Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Confusion on broadcasting in Crimea

In Crimea, Ukrainian FM-station which were replaced by Russian State Special Communication Service of Ukraine will complain to the International Telecommunication Union. Instead Ukrainian radio stations began broadcasting in the Russian Crimea. In the FM-band radio Russia appeared such as "Vesti FM”, “Europe Plus”, "Russkoe Radio", “Autoradio”, “Energy”, “Capital”.  "You listen to us online ?" asked yesterday leading radio "News" from the caller to the radio listener from Sevastopol, not knowing that they are already on the air. On the radio goes both local and Russian advertising. In addition, in the Crimean air continue to broadcast local radio stations such as, for example, “Leader FM”. General Director of "Kiss FM" Anton Tseslik says that "for good" must be issued new licenses for broadcasting (by new Crimean regulator or Russian). But such information, he said, have neither support of the Crimean local broadcasters or Ukrainian.
Official information on tenders for radio frequencies under the FM-radio station in site Minkomsvyazi Rossii these did not appear, Minister of Information and Communications of Crimea Dmitry Polonskiy on a business trip, said yesterday via his assistant. At the request of the Ministry by e-mail yesterday, no response .
Recall that in early April in the Crimea from ether lost a number of Ukrainian radio stations. 6 in particular broadcasters “Taurus Media” - Russian radio, Hit FM, Kiss FM, Radio Roks, Relax, Radio Melody, as well as holding UMH - Autoradio , our radio, Europa Plus, etc."Radio Chanson" and "Favorite Radio" (Jukebox ), are included in the Business Radio Group, and were forced to stop broadcasting in the Crimea on the background of the situation, said yesterday "Capital" in the source group. According to research company “GFK Ukraine”, in the southern region of Ukraine (including Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson) at the end of the first quarter of 2014, there were about 1.4 million listeners aged 12 to 65 years.
According to the director, "Taurus Media" Igor Chernyshev, their partners in the Crimea forced to disable the radio. Press secretary UMH Julia Vasilenko added that further radio group is not technically feasible. Yesterday, representatives of the media groups noted that the situation in Crimea has not changed. Sales Representative Europa Plus (Ukraine) said that some residents of Crimea listen radio online mode call and participate in quizzes.
Head of Administration of State Special Communication Service Vladimir Zverev notes that in the Crimea from the Russian broadcasters (including television) not included in the broadcast rights, as radio frequency assignment of equipment, and the equipment itself is the property of Ukraine. On this issue, the agency appealed to the International Telecommunication Union and finds this flagrant violation of their rights. FM-wave in close proximity to the warm sea can be spread over long distances and interfere with communications of other states, if their use is not pre-harmonized at the international level. Press secretary Roskomnadzora Vadim Ampelonskiy said he had no information on the use of radiofrequency, one in the Crimea , and added that such data can only clarify a few days. (capital.ua via OnAir.ru via RUS-DX No.765, Apr 27)

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