Monday, July 13, 2009

Blog Logs

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

6134.76, Radio Santa Cruz, 1035-1045. Male/female announcers in Spanish with comments. Music at 1037, male returns at 1040 with time check. Signal was poor. (C. Bolland, FL)

Firedrake at 1310. One group in parallel: 8400, 13970, 14430, 15150 and 17500. Another group in parallel: 9000 and 13500. (Ron Howard, CA)

6937, PBS Yunnan (presumed), 1215-1303. Vernacular. Pop Asian music, indigenous instrumental music and Chinese opera. Signal mostly fair,not // 6035 (too weak to check for the possibility of any English IDs and none were noted here). (Ron Howard, CA)

7130, China National Radio-1, *1355. Suddenly on with strong signal noted on // 5030 in anticipation of jamming Taiwan’s *1400 (Ron Howard, CA)

6185, CHBC (presumed), 1258-1300*. Chinese. Signal pips and off. Am fairly sure they did not switch over to 4830, at least I did not heard them there through 1316, but only heard Mongolian Radio (Ron Howard, CA)

7125, Radio Conakry (Conakry) (presumed), 2212-2303.French with very weak signal, just above noise level, noted at 2212 with West African pop music. Talk by man in French from 2215 through 2231, occasionally joined by a second person. Recheck at 2255 found slightly stronger signal with talk between a rather excited man and a second, calmer man. Talk continued to 2301 when West African music resumed. First log of this station this year. (Jim Evans, TN)

3340, Radio Misiones, 0932-0945. Noted steady Latin American style music. At 0940, canned ID with frequency noted, followed promos or commercials. Chuck Bolland, FL)

4680, RRI Jakarta, 1045-1100. Female in Indonesian with comments before popular music presented. Signal was poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

9595, Radio Nikkei-1, 0830-0900. Half hour Saturday program "Let's Read the Nikkei Weekly", in English and Japanese presented by Noriko Tada, Gregory Clark and Jeffrey Swiggum. Segment "Gregory Clark's Choices" (talking about the policy towards China, the possibility of the Democratic Party of Japan [DPJ] coming to power, etc.). Ads for Eiken language testing. “This program has been presented by the Society for Testing English Proficiency, Inc.”. Website // 6055 (Ron Howard, CA)

4412.59v, Lao National Radio via Sam Neua, 1213. Back to normal programming today, noted on // 6130 (fair). News in Laotian (Ron Howard, CA)

6049.64 RTV Malaysia/Asyik FM(presumed) 1202-1213. Talk and cadence that sounded like news script. Vocal music followed at 1211. Fair/poor signal quality. (John WIlkins, CO)

7295, Traxx FM via RTM, 1346-1415. In English with countdown of this week’s most popular songs on Traxx Chart Toppers (played #10, the Sugar Ray’s music of tune Boardwalk. News at 1000, news from Kuala Lumpur, followed by sports news (Ron Howard, CA)

7270.02 RTV Malaysia/Wai FM 1230-1258. Slow droning chant by what sounded like two or three children, uninterrupted until 1259 when lady announcer spoke in unknown language. News followed at 1300, with mentions "Wai FM." News followed at 1300, I think. Signal fair-poor. Mixing with China's Nei Menggu. (John Wilkins, CO)

7270, Wai FM via RTM (presumed),1415-1434. Vernacular programming. DJ playing an easy-listening pop songs to reciting from the Qur’an. Station mixing with China's PBS Nei Menggu (// 9750), covered at 1434 with China National Radio-1 echo jamming. (Ron Howard, CA)

6104.73, Merida, 1053-1105. Signal here with music filling the time until 1057. Two males in Spanish over barnyard sounds, then the music continues. On the hour, a series of canned ads presented. Signal fades in and out from good to poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4830, Mongolian Radio, 1243-1316. Due to CHBC moving off this frequency from 1200 to 1300. I can now hear Mongolia, as in the past they were always covered by a stronger CHBC, clearly // 4895, both weak. Noted no sign of CHBC signing on here after their sign-off at 1300 on 6185 (Ron Howard,CA)

North Korea
4450, KCBS, 1020-1030. weak signal here, noted a person in Korean WITH comments. It's necessary to wait for details since the signal is so weak that details must fade in. Although the carrier was fair, the audio was threshold. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

Papua New Guinea
3260 Radio Madang(presumed) 1136-1222 Jul 6. Talk to 1200. Language sounded like Pidgin but could have been accented English. Pop songs followed after 1200. Signal poor and deteriorating, nearly gone by 1230. (John Wilkins, CO)

4835.47, Radio Maranon, 1009-1020. Male/female announcers in Spanish with conversation, followed by music. Possible canned ID at 1018. Signal very poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4857.45, Radio La Hora, 2300-2315. Just barely audible, not having faded in yet, noted a male in Spanish language comments between fades of the signal into the noise. Station was still broadcasting at 2315 as male continues to talk. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6019.30, Radio Victoria, 2330-2345. Alone on the freq, noted a male announcer in Spanish with comments. He seemed to be shouting as if describing a sporting event? This continues until 2334 when a second gent talks in a normal live tone. During the live comments heard the word "Dios" mentioned, so I suppect I was listening to a religious broadcast. Signal poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

7310 Voice of Russia (Bolshakovo) (presumed), 2120-2200. Portuguese. Noted talk by man,
occasionally joined by woman, just above noise level. Possible short musical bridges heard along with talk after 2150. Very weak signal, declining to only carrier after 2153. Carrier disappeared at 2200. Parallel with similar signal noted on 7439.9, assumed to be relay via Tajikistan. This is a very tentative log, but if station was Kaliningrad, would be my first log of this site since 2002. (Jim Evans, TN)

7439.9, Voice of Russia (Dushambe) (presumed) 2120-2152. Portuguese. Talk by man and was occasionally joined by woman, just above noise level. Possible short musical bridges heard along with talk after 2150. Very weak signal, declining to only carrier after 2152, then lost under Romania's interval signal. Signal weak on parallel 7310, assumed to be relay via Kaliningrad. Log is tentative. (Jim Evans, TN)

3945 Radio Vanuatu(tentative) 1155-1215. Vocal music to 1204, then announcer's talk segment in English at 1212, followed by more music. Fair carrier but undermod voice and amateur radio interference most mornings. Signal deteriorated after 1215. (John Wilkins, CO)