Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snakes Alive at All India Radio !

Amid the schedule revisions and station news I peruse, on occasion I come across a story that bears repeating. While it won't help you nab a QSL, or hear a favorite station - this is one example of hazardous work conditions!
Gayle Van Horn

India - All lndia Radio - Port Blair

On January 15, a snake disrupted the programme production works of AIR Port Blair for nearly five hours.

According to reports a long snake entered inside the audition studio of AIR Port Blair this morning. When someone noticed the snake, he immediately cautioned others and everyone inside the studio came out and cried for help.

Soon a team of Forest Department was called to catch the snake. Though the snake was seen somewhere around 10.30 am but only by 3.30 pm, the snake could be caught, to the much delight of AIR staffs.

This is not the first such incident in AIR Port Blair. Earlier in several occasions snakes had entered the studio and duty room area. Very recently a snake had bitten a lady causal announcer at night hours. Sources said that the jungle around the AIR’s Port Blair unit is infested with deadly snakes and in future human and wildlife conflict may yield fatal results.

This is high time for the authorities of AIR, Port Blair to clean bushes and jungle around the studio and approach road to get rid of snake menace. ( 
(via Alokesh Gupta) (DSWCI/DX Window 471)
(photo/Echo India)