Monday, April 28, 2014

QSLing Russia's Radio Maykop

Russian Federation
The only shortwave station (except the 1st of April Pomore radio on 5930 kHz ?) from RF seems is Radio Maykop of Adygey Republic heard 16-23 April on 7325 kHz via Krasnodar Armavir Tbilliskaya
tx site, on Fridays 1700-1800 and Sundays 1800-1900 UT in Adygeyan, and Mondays 1700-1800 UT in Adygeyan, Arabic, Turkish (and some items also translated in Kurdish).
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

1089  QSL card. On the front side Photo radiotelebashni and the inscription Krasnodar Krayevoy Broadcasting Center. Russian radio and television. Krasnodar region. KRTPTS.

"Dear Anatoly thanks for your letter and a report on the hearing of a radio station that broadcasts of pos.Oktyabrsky, Tbilisi district of Krasnodar region.

Program "Vesti FM". Date 01.04.2014 year. Broadcast time 2100-2200 UT. Frequency of 1089 kHz. PB-681 transmitter. 1200 kW. Antenna ARRTZ. Circular pattern. Best wishes, good luck and Aether !

The return address on the envelope:
ul. Radio 3-A
350038 Krasnodar
(Victor RU6AX, RUSdx April 27)
(WWDXC/Top Nx 1159)