Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Voice of Hope plans return to shortwave

The Voice of Hope, which was operated by Dr. George Otis from Simi Valley, California in the 1980's to early 2000's intends to get back on the air from California this year. The transmitting site is on Chatsworth Peak. The FCC has reissued licenses for 9975 and 17775 kHz, KVOH's old frequencies. The primary target area is Cuba, the Caribbean, and northern South America, especially Venezuela. Secondary objectives would be Spain and North Africa. The antenna has been overhauled recently. It's a marvellous dual log periodic array, with a 90 degree beam (due east) from Los Angeles. It sits on a mountain top location with spectacular views in all directions, and they have a 30 year lease for the land the antenna and transmitter buildings are on. The current owner (a former partner of Dr. Otis, who passed away in 2005) wants to programme the station with as much live presentation as possible, in English, Spanish and possibly Arabic.
(Balkan DX via Ray Robinson, Stevenson Ranch, California, email to Mike Barraclough, January 11)