Saturday, June 11, 2011

International broadcasters increase airtime on US domestic stations

Lou Josephs writes: The Voice Of Russia sponsored a panel discussion yesterday on US-Russian issues at the National Press Club, and said it was to “celebrate the launch of two US-based stations.” But actually, Voice Of Russia has been on the air fulltime in New York since December 26, and they’ve also been leasing time in the DC market. Both deals are with brokered time specialist Multicultural Broadcasting, which is leasing New York’s WNSW and DC market WZHF (1390 AM).

You’ll be hearing more ethnic radio in big and medium-size US markets, and sometimes it’s in English, to reach both the foreign-born population and curious native Americans. China Radio International is in the Houston-Galveston market, the Atlanta market, and now the Boston market on WILD-AM. Learn more about the DC-based VOR operation in the US, which employs folks like Jessica Jordan (formerly of WAMU, Washington), Rob Sachs (also from public radio), and Kim Brown (radio and TV news in Philly, Baltimore, and DC), at VOR’s website at

DCRTV adds: China Radio International in English is heard in the DC market on the relaunched WAGE (1190 AM)…..
(Source: Lou Josephs/R Netherlands media Network Weblog)