Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Amateur Radio Special Events: April 2014

This is sampling of Special Expeditions and Events on amateur radio. Events are open to amateur radio operators, and shortwave listeners. QSLing may include special event cards, certificates or both. QSLing information or requirements are as indicated in each post.  

All times listed are UTC

April 1-3
7P, Lesotho. Peter, EI7CC, will once again be active as 7P8PB from Maseru. Activity will be limited because he will be on a family holiday and will  operate when circumstances permit. He will be operating from his brother- in-law Gerry's station, 7P8CC (home callsign EI8CC). QSL via EI7CC, by the  Bureau or direct. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW immediately upon his return  to Ireland. If possible, Peter may try to upload them while in Lesotho.

April 1-5
D4, Cape Verde. Lukas, HB9EBT, will be active as D44TEG from Tarrafal, located in the northern part of the island of Santiago (AF-005), in the Sotavento Islands group of Cape Verde, to April 5th. Activity will be on 20-10 meters using CW, PSK and RTTY. QSL via HB9EBT, direct or by the Bureau.

April 1-6
Sun n Fun International Fly-In & Expo. 1422-1420, W4S, Lakeland, FL. Sun n Fun.  28.325 21.250 14.250. QSL. Bob Flynn, 1281 Forrest Hill Dr, Clearwater, FL 33756.  Special Event station for Sun n Fun Fly-In held at Linder Field (KLAL) Lakeland, FL.  Walk up and on air Pilots/HAMS. Many Pilots are HAMS and working a Special Event  Fly-In station which are very few, it is enjoyed by all. wa4oab@gmail.com

April 1-8
FR, Reunion Island (Reminder). Guy, F5MNW, will once again be active as  FR/F5MNW from Saint Leu to April 8th. Activity will be on the HF bands using only CW. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau.

April 1 - 10
OzarkCon KON, 0800-0400, Pittsburg, KS. 4StateQRP Group. 7.122 7.030 14.060 3.564. QSL. Willam Lawson, 711 E 31st St, Pittsburg, KS 66762. This is the annual QRP Forum hosted by the 4State qrp Group. We have used the Special Event call of K0N for many years. www.4sqrp.com

April 1-23
9N, Nepal. Andy, UA3AA, is now active as 9N7AA from Nepal until May 23rd. He states, "My present location has some serious RFI issues that affect my ability to hear the calling stations. The noise is 59+, so please be patient with me and forgive me if I don't answer. I do not participate in LoTW or e-QSLing. Direct QSLs only, no Bureau cards. No IRCs. U.S. stations - SASE + 1 USD, all others - SAE + 2 USDs. Donations welcome. NT2X is not my QSL Manager, he only administers the QRZ.com page on my
behalf. My sincere 'thanks' to Satish, 9N1AA, and his assistant Uttam for assistance in obtaining my 9N7AA license." Activity has been on 160/80/30/20/12/10 meters CW.

April 2-3
Preparedness Summit. 1700-2030, N4P, Atlanta, GA. Oklahoma City-County Health Department,
Southwest Utah Public Health Department, Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club, Cobb County ARES,
and National Association of County and City Health Officials. 28.365 21.365 14.265 7.265. QSL.
Andrew Roszak, NACCHO, 1100 17th St NW, 7thFl, Washington, DC 20036. The five listed organizations have come together to enhance communications capabilities within public health agencies and healthcare  coalitions through a series of webinars, a licensure class, an exam session, conference presentations  and this special event, operating from the exhibit hall at the Preparedness Summit. nacchopreparedness.org/?p=378

April 2-14
5J0, San Andres (Update). Operators Robert/N7QT, Melanie/AB1UH, Hugh/W4VAB and Guy/N7UN will be active as 5J0X from San Andres Island (NA-033) between April 2-14th. Activity will be primarily holiday style (suitcase mini- DXpedition) on 80-10 meters using CW, SSB and PSK. Elecraft transceivers
and amplifiers will be used. Portable antennas will be used from the Villa location and from nearby beaches. QSL direct to N7QT. No eQSLs. IRCs are acceptable. ARRL Bureau cards are acceptable. Direct QSLs with 2 USDs will be returned via international postage otherwise via the ARRL Bureau. Logs will be uploaded during the operation to Clublog and to LoTW shortly after the mini-DXpedition.

April 4
Platoon 382 Hall Dedication Ceremony. 1745-2000, N4C, Fredericksburg, VA. Marine Corps
Amateur Radio Club. 3.885. QSL. Richard Corrigan, 12 Maggie Ct, Fredericksburg, VA 22406. This station will be operating a WWII USMC tactical radio utilized by USMC Navajo Code Talkers during the Island Hopping Campaign. Corporal Chester Nez the last surviving member of Platoon 382 (First Platoon of USMC Navajo Code Talkers) is the Guest of Honor. This station will be operating A.M. Voice from 1745 UTC to 2000 UTC. Station will be operating as designed max PEP W n0rmc2651@gmail.com

April 5
819 Steam Locomotive. 1600-2100, K5DAK, White Hall, AR. Pine Bluff Amateur Radio Club. 14.250. Certificate & QSL. Glenn Wolf, N5RN, 210 S Estates Cv, White Hall, AR 71602. Please send a #10 envelope with 2 ounces of postage to N5RN (address good on QRZ) to receive a QSL and information about the Arkansas Railroad Museum and the 819 Steam locomotive. www.pbarc.net

April 5
The Dent County Raiders - Missouri QSO Party. 1800-2359, W0S, Rural Dent County, MO. The Dent County Raiders WA0JCO WA0IYY K7RMJ. 21.380 14.250 7.220 3.825. QSL. WA0JCO, 6954 Winona Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63109. Operating from The Mark  Twain National Forest in Dent County, MO. MO QP Rules: w0ma.org/mo_qso_party.htm.

April 5-6
Mustang Island On The Air. 1400-0200, N5T, Port Aransas, TX. BVARC - Project X Contest Team. 7.285 14.285 21.385 28.450. QSL. Project X Contest Team, 15547 Stoney Fork Dr, Houston, TX 77084. The Project X Contest Team will activate Mustang Island in Texas (NA-092) during the Texas State Parks on the Air Event, from 14:00 UTC on Sat, 05-Apr-14 to 02:00 UTC on Sun, 06-Apr-14.
Visit our web site at www.mustangislandontheair.com and follow us on Twitter @mustangisland1. We will post updates on operations, photos and video. QSL via Direct - US Stations SASE. Non-US 2 Greenstamps or 1 IRC plus SAE. LOTW: Logs will be uploaded to LOTW after the event www.mustangislandontheair.com

April 5-17
CE0Y, Easter Island. Victor, CE1WFN, will be active as CE0Y/CE1WFN from Easter Island. Activity will be on the HF bands. QSL via his home call sign direct.

April 11-17
Georgia QSO Party 1000-2357, N4G, Atlanta, GA. Southeastern Underground Radio Fellowship. 14.070 7.035 SO-50. QSL. W4TI, PO Box 422261, Atlanta, GA 30342. Work historic DeKalb county, Georgia, EM73, during the GQP either on HF digital (PSK-31) or via Satellites! All stations will receive a special edition QSL card. w4ti.com

April 12
Annual Calico Fort Arts and Craft Festival 1400-2000, W4C, Ft Deposit, AL. The Jim Bell Wireless Association. 146.67 FM; DSTAR Reflector 58B. QSL. George Milligan, AK4GN, 1507 Ramer Grady Rd, Ramer, AL 36069. The purpose of this station is to demonstrate the benefits of Amateur Radio to the public. JBWA will demonstrate communication capabilities and will provide educational materials and briefings in the areas of Emergency Communications, Storm Spotting and general Public Service. For the children, we will have coloring books. With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees, Calico Fort is one of the oldest, largest and most popular arts and crafts fairs in the South. This outdoor show, on 6 acres, has
adjacent parking and plenty of fun for everyone. So come and enjoy our southern hospitality. The proceeds benefit community projects. For more information, visit http://calicofort.com/index.php. www.k4tns.org

April 12
USS Midway Decommissioning 1992 1600-2300, NI6IW, San Diego, CA. USS Midway (CV-41) Museum. 14.320 7.250; PSK 14.070; D-Star REF001C. QSL. USS Midway Museum Radio Room, 910 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101.

April 12
Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival 1500-2000, W5BMC, Morgan City, LA. Bayouland Emergency Amateur Radio Service. 14.260 7.260. QSL. Jackie Price, KA5LMZ, 1412 Maple St, Morgan City, LA 70380. Fourth year to operate from the beautiful banks of Bayou Teche in Franklin, Louisiana.

April 12
General Hardee's Retreat 1330-1730, NC4AR, Trinity, NC. Tri-County ARC. 145.29 7.210. Certificate. NC4AR, PO BOX 747, Trinity, NC 27370. Follow instructions to receive certificate. www.nc4ar.org

April 12
74th Anniversary of Bletchley Park (UK) Timely Decrypt of German Enigma Radio Message Apr 12, 0001-2359, N7E, West Point, UT. Enigma World Code Group. 28.450 21.400 14.270 7.250. QSL. Bruce Culp, EWCG, 660 N 2700 W, West Point, UT 84015.

April 12-13
Anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic 1200-0100, W4S, Clinton, TN. KC4RD. 21.335 14.235 7.265 3.985. QSL. Jim Womack, 617 Black Oak Rd, Clinton, TN 37716. kc4rd@arrl.org

April 12-13
102nd Titanic Special Event Station 1400-1400, N0SAP, Nixa, MO. Area Amateurs. 21.265 14.265 7.265 3.865. Certificate. David Beckler, 1137 W Crane Dr, Nixa, MO 65714. n0sap@yahoo.com

April 19
Old Greenville Black Powder Rendezvous Special Event Station 1200-2359, KD0MRV, Greenville, MO. Greenville Amateur Radio Club. 14.269 7.284. QSL. Danny Jaco, 174 Walnut St, Greenville, MO 63944. www.no0n-garc.com

April 19-20
SPARC 45th Anniversary 1700-2100, VE3SPR, Leamington, ON. Sun Parlor Amateur Radio Club. 14.205 7.220. Certificate. Terry Greenwood, 3392 Baby St, Windsor, ON B9C 1L4, CANADA. Main operation will be the weekend of the 19th April but the call is good for the whole month of April 2014 some of the club members may activate the call off and on during the month. For a certificate send QSL card and
$5.00 to VE3TMG call is good on QRZ.com. If you want to save $5.00 I can email the certificate send a valid email with your QSL card. www.thesparc.ca

April 25-26
Jackson, MO Bicentennial Special Event Station 1500-2300, W0QMF, Jackson, MO. Southeast Missouri Amateur Radio Club. 28.450 14.260 7.260 3.950. QSL. SEMO Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 98, Jackson, MO 63755. semoarc.org

April 25-27
Earth Day from Earth, Texas 2200-2359, W5E, Lubbock and Earth, TX. Lubbock Amateur Radio Club. 7.290. QSL. Gary Harrold, WA5TED, 2110 69th St, Lubbock, TX 79412. The Lubbock Amateur Radio Club will once again return to Earth to celebrate Earth Day operating as W5E.

April 26
Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire - Radio Demo 1400-2000, K1PBO, Hyannis, MA. Barnstable Amateur Radio Club. 14.270 SSB. Certificate. No Print QSLs, Please go to:, www.barnstablearc.org for a personalized, downloadable certificate or QSL card.. barnstablearc.org

April 26
Commemorating the Life and Heroic Actions of Railroad Engineer John Luther (Casey) Jones 1300-2100, WF4Q, Jackson, TN. West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society. 14.250 14.240 7.250 7.240. Certificate. WF4Q Special Event, PO Box 3382, Jackson, TN 38303. aa5xo@rocketmail.com. Logs will be uploaded to eQSL and LoTW.. sites.google.com/site/westtnars/home

April 26-27
Boy Scouts of America Lincoln Trail Hike 1400-2000, N9L, Springfield, IL. Sangamon Valley Radio Club. SSB 14.230 7.260; CW 14.030 7.030. QSL. Sangamon Valley Radio Club, C/O American Red Cross, 1045 Outer Park Dr, Springfield, IL 62704.

April 27
Two Modern Popes Now Saints 1600-2000, ND8GA, Gates Mills, OH. Gilmour Academy Amateur Radio. 146.55 21.255 14.255 7.255. Certificate. Ken Kane, KG8DN, Gilmour Academy, 34001 Cedar Rd, Gates Mills, OH 44040. Gilmour Academy celebrates the dual canonization in Rome today of Pope John 23rd and Pope John Paul 2nd. Each worked effectively to serve the church and the world while "opening the doors" to lay people and youth. Mail a hard-copy QSL card to Gilmour with your email address to receive an emailed certificate.  https://sites.google.com/a/gilmour.org/gilmour-amateur-radio-club

IOTA / Islands on the Air

April 1 - May
AS-101 French operator, David, has been operating as HS0ZLU from Koh Phangan Island, in Thailand. He will be active until May 2014. Activity will be mainly on the 10 and 20 meters bands, but he will also be on 80/40/17/12m, and use SSB and PSK. He uses an Icom IC-706 MKIIG into a long wire of 10 meters in length (Diamond W8010 20-10m) and a long wire of 20 meters in length (for 80-40m). QSL via the address on QRZ.com. NO Bureau QSLs. For more details, see http://hs0zlu.wordpress.com

April 1-11
LY24, Lithuania (Special Event). Jonas, LY5A, will operate as LY24A between to April 11th. Activity is to commemorate the 24th anniversary of Lithuanian independence restoration. QSL via his home callsign, direct
or by the Bureau.

April 11-14
EU-038.  Operators Marc/PD7YY and Jan/PE1GNP will be active as PH38EU from Terschelling Island. Activity will be on 40/20/17/15/12/10/2 meters  using SSB. QSL via PD7YY or PE1GNP, direct or by the Bureau.

April 26-May 3
EU-010.  Camb-Hams will be active as GS3PYE/P from the Isle of Lewis. The Camb-Hams have been activating the Scottish Isles each year since  2008 and will be traveling to the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides in 2014. Thirteen operators will be active on all bands and many modes from 4m to 80m, 2m and 70cm for Satellites, and 2m and 23cm for EME. The HF bands will be covered by five
simultaneous stations, while the 6m and 4m stations will have a great take-off towards the UK and Europe from the island's northern tip in IO68 square. 2m and 23cm EME will be available with a portable low-ERP Yagi system, mainly focused on JT modes. 2m and 70cm will be available for portable satellite operations.
Contest operations will take place in the RSGB 70MHz UKAC on April 29th. The group will be active on the major social net- works before, during and after the trip. You can check on progress or interact with the operators via their blog at dx.camb-hams.com or through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube [links below]. Previous trips have generated some great audio and video recordings of the GS3PYE/P signal from around the world. Please E-mail skeds-2014@camb-hams.com to arrange schedules on the more challenging bands and modes. VHF and EME schedules will also be made via ON4KST and N0UK's EME Chat. All
links are available via dx.camb-hams.com, twitter.com/g3pye, facebook.com/CambHams and youtube.com/CambHams.

April 27-May 11
JD1, Ogasawara. Harry, JG7PSJ, will once again be active as JD1BMH from Chichijima Island (AS-031). Activity will be on 40-10 meters using CW,  SSB and RTTY. QSL via the Bureau to JD1BMH or direct to JG7PSJ. Visit  his web page for more details at: http://sapphire.es.tohoku.ac.jp/jd1bmh

April 5-6
NA-092. Members of the "Project X Contest Team" will be activating Mustang Island (USI TX-011S, Nueces County, Texas) as N5T between April 5-6, and during the "Texas State Parks on the Air". The "Project X Contest Team" does have a Twitter and Web page at: http://www.mustangislandontheair.com
htpp://twitter.com/@mustangisland1 Added Notes: Also look for the "Project X Contest Team" to
be in the CQ WPX SSB Contest from Cullinan Park Sugar Land, Texas, March 28-30th. QSL direct via the address on www.QRZ.com. Logs uploaded to LoTW after the event.
(ARRL/Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin # 1153/1154)