Sunday, July 19, 2009

Philippines Broadcasting Service reactivates on 6170 kHz

6170.4 kHz - Quezon City-Marulas-Philippines. Marulas, Valenzuela 6170v / 9580v kHz

Reactivated Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) on 6170.4 kHz. Several DXers in Japan had monitored on 6170.4 kHz relay to PBS Radyo Magasin - DZRM on 1278 kHz.

I can receive at +1130-1300 UTC, knocked out by Radio New Zealand Internatinal on 6170 kHz and severe interference from China National Radio-1 on 6175 kHz. Audio file: July 15 at 1200 UTC

PBS - Philippine Broadcasting Service on 6170 kHz relay of 1278 kHz AM MW DWRM Radyo Magazin from Marulas, Valenzuela, Metro Manila audible from:
domestic broadcast in English and Filipino
0000-0100 6170
0100-0200 6170
0200-0300 6170
0300-0400 6170
0400-0500 6170
0500-0600 6170
0700-0800 6170
0800-0900 6170
0900-0930 6170
(programming heard as:)
"Hello everyone and welcome to the march 8th edition of Pilipinas DX. This is report number 25 and I'm Henry Umadhay in Antique, in Central Philippines. Glad to be back and thank you for tuning by.

Our limited second year anniversary QSL card is still available and to those who would like to collect please just kindly send your reception reports to:

This card featuring the map of our province Antique. I would like to thank our DXer friends for their reports
1. Mr. Tomohide Fujii of Takamatsu,Nerima, Tokyo,Japan
2. Mr. Kazuyuki Kuriki of Aichi,Japan
3. Mr. Li Ming of Maanshan City,China for 2 reception reports
4. Mr Zhang ShiFeng of Penglai City, Shan Dong Province, China
5. Mr. Mukesh Kumar of Bihar, India.
Thank you very much for your reports.
(Philippine DX News No. 26 and 27, April 12, 2009/WWDXC-Top News-BC DX #921)