Thursday, June 30, 2011

Radio Fly and the long awaited QSL card

The following was reported today for DXers on the status of QSLing Radio Fly

Papua New Guinea
(I) have been corresponding with Radio Fly regarding their long awaited QSL cards. The cards in fact have been designed, printed and all have been signed by the GM of the company, so perhaps they will go out next week, as they would like to send them out all at once and have not sent one yet to anybody. To date they have received more than 40 reception reports; some have sent more than one report. Those who have already sent in reception reports do not need to do anything else but keep checking your mailbox. Looks as if we should certainly have them in July.

Very good news!

For those wishing to send in new reception reports, please send them to a very nice fellow at Ok Tedi Mining Limited: James Kaltobie at He sincerely apologizes for the delay in getting these QSL cards out to listeners, but this is all rather new to him.
(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)