Tuesday, April 01, 2014

DX Stamp Service - April Specials

Dear Customer,
Below are specials for April 2014.
Check out the added bonuses on US discounted postage and DX supply special offers.

If you need a current stamp list or supply list, I can email it to you.

I also have a list of the countries we stock that have issued their own international forever stamps, yours for the asking too.
UK rate increases from 88p to 97p on March 31st per latest listing on Royal Mail website. This is their 10g International Mail rate for outside Europe. Rate to Europe will also be 97p but to Europe it covers 20g.
1,28 GBP will cover 20g rate as previously emailed. Glad they are keeping the 10g rate which can easily cover the return of a QSL card.
MAKE UPS: UK 9p makeups are 20c each.

NEW PRICES: UK now $1.90 up from $1.70. UK covers England, Wales, Scotland and No. Ireland.
Thailand now $1.20 down from $1.50
Kazakhstan now $3.50 up from $2.50 due to rate almost doubling.
Brazil now $2.00 up from $1.80, stamps in route from new supplier, order processed in 2 days...my 2 previous suppliers...nothing after 2+ months...
STAMPS IN STOCK AGAIN: Thailand!! (but they sent all low values! Suggestion, enclose stamps with your QSL rather than trying to affix stamps to return envelope. They must be working with Panama Post)

STAMPS ON BACK ORDER: Argentina, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Morocco, Poland, Switzerland and Uzbekistan.

BACK ORDERS will now be sent with your next stamp order, unless I have several to send you.  Am losing money by sending out one at a time. Sorry.


Save Big on your domestic mailings when you plaster your envelope with colorful stamps.

49c Units
  2 stamps
  3 stamps
  4 stamps
  5 stamps

x 100

x 200

x 400

(3 stamps means 49c unit made up in 3 stamps such as 22c, 22c and 5c)


Excess of 20c stamps, want some?

$50 in 20c stamps-$43    $100 for $80    $200 for $150
For US postage deals, payment by   CREDIT CARD NOW ACCEPTED!!

 No charge for shipping US postage deals to US addresses. ORDER NOW!
    3 Canada-$3.90          2 Latvia-$2.00         3 Japan-$3.90
3 France-$3.90       3 UK-$5.10
2 Finland 1st Kl.-$3.00     3 Finland 2nd Kl.-$3.00
Finland 1st class is priority rate
 2nd class is economy rate, it goes airmail too and saves you a bit!    
200/200 European Air Mailers and Air Returns -$40.00
200/200 Stateside Mailers and Returns - $19.00
2 Standard QSL Albums - $40.00

Buy 2 DX Supply Specials...Deduct $5.00!!

 Priority Mail Shipping Rates: Orders up to $16.00 add $6.50, orders from $16.01 to $40.00 add $9.00, orders from $41.00 to $100.00 add $15.00. orders from $101.00 to $150.00 add $20.00, orders over $150.00 add 15%. When ordering supplies and stamps, the stamps ride free, just use supply total to figure shipping costs. Shipments to Canada and overseas ship at a greater cost. (01/2014)

Stamps Only Orders: Just add $1.00 P&H for posting to USA, add $2.00 for posting to Canada.

73, bill

William Plum
12 Glenn Road
Flemington, NJ 08822
908 788 1020
908 782-2612 FAX
Email: plumdx@msn.com