Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Logs

All times UTC

*sign-on / sign-off* // parallel frequency
logs edited for clarity

RTV Algerienne via Issoudun transmitter, 7295, 0428-0458.* Arabic broadcast with Middle East mentions. Program rather long-strided and was cut in mid-sentence at 0458 with no fanfare. (Ed Kusalik, CAN).

Ozy Radio, 5050, 1304-1338. Station mixing with BBR (China), playing music from Elton John, and Mammas & the Papas. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

Radio Lipez, 4795.917, 1008-1020. Spanish comments between musical selections. Staion was one of the better signals observed (Chuck Bolland, FL)

Radio Mosoj Chaski, 3310-013, 1003-1015. Spanish program announcements, continuing through monitoring as signal remained at threshold. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

Radio San Miguel, 4699.977, 0955-1005. Music noted at tune-in for a few seconds, followed by announcer's Spanish comments. Signal never improved beyond threshold (Chuck Bolland, FL).

Radio Santa Cruz, 4795.917, 0938-0955. Spanish comments noted at tune-in, followed by station Spanish comments (Chuck Bolland, FL).

Radio Inconfidencia, 15189.98. 0045-0115. Brazilian romantic ballads to Portuguese talk. Fair signal and in the clear after 0045 when WYFR signs-off. Poor on // 6010 with adjacent channel splatter. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Rdif Roraima, 4878.56, 0310-0404.* Portuguese talk to local pop ballads. Some US pop music by Whitney Houston and others. Closing announcements at 0404 sign-off. Also heard earlier at 0115-0200 with futebol coverage. (Brian Alexander, PA).

Super Radio Deus e Amor, 6120.02, 0835. Usual Portuguese religious programming. Noted fair signal, one or two second delay between 6120-02 and // 6059.22, 11764.94 (Brian Alexander, PA)

China Radio International relay, 6040, 1132. Via Sackville in English with Listener's Garden program. SIO 554. (Bob Fraser, ME)

Radio Nationale Tchadienne, 6165, 1810. Program with shouted announcements in French by male announcer, into a five minute drum solo. Station ID by a woman at 1815, then into talk show with a man in both French and some Arabic. Seemed to have some vernacular programming mixed in, although I will admit that my French is not good. Very good signal, with some fluttery fades.(Al Muick, Pattaya, Thailand).

Chine Radio International (Jinhua) 15170, 0536-0541. Chinese talk during poor signal quality under slow Arabic talk from Saudi Arabia's BSKSA. (Jim Evans, TN).

Radio Y'Abaganda via Franace, *1700-1715.* Sign-on with African choral music. Vernacular talks at 1702-1715. Sign-off with several seconds of African choral music. Signal weak and poor quality. (Brian Alexander, PA).

Radio Miraya vias Ukraine, 11560, 0340-0415. Arabic talk to IDs, time pips and ID at 0400. English news 0401-0411. African music to Arabic talk. Weak signal but readable at tune-in, but deteriorated to very weak levels by 0415. (Brian Alexander, PA).

Radio Cairo, 9290, 2256-2304. Portuguese. Traditional Arabic vocal music. Announcements via lady announcer and ID in Portuguese at 2259. Arabic music then continued with brief announcements. Moderate signal strength with some noted fading. (Jim Evans, TN)

Radio Ethiopia, 9559.79, 1713. External service in French with lots of African drum music and male vocals and occasional French announcements. Good signals with slight fade. Apparently slightly off frequency. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

Radio Netherlands relay. English report on past bombing of embassies in Africa. SIO 554. (Bob Fraser, ME)

Radio Conakry, 7125, *0555-0715.+ Abrupt sign-on with French talks. During this period, the transmitter constantly going on and off the air. Sometimes very weak modulation but other times with a good, strong signal (Brian Alexander, PA).

Voice of Guyana, 3290, 0918-0930. Male/female chat in Spanish and copy isn't solid as the noise breaks up the signal often. Signal quality was poor. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

RRI Nabire, 7289.95, 0742-0859.0 Bahasa Indonesian segment of children singing and chanting. Jakarta news at the hour, ending with the usual national song at 0827, music till 0856. Reciting from the Qur'an till suddenly off with no announcement.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

Radio Nikkei, 6055, 1200-1230.* Japanese talk to 1229, then close down announcement, giving freqs with power and call signs. Carrier off at exactly 1230. Good signal. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

RTM Kajang/Asyik FM, 6049.67, 0845. Regional service in vernacular language. Lots of DJ patter and Malaysian pop music. Running a little off of nominal frequency, but with decent signal level when the band is otherwise dead. (Al Muick, Pattaya, Thailand).

RTM Kajang/Voice of Islam, 6175, 0856. Regional service in English, heard initially with Arabic style vocals by soft-voiced male, when suddenly drums began and there was a bit of pop music. Station ID on the hour into newscast. (Al Muick, Pattaya, Thailand).

ORTM, 7245, *0547-0700. Abrupt sigtn-on with local chants and guitar music. Signal fair to good. (Brian Alexander, PA). 725, 0547-0605 in Arabic. (Jim Evans, TN).

The Cross Radio, 4755.45, 1132-1137.* Tuned in to what sounded like a sermon in progress. Program off abruptly at 1137.* Fair signal but rough copy in band noise. (John WIlkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

Papua New Guinea
Radio Fly, 5960, 0916-1403. Signal well above normal reception-mostly in Tok Pisin. Island music;0927-0938 segment about health issues in the western province and Australian Doctors International.Many IDs, pop songs. At 0945 began exciting live coverage of the rugby match between the Gold Coast Titans at the St George Dragons held in Australia. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX).

Radio Sandaun (West Sepik) 3205, 1102-1303. Randomly from 1102-1303. Well above normal reception,nes at 1102 (Tok Pisin) 1201 (New in Brief) and 1301 (News Roundup). Many station IDs in both Tok Posin and English explained about the July census and different from the Electoral Commission thatregisters voters.Enjoyable program of island songs; 3290 and 3365 are also above normal. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

Deutsche Welle relay via Sines, 15275, 2145. Inside Europe program // 15640 kHz. SIO 554. (Bob Fraser, ME)

Voice of Russia (Vladivostok-Razdonoye) 13755, 0540-0544. Lady announcer with interview in English regarding North Korea. A second interview on the same subject with a different man followed at 0543. Good signal. (Jim Evans, TN).VOR via Moscow, 9800, 2235. (Bob Fraser, ME).

South Korea
KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1 (presumed) 6015, 1152-1156. A rare occurence of them not being jammed by North Korea. Two young announcers chatting and laughing. Did not sound very threatening, but at 1156 totally covered by the beginning of strong jamming. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX).

SRTC/Sudan Radio, 7200, *0229-0400. Sign-on with local chants and Arabic talk. Local string music to tribal vocals. Poor signal amid thunderstorm interference. (Brian Alexander, PA).

Radio Apintie, 4990, 0935-0950. Male announer's steady comments beig at the same level as the radio noise - heard only to 0945. (Chuck Bolland, FL)

Bangkok Meteorological Radio, 6765 USB, 0907. Weather forecast in Thai and English, read by male. Station has a nice QSL card and worth the effort to log (Al Muick, Pattaya, Thailand).

Voice of Turkey, 9785, 1850. The Balkan Agenda program. SIO 454. (Bob Fraser, ME).

Radio Vanuatu, 3945, 1213. Program in vernaculars to pop songs. Station ID and national anthem to 1221.* Transmitters off as usual at 1224. Weather amateur radio net also here. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX).

Ho Chi Minh Coastal Radio, 7906 USB, 0916. Maritime weather read by female announcer in English.Coordinates were included, followed by same in Vietnamese. Series of beeps at 0920 and apparently off-the air, replaced by another station. (Al Muick, Pattaya, Thailand).

Republic of Yemen Radio, 9780.13, 0421-0459. Traditional Arabic musoc and talk. Signal fair - good quality. Completely covered by Spain's DRM signal at their 0459 sign-on. (Brian Alexander, PA).

United Kingdom
Radio Canada International relay via Skelton, 17810, 1845. Oil speculators and the stock market discussed.SIO 554. (Bob Fraser, ME).

WRMI, 9955, 2245-2250. Portuguese. Religious talk by male announcer, followed by music. Good signal with heavy jamming and fading on frequency (Jim Evans, TN).

Trans World Radio via Tashkent, 11930, *1315-1400. Noted with interval signal at sign-on. Program in Dogi language to India. Noted this broadcast to 1330, into Hidi with ID and interval signal. Station website given as (Ed Kusalik, CAN)