Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Monitoring unknown Russian station


Unidentified station in Russian was heard again on 27 January 2016 from 19.20 to 19.59 UTC on 1530 kHz. A very strong signal and good modulation, reminiscent of Grigoriopol transmitter. Directional "Luup" antenna tube radio and portable "Sony" with ferrite antenna indicate direction between Grigoriopol and Krasnodar. Transmit military and songs about outer space, talking about Yuri Gagarin, an interview on the subject of space with the Finnish expert, and in early congratulations soldiers. For the first time the station has been detected by Vasily Lazarev of the Samara region in July 2015.
He suggests that this Radio Constanta, Romania. I heard 13 January 2016 between 19.00 - 20.00 UTC, but heard only folk songs (about 19.20 song "Katyusha”), but on January 27 already, and we are in Russian. Compared second transmitter Radio Constanta at 909 kHz, but it was their transfer in Romanian Constanta and generally come here for a very weak signal at 1530 and 909 kHz, and the Russian-speaking radio was very loud signal. WRTH Mauno Ritola expert from Finland suggests that it is a pirate station, but hardly a pirate will have the power.
(Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria)
(Anatoly Klepov/RUS-DX # 857/02 Feb)

27 January 2016 - I was listening to this broadcast in Russian. Severe noise was from Radio Actualitati-Romania.

The signals from radio stations were fading and could hear the another station. The program included songs about the space program, and then record Gagarin, interviews Finn and passed on the tale "Moroz Ivanovich." After a fairy tale female announcer declared that these programs are broadcast on Mondays and Wednesdays. Total transfer I have not heard of identification and name of the program.

PS: Now is the time 01.45 UTC (January 31, the editor). At a frequency of 1530 kHz radio heard in Russian -religioznye transmission: the songs constantly, reading. The radio broadcast has been working for a long time. But identifying never heard. According to data from the Internet is possible from Radio Moldova. Basically, the radio is heard in the morning.
(Vasily Lazarev, Samarskaya oblast, the village of Nizhnee Sancheleevo, Russia / "deneb-radio-dx")
(Anatoly Klepov/RUS-DX # 857/02 Feb)