Tuesday, February 02, 2016

National Radio Company interested in around the clock broadcasting

Bulgaria / Ukraine
National Radio Company of Bulgaria interested in organizing around the clock broadcasting in Ukraine. This January 20, said a member of the Supervisory Board of the Bulgarian Natsrady Christina Strizhlev during a meeting on the possible organization of broadcasting, the press service of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio (Natsteleradio).
As expected, made in Bulgaria transmission via satellite will be delivered for distribution network in Ukraine.
As explained by the Bulgarian ambassador to Ukraine Krasimir Minchev, it will provide the Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine gears in their native language. "I think this project will be beneficial for both countries," - he said.
First of all, the Bulgarian delegation was interested in broadcasting in the Odessa area, because that is where densely populated by Bulgarians.

During the meeting the parties discussed the legal framework and technical aspects for the organization of the Bulgarian National Radio Broadcasting in Ukraine. In particular, representatives of the Natsteleradio reported limitations which includes domestic legislation on foreign ownership of broadcasting and transparency of ownership.

They also spoke about the possibility of cooperation with broadcasters, who are already working on the Ukrainian media market by the joint production of the product or its transfer for distribution in local networks. According to the agreement, the parties will exchange the necessary regulatory information for further study.
(Anatoly Klepov/RUS-DX # 857/02 Feb)