Saturday, July 04, 2009

Blog Logs - Clandestines

All times UTC

3912, Voice of the People (presumed), via Kyonggi-do, South Korea, 0942-1008, Jun 10 and 15, Korean talks mentioning “Pyongyang”, slow instrumental music as a bridge to a some eloquent female talks. From 0955 strange noise sounding like a "strong wind" turninng to a near annoyed listening, until QRM 34333. (Otávio)

3930, Radio Voice of Kurdistan, 0152, Jun 06, Kurdish music and talk, at *0158 strong QRM unidentified, at 0200 a song of the Qur'an, ann and what appears to be an anthem, signal improvement, but the QRM is strong, 22332. (Freitas). Jamming! (Ed)

3985, Echo of Hope (tentative), Hwaseong, South Korea, 1002-1013, Jun 15, Korean talks, degrading, SSB QRM, same kind of noise heard on 3912, 22422. (Otávio)

6120, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, via Yamata, 1403, Jun 12, for a long time now they have stayed with English on Friday. Heard with “Today’s News Flash”, items about North Korea, fair with no jamming. (Howard)

6300, RADS - Radio Nacional Saharaui, 2220-2232, Jun 12, many talks in Arabic and some music, 24342. (Slaen)

7395, Voice of People, via Talata-Volonondry, Madagascar, 1701, Jun 20, Shona/Ndebele, ID, short African music and talk, 25332. (Freitas)

9895, Radio Voice of the People, via Talata-Volonondry, Madagascar, *0358-0424, Jun 09, open carrier until sudden opening at 0400 with instrumental music, ID and frequency ann in local language followed by the same in English. After instrumental music, news in local language, mix of short vocals and other features. Good. (D'Angelo)

11500, Radio Dabanga, via Talata-Volonondry, Madagascar, 1549-1605, Jun 14, conversation, whistle of a strong carrier, but disappears in narrow mode and 1 kHz above the frequency, seems an interview by telephone, 1605 ID, weak signal. (Freitas)

15412.0, Voice of Tibet, via Yangiyul, Tajikistan, noted carrier at 1324, Jun 12, along with strong Firedrake (non-stop Chinese music jamming) on 15410.0. Firedrake off at 1330, leaving Voice of Tibet in the clear on 15412.0. After 1335 Voice of Tibet was heard on 15414.0 with fair reception and Firedrake starting up again at 1335, again on 15410.0. At 1400* both Voice of Tibet and Firedrake suddenly went off-the-air. (Howard)
(DSWCI/DX Window # 379 via A. Petersen)