Friday, May 01, 2009

Blog Logs - Peru

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on sign-off*

Broadcast in Spanish unless otherwise indicated

3329.61, Ondas Del Huallaga, 1102-1108. Have a good carrier here, but the audio is questionable. Announcer's audio is so weak, I can't distinguish any details. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4746.90, Radio Huanta Dos Mil, Huanta 1040-1050. Male/female's conversations. Music on at 1044. Signal very ppor.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

4746.9, Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta, 2224-2235. Spanish talk, SINPO 14321. (Méndez) (DX Window # 375)

4746.81, Radio Huanta Dos Mil, Huanta 1045-1055. Only fading in periodically, noted a male announcer with comments. Signal remained threshold during the period. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4774.85, Radio Tarma, 1050-1100. Here again, noted a male with Spanish comments, however, a second gent is joining in. Signal was threshold. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4774.96, Radio Tarma, 1030-1040. Threshold signal here under CODAR with music.At about 1035, the signal began to fade in better for a second or two, then drop back down. By 1037,the signal was solid and starting to creep towards a fair level.(Chuck Bolland, FL)

4775, Radio Tarma, 1002-1010. Spanish melodies along with comments from announcer. Signal poor with noise. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4790.00, Radio Vision, Chiclayo, 0920-0940, Tuned in to nice Peruvian huaynos music with an ID by a male over the music. Significantly muffled to make details difficult to pull out. This format continued with talking over the music periodically during the time period. I noticed drifting of the signal from 4790.03 to 4790.00 then to 4790.07 kHz and back. Promos at 0936 to station ID. Signal fair to threshold by 0933. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4790.1, Radio Vision, Chiclayo, 1010+. Noted religious programming at tune-in. SINPO 25332. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina)

4824.50, La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos, 1020-1035. Huaynos and popular music with comments in Spanish. Also, a canned commercial and ID between tunes. Series of "canned" promos at 1026 . Signal fair to good. (Chuck Bolland, FL/DX Window #375)

4826.49, Radio Sicuani, Sicuani (presumed), 0125-0135. Spanish talk, SINPO 25232. (Anker Petersen/DX Window # 375)

4826.5, Radio Sicuani, Sicuani 1005. Spanish/Quecha announcements including, " la oportunidad de ingresar a Policia Nacional... SINPO 35333. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina).

4826.50, Radio Sicuani, Sicuani 0920-0930. Comments to music presentations of Peruvian huaynos style. CODAR was broadcasting on the freq too while Sicuani was at a poor level.(Chuck Bolland,FL)

4826.50, Radio Sicuani, Sicuani 1040-1045. Male/female duo with talk and comments. Judging from the tone, believe they were sharing the news. At 1043 canned promos. Signal was actually fair to good this morning. ((Chuck Bolland,FL)

4826.466, Radio Sicuani, Sicuani 0957-1005, Announcer's conversation format to 1000. On the hour canned ID and promos heard. CODARstrongly pulsating making what should be a nice listening experience into a brain shattering, jackhammer torture test. After the hour, the male continues in comments and I got to QSY to say my sanity. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

4835.6 Radio Marañon, Jaén, 0036+. Romantic Peruvian vocals to local advertisements. SINPO 25332. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina).

4835.42, Radio Marañon, Jaén, 1000 and 2310-2330, Spanish programs. (Wilkner/DX Window #375)

4955 Radio Cultural Amanta, Huanta 2310. "Estamos queridos amigos en la Radio Cultural Amauta." SINPO 25442. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina).

4857.39, Radio La Hora, Cusco, 2350-2400. Spanish talk, weak signal, first log for over two weeks. (Wilkner/DX Window # 375)

4955, Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta, 2221-2239. Comments in Quecha, SINPO 15321. (Méndez/DX Window # 375)

4991.1 Radio Manatial, Huancayo (tentative). Religious programming to announcer's text. SINPO 32332. (Arnaldo, Argentina).

5025, Radio Quillabama, 1005-1015. Not a very good catch. Noted Quillabama under Radio Rebelde which dominated. Heard mainly music with some Spanish comments from a male. Signal was very poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5039.11, Radio Libertad, Junin, 1103-1115. Spanish comments, sounding like the news. Signal never improved beyond threshold. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

5039.15, Radio Libertad, Junin 1043-1050. Spanish comments before the music. Generally, Peruvian huaynos musi to male/female cheering on the musicians who are playing the music. Canned comments at 1048. From all the yelling and cheering, it seems like this station is having a party this morning. Signal was fair to poor. (Chuck Bolland. FL/DX Window # 375)

5039.4 Radio Libertad, Junin 1032+. Peruvian vocals to programming announcements. SINPO 15331. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina).

5059.2, La Voz de las Huarinjas, Huanacabamba, 2350-0204* Folk music to announcement about quackery and botanical pharmacy, "...siempres compartiendo la mejor musica a traves de La Voz de las Huarinjas...", "...somos La Voz de las Huarinjas desde Huancabamba para todo el Perú..." Station reactivated after several weeks off the air. (Rodriguez/DX Window # 375)

5120.1, Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba, 1205-1225. Advertisement Incafarma, retransmitting the news bulletin from RPP (Radio Programas del Perú) "La rotativa del aire". (Rodriguez/DX Window # 375)

5120.3 Radio Ondas del Suroiente, Quillabamba 0010.+ Station identification as, "continuamos con mas informaciones a traves de Radio Ondas del Suroriente...amplitud modulada y 5120 en la onda corta." SINPO 34333. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina).

5459.83 - 5460.40, Radio Bolivar, Ciudad Bolivar. 2355-2400. Spanish talk, but wildly drifting signal. (Wilkner/DX Window # 375)

5460.5 Radio Bolivar, Ciudad Bolivar, 2345.+ "En esta segunda parte de nuestro programa...para todos los oyentes de Radio Bolivar.." SINPO 25232. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina).

5949.3 Radio Bethel, Arequipa 1206.+ Religious program Gloria a Dios Hermano.. SINPO 33333. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina).

6019.30, Radio Victoria, Lima, 0845-0859. Had a clear signal here with no QRM until 0859. Initially noted two males amid religious comments. At 0852, a female comments and begins crying over the air while she is comforted by another male. Finally,about 0854 a male gives TC and other information, mentioning Peru,but I didn't hear Victoria mentioned. At 0859, Radio Australia comes onthe air blocking Victoria's fair signal. (Chuck Bolland,FL)

6019.40, Radio Victoria, Lima, 0940-1000. Religious programming, this the usual preacher who has a tendency to "plead" in his tonal presentation. Using the lower sideband mode to clean up the signal from a hetrodyne on 6020 KHz. Signal was fair until the hour when QRM blocked it. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6019.4, Radio Victoria, Lima, 2240-2330 and 0640-0850. Monitored over several days. Time announcements two minutes late according to WWVH check, usual inspirational talks in Spanish, "El pastor David Miranda en directo vía satélite desde Sao Paulo, el pastor David Miranda cura enfermos y aleja demonios", ID's, 34333. (Bernardini, Bolland, Méndez and Otávio/DX Window # 375)

6019.30, Radio Victoria, Lima 1035-1045. Religious programming with praising and crying in Spanish. Signal was fair while mixing with station on 6020. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6173.89, Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco, 1030-1145. Program "La Escuela del Aire.", "...serie radioeducativa dirigida a profesores, padres de familia y estudiantes de la region...educar para un futuro mejor hasta nuestra proxima emision...", weak with co-channel splash. (Rodriguez and Wilkner/DX Window # 375)

6195.713, Radio Cusco, Cusco (presumed) 2330-2345. More religious programming. Religious choral music at 2337. Signal was threshold but still active. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6195.6, Radio Cusco, Cusco, 2232-0100. Much folk music, 2300 ID: "...en los 1480 AM; tradicion, costumbres y cultura; Radio Cusco una voz para el mundo luego programa: La Voz de la Profecia "una voz que clama en el desierto"", music with ID:"..Radio Cusco .". Heavy duty QRM on the hour at 0100 blocks Cusco completely. (Bolland//Rodriguez/DX Window # 375)

6174.2 Radio Tawantinsuyo, Cusco 1330+ !! Spanish/Quecha local ads to Peruvian huaynos music. SINPO 44433. (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina).

6195.77, Radio Cusco, Cusco, 2345-0010. Two male with female conversing together. At 0006 the frequency is starting to get noisy while the signal hasn't improved anymore. The actual frequency for this station is 6195.813 measured by Brandon Jordan, in Tennessee. I am listening where I can hear the details the best for my hearing. At 0008 music presented. Signal remained from threshold to poor during this period. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6195.74, Radio Cusco, Cusco, 1045-1050, Just barely audible for announcer duo's Spanish comments. Signal noted as threshold, and it is being hindered by the BBC's broadcast on 6195 via Singapore. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

6536, Radio Nueva Super Sensacion, Huancabamba, 0050-0120*, Spanish greetings and musical dedications, partial ID: "..... ciudad ubicada en el departamento de Piura, Republica del Perú - - limitrofe con la Republica del Ecuador - Huancambamba se encuentra ubicada a orillas del rio del mismo nombre - - flora y la fauna - - y desde esta provincia transmite Radio Nueva Super Sensacion de Huancabamba una emisora joven al servicio de su pueblo, una emisora con compromiso...". (Rodriguez/DX Window # 375)

9720, Radio Victoria, Lima, 0412-0710. Religious talk in Spanish, "Este testimonio para todos los oyentes de La Voz de la Liberación", "Amados hermanos, amados oyentes", SINPO 33333 // 6019.4. (Méndez/DX Window # 375)