Thursday, January 24, 2013

Moldova seeks listener feedback

Radio Moldova International was on SW for a brief period of time. Somehow I managed to stay on their mailing list all these years. Mainly I have gotten numerous contest anns but this one had a familiar theme of closing down the station; of course their use of the term "liquidated" makes things sound real serious:

Dear friends,
As we have already informed you in one of our programs from 2012, reforms are developing at present at the Public Broadcaster ”Teleradio Moldova”. On the eve of New Year we were informed that R Moldova International will be liquidated. The administration believes that the programs, we develop at present don’t meet the requirements of the listeners. The leadership of the Company proposed that our programs should not be broadcast, but some of our stories will be translated into Russian and English on the web page of the Company.

We would kindly ask you to express your opinions on this issue. What do you think- does the foreign listener need such a RMI station and its programs?
We would be grateful to you if you back us and send to us your opinions on the following emails:,,  .
(D’Angelo, Jan 10)
(DSWCI/DX Window/471)