Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clandestine monitoring

The following clandestine stations are a portion of those being heard by shortwave radio listeners. Special thinks to DX Window 431 and the Danish Shortwave Club.
Gayle Van Horn

All times UTC // parallel frequency

3912, Voice of the People, via Goyang, South Korea, 1147. Korean speech, SINPO 35333 // 3480 (SINPO 33333 with heterodyne), 4450 (SINPO 44343). (Sellers)

4880, SWR Africa, Meyerton, 1857-1859. Song, SINPO 25332. (Mille)

4895, Zimbabwe Community Radio, via Meyerton, 1843-1846. Unreadible talks, very weak, SINPO 15331. (Mille)

6070, Voz de la Resistencia CRB operates Sundays 1200-1300. There are indications, that it is operated by the Joint Western Command. Cf. 6080. (Rodriguez)

6080, Voz de la Resistencia CRB operates Sundays 2100-2200. Not heard at other times or days. Cf. 6070. (Rodriguez)

7610, Gunaz Radio, via Simferopol, 1545-1548. Azeri talk, 1747 mention of Azerbaijan, SINPO 35333. (Mille)

9690, Tatarstan Awazy, 0620-0625. Talks in Tatar, SINPO 24333. (Liangas)

9930, Bar Kulan, 1614-1615. Hilife song, talks in Arabic with mentions of Somalia, 324x2 with most interference from 9935 R S Thesaloniki. (Liangas)

11530, Denge Mezopotamya, via Ukraine, 0415-0433. Kurdish music, indigenous vocals and Kurdish talk. Poor to fair in noisy conditions. In the clear with WYFR no longer using this frequency. (Alexander in DXplorer)

11595, Democratic Voice of Burma, via Yerevan, *2330-0030.* Sign on with local music and opening ID, talk in Burmese, many mentions of Myanmar. Short breaks of instrumental music. Poor to fair, but improved to a good level by 0000. (Alexander in DXplorer)

13740, Radio Dardasha 7, 1923-1929.* Arabic talks to North Africa with music, IDs, fair. (Bernardini)

15410, Radio Y’Abaganda, Uganda, via Issoudun, France, Sa *1700-1715.* Sign on with African choral music, vernacular talk at 1703-1715 mentioning Uganda, weak. Poor signal. Sa only. (Alexander in DXplorer and Liangas)

15500, EDC Sudan, 1602. Horn of Africa beat song, that IDed the station in Arabic or local language, then ID as ”Sudan Radio Service” and also ”EDC”, then program analysis and news (akhbar), S20. (Liangas)
(DXW 431)