Friday, November 30, 2007

Scandinavian Weekend Radio on the air December 1

Dear listeners,

It is time of Scandinavian Weekend Radio's monthly transmission again on Saturday 1st of December 2007 (starting on Friday evening at 22 hours UTC).

Here is our frequency and time schedule:

PLEASE note that we might use time to time other frequencies than scheduled due interfering stations! We hope to have a new winter schedule ready for our Christmas day transmission.

1602 kHz, 24 hours

49 mb:
5980 kHz, sa 17-19 UTC
6170 kHz, fr-sa 22-17 UTC, sa 19-22 UTC

25 mb:
11690 kHz, fr-sa 23-08 UTC, 14-17 UTC, 19-22 utc
11720 kHz, fr 22-23 UTC, 08-14 UTC, 17-19 UTC

GSM: +358 400 995559
e-mails to: info(@)

and letters (with 2 IRC/2 Euro/2 US$) to:
P.O.Box 99

You can found our
Programe ScdeduleTon our web-pages:

Best greetings,
Alpo Heinonen,
Scandinavian Weekend Radio/HCDX

Pirate logs from Free Radio Weekly

Thanks to the pirate gang for this weeks enewsletter. Enjoy the following sampling and best of DX!

Gayle VH

Grasscutter and Sunshine Radio ( 6925 AM 1659-1729 11/24/07 SIO=444. Prgm of Beatles and otherrock mx, w/ID's both by OM Grasscutter and YL Sunshine duringthe bcst. Good signal at first, but faded out by 1729. for repts. (Zeller-OH)

MAC Shortwave 6850a 11/25/7 17:17 sio232, "I Ran", little kid doing ID at17:19, "Ultra Man", George Harrison singing a pirate song, of withNational Anthem at 12:25 (Fansome PA) 6850 AM, 1835-1910+ 11-24-07. SIO: 343Program of oldies ID by a young boy, mentioned it was the UltramanShow, into a tune by Slade. [Lobdell-MA]

Old Turkey Radio 6925U 11/24 2052-2115. Started with a turkey gooble right afterGrasscutter and Sunshine show. Had a turkey rap song with an old guydoing the identifications. (good Majewski CT)

WBNY, Radio Bunny 6925u 11/25/7 17:49 sio333, lots of monkey-related sounds, thenthe Commander hawking t-shirts for Christmas, "secret message" forthe monkeys in the audience, a little too noisy to make out, sendQSL request with secret message, get a special QSL package. (Fansome PA) 6925U 2203-2215 11/24/97 SIO=242. A mix of ads for the CommanderBunny-Kracker ticket that is running for President, and also instructionsfor monkeys in the audience. Some recorded Allan Weiner remarks from WBCQ,incl criticism of Bush. No addr hrd on this bcst, but they use Belfast.(Zeller-OH)

WMPR 6955a 11/25/7 15:49 sio222, sounds kind of like a show tune, notthe usual techno/dance, tortured puppy id at 15:54, now back to moretecno-like music at 16:00 (Fansome PA)
(Source: FRW #616 via Greg Majewski)

Weekend relays on 9290 kHz

December 1st
Radio Joystick 09.00 -10.00UTC 9290 Khz

December 2nd
Latvia Today 15.00 - 16.00UTC 9290 kHz

Good listening
Tom taylor

SW Radio Africa concerned about Al Jazeera's reports

Gerry Jackson, Station Manager of SW Radio Africa*, writes concerning today’s Al Jazeera report on the ‘million man march’ in Harare, in support of Robert Mugabe:

“Their correspondent, Supa Mandiwanzira, is a known supporter of the ruling party and also provides reports to the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation.

“He does not mention that thousands of people were bussed into the capital from the rural areas either by force or - in the case of those who received farm equipment from the Reserve Bank - were told to join the march or lose this equipment. Throughout Friday morning soldiers and police went around high density residential areas, forcing people out of their homes to march. Those who refused were beaten.

“Our correspondent was badly beaten and had his camera taken by police when he tried to photograph the marchers (the authorities do not know that he works for us).

“We are concerned about the accuracy of the reports on Zimbabwe that are emanating from Al Jazeera, particularly as they are the ‘only international news network allowed to report from Zimbabwe.’”

* SW Radio Africa is an independent station run by and for Zimbabweans. It broadcasts on shortwave to Southern Africa, and worldwide on the Internet. It is not affiliated to any political party.
View the Al Jazeera rep at You Tube
(Source: R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Blog Logs

The following MARE Log Summary, represents a sampling of the recent Log Summary. Thanks to Harold Frodge and the MARE gang.
Gayle VH

Long Wave
153 Radio Algerienne, Algeria (p); AR, 00,06 Mar (KZ), 03 Mar,
04 Sep (HF), 23 Mar (KZ,RL)
162 Radio France Inter, Allouis; FF, 06 Mar (KZ), 22 Oct (BC), 23 Oct
171 Radio Medi Un, Morocco; AR, //9575, 06 Mar (KZ), 23 Mar (HF,KZ)
183 Europe 1, Saarlouis, Germany (t); FF, 01 Nov, 02,03 Oct, 22 Feb,
23 Mar (HF), 06 Mar (KZ)
189 Rikisutvarpid, Gufuskalar, Iceland; LL, 03 Jan (HF), 06 Nov (NW)
198 BBC, Droitwich UK; EE, 06 Mar (KZ)
216 RMC Info, Roumoules, France (p); FF, 03 Oct (HF)
252 Rdf Sonore, Algeria (p); FF/AR, 00 Mar (LC,KZ), 06 Mar (KZ),
04 Sep (HF)

Latin American Medium Wave
153 Radio Algerienne, Algeria (p); AR, 00,06 Mar (KZ), 03 Mar,
04 Sep (HF), 23 Mar (KZ,RL)
162 Radio France Inter, Allouis; FF, 06 Mar (KZ), 22 Oct (BC), 23 Oct
171 Radio Medi Un, Morocco; AR, //9575, 06 Mar (KZ), 23 Mar (HF,KZ)
183 Europe 1, Saarlouis, Germany (t); FF, 01 Nov, 02,03 Oct, 22 Feb,
23 Mar (HF), 06 Mar (KZ)
189 Rikisutvarpid, Gufuskalar, Iceland; LL, 03 Jan (HF), 06 Nov (NW)
198 BBC, Droitwich UK; EE, 06 Mar (KZ)
216 RMC Info, Roumoules, France (p); FF, 03 Oct (HF)
252 Rdf Sonore, Algeria (p); FF/AR, 00 Mar (LC,KZ), 06 Mar (KZ),
04 Sep (HF)
900 Radio Progreso, Cuba; SS, 03 Oct (KZ)
950 Radio Reloj, Habana, Cuba; 00 Mar, 23 Dec (HF), 07 Dec (DT)
1020 Radio Reloj, Cuba; SS, 00 Jan (JM), 01 Jan (HF), 08 Jun (LR)
1060 XEEP Radio Educacion, Mexico DF; SS, Variety music, 00,01 Jan
05 Nov (NW), 12 Jan (JM)
1180 Radio Rebelde, Cuba; SS //5025; 10 Sep (DT)

North American Medium Wave
530 CIAO Brampton ON; Various LLs, Multi-cultural Radio, 01,02 Jan,
03 Oct, 17 Feb, 21,22 Nov (HF), 10 Nov (LR)
540 CBEF Windsor ON; FF, 17,18 Feb (HF), 22 Dec (LC)
" CBK Regina SK; CBC, 12 Dec (DT)
" KNMX Las Vegas NV; The best Mexican Music, SS/EE, 11 Oct (JR)
" KWMT Fort Dodge IA; C&W, 18 Dec (DT)
" WKFN Clarkesville TN; 22 Dec (LC)
" WRRD Jackson WI; The Word, rlgs, 13 Jan (DT), 17,18 Feb (HF)
" WWCS Canonsburg PA (p); Disney, 23 Mar (HF)
570 WKYX Paducah KY; 12 Dec (DT)
" WMAM Marinette WI; Sports, 21 Jul (LC), 22 Jan (DT)
" WNAX Yankton SD; 11 Sep (LR), 17 Dec (DT)
580 CKWW Windsor ON; 14 Jan (LR)
" WIBW Topeka KS; Talk, 19 Jan (DT)
" WILL Urbana IL; NPR, The Information Advantage, 17 Dec (DT)
660 KCRO Omaha NE (p); Rlgn, 11 Apr (DT)
" KTNN Window Rock AZ; CNN, Navajo, C&W, 01 Dec (LR), 02,03 Nov,
04 Dec (HF), 12 Jan (DT)
" WBHR Sauk Rapids MN; Sports, The Bear, 01 Apr (DT), 23 Feb (HF)
" WFAN New York NY; # Sports Radio, 01 Mar (RL), 11 Dec (DT), 23
Feb (HF)
" WMIC Sandusky MI; Talk, C&W, 14 Dec (LR), 17 Sep (LC)
670 WIEZ Lewiston PA; Playing the Legends, PSU bkb, 22 Feb (HF), 23
Nov (NW)
690 CINF Montreal QC; FF, 00 Dec (HF), 01 Mar (RL)
" KFXN Minneapolis MN; The Scoree, sports, 22 Jan (DT)
" KGGF Coffeyville KS; Talk, 11 Apr (DT)
" KOAQ Terrytown NE; Hometoen Radio, oldies; 11 Sep (DT)
" KSTL St. Louis MO; Rlgn, 11 Apr (DT)
" KTMS El Paso TX (p); Talk, 11 Apr (DT)
" WIST New Orleans LA; All New WIST, The Talk of N.O., Tulane
00 Dec (HF), 05 Dec (DT)
740 CHWO Toronto ON; AM 7-40, Talk, Primetime Radio; 01 Mar (RL),
10,11 Oct (KZ), 20 Sep (LC), 22 Jan, 23 Feb (HF)
" KBOE Oskaloosa IA; C&W, 21 Jan (DT)
" KRMG Tulsa OK; Talk, Westwood 1, 20 Jan (DT), 22 Jan, 23 Feb (HF)
" WNOP Cincinnati OH; Sacred Hear Radio, 12 Feb (DT)
" WRPQ Baraboo WI; AdCon, 18 Dec (DT)
800 CJBQ Belleville ON; C&W; 03 Aug (LC)
" CKLW Windsor ON; News, Talk, 22 Jan (DT)
" KXIC Iowa City IA; 18 Dec (DT)
" WDUX Waupaca WI; 00 Apr (DT)
" WVAL Sauk Rapids MN; C&W, 23 Feb (DT)
900 CHML Hamilton ON; Hamilton's news-talk leader, 01 Dec (DT), 04
May (HF),
20 Sep (LC)
" KTIS Minneapolis MN; Walk in the Word, rlgn, 01 Mar (DT)
" WATK Antigo WI; Real Country, 02 Mar (DT)
" WDLS Wisconsin Dells WI; Oldies, 18 Dec, 21 Jan (DT)
910 WFDF Farmington Hills MI; # Disney, 02 Mar (RL), 03 Feb (DT)
930 KKIN Aitkin MN; MOYL, 03 Feb (DT), 23 Oct (JR)
" KWOC Poplar Bluff MO; Talk, 12 Jan (DT)
" WAUR Sandwich IL; EWTN, Relevant Radio, 21 Jan (DT)
1000 WMVP Chicago IL; RSPN, 01 Jan (DT)
1010 CFRB Toronto ON; News-Talk 10-10, 05 Nov (NW), 14,15 Jan (LR),
20 Sep (LC), 22 Jan (DT)
" KSIR Brush CO; Talk, 02 Dec (DT)
" WFGW Black Mountain NC; Rlgn, 22 Jan (DT)
1070 CBA Moncton NB; CBC, 03,04 Jul, 22,23 Jan (HF)
" CHOK Sarnia ON; Talk, Information Radio, 03,04 Jul (HF), 17 Sep
" KATQ Plentywood MT; Talk, 12 Oct (JR)
" KFTI Wichita KS; 22 Feb (DT)
" KHMO Hannibal MO; News-Talk 10-70; 00 Mar, 22 Jan (HF)
" KVKK Verndale MN; True Country, 23 Feb (DT)
" WAPI Birmingham AL; Alabama's Big Talker, ABC News, 22 Jan (HF)
1180 KYDZ Bellvue NE (p); SS, 12 Jan (DT)
" WHAM Rochester NY; # 01 Jan (DT)
" WLDS Jacksonville IL; 11 Apr (DT)
1210 KGYN Guymon OK; C&W, 02 Mar (DT), 05,06 Feb (JM)
" KOKK Huron SD; C&W, 05 Feb (JM), 13 Feb (DT)
" WJNL Kingsley MI; Northern MI's News-Talk Giant, //1110 WJML;
11 May (DT), 17 Jul (LC), 18 Mar (HF)
1340 KROC Rochester MN; 10 Jun (DT)
" WAGN Menomonie MI; Oldies Radio Wagon, 22 Oct (JR)
" WBBL Grand Rapids MI; The Ball, Sports, 01 Jul (LC), 11 Jun (DT),
20,21 Feb (HF)
" WJYI Milwaukee WI; Rlgn, 11 Jun (DT)
" WLEW Bad Axe MI; The Hottest Country Hits, 20,21 Feb (HF)
" WLVL Lockport NY; Talk; 00 Sep (LC)
" WMBM Petosky MI; Standards; 19 Jul (LC)
1440 KDIZ Golden Valley MN; Disney, 11 Apr (DT)
" WDOW Dowagiac MI; Fox Sports, 11 Mar (DT)
" WJJL Niagara Falls NY; Oldies, 11 Oct (JR)
" WLXN Lexington NC; News Radio 14-40, 21 Dec (NW)
" WNFL Green Bay WI; Fox Sports, Brewers BB, 16 Jan (DT)
1560 KBEW Blue Earth MN; Oldies, 11 Jul (DT)
" KLMG Council Bluffs IA; Rlgn, 12 Jul (DT)
" WBYS Canton IL; Talk, 13 Jul (DT)
1690 CHTO Toronto ON; Greek, 00 Nov (LR), 23 Nov (HF)
" KDDZ Arvada CO; Disney, 12 Feb (DT)
" WMLB Avondale Estates GA; Ecclectic music mix, Arts Radio,
00,23 Mar (HF), 12 Dec (DT)
" WPTX Lexington Park MD; News-Talk 16-90, CNN; 01 Apr (DT), 22 Feb
" WVON Berwyn IL; The Talk of Chicago; 00 Nov, 09 Sep (LR), 12 Feb
23 Nov (HF)
1700 KBGG Des Moines IA; SS, La Grande, 24-Hour Power, Des Moines Buc-
caneers hky in EE, 10,11 Jan (LR), 22,23 Feb (BC)

88.1 CBEE Chatham ON; CBC-1, //1550, 90.3, 93.5; (19 Sep (LC)
" CBON Sault Ste. Marie ON; Radio Canada; 02 Jul (LC)
" WBLW Gaylord MI; Rlgn, 01 Jul (LC)
88.9 WDBM East Lansing MI; 89 FM The Impact; Alternative music; 12
Jul (BC)
89.3 CKGW Chatham ON; Rlgn; 12,14 Aug (BC), 19 Jun, 20 Sep (LC)
" WHFR Dearborn MI; 19 Jun (LC)
" WTLI Boyne City MI; Contemp. rlgs music, 01 Aug (LC)
90.3 CBEG Sarnia ON; CBC-1, //1550, 88.1, 93.5; 19 Sep (LC)
" WBLV Muskegon MI; Classical music; 15 Jul (BC)
90.5 WKAR East Lansing MI; Classical music; 18 Jul (BC)
" WPHN Gaylord MI; Contemp rlgs mx, 02 Jul (LC)
95.7 WHWL Marquette MI; Rlgn; 14 Jul (LC)
" WLHT Grand Rapids MI; Lite pop music; 19 Jul (BC)
95.9 CFPL London ON; Avant-Garde rock; 21 Sep (LC)
96.1 WHNN Saginaw MI; Pop music; 19 Jul (BC)
96.3 WLXT Petosky MI; NOS, Lite rock music; 23 Jul (LC)
96.5 WQHH Lansing MI; Power 96.5, Urban music; 19 Jul (BC)
102.3 WGCM Gulfport MS; Coast 102, lite pop, 21 Jul (BC)
" WGRT Port Huron MI; Rock; 21 Sep (LC)
" WZOW South Bend IN; Rock music; 20 Jul (BC)
" WYBR Big Rapids MI; Pop jusic; 20 Jul (BC)
102.5 WCMM Manistique MI; C&W; 19 Jul (LC)
" WIOG Saginaw MI; Pop music; 20 Jul (BC)
102.9 WFUR Grand Rapids MI; Contemp. rlgs music; 20 Jul (BC)
103.1 WGDN Gladwin MI; 103 Country, C&W; 16 Jul (BC)
103.3 WFXD Marquwttw MI; C&W; 02 Jul (LC)
" WKFR Battle Creek MI; 20 Jul (BC)
103.5 WMUZ Detroit MI; The Light, rlgn; 16 Jul (BC)
" WTCM Traverse City MI; C&W, 19 Jul (LC)
103.7 WCZE Bad Axe MI; Smile FM, Contemp. rlgs mx; 14 Oct (BC)
107.1 WSAQ Port Huron MI; Q Country; 21 Sep (LC)
107.3 WKLQ Greenville MI; 107.3 KLQ, Rock music; 21 Jul (BC)
107.5 WCCW Traverse City MI; Oldies; 13 Aug (LC)
107.7 WRKR Kalamazoo MI; 107.7 RKR, Rock music; 21 Jul (BC)
107.9 WCRZ Flint MI; Cars 108; pop music; 21 Jul (BC)
(Source: MARE Log Summary via Harold Frodge, MI)

Israel plans to expand Amharic - language broadcast

Israel’s Welfare and Social Services Minister Isaac Herzog announced on Wednesday that plans were already under way to expand broadcasting hours for the Israel Broadcasting Authority’s Amharic-language radio show despite recent cutbacks to the national broadcasting body.

Speaking at the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women, which was discussing domestic violence in the Ethiopian community, Herzog said that as minister responsible for the financially strapped IBA he had already met with Israel radio chief Yoni Ben-Menachem to discuss a joint venture that would expand the hours of the Amharic-language broadcast. Funding for such a project would most likely come from the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, said a spokeswoman for Herzog.

Herzog said he believed that the radio station was an essential tool to help ease some of the Ethiopian community’s social problems and assist them in the absorption process. According to Tsega Melaku, Director of the Amharic and Tigrnga Service, 90 percent of the Ethiopian immigrant community listens to the two hours of radio that are broadcast daily at lunchtime and in the evenings.

“Most of the community does not have access to newspapers or television,” she said, highlighting the large number of immigrants that are illiterate and rely on her service for vital information. “We do not only broadcast news but also act as a guide for new immigrants regarding all areas of their new life,” said Melaku.
(Source: Jerusalem Post/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Australia: ABC prepared for disaster broadcasting

New technology will help the ABC bring local coverage directly to communities affected by natural disasters like floods and cyclones. Three fly-in transmitters have been purchased to allow local ABC stations to set up shop anywhere in Australia. The units were originally designed for the United States military to use in the Iraq war.

Mark Spurway, the head of Transmission Services with the ABC, says the transmitters will ensure affected communities are kept informed. “Its function is basically to look at flying it in once there’s been a disaster declared or we need to get additional information out to smaller based communities,” he says.

“These units are designed to be set up within an hour, as long as you’ve got access to a small generator or mains power, mainly a small generator, I think, in the case of following in a cyclone’s path. You can get it up and running and then you can start broadcasting.”
(Source: ABC Rural/R Netherlands media Network Weblog)

Australian DX Report # 74 available for download

The latest edition (No. 74 - November 29 2007) of the AUSTRALIAN DX REPORT shortwave news audio magazine is now available for downloading or as a Podcast.

Produced by the Electronic DX Press Radio Monitoring Association, this weekly internet news magazine is at

It runs to 13 mins 49 secs, containing lots of professionally researched and sourced shortwave updated schedules, news, and monitoring data, unavailable in the public domain. It includes a special Spectrum Occupancy and Propagation Report.

If you would like to contribute news or monitoring notes for inclusion in the magazine, please send this information to me at
Regards from Melbourne, Australia!
Bob Padula

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blog Logs

The following MARE Log Summary, represents a sampling of SW, VHF and UHF contributions in their latest enewsletter.
Gayle VH

SW Utilities

2500 WWV Fort Collins CO; time stn., 12 Oct, 23 Dec (KZ),
13 Dec (LC)
2500 WWVH Kekaha, Hawaii; time stn., 12 Oct (KZ)
2582 Bermuda Radio; 00 Mar (RL)
2598 St. Johns NL, Canadian Coast Guard; EE/FF marine wx,
08 Mar (KZ)
3220/U U.S. Military, VAF; 11 Oct (HF)
3291 W/SS 5d #s; 04 Feb (JW)
3292/AM W/SS 5d #s; 04 Oct (HF)
3330 CHU Ottawa ON; time stn., 17 Dec (KZ)
3455/U New York Radio ATC; 23 Nov (HF)
3480/U New York Radio, volmet; 10 Sep (JW)
3485/U Gander Radio; Volmet, 06 Feb (JW)
3810 HD210A, Guayquil, Ecuador time station; SS, 04 Jun,
10 Sep (JW)
5505/U EIP Shannon, Ireland, Volmet; 22 Nov (HF)
5547/U San Francisco Radio, ATC; 05 Feb, 11 Mar (HF)
5550/U New York Radio, ATC; 05 Feb, 22 Nov (HF), 08 Oct (LR)
5574/U San Francisco Radio, ATC; 06 Feb (HF)
5598/U New York Radio, ATC; 05 Feb (HF)
6577/U New York Radio ATC; 16 Apr, 18 Oct, 20 Dec (HF)
6586/U New York Radio ATC; 22 Oct, 23 Feb (HF)
6604/U Gander Radio NL, Canada, volmet; 05 Feb (PD), 10 Oct (LR)
6604/U New York Radio, aviation wx; 10 Oct (LR), 22 Oct (HF)
6605/U New York Radio, volmet; 04 Jul (JW)
6628/U Santa Maria Radio ATC, Azores; 05 Feb (PD)
6676/U Adelaide Australia; aviation wx; 10 Oct (LR)
15000/AM WWVH Kekaha HI; Time stn, 23 Dec (KZ)
15016/U AFA Andrews AFB, Camp Springs MD; 22 May (HF)
15034/U Trenton Military, ON, Canada; 13,22 Mar (KZ),
20 Mar (HF)

118.250 Indianapolis IN, downtown heliport; 04 May (KZ)
119.675 Grosse Ile MI A/P; AWOS, 23 Jun (LC)
145.530 N8UDK Clawson MI; Detroit Amateur TV Society; 02,03 Dec (JM)
146.520 Owosso MI repeater?, KB8Q; ?? Nov (LR)
154.145 Genessee County Fire Dispatch; 21 Nov (LR)
154.250 Saginaw County, Taymuth Twp. Police; 00 Nov (LR)
154.440 Midland MI, Fire Dispatch; 20 Jul (HF)
155.070 Flint Police Dispatch; Sep (LR)
155.430 Shiawassee County MI Police Dispatch; 03 Jul (LR)
155.730 Gratiot County MI Police; 22 Jul (HF)
451.925 Midland MI, Midland Mall Security; 22 Jul (HF)
453.350 Bay City MI; Village on the River Pow Wow; 18-21, Jul (HF)
453.875 Bay City MI, Dial-a-Ride (p); 20 Jul (HF)
462.175 Flint MI, WJRT-TV, field crew; 10 Mar (LR)
462.400 KGO514 Trenton MI, Ford plant (p); 22 Jun (LC)
462.587 Someplace MI, Security, FRS Ch.2; Sometime (KZ)
462.612 Williamston MI, Artfest, FRS Ch.3; 13,14 Jul (KZ)
463.075 Monroe MI, Mercy Memorial Hospital; 23 Jun (LC)
902.200 Grand Ledge MI; Bill Carney's baby monitor, Sep (BC)
(Source: MARE Log Summary via Harold Frodge, MI)

Army-Navy Game Notes - Mids set to take on Black Knights

Game Data

Navy (7-4), coming off a 35-24 victory over Northern Illinois that clinched a fifth-straight winning season, will play host to Army (3-8) at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium (70,008) in the 108th playing of the Army-Navy game, the greatest rivalry in all of sports, on Saturday, Dec. 1. The game is sold out. The 108thy Army-Navy Football Game is supported by Silver Partners AT&T, Lockheed Martin, USAA, the US Army and the US Navy.

CBS will televise the game nationally starting at 12 noon with Ian Eagle and Boomer Esiason calling the game, while Sam Ryan will handle the sideline duties. CBS Radio/Westwood One will broadcast the game nationally with Kevin Kugler and Terry Bowden calling the action.

WJZ-TV in Baltimore (Channel 13) will air a three-hour pregame show starting at 9 a.m. which will include live coverage of both march-ons.

Bob Socci, Omar Nelson and John Feinstein will call the game on the Navy Radio Network, which includes WBAL in Baltimore (1090 AM), WNAV in Annapolis (1430 AM), 3WT in Washington, DC (1500 AM), WFED in Northern Virginia (1050 AM), WTRI in Frederick (1520 AM), The Game in Virginia Beach, Va. (102.1 FM) and Hampton Roads, Va. (1490 AM) and Sirius Satellite Radio (Channel TBA). The game will also be streamed live on Navy All-Access, as well as on the web sites of the various stations carrying the game. The pregame show will air at 11 a.m.

Pete Medhurst and Joe Miller will host the Navy Tailgate Show on 1430 WNAV starting at 10 a.m.

The march-on of the Corps of Cadets will take place at 9:35 a.m., while the Brigade of Midshipmen will march on at 10:05 a.m.

Saturday's Navy fly-by will feature four Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornets from the "Kestrels" of Strike Fighter Squadron 137, based at Naval Air Station in Lemoore, California. Piloting the lead aircraft is Lt. Cmdr. Dave "Frosty" Snowden, USNA Class of 1996. The slot aircraft will be piloted by Lt. Colin "Farva" Price, USNA Class of 2001. The right echelon aircraft was piloted by Lt. Rebekah "Charlie" Murphy, USNA Class of 2002, and the left echelon aircraft was piloted by Lt. Jason "Doofus" Duffie, USNA Class of 2002. The Kestrels completed a WESTPAC deployment in August 2006, and are currently nearing the end of their work-up cycle in preparation for deployment onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 in early 2008.

Go Navy-Beat Army from the Chief and family

Azerbaijan to be included in ITU European broadcasting areas

At the recently-concluded World Radiocommunication Conference, the ITU decided to include Azerbaijan in the European Broadcasting Area. According to the Azerbaijani Communications and IT Ministry, this means that in the future all European countries will co-ordinate the technical aspects of broadcasting with Azerbaijan, and it will be easy to solve technical issues.
(Source: Trend News Agency/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Korean broadcasting System broadens US reach

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has reached an agreement with US network Time Warner Cable to carry KBS World - its international television channel. The agreement will enable KBS World to potentially reach an audience of two million people in 216 cities in southern California beginning 1 December 2007.

KBS World will now be available to 20 million people across the United States, including local audiences already watching KBS World via Dish Network.

KBS World, a global TV channel from KBS, is a general entertainment channel targeting family audiences and fans of Korean pop culture. It carries dramas, entertainments, documentaries, news and current affairs, and kids’ programming.
(Source: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Association/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blog Logs

The following logs are a sampling of those included in the enewsletter DX Window. Thanks to Anker Petersen and the large group of dedicated DXers.
Gayle H

All times UTC
3390.2, Emisoras Camargo, Camargo, 2330-0040, 15, 19 and 23, seems on a regular schedule/or being received each night at this location, romantic songs, ann in Spanish, SINPO 24222. (Slaen and Wilkner)

4409.7, Radio Eco, Reyes, 0023-0105, Nov 12 and 23, rustic vocals, Spanish and ID, poor. (D’Angelo/FCDX and Wilkner)

4699.35, Radio San Miguel, Riberalta, 2223-0045, Nov 15, 16, 23, 24 and 25, Spanish ann, "En Bolivia ....... San Miguel ...cinco ", a group sings, 24132. (Bolland, Liangas, Petersen and Wilkner). Also heard 1007, Nov 22, morning program, upbeat DJ with frequent TC's and local ann, fair. CODAR not as strong this morning. (Herkimer)

4716.19, Radio Yura, Yura, 2320-0030, Nov 23, comments and vocals, strong. Off the air 1000-1100. (Bolland and Wilkner)

4796.4, Radio Mallku, 2344-2357, Nov 12, Spanish talk, ID hosting program of rustic vocals. Poor with QRM from CODAR. (D’Angelo/FCDX)

4865, Radio Logos, via Radio Centenario, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2233-2239, Nov 17, Spanish, poorly readable talks, SINPO 34332, QRM Brazil + utility. (Gonçalves)

5580.25, Radio San Jose, San Jose de Chiquitos, 2332, Nov 11, Spanish, catholic religious programme, SINPO 24332. (Slaen)

5952.4, Radio Pío XX, Siglo XX, 2230-2241, Nov 17, Quechua, talks, Indian songs, SINPO 33442, severe adj. QRM. (Gonçalves)

5996.35, Radio Loyola, Sucre, 0915-1030, Nov 17, 23 and 25, Spanish, TC: “5 de la mañana con 25 minutos en todo el pais...”, SINPO 32422. Other QRM *1030. (Slaen and Wilkner). Also heard at 0023-0035, Nov 24, Spanish talk. (Bolland)

6134.78, Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, 0020, Nov 14, songs, fair. (Bernardini)

4805, Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus, AM, 2235-2321, Nov 14 and 17, Portuguese chat, national information. international pops, SINPO 44333. (Gonçalves and Slaen)

4815, Radio Difusora, Londrina, PR, 0051-0058, Nov 17, info, religious programme, SINPO 34322, utility QRM. (Gonçalves)

4894.9, Radio Novo Tempo, Campo Grande, MS, 0131-0218, Nov 13, Portuguese talks with ID and some religious in nature. Program of religious vocals until 0200 when nice formal ID was noted. A man began preaching. Poor to fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX). Also heard 0506, Nov 15, religious talk, sub-marginal. (Liangas)

4915, Radio Difusora, Macapá, AP, 1931-2320, Nov 17 and 25, football match report Brasiliense v Portuguesa, later steady music, at 2316 canned ID: "... Radio Difusora...", more music, SINPO 15331. (Bolland and Gonçalves)

4925, Radio Educacao Rural, Tefe, AM, 2330, Nov 14, Portuguese complete ID, advs, station ann, SINPO 24322. (Slaen)

5035.0, Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP, 0005-0055, Nov 17, Portuguese religious talk, SINPO 45333 // 6135 (SINPO 32442) and 0630. (Gonçalves and Petersen)

5990, Radio Senado, Brasilia, DF, 0955-1000, Portuguese comments. Mentions the word "... en Brazilia ..." a few times. On the hour, canned ID. Signal was poor to fair depending on the splatter on the freqency. (Bolland)

6080, Radio Novas de Paz, Curitiba, PR, 1321, Nov 18, evangelical Portuguese "Musical Evangélico", adv, SINPO 45554. (Grimm)

6135, Radio Aparacida, Aparacida, SP, 2330-0040, Nov 16 and 21, Portuguese talks interrupted with small music pieces of Portuguese ballads, religious programme, SINPO 34343(9629.93) fair. (Bredahl Jorgensen)

9615, Radio Cultura, São Paulo, SP, 0055-0130, Nov 14 and 26, nice music, ID, poor/fair. (Bernardini)

9630, Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP, 0052, Nov 26, prayers, fair/good. (Bernardini)

9645.2, Radio Bandeirantes, São Paulo, SP, 1917-0102, Nov 17 and 26, football match report Brasiliense v Portuguesa, talk about São Paulo, SINPO 23442, adjacent QRM. (Bernardini and Gonçalves)

9675, Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, SP, 0035, Nov 14, ID with the frequncies of the other radio, fair. (Bernardini)

9695, Radio Rio Mar, Manaus, AM, 1022-1355, Nov 18, Portuguese news, talks, possibly R Bandeirantes news relay, "Radio Rio Mar, Manaos, Amazonia, Brasil, seis horas e trinta e sete minutos", SINPO 23322. (Gonçalves and Mendez)

11784.60, Radio Guaíba, Porto Alegre, RS, 2055-2140, Nov 16 and 18, talks and clear ID´s, much QRN, SINPO 23232. (Schulze)

11815, Radio Brasil Central, Goiãnia, Goiás, 0145, Nov 14, religious talk, good. (Bernardini)

11855, Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, SP, 2148-2204, Nov 17, programme "Celebração da Palavra", list of affiliated stations and programme "Com a Mãe Aparecida", SINPO 45433. (Gonçalves)

11925.1, Radio Bandeirantes, São Paulo, SP, 1817-1831, Nov 17, football match report Brasiliense v Portuguesa, advs, SINPO 34443. (Gonçalves)

5025, Radio Rebelde, Bauta, 2125, Nov 20, very early! fair, QRM Benin only at 2150. No Australia. (Bernardini)

9505, Radio Rebelde, Bauta, 1115-1132, Nov 24, information about Cuba and the world, programma "Haciendo Radio". "Las seis de la maana con diecisiete minutos, estamos haciendo radio", SINPO 33333. (Méndez)

3380, Radio CRI (Centro Radiofonico de Imbabura), 2340-0100*, Fr Nov 23, presentating an excellente selecction of Ecuadorian folklore with acceptabel signal. I heard: ".... Desde la provincia sur de los lagos(¿?) C R I Imbabura, Ecuador..." and "...usted puede comunicarse con nosotros llamando al telefono 062612720 Radio C R I...". (Rodriguez)

4909.19, Radio Chaskis del Norte, 1052-1125, 13 and 15, Spanish comments until 1114, comments and gives ID, "... Del Norte ...", music and TCs. Signal was fair. (D’Angelo/FCDX Bolland)

6050, HCJB, Pifo, 0036, Nov 14, religious programme in Spanish, fair. (Bernardini)

21455 USB, HCJB, La Voz de los Andes, 1150-1210, Nov 24, programme dedicated about the Galapagos, "Galápagos fue declarado Parque Nacional del Ecuador en 1959". "Les esperamos en nuestra próxima cita con Galápagos". At 1200 ID: "Sintonizan HCJB, La Voz de los Andes, 690 kHz AM y 6050 kHz onda corta, la radio comprometida con el evangelio. Son las 7 de la mañana, 6 de la mañana en las Islas Galápagos", SINPO 34433 // 11960 and 11690. (Méndez)
(DSWI/DX Window # 338 via Anker Petersen)

ITU approves DRM tropical band broadcasts

Text of press release by London-based Digital Radio Mondiale on 27 November

Geneva, Switzerland: The ITU is the United Nations organization for coordination of the use of the radio spectrum. Every four years it conducts a thorough review and modification of the regulations for the use of the radio spectrum, including broadcasting use.

Since 2002, Digital Radio Mondiale’s (DRM) system has been endorsed by the ITU for broadcasting over the world in the longwave, mediumwave and shortwave frequencies, with the exception of the “tropical zone” bands. The tropical zone bands are the frequencies near the lower end of the shortwave spectrum that are reserved for domestic (national) broadcasting.

It includes countries located roughly in latitudes between 30 degrees north and south like Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Congo, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, and many others countries are concerned.

At the last World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) of the ITU in Geneva, the conference officially approved DRM system in the broadcasting bands between 3200 and 5900 kHz for domestic coverage in the “tropical zone” countries. This major regulatory achievement opens up a huge market for the benefit of the citizens from this part of the world.

The DRM consortium is very pleased with this outcome that “the recognition of the DRM system is now totally worldwide for all digital radio applications of various types around the world in the traditional broadcasting bands below 30 MHz - longwave, mediumwave and shortwave”said Dr H Donald Messer, DRM representative at WRC.

Moreover, the DRM consortium has developed an adaptation of its system to the VHF bands I and II (the “old TV” and “FM” bands, respectively). It is currently being field tested and is in the final part of the standardization process. When completed in the near future, the DRM system will be available for worldwide use in all the terrestrial broadcasting bands up to and including the “FM” band. Coverage can range from less than 100 sq km using very low power levels, to well over 1m sq km using powers approaching 100 kW.

(Source: Digital Radio Mondiale press release, London, in English 27 Nov 07 via BBC Monitoring/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

RSF denounces Sri Lankan attack on LTTE radio

Sri Lanka’s military air strike on the rebel Voice of Tiger radio station in the island’s north that killed 11 people violated international law, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said today. Sri Lankan warplanes yesterday dropped 12 bombs and virtually flattened the radio station, killing 11 and injuring 15, just moments before it was due to broadcast rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran’s annual address.

“Voice of Tigers is a propaganda radio operated by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), but the rules of war are clear - military bombardment and bombing must be limited to strictly military targets,” the Paris-based media rights organisation said in a statement.

LTTE spokesman Rasiah Ilantheriyan told AFP that the rebels managed to broadcast the pre-recorded speech to the north and to Tamils overseas - who are a key funding source - using “alternative arrangements.”

Government officials declined to comment on the RSF statement. International media rights activists have described Sri Lanka as one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists to work due to a worsening climate of violence and censorship.
(Source: AFP/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

RFE/RL launch second TV program in Georgia

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty yesterday inaugurated a one-hour weekly show on Georgian Public Television (GPB) which introduces to the young generation forgotten or undiscovered cultural figures and political themes of Georgia’s Soviet communist past.

RFE/RL Georgian Service Director David Kakabadze says “it is of paramount importance for Georgians to examine and come to terms with their past and reconnect with a rich and almost lost, cultural heritage. That is what ‘The Red Zone’ series aims to achieve.” The first programme was about “Enemy Voices (Vracheskiye Golosa),” the Soviet era label for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and other foreign broadcasters.

Inspired by an RFE/RL Georgian Service radio programme, “The Red Zone” is the second such programme to move to local television. It follows RFE/RL’s “Tea and Liberty,” a Sunday talk show launched in April 2006 on privately-owned Imedi Television, Georgia’s most popular television network.
(Source: RFE/RL/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

BBC Worldwide CEO says Web revenue surging

By Gavin Haycock

LONDON, Nov 27 (Reuters) - The head of BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC.UL], said on Tuesday the business has underestimated how much money it could make from the Internet.

BBC Worldwide Chief Executive John Smith said the business initially aimed to get at least 10 percent of its total revenues from the Internet, but has now realised this target is too low.

"We think we will be able to beat it. It has gone from one percent to nearly four percent in just 18 months. So already we are starting to see that probably we have under-egged the extent to which we will see more of our revenues coming from the Internet," Smith told a media leaders conference in London.
Read more from Reuters UK at:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Mighty KBC Radio releases winter program lineup

The Mighty KBC Radio -the station that gives you more power, more energy...has released their winter program lineup to reflect the following schedule.
Gayle VH

Friday evening on shortwave
The Original Wolfman Jack Radio Show
6235 kHz 100 kW 259 deg.
Winter: 22:00 - 22:59 UTC

Saturday evening on medium wave
1386 kHz 500 kW Omnidirectional
Winter: 22:00 - 23:00 UTC

Saturday evening on shortwave
6235 kHz 100 kW 259 deg.
Winter: 22:00 - 22:59 UTC

Sunday morning on shortwave
6255 kHz 100 kW, 310 deg.
Winter: 01.00-01.59 UTC


(Source: Jose Miguel Romero/Cumbre DX)

Weekly Radio Propagation Forecast Bulletins

Propagation Forecast Bulletin 49 ARLP049
From Tad Cook, K7RASeattle, WA
November 26, 2007

To all radio amateurs
SB PROP ARL ARLP049ARLP049 Propagation de K7RA This is an off-schedule post-Thanksgiving bulletin. Because ARRLheadquarters was closed on Friday, the day this bulletin is normallyreleased, and the last Propagation Forecast Bulletin ARLP048 waswritten before the end of our reporting week (which is Thursdaythrough Wednesday), the sunspot, solar flux and geophysical numbersnormally at the end of the bulletin are in this bulletin, but werenot a part of ARLP048. Friday, November 30 will find us back on theregular schedule with Propagation Forecast Bulletin ARLP050.

The last propagation bulletin reported a brief return of sunspots onNovember 16-17, when sunspot group 974 emerged, and the sunspotnumber was 13 on both days. There were six more days of no spots,then November 24 saw the emergence of group 975, with a sunspotnumber of 15. The next day the sunspot number declined to 12, andthe area it covered was about half the area on the previous day.

A solar wind stream on November 20 caused the most active recentgeomagnetic day, with the planetary A index rising to 28, andAlaska's high-latitude college A index going to 48. Geomagneticindices were somewhat unsettled over the last weekend (November24-25), but are quieting down now, with the expected planetary Aindex at 10 for today, November 26, and then 5 until December 11.The planetary A index over November 22-25 was 13, 10, 12, and 11.The numbers for the seven days previous to that are listed below.

Unexpected bottom-of-the-cycle propagation still crops up. OnNovember 21, a number of Northeast United States stations reportedworking Central and South America on 10 meters. W1RM workedMozambique on 12 meters and Ecuador on 10 meters.

In Propagation Forecast Bulletin ARLP047 on November 16 we mentionedbriefly some unusual daylight DX on 75 meters. Note that most ofthese stations had what many of us would consider monsterdirectional antenna arrays for 75 meters, such as 2-3 element Yagisanywhere from 100-165 feet.

If you would like to make a comment or have a tip for our readers,email the author at,

For more information concerning radio propagation, see the ARRLTechnical Information Service at,

For a detailedexplanation of the numbers used in this bulletin go to:

An archive of pastpropagation bulletins is at, Monthlypropagation charts between four USA regions and twelve overseaslocations are at,

Sunspot numbers for November 15 through 21 were 0, 13, 13, 0, 0, 0and 0 with a mean of 3.7. 10.7 cm flux was 69.2, 70.6, 69.8, 68.8,69.5, 69.7, and 69.1 with a mean of 69.5. Estimated planetary Aindices were 5, 6, 5, 2, 3, 28 and 13 with a mean of 8.9 Estimatedmid-latitude A indices were 5, 5, 5, 1, 2, 10 and 9, with a mean of5.3.NNNN/EX(Source: ARLP049 Propagation de K7RA via Dave Raycroft/ODXA)

Product: Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
:Issued: 2007 Nov 27 1854 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
# Product description and SWPC contact on the Web

Highlights of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
19 - 25 November 2007

Solar activity was very low. New Region 975 (N02, L=103, class/area, Bxo/020 on 25 November) formed on the solar disk on the 24th.

No proton events were observed at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit was at high levels on the 19, 22, and 24 - 25 November.

The geomagnetic field was at quiet to major storm levels on 19 - 20 November. Activity decreased to quiet to active levels through the remainder of the period. ACE solar wind measurements indicated a recurrent co-rotating interaction region (CIR) late on 19 November
in advance of a coronal hole high speed stream which arrived late on 20 November. During the CIR, the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) Bt peaked at 20 nT (20/1122 UTC), with a variable Bz of +10 nT to -17 nT. Wind velocities increased to a maximum of 702 km/sec
(21/0920 UTC) during the coronal hole high speed stream. Wind speed gradually declined until mid day on 22 November when another coronal hole high speed stream was detected at ACE.

Maximum wind speed values are uncertain due to a gap in data acquisition (22/2138 -
23/0654 UTC). Wind speed before and after the gap was in the 620 - 630 km/s range. Bt reached at peak of 11 nT (22/1657 UTC), and Bz ranged from +9 nT to -8 nT. Wind speed again declined until mid day on 24 November, when yet another coronal hole high speed stream
became geoeffective. The maximum speed for this stream was uncertain due to another data acquisition gap (24/2137 - 25/0031 UTC), however, the wind speed after the gap was at approximately 640 km/s.

Forecast of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
28 November - 24 December 2007

Solar activity is expected to be very low.

No proton events are expected at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is expected to reach high levels during 01, 16, and 18 - 24 December.

Activity is expected to be at predominantly quiet levels 28 November - 16 December. Geomagnetic activity may increase to quiet to unsettled conditions on 11 - 13 December. Activity is expected to increase to active to minor storm levels on 17 - 18 December as a
coronal hole high speed stream becomes geoeffective. From 19 - 23 December, activity should be unsettled to active due to a series of coronal hole high speed streams. Activity should decline to mostly quiet levels on 24 December.

Product: 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table 27DO.txt
:Issued: 2007 Nov 27 1854 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center
# Product description and SWPC contact on the Web
# 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table
# Issued 2007 Nov 27
# UTC Radio Flux Planetary Largest
# Date 10.7 cm A Index Kp Index
2007 Nov 28 70 5 2
2007 Nov 29 70 5 2
2007 Nov 30 70 5 2
2007 Dec 01 68 5 2
2007 Dec 02 68 5 2
2007 Dec 03 68 5 2
2007 Dec 04 68 5 2
2007 Dec 05 70 5 2
2007 Dec 06 70 5 2
2007 Dec 07 70 5 2
2007 Dec 08 70 5 2
2007 Dec 09 70 5 2
2007 Dec 10 70 5 2
2007 Dec 11 70 10 3
2007 Dec 12 70 10 3
2007 Dec 13 70 10 3
2007 Dec 14 70 5 2
2007 Dec 15 68 5 2
2007 Dec 16 68 5 2
2007 Dec 17 68 20 5
2007 Dec 18 68 15 4
2007 Dec 19 68 15 4
2007 Dec 20 68 10 3
2007 Dec 21 68 15 4
2007 Dec 22 68 10 3
2007 Dec 23 68 8 3
2007 Dec 24 68 5 2

Sri Lanka jets bomb Tamil Tiger center for communications

Stronghold: The rebels said the air force bombed a civilian area, while the military said it was unable to report the number of deaths.

Monday, Nov 26, 2007, Page 5 Sri Lankan fighter jets yesterday bombed and destroyed a satellite communications center run by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels in their northern stronghold, an airforce spokesman said. The rebels said the air raid killed three civilians.

"Air force jets bombed an LTTE satellite communications and coordinating center in [the] Dharampuram area northeast of Kilinochchi on Sunday morning," said a spokesman at the Media Center for National Security, adding that details of casualties were not immediately available.

Read more from the Taipei Times

Sri Lankan Air Force reported as "destroying" LTTE radio station
The Sri Lanka Army says its Air Force was able to completely destroy the clandestine LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) radio station at Thiruviyar, Kilinochchi, this evening at about 4.30 pm local time. A news report on the Sri Lanka Army website says:
“The clandestine terrorist radio, dubbed as Voice of Tigers, has been selling fabricated and totally false stories to the local community as well as to their sympathetic foreign agents for the last twenty years luring thousands of young Tamils into their fighting machine. Tuesday’s aerial attack totally crippled their radio transmissions and all other transmission of terrorist messages. Air Force sorties on specific target information carried out this successful air attack with the help of Mig and Kfir jets.”(Source: Sri Lanka Army/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)
The Liberation of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, Tamil), is a militant Tamil nationalist organizationthat has waged a violet secessionist campaign against the Sri Lankan government since the1970's to createa seperate Tamil state in the north and east of Sri Lanka.
Tamil Eelam Homepage

Global Crisis Watch - Episode # 56

Global Crisis Watch
November 26, 2007 Episode #56
Optimism in Annapolis, Pessimism in Beirut, Anticipation in Lahore, Fear in Male'

On the eve of Annapolis, Global Crisis Watch discusses the upcoming Middle East conference, the power vaccuum in Lebanon, indications of success in Iraq, Nawaz Sharif's return to Pakistan, and the ongiong terror investigations in the Maldives. Guests: Nir Boms, Center for Freedom in the Middle East in Chicago, Bill Roggio, in New Jersey, and Ajay Makan, Minivan News in Male', the Maldives.

33:00 minutes 15.1 Megs

Harry Gregson Williams - Trapped
Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Umbrella
Kenji Kawai - Misunderstand
Yuki Kajiura - Jealousy

Global Crisis Watch (GCW) is a groundbreaking and eclectic counterterrorism and national security podcast that takes listeners to the front lines of the long war and into the back rooms of the intelligence community. Hosted by Nick Grace and Sasha Eckstein in Washington, DC, GCW features discussions with newsmakers, analysts, journalists and activists across the world - from Aceh to Mogadishu.
(Source: Nick Grace)

BBC launches 24 hour FM relay in Trinidad

Listeners in Trinidad and Tobago can enjoy for the first time the BBC’s internationally famous radio programmes 24-hours a day, seven days a week with the launch of BBC 98.7 FM. Audiences across both islands now have access to a wider mixture of BBC programmes including some tailored specifically for the Caribbean.

Debbie Ransome, Head of BBC Caribbean, said: “This is our third 24-hour BBC radio station in the Caribbean and our first in Trinidad and Tobago. I am delighted that more of our listeners can hear, for the first time, the full range of BBC programmes in FM quality.”

BBC programmes can also be heard on two BBC FM relays in the Caribbean, BBC 89.1 FM in Antigua and BBC 104 FM in Jamaica.
(Source: BBC World Service Publicity/R Netherlands Media Network)

Ethiopia: Official doubts government is behind radio jamming

Text of report by VOA News website on 26 November

Shortwave radio monitors have confirmed that VOA broadcasts to Ethiopia in the Amharic and Afan Oromo languages have been jammed for the past two weeks. VOA correspondent in Addis Ababa, Peter Heinlein, reports Ethiopia’s government denies responsibility for the interference.

Listeners to VOA’s Amharic Service began complaining about 12 November that they could not hear the one-hour nightly broadcast. Amharic is the language of commerce and the main official language in Ethiopia. In recent days, the reports from listeners and monitors confirmed that all five shortwave frequencies used by VOA are being jammed. Broadcasts by the other major western broadcaster in Amharic, Germany’s Deutsche Welle, have also been blocked.

The BBC Monitoring service says its experts have determined that the direction from which the jamming originates indicates the signals are being transmitted from within Ethiopia.

In a telephone interview with VOA, Ethiopia’s information ministry spokesman Zemedkun Tekle says he doubts the government is involved in jamming. “I do not think this one is true. Of course I have seen the media reporting saying that, but we do not need, the government does not need to waste its time on doing so,” he said. “I myself have not come across audiences who are saying so, but the relevant body may speak on the details, but I do not think this story is true.”

The two Amharic Service broadcasts are known to have a substantial audience in the Ethiopian capital, which is a hotbed of anti-government sentiment. Monitors also report jamming of VOA’s Oromo Service, which broadcasts on the same frequencies. Oromo is the language spoken by Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group.

Ethiopia is known to be blocking broadcasts from its neighbour and rival, Eritrea. Monitors report the jamming has intensified in recent weeks, as tensions have risen along their disputed border. A status report issued by the umbrella organization that oversees Voice of America, the Broadcasting Board of Governors, says VOA broadcasts to Ethiopia have previously been jammed during civil unrest in 2005, but the jamming was stopped in mid-2006.
(Source: VOA website, Washington DC, in English 26 Nov 07 via BBC Monitoring/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

First community radio station in Central Asia has launched

“You are in the remarkable position of writing the media history of your own country,” said Tarja Virtanen, UNESCO Representative to Kyrgyzstan, speaking to the staff collective of Radiomost on the final day of a UNESCO-sponsored training workshop on community radio, reports UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty.

The first radio service of its kind in Central Asia, Radiomost is located in Talas, a relatively remote mountain valley in northwest Kyrgyzstan. The station has been broadcasting since July 2007.

The week-long workshop, led by a leading community radio expert Ian Pringle (Canada) with the station’s adviser Bettina Ruigies as his co-trainer, ended 15 November 2007 on a positive note with participants ready to tackle the challenges of being the region’s first community station with increased knowledge and confidence.

“I learned a lot about what community radio means and how we can implement it here in Talas,” said Nazira, a local broadcast journalist who runs radio programmes on local cultural programming and legal issues.

The name Radiomost, literally ‘Radiobridge’ in Russian, the lingua franca of the region, is a reference to the station’s aim to bridge the local information gap and to promote dialogue and mutual understanding. Radiomost has also given itself a mandate to promote positive messages and new ideas, ambitions clearly embodied in its young, dynamic team of broadcasters and organizers.

The UNESCO workshop focused on how principles of community radio like access and participation can be best realized in Talas, a remote area with a sparse local media landscape, a small economy and high unemployment.

Over the course of a week, the station’s staff collective, mostly students, charted a judicious course for Radiomost, including a set of basic principles, the outline of a strategic plan and policies concerning music and advertising. “A major achievement for the collective was the drafting of a code of practice and policy for programming during elections, which will take place in Kyrgyzstan in one month”, the station’s co-ordinator and one of its founding members Gulmira Osmonova concluded.
(Source: Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Monday, November 26, 2007

A closer look at American 'border blasters'

The X Factor
November 16, 2007
For over 50 years, outlaw American radio broadcasters exploited a legal loophole and aired powerful pirate radio from the Mexican side of the border. So called ‘border blasters’ - or ‘X stations’ - were true innovators whose influence continues to be felt today. OTM’s Jamie York tells the story.

To hear and download this podcast go to On the Media at:
Photo: Wolfman Jack at his finest in film American Grafitti
(Source: On the Media from NPR/NY Public Radio)

WBAI mines Pacifica Radio Archives' rich 50,000 tape library


Monday, November 26th 2007, 4:00 AM

Radio history, like so much of our popular culture history, has been destroyed far more often than it's been preserved.

That makes the Pacifica Radio Archives particularly valuable, and the five Pacifica stations, including WBAI (99.5 FM), will spend Tuesday broadcasting a small, rich sample of the 50,000-tape archive.

Yes, since it's Pacifica, it will be history as told by alternative and sometimes unpopular voices, like the Black Panthers. And yes, the 19-hour broadcast, 4 a.m.-9 p.m., will be yet another in WBAI's seemingly endless round of fund-raisers, because broadcasting alternative voices means getting minimal support from traditional sources.

But one of the things that's striking about the sixth annual Archives special is how many of the voices that seemed radical and even threatening a few years ago now sound as if they are only asking for what's fair and just.

read more from the Daily News at:

Lithuania - B07 via Sitkunai schedules

LITHUANIA Winter B-07 the actual Sitkunai schedule:

All times UTC
0630-0728 7545 SIT 100 kW 259 deg WeEu VOIROI/IRIB in Italian
0900-0958 9710 SIT 100 kW 259 deg WeEu R Vilnius in Lith./English
1430-1528 6225 SIT 100 kW 079 deg EaEu VOIROI/IRIB in Russian
1530-1728 5815 SIT 100 kW 079 deg EaEu Radio Racja in Belarussian
1730-1928 6265 SIT 100 kW 259 deg WeEu VOIROI/IRIB in German/French
1930-2128 6225 SIT 100 kW 259 deg WeEu VOIROI/IRIB in English/Sp
2200-2258 6235 SIT 100 kW 259 deg WeEu KBCRadio Mx in En Fri/Sat
2300-2358 7325 SIT 100 kW 310 deg NoAm Radio Vilnius in Lith./En
0000-0058 9875 SIT 100 kW 310 deg NoAm Radio Vilnius in Lith./En
0100-0158 6235 SIT 100 kW 310 deg NoAm KBCRadio Mx in English Sun
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX Nov 26/DX Mix News #496 via W.B., Germany & Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India)

Privatisation nears for Sierra Leone's SLBS

Sierra Leone’s Information Minister, IB Kargbo, gave an update at his weekly press conference on the privatisation of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS). The Minister reminded journalists that efforts to privatize SLBS started in 2003 when some of Sierra Leone’s development partners advised that SLBS should be privatized.

The Information Minister insisted, “but a lot of feet dragging stood in the way of progress in that direction and right now, I am piloting a bill through parliament which will finally ensure that SLBS becomes a corporation instead of a government entity.”

He further revealed that there are competent Sierra Leoneans to mann the activities of the national broadcaster to make it a viable institution capable of disseminating information countrywide.

In that light, I B Kargbo revealed that a company that was engaged in upgrading SLBS some years ago has returned to the country to revitalize the national broadcaster and also improve on the television station. The Minister promised to champion the privatization bill at all levels from Cabinet to Parliament and then back to the executive for approval to fast-track the process.

He appealed to workers, both in the radio and television stations, to prepare themselves, through discipline and hard work, to take over the challenging responsibilities of a corporate SLBS.
(Source: The New Citizen/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

New commercial station launched in South Africa

The people of Limpopo today woke up to the fresh sounds of the South African region’s first black commercial radio station. Six months after receiving its commercial broadcast licence, Capricorn FM began broadcasting from its state-of-the-art studios in Bendor, Polokwane.

The station will broadcast 70% in English and 30% vernacular, incorporating the three dominant ethnic groups in the province (tshiVenda, sePedi, xiTsonga). Capricorn FM will broadcast 24 hours throughout Limpopo with five transmitters that will cover these main towns and areas surrounding them:

96.0 FM: Mokopane/Polokwane - on the air
98.0 FM: Hoedspruit - launching 7 December 2007
105.4 FM: Louis Trichardt - launching 7 December 2007
89.9 FM: Sibasa - launching 14 December 2007
97.6 FM: Tzaneen - launching 14 December 2007
As a commercial radio station, the broadcasting format carries 70% music and 30% talk shows. The music will feature a variety of urban genres in R&B, soul, afro-pop, afro-soul, hip-hop, kwaito, house and also cater for jazz and gospel lovers and what Capricorn FM describes as urban jazz and urban gospel.
(Source: Biz-Community/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

Radio Cairo - B07 Multilingual Services

Egypt - Operational B-07 schedule of Radio Cairo:

All times UTC
0700-1100 on 15115 ABZ 100 kW / 250 deg Arabic GS WeAf
1015-1215 on 15170 ABZ 250 kW / 090 deg Arabic ME/AFG
1100-2300 on 6290 ABZ 250 kW / 315 deg Arabic GS WeEu
1215-1330 on 17835 ABZ 250 kW / 090 deg English SoAs
1230-1400 on 15810 ABS 250 kW / 106 deg Indonesian SoEaAs
1300-1600 on 15285 ABS 250 kW / 241 deg Arabic WeAf
1330-1530 on 11560 ABZ 100 kW / 070 deg Farsi TJK
1430-1600 on 11620 ABS 250 kW / 061 deg Pashto AFG
1500-1600 on 6250 ABS 250 kW / 325 deg Albanian ALB
1500-1600 on 11540 ABZ 250 kW / 050 deg Uzbek UZB
1530-1730 on 17810 ABZ 100 kW / 170 deg Swahili CeEaAf
1600-1700 on 15155 ABZ 100 kW / 160 deg Afar EaCeAf
1600-1800 on 6225 ABS 250 kW / 005 deg Turkish TUR
1600-1800 on 6270 ABZ 250 kW / 090 deg Urdu SoAs
1600-1900 on 11740 ABZ 150 kW / 180 deg English CeSoAf
1700-1730 on 15155 ABZ 100 kW / 160 deg Somali EaCeAf
1730-1900 on 15155 ABZ 100 kW / 160 deg Amharic EaCeAf
1800-1900 on 6225 ABS 250 kW / 000 deg Russian WeRUS
1800-1900 on 6250 ABS 250 kW / 325 deg Italian WeEu
1800-2100 on 9420 ABS 250 kW / 241 deg Hausa WeAf
1900-2000 on 6250 ABS 250 kW / 325 deg German WeEu
1900-2030 on 15375 ABZ 100 kW / 250 deg English WeAf
1900-0030 on 9960 ABZ 100 kW / 160 deg V of Arabs CeEaAf
2000-2200 on 7325 ABZ 250 kW / 090 deg Arabic AUS
2000-2115 on 6250 ABS 250 kW / 325 deg French WeEu
2030-2230 on 9345 ABS 250 kW / 241 deg French WeAf
2115-2245 on 6250 ABS 250 kW / 325 deg English WeEu
2215-2330 on 9360 ABZ 250 kW / 270 deg Portuguese SoAm
2300-0300 on 6290 ABS 250 kW / 325 deg Arabic GS NoAm
2300-0430 on 9465 ABZ 250 kW / 330 deg Arabic NoAmEa
2330-0045 on 9360 ABZ 250 kW / 270 deg Arabic SoAm
2330-0045 on 9735 ABS 250 kW / 241 deg Arabic SoAm
0045-0200 on 6140 ABS 250 kW / 282 deg Spanish SoAm
0045-0200 on 7270 ABZ 250 kW / 330 deg Spanish NoAm
0045-0200 on 9360 ABZ 250 kW / 270 deg Spanish CeAm
0045-0200 on 9600 ABS 250 kW / 252 deg Spanish SoAm
0200-0330 on 7270 ABZ 250 kW / 330 deg English NoAm
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX Nov 26/D Mix News #496 via W.B., Germany & Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India)

Additional broadcast for BBC Urdu service

CYPRUS/OMAN/SINGAPORE/THAILAND Additional transmissions for BBC in Urdu to Pakistan:
All times UTC
0200-0230 on 9510 CYP 250 kW / 097 deg
0200-0230 on 11740 SNG 250 kW / 310 deg
0200-0230 on 15560 NAK 250 kW / 305 deg
0730-0800 on 15325 CYP 300 kW / 077 deg
0730-0800 on 15420 SLA 250 kW / 050 deg
0730-0800 on 17560 NAK 250 kW / 305 deg
1200-1230 on 7205 NAK 250 kW / 305 deg
1200-1230 on 9660 SLA 250 kW / 050 deg
1200-1230 on 11650 NAK 250 kW / 300 deg
1200-1230 on 15420 CYP 300 kW / 077 deg
(R BULGARIA DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov, via wwdxc BC-DX Nov 26/DX Mix News via W.B., germany and Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, India)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

CVC set for special transmisisons on Nov. 27

Andrew Flynn of Christian Vision writes: ”CVC will have a special transmission on air 0800-1500 UTC on 11995kHz, on 27 November, targeting Kiev from Wertachtal. Reports and comments welcome as always.”

CVC will also be making a special DRM transmission to Ecuador as follows:

Frequency 17860 kHz
Time: 1500-1800 UTC
Dates: 26 November [there was also one yesterday, 23 November, with same parameters]
Beam 340 deg from Santiago, Chile with 16kW DRM power
Content: CVC La Voz (Spanish).
(Source: DRM software radio forums/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

QSL Report Central

Station: - All India Radio Delhi
Frequency: - 10330 kHz
Time: - 0900-0930 UTC
Language: - Hindi
Description: - Verifies by V. P. Singh. River Indus,
Alchi, Ladakh.

Station: - AWR Asia/Pacific
Frequency: - 9725 kHz (Agat, Guam)
Time: - 1430-1500 UTC
Language: - Karen
Description: - Adventist World Radio, The Voice of
Hope .

Station: - Deutsche Welle
Frequency: - 6170 kHz (Trincomalee)
Time: - 1600-1700 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - Verified by Horst Scholz, Transmission
Management. Deutsche Welle 1953 - 2003.

Station: - Radio Free Asia
Frequency: - 15690 kHz (IBB Sri Lanka)
Time: - 0030-0100 UTC
Language: - Lao
Description: - 11 years of broadcasting excellence September 29 1996-2007. This card commemorates RFA's 11th anniversary of its first broadcast which took place on September 29, 1996; our first broadcast was in Mandarin Chinese. This QSL is issued for all confirmed reception reports from September - December 2007. Please continue to submit your reception reports to or by e-mail to .

Station: - Radio Praha
Frequency: - 11600 kHz
Time: - 0330 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - Praded. Located in the Maravia-Silesia region on the peak of Praded mountain at a height of 1491 m. Previously a stone observation tower stood on this spot. In the 1980s a 162-m television transmitter was built here.

Station: - Radio Tirana, Albania
Frequency: - 7465 kHz
Time: - 1845-1900 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - RTI International, Radio Trina, Albania.

Station: - Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
Frequency: - 7370 kHz
Time: - 1530-1627 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - QSL (No. 2) The main portico and the wind tower of Khaneh - ye Borujerdi (House) - Kashan.

Station: - Radio Canada International
Frequency: - 11675 kHz (via Kunming relay, China)
Time: - 1500-1557 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - Maple Leaf Mailbag Special QSL verified by Bill Westenhaver. 60 Years of Radio Worldwide! Radio Canada International is proud to offer its loyal listeners a series of exclusive QSL cards to mark its 60th anniversary. For 60 years, RCI has been bringing you rich, diverse radio that today include over 300 hours of programming each week. Tune in weekly to Ian
Johns and his Maple Leaf Mailbag team on shortwave, satellite or

Station: - KBS World Radio
Frequency: - 9515 kHz
Time: - 1600-1700 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - The Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Jeju's volcanic islands and lava tubes have been added to the World Natural Heritage list by UNESCO. It bears great significance in that it's the first time for a natural site in Korea to be registered on the list. The Jeju heritage site consists of Mt Halla, the Seongsan Sunrise Peak, and the island's lava tubes. UNESCO's list of world heritage sites is comprised of location that are deemed to have outstanding value to all
mankind. The picture shows the Seongsan Sunrise Peak and Mt Halla on Jeju Island.

Station: - Radio Sweden
Frequency: - 11675 kHz
Time: - 0130 UTC
Language: - English
Description: - View of Stockholm.

Station: - HCJB Global Australia
Frequency:- 15425 kHz (Transmitting from Kununurra in the northwest of Australia)
Time: - 1130-1200 UTC
Language:- English
Description: - e-QSL. Kapok Flower. The kapok tree grows in the kimberleys and flowers in the dry season , at the end of the dry season it produces seed pods, which were used as filling for mattresses.
(Source: Mukesh Kumar, India)

Logs from Thailand

4678 Regional Stn Xam Nua (listed), observed times 0000-0030 relay National Radio Vientiane, 0030 own program to 0215 f/out. 0900/0930-1300; very often with (for our ears) monotonuos a-capella singing by YL; fair level here.

6130 National Radio Vientiane observed s/on 2156 with sung anthem (pres.) and announcements including frequencies, off at 2322; at 0008 on again and observed to 0430, then 0745-1530 s/off, but possibly continuous; local station level here. (Gerhard Werdin-THA, touring in and around Chiang May in NoThailand, wwdxc BC-DX Nov 24)

5040 Minority Sce; observed 0745-1520+ with word program and local music, always with a distinct hum/drone which; fair level 5770 kHz Defence Forces R; monitored transmission times are: 0130-0430, 0730-0930, 1130-1530 UT.

A typical s/on procedure as observed on 21.11 was like this:
1126 carrier tone
1129 melody on wooden xylophone-type instrument(s) for 45 sec or shorter
1130 anncts (ID ?) by mostly female voice in Burmese/local lang
1132 melody on gongs/drums acc by flute for appr 1 min
1133 anncts again
1134 march-like melody for appr. 30 sec, ending abruptly
At s/off this procedure is repeated !

Program consits of occ word program, but largely of Burmese adaptations of western pop and country music, e.g. ABBA's "Super Trooper" or "The Young Ones" (was it Paul Anka ?)

During periods of silence simetimes SSB traffic observed. Local station level here.

5985 National Radio; observed transmission times 0030-0130 and 0900/0930-1530+, on 21.11. with English program at 1522.

7185 National Radio; on 24.11. at 0210 observed with English pop music, at 0230 English news, e.g. on ASEAN summit in Singapore, where "ASEAN leaders ko-towed again to the Burmese Junta" (quote Bangkok Post).

At 0240 Western rap music (no Burmese adaptations) with two canned announcements in between, one saying a.o. "BBC lying, VOA deceiving", the other denouncing protesters as "criminals and opportunists", at 0259 end of program announcement in English and Burmese, 0300 silent.

9730 National Radio; on 24.11. at 0730 no English program observed as per schedule, txm silent. (Gerhard Werdin-THA, touring in and around Chiang May in NoThailand, wwdxc BC-DX Nov 24)

I stand corrected with announcement on 6150 kHz being "Nine-three-eight Live", which I always understood as "Ninety eight Live"; I checked the Mediacorp website ... (Gerhard Werdin-THA, touring in and around Chiang May in NoThailand, wwdxc BC-DX Nov 24)
(WB, Germany via HCDX)

Tips on Organizing Your Digital DX

Cheap digital storage space has revolutionized the way we DXers can save, organize and access our recordings and QSL collection. Creating a digital DX archive however requires many decisions concerning formats and file names, with long lasting consequences. This article explains the many mistakes I have made, and how I have tried to resolve practical
problems related to going digital.

Check out "Organizing Your Digital DX" at

And feel free to post comments about the article, or about your own experiences in recording, converting and organizing your best DX at

Mika Makelainen

Amateur radio D425 DX News Bulletin

Edited by IK1ADH & I1JQJ
Direttore Responsabile I2VGW
E4 - Mike/OM2DX, Steve/OM3JW, Rudi/OM3PC and Miro/OM5RW will be active as E4/OM2DX from Palestine on 14-22 December. They plan to operate CW, SSB and RTTY on 160-10 metres with two stations. QSL via OM3JW. On-line log and other information will be available at [TNX OM3JW]

F - A number of special stations will be activated for the 21st annual Telethon, the fund-raising event organized by the French Muscular Dystrophy Association that will take place on 7-8 December. Expect activity from TM8T (26 November-9 December) and TM4AFM (8-9 December) among the others. [TNX F8REF]

FK - Sam, FK8DD reports he will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as TX3SAM. He will be running 85 watts from the Maritime Communication Center of Noumearadio/FJP, New Caledonia. QSL via LZ1JZ.

HS - Special event callsign HS80A will be aired all day on 1 December (local time) to celebrate the 80th birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej (HS1A). [TNX HS0ZCW]

LU - The Radio Club Ushuaia (LU8XW) will be active as AY7X from Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego (SA-008) from 30 November to 2 December. They plan to operate CW, SSB, PSK and RTTY on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres. QSL via WD9EWK. [TNX K1XN]

OA - Jorge/OA4BHY, Daniel/DL5YWM, Rene/DL2JRM and Bodo/DL3OCH will be operate CW and SSB from two rare IOTA groups between late December and early January:
28-30 December OC6I Isla Blanca SA-098 02-07 January OC1I Isla Lobos de Tierra SA-076
On 8-12 January (possibly also on 26-27 December) OA4/DL5YWM, OA4/DL3OCH, OA4/DL2JRM will operate from OA4O, the Radioclub Peruano's club station in Lima. They plan to be active on the HF bands and - for the first time from Peru - on 23cm EME. QSL OC6I and OC1I via DL5WM (direct or bureau), others via home call. Please note that the postage
from Germany to Europe is EUR 0.70 (USD 1.10), for destinations outside Europe it is 1.70 EUR (USD 2.60). Further infromation, including log-search and how to get a sked on EME, can be foud at either and [TNX DL5YWM]

P4 - Ken, K6TA (P40TA) and Kay, K6KO (P40K) will operate from Aruba (SA-036) from 28 November to 18 December. This will include entries in the ARRL 160 Meter Contest (30 November-2 December, P40TA) and the ARRL 10 Meter Contest (8-9 December, P40K). QSL both callsigns via WM6A. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX and NG3K]

VU - A number of special callsigns (AU1JCB, AU2JCB, AU4JCB, AU7JCB, AU8JCB, AU9JCB and AT0JCB) will be aired on SSB and CW from 25 November to 2 December to celebrate the birthdate of Indian physicist of Jagadish Chandra Bose. QSL via VU2SMN (direct only). Further information at [TNX The Daily DX]

XF4 - Pepe, XE1J reports that the XF4 operators landed on Clarion Island (NA-115) around 5 UTC on 21 November. The trip between the Navy ship and the beach was very difficult, and the team lost several runs of coax. They had to fight against the wind and the darkness, but eventually, around 1 a.m. local time (6 UTC), they were able to install one antenna. However, after several CQs and no QSOs, the Mexican Navy ordered the operators back to the ship. The team now expects to reach Socorro Island (NA-030) around 15 UTC on 24 November. Another attempt at operating from Clarion might be possibile when the next ship makes the same trip to supply food and fuel to the islands. Bookmark for updates. [TNX XE2K]

YB - Adhi, YB3MM expected to depart on 22 November for Karimunjawa Island (OC-186), where he will be active during the CQ WW DX CW Contest. QSL via IZ8CCW. [TNX IZ8CCW]

ARRL 160 METER CONTEST ---> Object of the contest is for amateurs worldwide to work W/VE amateurs on 160 metres CW only (full rules can be found at ). This year's event will run from 22.00 UTC on 30 November through 16.00 UTC on 2 December. Do not forget to give a look to the Announced Operations listing maintained by Bill, NG3K at

BS7H ---> The BS7H team is happy to announce all BS7H logs have been uploaded to the LoTW. Any questions about a missing QSO should be addressed to to KU9C at [TNX N1DG]

CQ WW DX CW ---> Colin, MM0NDX has collected a list of the websites for a number of participating stations in this year's CQWW CW. It can be found at

LOGS: The on-line log for FK/JA1NLX is now available at

Midway Island - Pete Leary, KC0END is currently working on Midway (but he is not active on the amateur radio bands) and reports that "there are plans in the works to get a ham group out here next summer or fall if it gets approved". A couple of groups "are already on the
waiting list to get out here", but, "since this is a national monument and wildlife refuge, a compatibility study has to be done to determine the effect on birds". Read the details at [TNX MM0NDX]

OH CONTEST/DX MEETING ---> The 13th annual Contest & DX Meeting, organized by the Contest Club Finland and the OH DX Foundation, will be held aboard the Viking Line M/S Gabriella on 18-20 January 2008. The ship will travel from Finland to the Aland Islands to Sweden and back. Further information, prices and on-line registration form are available
at (bookings should be made no later than 28 December). [TNX OH2IW]
(Source: 425 DX News -DX Information via Dave Raycroft)

Venezuelan General Predicts Referendum Vote Against Chavez

General Baduel declares to VOA his belief 'in democracy as it is decreed in our constitution.'
Washington, D.C., November 23, 2007 - In an exclusive interview, Venezuelan General Raul Isaias Baduel told the Voice of America (VOA) yesterday that the Venezuelan people will vote against the upcoming Constitutional referendum on December 2.

Breaking with Hugo Chavez, his former boss and political ally, he stated, "In Venezuela the people will vote 'no' massively to the referendum."

General Baduel, retired Minister of Defense, declared, "I am a fervent believer in democracy because that is the greatest will of the Venezuelan people. I believe in democracy as it is decreed in our constitution."

Excerpts from the interview aired today on the VOA Noticias television program and on VOA radio. The full interview will be broadcast several times over the weekend. The interview will be posted on VOA?s Spanish-language website: .

VOA Noticias is a 22-minute live newscast from Washington Monday through Friday, covering news developments in Latin America and the world, along with reports from Washington, D.C. and the United States. On weekends, it provides a news summary of the top stories and highlights of the week. VOA Noticias airs at 2100 UTC (5:00 p.m. EDT), and repeats at 2130 UTC (5:30 p.m. EDT).

The Voice of America, which first went on the air in 1942, is a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors. VOA broadcasts more than 1,000 hours of news, information, educational, and cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of more than 115 million people. Programs are produced in 45 languages.

For more information, please call the Office of Public Affairs at (202) 203-4959, or e-mail .
(Source: VOA)