
0100-0130 5930, 9440 kHz
0700-0730 9440, 15460 kHz
1630-1700 5920, 6055 kHz
1830-1900 5920, 6055 kHz
The station has an online reception report form at their website, or send correspondence to:
Radio Slovakia International
Mytna 1
P.O. Box 66
817 55 Bratislava, Slovakia
Don't forget the proposed June 30 shutdown, by logging and verifying their final day on shortwave.

Memorial Day Weekend Pirate Logs

Here’s a quick look and what we’re hearing from the pirate radio operators. The holiday weekend’s not over yet, and there is still time to nab some craziness on Monday! All times UTC.
Captain Morgan 6925 0425-0435
Ground Zero Radio 6925 0120-0128* (sign off) *0158 (sign on) -0212*
KIPM 6925 2018-2025
Lizard King Radio 6925 0110-0135
Mac Radio 6950 2350-0055
Pirate Radio Boston 6925 0235-0245
6950 0150-0205
Radio First Termer 6925 2310-0043* / 0030-0045
Radio Stickman 6925 0005-0125
The Crystal Ship 6875 0050-0150-0305
Undercover Radio 6925 2025-2035

Montenegro to Secede from Serbia

Once known to the world and the shortwave audience as Serbia-Montenegro, Montenegro voted by a slim margin last week, to secede from Serbia, and form a new nation.
While ethnic Serbs in Belgrade strongly oppose the separation, many have said they will respect the decision. In Podgorica, the scene was one of celebration for their independence.
So, the big question is...what does this mean for DXers ? Shortwave from the former Serbia-Montenegro, broadcast as International Radio 1830-1900 on 6100 kHz. For amateur radio operators it will likely mean a new country, and an addition to the DXCC List. Definitely a spot for the shortwave audience and hams to monitor for possible changes.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

News Reader Feed

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Domestic Broadcast Survey 8

The Danish Shortwave Club International, has released their annual Domestic Broadcast Survey, edited by Chairman Anker Petersen. Information is based on worldwide monitors and DX bulletins. A06 schedules are included when available. This 8th edition is divided into four parts.
Part 1: All active broadcasting stations on 2300-5700 kHz.
Part 2: Domestic stations on international shortwave bands above 5700 kHz broadcasting to a domestic audience.
Part 3: All Active Clandestine shortwave stations are listed with schedules and identifications.
Part 4: Deleted frequencies between 2 and 8 MHz, which have not been reported during the past four years.
I’ve used this excellent source for years and highly recommend it. For ordering information and a sample PDF extract from Survey 8, from their website at

North Atlantic HF Aero Frequencies

MWARA (Major World Air Routes) North Atlantic (NAT) family of frequencies. Here you will find airline, charter, military and biz aircraft (mode is USB):
(NAT - A) North Atlantic Family A: 3016.0 5598.0 8906.0 13306.0 17946.0Canarias, Gander, New York, Paramaribo, Piarco, Santa Maria, Shanwick
(NAT - B) North Atlantic Family B: 2899.0 5616.0 8864.0 13291.0 17946.0Gander, Iceland, New York, Santa Maria, Shanwick
(NAT - C) North Atlantic Family C: 2872.0 5649.0 8879.0 11336.0 13306.017946.0Gander, Iceland, Shanwick
(NAT - D) North Atlantic Family D: 2971.0 4675.0 8891.0 11279.0 13291.017946.0Arctic Radio (Baffin), Bodo, Churchill (Emerg's Only), Gander, Iceland,Shanwick
(NAT - E) North Atlantic Family E: 2962.0 6628.0 8825.0 11309.0 13354.017946.0New York, Santa Maria
(NAT - F) North Atlantic Family F: 3476.0 6622.0 8831.0 13291.0 17946.0Gander, Shanwick
The best online guide I have seen on this that will answer many questions is at: You should download this and study it to understand completely the NAT MWARA system.

Africa On Shortwave

The British DX Club has recently released their Summer 2006-Africa on Shortwave guide. This comprehensive 35 page guide has domestic, external and opposition broadcasts through out Africa. Downloadable in PDF format from their Articles Index link, it's an excellent reference to DXing the dark continent. You can find it at their website at


Memorial Day Weekend Broadcast Pirate Activity

This being America's Memorial Day weekend holiday, chances are good you'll find a more active bevy of pirates on the airways. The primary frequency used for North American pirates is 6925 kHz, plus or minus 30-40 kHz. Pirates have also been observed using 6800-7000; 4000-4050, 5400, 7500, 8000; 9290-9320. On occasion 11400, 13888, 13900, 15800 and 21800 have been observed active.