Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog Logs

Ready for some quality time at the radio dials ? The weekend is an excellent time for band scanning shortwave across the globe. The following logs represent what has recently been monitored. Thank you to all the contributors.Logs and comments are always appreciated and may be sent to the email address in the masthead.
Gayle Van Horn

All times UTC // parallel frequency *sign-on / sign-off*

Loggings have been edited for clarification

Radio Santa Cruz 6134.80, 1038-1055. Male/female's local announcements with flute music in the background. Fair signal at tune-in, but deteriorating quickly. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

Rdif Roraima 4878.50, 0345-0408.* Brazilian musical ballads and Portuguese talk. Sign-off with national anthem. weak signal in poor and noisy conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA)

Radio Daqui 6080.02, 0915-0930. Portuguese religious talk for fair signal // 4915.03 Signal poor to fair with CODAR interference. (Brian Alexander, PA).

Super Radio Deus e Amor, 9565.259, 0507. Portuguese talk by male/female duo, tiny S 3-4. Wandered downward when checked again at 0545 was on 9565.251. (Wolfgang
Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

Voz Missionaria 5939.845, 0454. Logged with poor tiny signal with Portuguese religious sermon. Interference by adjacent VOA Croatian signal from Biblis, Germany on 5945 kHz.(Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

CHU Ottawa 3330, 0518. Time/frequency station with time pips. ID text by male in English and French. S 7-8 strength. (Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

RTN Tchadinee N'Djamena, 6165v. French service when began at 0430, was on odd 6165.036 kHz, but wandered to exact 6165.000 at 0443. neat west African music played at s 9+10 db strength level.(Wolfgang Bueschel, germany/HCDX)

Shiokaze/Sea Breeze via Yamata, 1333 in Japanese with fair signal het from Myanmar on 5985.83v which Shiokaze now totally blocks for one hour (1330-1430) no jamming yet. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

Alcaravan Radio 5909.962. From Lomalinda with nice Spanish singer's lite music on Amor y Alegria S 8 fair signal quality at 0536. (Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

CyBC 9760, *2215-2244.* Sign-on with Greek music and opening announcements. Greek talk and brief breaks of Greek music. Good signal and fair on // 7220 kHz. Very wak on // 5925 (Brian Alexander, PA)

Diego Garcia
AFN 4319, 1316. Again not // AFN Guam (5765 USB). Guam had many short segments, while Diego Garcia was a longer talk show, occasionally have noted Diego Garcia recently being off the air. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX).

Radio Djibouti 4780, 0304-0325. Abruptly on the air at 0304 with Qu'ran in progress. Arabic talk at 0312. Weak signal - poor and lost in the noise by 0325 (Brian Alexaner, PA).

Voice of the Broad Masses of eritrea 9715.03. Program 2 *0255-0310 with sign-on with interval signal, alternating with the opening ID announcements. Vernacular talk at 0300, some Horn of Africa music. Signal fair/good // 7175 very good and // 9820.03 was fair.(Brian Alexaner, PA).

Radio Oromiya 6030, *0322-0345. Sign-on xylophone-like interval signal. Talk in listed Oromo to Horn of Africa music at 0332. Signal poor with jammer on the air and adjacent channerl splatter. At least no co-channel interference from Radio MArti, which is off the air on UTC Mondays. (Brian ALexander, PA).

Radio Conakry 7125, 0700. Tiny signal S 2-3 during west African music. (Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

Radio Verdad 4055.000. Station from Chiquimula, noted German religious sermon as"Der wunderbare Retter Jesus Christus." Heavy Swiss German accented in 0525-0525 UTC time slot.(Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

Voice of Indonesia 9525.96, 1313-1323. Exotic Indonesia program, a joint production by VOI and RRI Banjarmasin. News from Jakarta and Banj. Station IDs for both Jak-Banj and local time check. Today in History segment. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

RTVM 6135.28 (presumed) 1326. African hi-life music to 1327 when totally blocked by the sign-on of a North Korean jamming intented for Shiokaze, but they had moved to 5985.(Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX).

Asyik FM 6049.62, 1144-1207. Regional vocal music to male's long chat between songs (not sure of language) at 1154 there was a long patriotic-sounding song (anthem ?) (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

Klasik Nasional (presumed) 5964.70, 1153-1210. Sub-continental vocals to 1200, followed by two signal pips and possible news to 1203. Language may have been Bahasa Malaysian, then back to music after a jingle and brief comments. Fair signal quality (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

Voice of Islam via Voice of Malaysia 15295, 0937-0955. English with Islamic information about the Qu'ran, ect. Signal poor-fair. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX).

RTVM 5995, *0555-0610. Sign-on with interval signal on a cora. National anthem at 0558. Flute interval signal into opening French ID announcements at 0600. Local tribal music at 0601. Rustic local music for weak signal, and poor in noisy conditions. (Brian Alexaner, PA).

ORTM 7245, *0553-0620. Abrupt sign-on with local chants, Good signal. (Brian Alexander, PA)

PMA-The Cross Radio 4755.44. Randomly from 1131 to 1205 UTC. Religious preaching in English to Christian songs. Signal suddenly off, fair by sign-off. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

LV du Sahel 9704.99, 2212-2300.* Wide variety of indigenous vocals, local tribal music and Afro-pop music. French and vernacular talk. Qur;an at 2254, French announcements at 2257 followed by flute interval signal and national anthem at 2258. One second test tone at 2300 and off. Poor to fair copy in noisy conditions. Irregular, notheard very often lately. (Brian Alexaner, PA).

Papua New Guinea
Radio Fly 5960, 1137-1153. Presumed with usual format of pop music and lady announcer in Engliah. There was something on 3915 kHz, but too weak to tell if it was //. Fair signal with 5955 splatter, still there but weak at 1230 (John wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

Radio Libertad 5039, 213, 0947-1000. Noted threshold signal present during female's comments. SIgnal barely audible in the noise. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

Radio Del Pacifico 4975.014, 0935-0945. Spanish comments exchange from male/female announcer duo. Station promotional presented at 0945. Signal was fair but beginning to be caught up by the noise by 0947. (Chuck Bolland, FL).

Radio Santa Rosa 6047.05. Two days of outstanding reception, improved signal assumed to be enhanced via grayline reception. Have never heard them this strong nor this low in \frequency(normally about 6047.15). Noted also from 1133 - 1159. (Ron Howard, CA/Cumbre DX)

Voice of Russia 13775. English Powerhouse signal scross the Pacific Ocean from 'western' side. Via Vladivostok Razdolnoye transmitter site at 0553. S 9+25 dB strength. Noted item on Palestine-ISR conflict, Lebanon state security. Noted on remote software defined radio unit in Vancouver, Canada. (Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany/HCDX)

Solomon Island
SIBC, 5019.87, 1145-1205.* Lite pop music to male/female announcer duo. Open carrier at 1202,off at 1205 for fair signal at best. (John Wilkins, CO/Cumbre DX)

Republic of Yemen Radio 9780.14, 0405-0456. Traditional Arabic music and talk. Signal fair to good but completely covered by Spain's DRM signal at their 0458 sign-on. (Brian Alexander, PA)