Sunday, July 26, 2009

Number of German online radio stations increases

The number of German online radio stations has sharply risen in the past few years. By April 2009, there were 1,914 online radio stations. By the end of 2009, the number will increase to approximately 2,200 – a five-fold increase in stations since 2006, when there were around 450).
Nearly four fifths of German online radio stations are available only on the Internet. The others are live streams of FM radio stations (so called simulcast streams). Online radio presents significant opportunities for FM stations. They can extend their scope and obtain completely new target groups through specialised web offerings. By now, over 120 online channels from FM radio stations exist in Germany.
With the publication of Webradio Monitor 2009 the Bavarian regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting / BLM and Berlin strategy consultant Goldmedia present a comprehensive market overview of providers, use, scope, and ad revenue among German online radio stations. The study is based upon extensive primary data research, through surveys of all online radio providers in Germany, conducted from May to June of 2009.
Based upon a large, representative sample of German online radio stations, Goldmedia estimated that they had 7.5 million users per day at the end of 2008. Through massive growth of broadband Internet and an increasing number of online radio offerings, the user level will climb to about 21 million by 2013. As this takes place, online radio will win increasing attractiveness for the advertising industry. However, standardised performance data to confirm ad effectiveness and document the market situation is still missing.
The current scope of online radio stations varies significantly, demonstrating the growth potential of the online radio market. According to Goldmedia analyses, the streams of the local FM radio stations reach up to 8,000 users daily, and the statewide broadcasters reach up to 125,000, depending on how well known they are. Highly successful online-only streams are accessed up to 500,000 times daily.
Based on provider responses, online radio stations are listened to for an average of 73 minutes per day. At 91 minutes, the simulcast streams of FM broadcasters have a distinctly longer use per day than online-only channels, which average 64 minutes. The online radio providers surveyed expect an average daily use of 147 minutes by 2012 and a stronger alignment of usage behaviour for online-only offers and for FM radio streams.
(Source: Webradio Monitor/BLM/R Netherlands Media Network Weblog)

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