Wednesday, April 02, 2014

QSL Report: April 2014

Qatar-0A71BX/P, 14 MHz SSB. Full data QSL card, signed by QSL Manager via EA7FTR. Received in
41 days for $2.00US, SASE and a nested Euro envelope. (L Van Horn)

RTR Radio Europa via Kostinbroad, 12035 kHz. E-QSL from "Christian". Received in 98 days
for report details to (Christian Ghibaudo, France/playdx)

Voice of Martyrs via Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 7515 kHz. Full data letter verification, without notation of transmitter site, signed by Pastor Tim. Received in four days for report details and two attached
MP3 recordings to: (Edward Kusalik, BC Canada)

Voice of the Wilderness via Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, 15180 kHz. Full data Wildlife of Sri Lanka card, signed by Director of Audience Relations. Card arrived in the same envelope as the Sri Lanka SLBC card (see below). Received in 17 months. (Wendel Craighead, KS)

La Voz de tu Conciencia, via Puerto Lleras, 6010 kHz. Full data E-QSL from Russell martin Stendal, Director and Rafael Rodriguez, QSL Manager. Received in five days. Report details to (R D'Angelo/NASWA)

France-France Bleu, 107.1/864 kHz. E-QSL from Patricia Mercier
Received in six days. QSL address: France Bleu, Piéce 2657, Radio France 116 Av. Pt Kennedy,
F-75220 Paris Cedex 16, France (Christian Ghibaudo, France/playdx)

Radio Alfa, Créteil, 98.60 kHz. Full data prepared QSL card returned as verified, plus station business card. Received in five days. QSL address: Rue Vasco de Gamma, 94046 Créteil Cedex, France. (Norbert Reiner, Germany/playdx)

Radio Nova, Paris 101.50 kHz. Full data QSL from Benoît Simon, Directeur Technique QSL included photo of Eiffel Tower top antennas. Received in three days. QSL address: 127 avenue Ledru-Rollin, 75011 Paris, France. (Norbert Reiner, Germany/playdx)

Radio Vivre FM 93.90 kHz. Full data prepared QSL card returned as verified, plus station business card. Received in five days. QSL address: 16 rue de Courcelles, 75008 Paris, France. (Norbert Reiner, Germany/playdx).

Germany-Radio Gold 190.640 kHz (DAB Ch 7 B). Full data prepared QSL card returned as verified.
Received in four days. QSL address: Pfalzburger Strasse 43-44, 10717 Berlin, Germany. (Norbert Reiner, Germany/playdx)

RMN Schlagerhölle 190.640 kHz (DAB Ch 7 B). Prepared QSL card returned as verified. Received in six days. Transmitter in Berlin. QSL address: RMNradio GmbH, Kapellenstrasse 27, 66270 Kleinblittersdorf. (Norbert Reiner, Germany/playdx)

Top FM 106.4 kHz. Prepared QSL returned as verified, signed by Anna Wolf, Sekretariat. QSL address: Schöngeisinger Strasse 11, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany. (Norbert Reiner, Germany/playdx)

Latvia-Radio Valmiera 106.8 kHz. Prepared QSL card returned as verified. Received om three weeks. Station address: Rigas iela 13, 4201 Valmiera, Latvia. (Norbert Reiner, Germany/playdx)

Waterstad FM, Sneek 104.40 kHz. Prepared QSL card returned as verified. Received in four weeks after
follow up report. Total time was seven months from original report. QSL address: Postbus 248, 8600 AE
Sneek, Latvia. (Norbert Reiner, Germany/playdx)

Radio 6150, 6070 kHz. E-QSL. Received in 470 days. Report details sent to (Christian
Ghibaudo, France/playdx)

Medium Wave
Brazil-Super Radio Cristal, 1350 kHz. Friendly personal email response from Celso Oliveira  Superintendente de Operacoes da Comunicacao da LBV) Response from: Received in 91 days. Report details sent to: Report sent with one IRC to: Legiao Boa Vontade, Terreiro de Jesus 13, Centro Historico Pelourino - CEP- 40025-010 Salvador do Bahia - Brazil. (Roberto Pavanello/HCDX).

Netherlands-Vahon Hindustani Radio, 1566 kHz. Full data E-QSL from Koos Wijnants. Received in two weeks for report details to (Artur Fernandez Llorella/HCDX)

Spain-RNE Cáceres Radio 5, 1107 kHz. Full data E-verification letter from Urbano Garcia Alonso, Director. Received in eight weeks from An additional full data QSL was received by postal mail from Miguel Ángel Pulido, Adjunto de Medios. (Artur Fernandez Llorella/HCDX)

U.K.-Kismat Radio, 1035 kHz. Full data E-verification letter. Received in three weeks. Report details to and Reply came from

USA-WCIT, 940 kHz. Full data card and letter on heavy stock station letter-head with business
card and handwritten note signed by Mark D. Geihart, Director of Engineering. Received in
27 days for a SASE (not used for reply), audio cassette, and AM report on the station's
DX Test. Station address: Childers Media Group, Engineering & IT, 57 Town Sq., Lima, OH
45801 USA. (Bill Wilkins, MO)

South Korea
KBS/Indian DX Report 9515 kHz. Full data E-QSL. Received in three months. Report details to

Sri Lanka
PCJ Radio, 11835 kHz. E-QSL from Victor Goonetilleke. Received in two dats for report details to (Artur Fernandez Llorella/pladx)

SLBC, 11750 kHz. E-QSL from Victor Goonetilleke. Received in two months for report details to (Artur Fernandez Llorella/pladx)

SLBC-Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corp via Ekala, 11905 kHz. Full data color studio building and tower card, signed by Deputy Director General (Engineering). (Wendel Craighead, KS)

Radio Omdurman, 7200 kHz. Full data E-verification letter from Adam Bakhit Bushra, Director of
French Section. Received in three days for report details to This was a
follow up report from 2009. (Artur Fernandez Llorella/pladx)

SAQ, Gimeton Radio 17,2 kHz. Full data QSL card. Received in 26 days for the December 24, 2013
broadcast (Alexanderson Day 2013). Station address: Radiostationen Grimeton 22-SE 432 98 Grimeton,
Sweden. (Francesco Cecconi, Spain/playdx) Next broadcast is scheduled for Sunday, June 29, 2014.

United States
Radio Free Asia via Tinian, 11995 kHz. Full date RFA's 2014 Winter Olympic Games card. Received in
12 days. (Wendel Craighead, KS)

WRMI, 7570 kHz. Full data "Greetings from Okeechobee, Florida" card, marked with "First Day of Transmission " and signed by Jeff White. Received in 84 days for an English report, $ 1.00 (used) and address label (not used for reply. Station address: Box 526852, Miami, Fl 33152 (Bill Wilkins, MO)

WWRB, 3185 kHz. Full data E-verification letter from John DiNardo. Received in one days for report
details to (Artur Fernandez Llorella/pladx)

Ship Traffic
3EW3-Canadian Highway (Cargo), MMSI 352718000, 2187.5 MHz. Full data prepared QSL card returned as verified. Received in 57 days. Ship position was Barcelona, Spain. (Andy, Germany/UDXF)

8PSQ-Wilson Husum (Cargo), MMSI 314208000, 2187.5 MHz. Full data prepared QSL card returned
as verified. Received in 36 days. (Andy, Germnay/UDXF)

LCBN-Siem Garnet (Anchor Handling Vessel), MMSI 212280000, 2187.5 MHz. Full data prepared
QSL card returned as verified. Received in 26 days. (Andy, Germany/UDXF)

P3QU-Wladyslaw Organ (Cargo), MMSI 212280000, 2187.5 MHz. Full data prepared QSL returned
as verified, plus letter. Received in 214 days. (Andy, Germany/UDXF).

QSL Address/Email and Veri Signer Updates

Radio Symban, J. Wright

AWR Wavescan, Box 29235, Indianapolis, IN 46229 USA
AWR Japan Shortwave Club, Kazuhiko Iwasa, QSL Manager

Radio Belarus 

Radio 9 de Julho, Padre Jose Renato Ferreira, Director, Rua Manoel de Arzao 85, Frequesia d O',São Paulo, Brazil
Voz Missionaria, Pastor Luiz Carlos Machado, Director, Rua Joaquim Nunes 244, Centro Camboriu,
SC CEP-88340-000, Brazil
Radio Nacional Amazonas, Mrs Luciana Couto, Coordenadora Relacoes Internacionales, Caixa Postal
070.747, Brasilia CEP-70359-970 Brazil

CHU, Raymond Pelletier, Technicial Officer, 1200 Montreal Road, Blvdg M-36, Ottawa, Ontario K1A OR6, Canada

Canary Islands
Horizon FM, Apartado De Correos 150, 38626 Valle San Lorenzo, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Oromo Voice Radio, Fekadu Megersa

Qué Me Radio via Palau 9930 kHz. Full data 25th Anniversary card, including the program name from
World Harvest Radio. Received ib nine weeks. QSL address: WRHI, 61300 S. Ironwood Road, South Bend,  IN 46614 USA. (Wendel Craighead, KS)

Radio Mara, 17540 kHz. Full data QSL including the program name and language. Received MGLOB card in two months. This is a very nice card depicting a map of Madagascar comprised of a color montage of
Madagascar scenes. The ocean to the east is what appears to be a mat made of a very strw-like cut
to the shape of the eastern coastline of the island and then applied to the card. QSL address: MCLOB SA, P.O Box 404, Antananarivo - 101, Madagascar. (Wendel Craighead, KS)

Diego Garcia
AFRTS/Armed Forces Network, Tansy Nguyen, ZCC (SW) USN. 23755 Z Street, Building 2730,
Riverside, CA 92518 USA

Deutsche Welle, Customer Service, 53110 Bonn, Germany
Media Broadcast GmbH, Michael Puetz, Erna-Scheffler-Strasse 1, 51103 Cologne, Germany
Vechte Welle

Radio Verdad, E.A. Madrid

Radio Waves International via Sitkunai

New Zealand
New Zealand, Radio New Zealand International, Adrian Sainsbury, Frequency Manager

Radio City 

RWM Russian Time/Frequency Station, Institute of Meteology for Time and Space (IMPV),
Moscow Region, Mendeleevo, RU-141570, Russia 

Solomon Islands
SIBC, Patrick Tibaua, Chief Engineer SIBC, P.O. Box 654, Honiara, Solomn Islands

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corp., J. Henanyake

Radio Taiwan International, P.O. Box 123-199, Taipei, Taiwan
Voice of Kuanghua, P.O. Box 1700, Taipei, Taiwan 10099

Radio Thailand,

United States
KVOH The Voice of Hope, Ray Robinson, Operations Manager WINB Hans Johnson

TWR India via Tashkent, S.F. Abraham

Euro Free Radio

B52 Radio
Mustang Radio
Premiur Radio
Pink Panther Radio
Radio Action Holland
Radio Adelaar
Radio Alice
Radio Bogusman
Radio Casanova
Radio Calipso
Radio Countdown
Radio Flying Dutchman Shortwave
Radio Groenteboertje
Radio Goundenster
Radio Monique
Radio Norton
Radio Pirates for Peace
Radio Power Liner
Radio Sluwe Vos
Radio Tango Italia
Radio Thunderbird SRS Germany, Postfach 101145, DE-99801 Eisenbach, Germany
Radio Tidalwave
Radio Underground
Radio Verona