Thursday, January 03, 2013

Summary of shortwave and mediumwave cuts

Effective from January 1, 2013

Below is a summary of various SW and MW transmitter closures which are are mostly due to take effect from 1 January. This is summarised from reports which will be occur at DX media/press:

Voice of Croatia is dropping SW in Croatia, Germany and Singapore relays; but continuing on MW Zadar 1134 kHz

Voice of Russia is dropping MW relays on 630 (Koenigslutter/Schepau), 1323 (Wachenbrunn), and 1431 (Dresden Wilsdruff).  Only remaining German relay freq is 693 kHz (Oranienburg Zehlendorf,

MR6 Regio Radio closed on 22 December. A new station Radio Danko is using former MR6 frequencies of 1116, 1251, 1350 kHz with Hungarian and gipsy folk music and rural news (similar to Antena Satelor in Romania).

NRK Rost 675 kHz is closing - a planned closure announced some time ago.

-St Petersburg SW site is closing (including MW 1494 kHz), dom MW remain.
-Samara SW site is also reported to be closing.
-Mayak is closing on MW/LW throughout Russia.
-Voice of Russia is reducing some of its SW/MW output across its language
services following budget cuts.

CVC 1Africa is dropping SW. (had been scheduled on 13590 kHz at 0600-2200 UT but 13590 kHz has not been heard for several days, I suspect it has already been switched off)

The above is fairly grim news for short wave, though on the positive side there have been a couple of stations reactivating on SW recently - Radio Uganda on 4976 kHz and Bangladesh reactivated with a new SW transmitter earlier this year.
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Dec 29)
(WDX/Top News # 1097)